tagLoving WivesWho The Hell Is John Ch. 01

Who The Hell Is John Ch. 01


There it was!!!! The thing I had been looking for over the past couple of days. Every time my wife, Louise, was away from the house I was on the PC checking to see if there was a new e-mail to my wife from someone named John. Who the fuck was John? I had no idea but the sexual correspondence between them had been hot! No!! I mean H O T!

Now I'm not one of those guys who wants to see his wife fucked by someone else, have a three-way with another man or a woman and no, while it might be sexy, I didn't want her to have an lesbian affair either. I'm a down to earth man and so when I married Louise I was sure she felt the same way I did about sex. But now after reading the e-mails from him and her relies back, I wasn't sure whom the fuck I had married. What I read wasn't the woman I loved or married. But nevertheless I knew she had written them. And she wrote them to John! Who the hell was he? And just how far did they go?

Funny but all of this started sort of innocently. I lucky to be alive. My brakes gave out at the top of the "seven sisters". That's a set of back to back curves near your home that got tighter as you went down hill building up speed. There had been many an accident there since way back when I was a kid.

I managed all of the turns but the last one. But going 55 MPH by the time I headed into the last turn, I went off the road and hit a high-tension wire support pole and if it weren't for my seat belt and air bag I would most likely be dead. The car buckled in half and was totaled. The accident broke my leg in two places and knocked me out for two days. It was still under investigation by the police since the car was only 3 months old and the brake cable was broken leaking the fluid out. When there was no more fluid there were no more break. Funny too, because the second master cylinder was dry as a bone and nothing registered on my dashboard. I was sure there would be some laywer calling me asking if I wanted to filke a law suit against the dealership.

So here I was off from work receiving workmen compensation since I had been working and driving to a client's office when it happened. I couldn't do a great deal of things yet but I still could cook hobbling around on my crutches.

So while my wife worked I did some things around the house like cooking and laundry and watching the old shows on cable TV! It was boring and so I decided to surf the net from time to time. I knew Louise had a bunch of different thinks to show how to cook different foods on her hard drive and also some neat web sites that dealt with cooking as well as other things for the home.

As I checked her favorite places looking for something I wanted to cook for tonight nothing really struck my fancy. So I decided to check her e-mails looking in the Bulk e-mails section.

She was always sighing up for things and the Internet provider always sent new messages and senders there the first time she got one. Knowing her password, I keyed it in only to be rejected. I tried again and was rejected again.

"Hum. Lou must have changed her password. Oh well I just check her favorite web sites again", I said to myself, "I'll have to ask her for her new password when she gets home."

I didn't think it would be a big deal since she had my password and I had hers. At least I did before she changed it. I wondered why she did that but soon just let it go.

As I sat there I smiled to myself and then tried to out guess her and try to figure out her new one. I used her mother's name, rejected. I used her sister's name, rejected again. Agian and again I was rejected. Then I then smiled and tried the thing she was really into now a day. It was her favorite new thing and she had been heavily involved with it now and over the past 10 or 11 months. Quilting! My loving wife was now a pioneer and had produced two lovely quilts and was working on a third. She had joined two clubs and was trying to convince me she needed a new machine. So I typed quilting and Bingo! I was in.

"Damn!" I said. Lou had 144 messages in bulk mail and three in her in box. I checked her bulk mail first looking for a new food dishes or web sites. I didn't open every one of the 144 messages but from what I could see half of them were sites approvals for chatting. There were messages from both men and women welcoming her. I didn't want to pry any more so I went to her sent box looking for relies from her on cooking or food. There were about 230 messages there a lot of them were to someone by the name of JohnS699. It looked like he had begun to write her in October and that was just over six months ago. She had saved what looked like all of his messages and her replies. But, who the hell was John? I didn't know.

I wondered who this guy was so I began to read them from the first one he sent, which was on October 12 and then read them going forward. Seems he was responding from a web site they had chatted on with other people. But he had requested that she write to him "one on one" as he put it and she did.

