tagLoving WivesWho The Hell Is John Ch. 02

Who The Hell Is John Ch. 02


The next to last sets of e-mails between them was now open. The first correspondent was from her to him. He had asked her to tell him more about herself, very personal things only the two of them would ever know about. She wrote back, "Hey John. How are you? You know I was born in January too small world. January 28 actually. So do you have a woman now or are you just running around and jerking off and being bad? Masturbating at the PC is hard if you're trying to read a story and do it. Watching a film is easier. So is your key board all messy, especially your down key I bet?

He told her he was married too. That surprised me a little. Then after some more talking he asked her if he ever came to Baltimore or somewhere around that area would she meet him?

To my amazement she answered with a simple, "Maybe."

Then she wrote another e-mail and said, "Yes John I would meet you!"

He said he would love giving her, her first big cock one-day and all the sex she had been craving. He then told her she didn't deserve a man like me who couldn't keep her happy or satisfied.

She told him not to talk about me like that. She told him again that she was very happy about the sex and love we shared. She then told him she was only going to meet him so she could sample his big cock.

He apologized to her for saying bad things about me. He was slick!

He then told her he was so very glad she had decided to meet him and that there was a chance he would come to Baltimore in a few days. He had set her up and she fell for it hook, line and sinker.

He then told her they could do all the things together that they had talked about over the months they had known each other. He said that since they were both married and didn't live close to each other that it wasn't possible for them to carry on anything but an Internet affair.

She told him that it was most likely good that they weren't near each other. If the sex was as good as she thinks it would be with him and his big cock, that they might become too much involved. She told him again that she didn't want to become involved at all she only wanted him to fuck her with that big cock of his.

He told Louise that as beautiful and sexy as she was that as long as they continued to send pictures of each other and tell each other what they felt and wanted they could at least carry on the masturbation with each other's words! He asked her what else she liked and she said, "Well I hate going to clubs but I love to dance. The clubs are just too loud and non-personal. It's always better to meet a guy for the first time at a place to get coffee or eat. So let's do that first if you get to Baltimore. Let's have lunch first and get to know each other face to face. OK?"

A little while later he wrote back and told her, his boss had just approved the trip and he would be there in two days. He told her where they would meet and where he was staying and they made plans to do it. I wished I had read this e-mail a week ago I could have hopefully stopped it. But it was too late now. I read on.

He wrote back and told her anything and everything she wanted to hear. I knew he would say and do whatever she wanted as long as he could get into those pants and fuck her. She thanked him and told him she was very nervous. Then she said, "I have told you that I'm around 5'4" with green eyes and brown hair and weight about 125lbs. I'm from the mid-Atlantic my measurements are 34C 27 36 yea I know my hips are big. But I have nice legs John and I shave myself mostly in the summer so I can wear my little bathing suits. I work in the Investment area for a municipality. All that was the truth. Now, I don't have any nude pictures of myself. Sorry you'll have to wait until we are together. Hey maybe we could take a few of each other. That sound erotic doesn't it?"

He said yes and that he wanted her to tell him what they would do when she got him alone. Now she was talking to him about having sex again! This was my wife, Goddamn IT!

She said, "So if I held your hard cock in my hand I could hardly get my hand around it huh? Mumm sounds like my type of cock. When it's soft how big is it? You know why I ask that question John? I love to see a soft cock grow all hard and long because of me. Would you like it if I sat you on the bed and slowly took off my clothes? Now, you couldn't touch your cock. In fact I might tie your hands to the bed so you couldn't do it."

I said, "WTF!! Louise had never said anything like that to me, never. What had this guy done to her brain?"

I read on. She said, "Then I would undress and tease you until your dick was rock hard baby. I would measure you length and width so you better not be lying to me John. If you weren't lying to me I would rub my pussy over you face as I knelt in front of you. I would play with your hardness and cup your balls too. Are they big too John? Do they make a lot of cum babe?"

Jesus I was getting hard thinking about her as I read her story. As beautiful as Louise was and sexy as she looked nude, she would drive this guy crazy if she did what she was telling him.

