tagLoving WivesWho The Hell Is John Ch. 04

Who The Hell Is John Ch. 04


I had no idea what to do now except divorce Louise the woman I had loved more than my own life for all these years. But from the conversation we had over the past two days I didn't see anyway out.

I had loved my wife one-minute and the next I could have beaten her within an inch of her life and then left her laying there in the street bleeding. It was very odd indeed how a human can have such different feels in a matter of seconds. What to do, what to do? I realized I wasn't about to become a knowing cuckold. Yes, she had already done that to me but I didn't know she was having this affair until a few days ago when I read her e-mails for the first time. I was sure now that they had met during the 4-day gap when there was no e-mail between them. I know that for sure now and I knew I couldn't and wouldn't stand for it. No man regardless of the size of his cock was going make me a wimp, or sissy or a cuckolding sub-human male.

I had read all of her e-mails from the start of the Internet discussion with him all the way to the end when she told him how good it was fucking and sucking him and his big dick. Six times he had fucked her in less than 24 hours!! Jesus this guy must a fucking long distance runner! I was up now and ready to go down stairs and meet with Louise to hear the last and I was sure the most disgusting part of her affair. The last day of it with John the big dick in more ways than one would seal our future if it weren't already a done deal.

Then as I was showering and dreading to hear about the last day she had been with him I remembered what her dad Bill had told me, "If you ever had a problem, I could come and talk with him before I did something really dumb. He said men are always doing dumb things and I could use him as a sounding board."

I was thinking I would take his advice and have lunch with him today before I talked with Louise. I would tell him everything and show him the e-mails if he wanted to see them. And by doing so, I would be postponing what I was sure was going to be the inevitable, divorce and throwing her ass out. It would also give me time to hear from clearer heads about the problem and I hope a different solution than the one I had.

I called Bill and asked if we could meet for lunch today. He asked if there was a problem and I told him a huge one. I explain what was happening quickly and he told me he would pick me up in an hour. He also said I should hold off talking to Louise until we could talk. He asked me, "Please Bud don't do anything crazy yet."

I told him I wouldn't and I would be waiting outside. I went down and told Louise I was having lunch with her dad. She asked why and if she could go too and I told her it was personal and no she wasn't invited. I also told her if she called that ass hole John while I was gone there would be no chance for her. I left it at that.

She told me she was going back to bed and she would wait for me to get home. I told her when I do get back we would still talk about the last day she had spent with that SOB and she had better not hold anything back. I checked my wife's e-mails and saw another one from John. He had written up the things he did with Louise on the second day. He asked if she liked it when he came in her mouth all those times and made her swallow it? He told her he would send the third day's write up soon. He also told her he wanted her to meet him again so he could repay some other men he owed. He told her that afterwards he would fuck her wild again for the rest of the time they had together. Then he told her he would be back in town on the 17th of the month and she should plan to meet him again for three days.

When I returned and told her what John had written and it agreed with her explanation. So we could discuss the third day when I got back. I then told her the things John said about three more days with him. This made her start to cry again. She was still crying hard as I went to the door and told her again not to contact John and I would handle it. I then went outside and waited for Bill to pick me up.

It was less than an hour when Bill swung into the driveway. I hopped in and we went to the dinner three blocks away. Finding a booth in the back we were early for the lunch crowd. After we ordered he said, "So what proof do you have Bud that my daughter has been with another man?"

I said, "Well these e-mails are all about it and right now all I have but fuck Bill read some of them."

He did and I could see the wrinkles forming on his forehead. He lowered the last one and said, "Jesus Bud. She did it. My fucking dumb ass daughter finally did it! What are you going to do?"

I said, "Finally! Did you know about this Bill? It sounds like you know she was doing it! For Christ sake Bill why didn't you say something?"

He said, "I talked to her about a month ago and when we left she had decided that I was right and that she was risking everything for a big unknown. She had agreed at that time not to do it. I don't know what happened after that Bud but I'm sory I didn't say something to you then. Sorry Bud maybe I should have done something and saved both of you from this."

I said, "Shit Bill it's sure as hell not your fault. OK. Here's what I have doe so far. I have made her explain everything to me. Its breaking my hart but it's something I just have to do. I have already heard about what they did on day one and two and when that I get home later, I expect her to tell me about day three. I can't imagine how bad it will be but I have got to hear it all."