He started out by asking her a few questions. He wanted to know the standard things. How long she had been into quilting how many she had made and what else she did.

She replied with an answer to all of his questions, which seemed harmless enough. Then as I read more of the e-mails going back and forth the questions got a little more personal. You know things like how old she was what state she was from, and where she went to college those sorts of things. She replied to all of them with her answers to this John. But I had no idea who the hell John was.

As time went on he asked more personal questions but still nothing much to alarm me. He wanted to know things like what she did for a living, how tall she was and the color of her hair and eyes, etc. Again she answered each of his questions and began to ask things about him.

I took a break and got a beer. It was now 3PM and I still hadn't found anything to fix for dinner. Oh hell I would make omelets or a meatloaf if I had too. I read on and the e-mail got more friendly between them and the questions got a little more particular like what her favorite color undewrwear and what she was wearing as she wrote him. Things like that. I smiled thinking he's hitting on her and she doesn't even know it!

Then as I read more of his e-mails I stopped smiling as he got more forward. I said, "I knew he would sooner or later! Damn it Louise! You would make friends with a cobra!"

She was always so innocent and so dumb about these things. No man would ever hit on her she was a mother of two and almost 40! Actually she was 37 and looked 27 and still looked very good in a bikini. With almost no stomach and a set of nice full C cup breasts with a deep cleavage she did get the looks. Yes her hips were a little larger now after two kids but her ass was still round and full and there was no sage in it at all. But it was her face and legs that set her off from the other women her age. Her face was beautiful like that of Jacklyn Smith. And she had a pair of legs that were still shapely like that of a dancer. She was a beautiful woman and I knew that men liked to look at. She was what I would definitely call a Mother I'd Like To Fuck (MILF)!

I knew sooner or later that old John would want to know more intimate things about her. This guy wasn't hanging around the quilting chat site to talk about quilting! I read a little further searching his notes to her. But he was good. I didn't see anything out of the norm for a long time. He waited some time before he started his quest. Then I hit another month and another, nothing. Nothing, no, wait! Here it comes in the month of January. Yea here it comes, now he wanted to know her bust size. Jesus! She gave it to him. He asked for a picture and she told him she didn't have one. But she would check the family albums and try to locate one of her in a bathing suit like he asked for. She was going to send him a picture of her in a bikini soon she told him. Who the fuck was he to ask her for a picture dressed like that? And for that matter, who the fuck was John?

Then the next e-mail he asked her for her full measurements, height, weight and what her liked to wear to bed and what she liked to do in bed with me. He also asked about her dislikes about sex with me. I was sure she wouldn't tell him about our sex life but when I opened the next e-mail, I was stunned!

Again, my wife gave him all he asked for, she told him her full measurements 34C 27 36. That was something I wasn't 100% sure I knew what they were.

But what really hit me was how she described our sex life. She told him how often and what I did to her and what she really liked and what she loved and then what she didn't like very much. I didn't know some of the things since she never told me she didn't like me fingering her asshole. Jesus she told him everything. She told him about the time we had this huge fight and we didn't have sex for months. She told him she would love to do it more but I was too tired or felt twice a week was OK.

She even told him that when we first got married she was scared to let me go down on her but now she loved it as much as the actually fucking.

Yes!!! She said fucking in her e-mail. That word was something she never used around the house and didn't want me to use either! She talked to him like he was her long lost brother. But she didn't have any brothers. And I didn't know who the fuck John was? I started to get upset that she was keeping this from me!

But then as I read further he told her all about his body. He explained his height, weight and his measurements like chest, stomach and hips. From what he said he was built pretty well. He talked about how they weren't face to face and how it was funny that people got so close so fast over the Internet. They both felt that they would have never talked about these things if they were face to face but the Internet made it so much easier. Then John told her he considered her a very close friend whom he liked a great deal. And Louise told him she felt the same way. I started to get a little nervous about this corresponding.