She continued, "Then I would begin to slowly jerk you off as I examined all of your lovely big cock. I love to look at the fat swollen cock head and lick it just under the head. That is before I take it all into my mouth and suck on it hard and long for you Johnny! I would continue to play with you until I saw some pre-cum form in the pee hole. I bet I might not even have to lick you in order to see some pre-cum out of you, what do you think babe? Would you be real excited?"

He wrote back, "yes baby yes!"

I was wondering if I had pre-cum in my cock hole? And I was wondering why she had never done any of that to me. I read further. She said, "I would then straddle your body and sit on top of you and kiss and frenched you. As I rocked my body back and forth rubbing my slit up and down your hardness but not letting you inside me yet. I think I heard you moan. Did I John?"

He said, "A moan and a grunt and a scream for you to let me fuck you Louise! I want to fuck you so bad!"

From what she wrote, she was going to fuck him with her on top riding his big cock. That was something she told me she hated. She made me moan! I fucking knew that!

She wrote saying, "Then when I figured you have had enough John I would center your big cock head at the door of my tight little vagina and then I would ask you if you wanted me to sit down on it. Do you John? Do you want me to sit down all the way on your nice big dick and let it go up inside my body so you can fuck me?"

He said, "Oh Jesus yes Louise! YES! YES! YES!"

She then said, "Then very slowly I would begin to put you in me babe. Oh John you would have to go so slowly because my husband isn't as thick or as long as you are. You wouldn't hurt me would you John? I bet if you are as thick as you say, your cock head would stretch my little pussy so much. Umm John you are going to feel so good as you move inside my pussy. As I began to slide down on you more on your hard thick shaft would be going into me babe. I would be taking a little more of you into my hole each time I ride down on you."

He said, "God Louise I want to fuck you now so bad I'm going to cum from your words."

She said, "NO!! Don't cum yet babe, hold off. Hold off for me."

He wrote back and said he would try. Then she told him, "So with the huge cock head inside my pussy now John. I will tell you not to thrust! Please don't thrust up into me John baby! Don't you dare thrust! If you do I will sit back up and stop!! So you would have to promise not to do it. OK? I don't want you to hurt me with that big dick!"

He said, "OK!! I promise. Anything! No thrusting until you are stretched enough but baby I will thrust into you before we are done."

Yea, promise my ass! Once your cock head was inside my wife's pussy I bet you'll fuck her like some animal!

I read on. She said, "Now, once I was all the down on you I would stay balls deep not moving at first. I would just love feeling your hard, thick, hot, cock throbbing inside me. I want you to stretch my tight pussy John then you can fuck me hard and long! OK? Now, don't cum yet John as I tell you this, hold off! Ummmm that's right baby!! I love that feeling don't you. Your thick cock buried all the way inside my little pussy stretching it and making us both feel so good. Oh yes! Oh yes Johnny! Yes!"

She was teasing him and she knew he was jerking off to her words. He would be so in need when they met he would fuck her crazy. I knew that and I knew my own cock was hard as a rock from reading what she was saying.

She told him, "You're so big and thick and oh Johnny you are stretching my pussy so much! Oh God baby! I won't be any more good for my husband. Ohh! Oh! John I love the feeling. Yes, baby now!! NOW JOHN! Now pump me now!! Slowly! Oh yes! That feels so good!! So good! Deeper babe, fuck me deeper! Yes! Just like that! Oh God John! Your cock is so big babe. Yes duck me John! Fill me! Give me your big dick! Give me all of it! Yes! "

Then she asked, "You didn't cum yet did you John?"

He wrote back and told her, "No Lou! OH GOD! Not yet but God I want to be inside you so bad baby! I can't wait any longer let me cum! Oh God I'm so hard for you right now! My hand is covered with my pre-cum. Are you wet baby! Are you fingering your little pussy for me?"

So was I, her husband was hard too as I read this e-mail! She told him, "OK! You can cum but first I want to ask you something. You know the feeling just before you unload? That tingling and then the straining we get and try to hold on to before we start cumming? Well now I want you to stroke your big cock babe faster and harder lover. Yes!! Doesn't that feel good. Are you going to cum John! Do it! Oh God John I'm so wet baby! I'm so wet thinking about your big dick pumping it's cum so deep inside me baby! Oh God! Fuck me John, roll me over on my back but don't take your big cock out of me!! Never take your big dick out of my wet pussy! I'm on fire John! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!! That's it!!! Roll me over and fuck me into heaven babe! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yessssssssss! John! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee! Pleaseeeeee!! I'm cumming too! Ohhhhhh Babeeeeeeeeeee!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

She told him over and over again to fuck her harder and faster as she knew he was jerking off. He told her he was going to cum and wouldn't write anything back for a few minutes. She kept talking to him again and made it sound like they were fucking wildly together and cumming together!

Then he wrote back that he had shot a huge load and some of it had run down his PC screen. He would have to clean it up. He also told her he couldn't wait until they could be together tomorrow so he could show her how big he was, how good he could fuck her and how much cum he would pump into her.

I said, "Tomorrow! Oh shit that was three days ago! If I had only read this e-mail before that I could have stopped her or at least caught her. Damn it!"

Then I read on. He said he wanted to ask her about things more personal and asked her if she would care how personal he got. She told him no to ask her anything. He asked about me mostly. He wanted to know all about me but especially how big my cock was. He wanted to know how well I fucked her, and lastly he asked her if I ever licked my cum out of her pussy after I fucked her?

She told him my cock was just over 7 inches long and that we had measured it during our honeymoon. It was thick but she didn't know how thick. And, that I made love to her not just fucked her. She told him again that he would be fucking her not making love to her. She didn't want him to even think he was going to make love to her. She only wanted him to drill her hole and fuck her like an animal! They were her words, exactly.

She then said she wasn't meeting him and having sex with him because I didn't satisfy her. No not at all, she was doing it because she was wondering how another cock would feel, especially a big one inside her pussy. She asked him again to tell her the truth about how big his cock was. She told him if it wasn't as big as he was telling her, she would leave and that would be the end of their involvement. He promised her he wouldn't disappoint her. She told him good and that she would see him tomorrow around 10AM for the start of their three-day sex affair. That was three ago! I had just missed them together.

Louise had been to her mom's in early October but from what I read of her e-mails she didn't see or meet him then. She was really with her mother. It was May now and she had been with him three days in a row, today being the day after their last meeting. Today was the day he left to go home to his own wife. She would have seen him off I was sure. Then she would have gone to work late. Since I was sure she hadn't been into work in three days she would be late coming home tonight. After that, she would be coming home to me.

I sat there thinking about the last three days and didn't remember anything out of the normal when she got home each night. She was late two of those nights but not more than two hours. I didn't think anything of it until now. We had even had sex the first and second night they had been together. I didn't remember thinking anything was different with her body. It did have a couple of bruises on it but she was always bumping into things so I didn't think anything of it at the time. And she was super wet but I gave myself credit for that! Her pussy wasn't any bigger at least I didn't notice it being bigger. He hadn't stretched her at all as far as I could tell.

They continued to send e-mails to each other the day after they met for the first time. She wrote him first thing in the morning the next day. In it, she talked about how she had sucked his thick hard cock and licked his big balls. She asked him if he liked that? He told her, "Hell yes! I loved your mouth on my cock almost as much as I loved your pussy Louise."

She also talked about drinking his cum! She told him she loved getting him so nice and hard and so long again so he could cum for her again. She still didn't say he was so much bigger than I was, she simply said she loved his cock.

The next day, was the second day of their affair. There were no e-mails between them or on the third day.

Then last night late, she wrote him. She told him she was glad she had done it but that she was also sad she had cheated on me. She told John she would deal with her guilt somehow and that she loved being with him every second they were together. She was glad she had let him fuck her all those times over the past three days. It was blissful and so erotic.