I wanted to read more but heard the garage door open so I exited her e-mail and checked my own. When she came into the house I smiled and said, "Well I wanted to make something special for dinner but got involved with my e-mails and I guess we can make eggs or waffles or French toast. She said she had a large lunch and wasn't very hungry. She kissed me hello and then headed towards the shower.

It was Friday and we had plans for the weekend. Her mother and dad were coming over for her dad's birthday party. I really liked him he was straightforward and fair. We got along great. He had told me a bunch of times that if I ever had a problem that I could come and talk with him before I did something really dumb. He said men are always doing dumb things and I could use him as a sounding board. He told Louise the same thing. He said he loved both of us and wanted us to be happy like he and her mom were. They had been married for over 40 years.

We had a good time and Lou and I got beat in different card games the entire night by her parents. They played great and we lost $30 bucks to them. They gave us flowers and purchased pizzas on Saturday with the money and came to our house to watch the kids while Lou and I went out. They were great people. Sunday was a bum out day and we had a cook out and played in the yard with the kids. My wife seemed to be very happy and enjoyed the time we spent together. There was no indication that she was having a problem with our marriage or me.

That night we were lying in bed after having a very nice long round of slow easy sex in which I did everything to her that she had written in her e-mails to John that she liked best. I ate her pussy as she sat on my face until she came three times! She tried to pull away from my mouth as I held her thighs tightly and continued to suck her huge red clit! Louise had one of the biggest clit I had ever seen on a woman! She was now pulling on my head trying to get her pussy away from my mouth and telling me, "Oh come on! Oh come on Bud! Oh come on stop! I want to do it now! Stop! Oh God come on…!"

She was able to separate her clit from my mouth and get her pussy off of my face so she could slide down my body and fuck me. I finally let go and as she moved off my face as I came up for air. She moved down my body and used her hand to guide my hard throbbing cock into her vagina. As she began to sit on my cock I felt her tightness souround my cock.

She had always been rather tight all the years we had been together. It seemed she recovered quickly from being penetrated by a cock. It almost felt like she was ripping a little as I entered her further and further. Louise was so much tighter than usual now since we hadn't done it as much since I broke my leg. The pain was just too bad at first and she told me she didn't like sitting on my cock. Her favorite position was missionary and always has been. But she knew I couldn't do it that way and so she would settle for her being on top from time to time when either one of us was super horny. But that was once a week maybe. I wondered if that was the reason that she was writing those sexual things to John? But, who the fuck was John?

When one of us really wanted it was about only time we had sex lately. It was mostly because of the position she didn't like much I was guessing. So we didn't do it that much and hadn't for almost all of the 15 weeks now since I had been injured. It was frustrating but what could I do?

The doctor told us it would be almost a year before I was fully recovered. I made damn sure she got off on my cock that night before I came what seemed like a gallon of cum. It had been almost two weeks since we had sex. It was me who usually was the horny one. A she rolled off of me she moved up against me and said, "I wish we could do it another way? I hate to be on top. I feel so naked sitting up there on top of you bouncing up and down. When do you think we can go back to doing it with me under you?"

I told her, God I don't know Lou, and I guess when the pins come out of my leg. Are we OK baby? I mean we're good, right? Our marriage OK?"

She almost sat all the way up and looked at me. She said "God yes! Why would you ask that Bud? Do you think there's a problem?"

I said, "No Lou. I'm just checking babe. I want to make sure you're happy and we're content like a good husband does ever so often. I know I don't say this enough but I love you very much."

She said, "I love you too Bud."

She smiled, kissed me and held me as she fell asleep. I was looking up at the ceiling asking myself, "Then why are you writing John like you are?" I didn't have an answer to that one and I wasn't ready to ask her, yet.

So, it took until Monday before I got a chance to get back on the net again. After she went to work and the kids to elementary school, I picked up from where I had left off on Friday and read on. I was now into the month of March 20, 2005 into reading their correspondences for over five months.

With each one of their e-mails that I read the more concerned I got. They were now talking about things like oral sex and masturbation. John hinted around about it and then finally asked her if she like oral sex as much as most women. She told him she loved it and especially how she liked her clit to be gently sucked. She said it must be like you guys having your cock head sucked. Her language was astonishing to me. Louise would never talk to me that way. She told John that she would let me give her oral until she came a few times and couldn't stand it any longer. She then told him she had to fuck me immediately after I made her cum. She had to have a cock in her as quickly as she could. It would drive her wild with desire after being eaten out. She said she would always be that worked up from receiving it!

John said, "Well if we ever meet Lou I would have to show you how I give head and eat your beautiful pussy too! Then you would have to fuck me! Right? Hehehehe!"

Son of a bitch who was this guy name John? She told him that she was married and doubted she would ever meet him. And if she did she would have to do it in public."

She didn't say for sure that she wouldn't meet him. Instead she said, "Yea! And, if we ever did meet, I guess I can't let you eat my pussy."

He said, "Why?"

She said, 'Because I would have to fuck you then!"

He said, 'And would that be bad? I mean I know you're married but writing each other like this is cheating somewhat isn't it?""

She said, "Well yes John I guess it is but there's no harm since there's no real sex. It's sort of fun and it's more like a fantasy than cheating."

He said, "Well if we ever meet Louise, you have to know I would want you."

She said, "Yes I know that John and I think I would want you too."

I almost fell off the chair.

I read on. Louise wrote him about how she would get off by masturbation with her 9-inch dildo! What 9-inch dildo? I never knew she had one. Jesus! What else didn't I know about my loving wife?

John asked her if I knew she had a dildo and she told him, "My God No! I would be completely ashamed if my husband ever found out. I have been using one of those big thing to make me cum when he couldn't do it with me."

John asked her where she got it and she told him that her and her friend Mary went to an Adult store and they both purchased one. She told him again that we were not having a great deal of sex since my car accident and so she had to relieve herself three, sometimes four, times a week with the toy. She told him it was not that thick and round so I never suspected her of having one. She never felt stretched out from using it so she was always tight for me. But she said it was longer than I was by more than 2 inches.

Now John knew how big I was. John told her his cock was bigger than the toy! He told her she should try it with a man with a real cock not a little one like a boy's. She didn't reply.

As I read on I felt embarrassed and wondered about me not giving her what she needed. He asked her how she did it with the toy! She went over how she only did it when she was sure of not being caught. But she told him she would bury it fully inside her as she had great orgasms from the feeling of it being so deep. He again told her how much better it would be with a real person's big long cock rather than a rubber cock.

She said she was now wondering about that too.

He told her he knew she was married and would never ask her to cheat on her husband but since they were corresponding for a long time and were very good friends, would she mind writing him all about what she did to cum? He told her he really enjoyed talking with her and how they had gotten much, much closer over the past couple of months. He only wanted her to feel they were drawing each other closer and closer. He was really pissing me off now. But I knew she would never go for that bullshit!

But then I read the reply from my wife and I went out of my brain! I was glad no one was there to hear me! She told him she felt the same way about him and enjoyed the teasing and the playing with regards to the sexually charged talk. She even told him she got very excited from their talks and her husband was receiving the benefits of their corresponding.

I was? When was that? If anything we had less sex than we ever had. I placed it on the fact that I had a broken leg. But somewhere she was having more sex and I was starting to think she was masturbation with that fucking dildo more oftren than fuyckiong me! As i read more I learned she loved reading his e-mails and could hardly wait for it each day. I wondered if she was thinking about a real 9-inch cock, John's 9-inch cock if he really had one. I knew I had to talk with her as soon as I finished reading all of her e-mails. There weren't that many remaining to read.

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