This morning he replied asking her how she liked the big cock he had? Later that morning I checked her e-mails and read her reply. She told him he was absolutely right, a really big hard cock was so much better than a really big fake dildo. And while her husband did please her he had drove her wild each time they fucked. She felt so damn full when he was all the way inside her pussy. She said she had never felt like that any other time in her life. She thanked him for sharing the biggest fantasy of her life.

I wondered why she had never told me about it?

I read his reply about an hour later. He told her that fucking her 6 times that last day was so good that he didn't know when he would ever get his cock hard again. He told her she had flattened him completely.

Then he told her he may not be back to Baltimore but he would love to see her whenever he did. She told him she would too and yes she would meet him again.

She would meet him again. That's what she said!

She told him other things too. Like she had never seemed a man cum like he did and his cock seemed to explode when he came. She told him she loved to watch it jump and pump cum while she stroked him that first day for the first time.

Then she told him she was so glad he had talked her into feeling it inside her body. She said when he came inside her that he pumped his cum deeper than I had ever done. It wasn't even close and she could feel him spewing his load directly over her cervix and into the birthing canal. She felt his balls lift and drop with each shot he put into her. She also told him he came much, much more than I did. He filled her to over flow when he drilled it into her. She told him he was the best fuck she had ever had.

She said she also liked to cover the big cock head and to suck him dry for the third time that second day. She didn't know how he could cum so much for the third time in two hours. She told him he was amazing and she loved being with him for these past three days. She knew it was most likely a one-time thing and she would always remember it.

She agreed with him when he asked how his cock felt inside her. She told him again and again that his cock felt amazing in side her body!

She had joined him during the days he was in town instead of going to work. She either called in sick or took vacation days. I would have always felt she was working and that nothing was wrong if I hadn't stumbled over and read the e-mails.

She had ample opportunity to be with him for a few hours each of the three days. I knew as hot as they were for each other, they could do a great deal of things with that much time. It would take her about a half a hour to get there. Then she would need about an hour and half to get cleaned up and to get home during rush hour. So that left then about 4 or 5 hours to have sex for the three days in a row.

I knew she hardly ever called during the day so I wouldn't be expecting her to do it. I had no idea about her and John's e-mail romance so I sure didn't know they were involved. If only I had read these e-mails four days ago I could have stopped it. Maybe! But I didn't and therefore, she could do whatever she wanted without any concern about me, her loyal and loving husband. It was a perfect set up for them both until I found the e-mails.

As I read the last of their e-mails he told her he felt so very close to her. He wished she could be with him now to do what she told him she would do again if they ever met again. He wished she were there to suck his cock hard and make him cum.

She said, "Then when I knew I had to move my body, I had to begin riding you John! I had to make you cum deep inside me! I would undo your hands and as you held me, we began to fuck hard and fast. Hard and fast John! Oh GOD! YES!! YES! YES! YES! I was cumming so much and so hard John darling!"

I said, "She did it! She tied him up the first time! Jesus I would have never guessed my wife was into that shit!"

He said, "I heard you say over and over again, "Fuck me fuck me! FUCK ME! Fuck me Johnny! YES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

He asked her how she felt right now hearing him describe it and what was her thinking about it? He said, "Did that cover what I did to you that third day Louise? I know I made you cum many times that day did I make you cum just now Lou?"

She wrote back , "Yes John I never came so hard as I did the other day. And I came at my desk just now John my panties are soaking wet. But, John you left one thing out. When we were done, you went back down on me and licked my cum filled pussy. That's something my husband has never done. And.....and you ate my pussy until I came again in your mouth this time. Did you like doing that to me John? Did you like eating me with all your cum inside my pussy? Would you do it again if I asked you?"

He told her yes even if she didn't ask! And he told her he loved sucking her pussy clean and dry.

She wrote the last e-mail saying, "Oh John! That was so good!"

That was it the end of the e-mails. I went ahead and printed out all of the e-mails from the past 3 weeks. The ones before that were sexual but mostly just playing between the two of them. There was no real cheating just what lead up to it. Plus I had all of the e-mails now on a CD just in case I needed them. I was interested in the past 3 weeks and the 3 days of time they had spent together in his hotel room.

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