He looked at me and asked, "Why? Why put yourself in that position and feel the cruel pain and humiliation of her affair?"

I said, "You know I don't know for sure. But it seems to me that I need to know just how bad and disgusting it got. I'm also recording it incase I need the evidence when I divorce her. I have to tell you, know matter what happens, you and Mary, "my mother-in-law", will get to see the grand kids. No matter what Bill, I think way to much of you both not to let that happen."

He thanked me and asked, "What do you know about this guy John?"

I said, "Well not much but I'm working on it. I am writing him with e-mails and I'm pretending I'm Louise. I am trying to get as much info as I can and then I am thinking of planning my revenge,"

Bill looked at me and said, "Revenge Bud? Just what type of revenge are you looking for? You're not going to kill anyone are you?"

I said, "No, well I don't think so. I know he's married so maybe I'll find out where they live and send his wife a copy of the recording. Or, maybe I'll have a friend or two fuck him up real good. But, no Bill I'm not going to shoot the SOB even if he deserves it."

It was at least 2 hours that we talked and discussed options and he gave me some suggestions about what I should do first, hire a lawyer. Then get a PI or some outside help in tracking this guy down. He told me he had some friends on the police force and he would see what he could find out about John as soon as I got his last name. We then dove back to my house and I thanked him and said I would be in touch. He told me make sure I get John's full name. Then he would work with his friends on the Columbia SC police force. With any luck we could get a bunch of information that may come in handy. He than asked me to consider taking his daughter back. He knew it would be a long hard road but he was sure she still loved me. I told him I would think about it but there wasn't any promise.

As he pulled out of the driveway I walked slowly towards the house. When I came in Louise was asleep on the couch, she looked like she hadn't even gotten up after I left. I woke her as I shut the front door and told her I was going to get something to drink and go to the bathroom. Then I expected her to finish her story about her affair. She didn't answer me but shook her head yes.

I went to the bathroom down stairs and checked the recorder I had hooked to the telephone late Saturday evening after everyone was a sleep. If Louise had called John I was going to go upstairs and throw her ass out on the porch and lock the door. If there was any indication she had gotten in touch with him by any means she was history. I then checked her history on the PC and it hadn't been used.

There was one call coming into our house but it wasn't John. It was the police! Even after hearing them ask me to call then as soon as I came in, I decide to call then later. But when I got back up stairs and poured a drink of ice tea and saw my wife on the sofa still crying, I decide to hold off. I told her that the police had called.

She told me she didn't realize the phone rang because she had been asleep. She asked me what it was about and I told her I didn't know but they wanted me to call then back. I made the call and they told me they wanted to see me ASAP. She asked, "Why? Why do they want to see you Bud?"

I told her I didn't know but I would be back as soon as I could and then we would talk. She was begging again as I walked out the door not to make her tell me about the third day with John. The more she begged the more I knew I had to hear about it all. I left and in a few minutes I was in the building that housed the city's entire central city police force. I asked for Inspector Klein and was told he was on the third floor in the Homicide dept. "Homicide!" I said rather loudly. People turned to look at me. I told the elevator and asked again at the desk for him. I was told to wait.

About fifteen minutes later he came out, apologize for the wait and took me into one of their interrogation rooms. He started off by offering me a drink, soda coffee or tea. I took a diet coke. He pulled up a chair and looked at me for a few minutes before speaking. Then I asked, "So what's this all about? I mean why am I here?"

He said, "How's the injured leg from the car accident Bud?"

I told him it still hurt but since there were only two pins left in it I was able to drive now for about a week and was walking with a cane most of the time. Then I asked, "Hey, wait a second, how did you know my leg was hurt in a car accident?"

He said, "Well some things have come clearer now Bud and the insurance and police investigations uncovered the fact that the brake lines were cut with some sort of wire cutter. It wasn't faulty equipment that caused the brakes on your car not to work Bud."

I said jokingly, "Oh great no big settlement from the car company!"

He didn't smile.

Then it hit me as to what he just said and I asked, "How...how were they...cut?"

Phil said, "It looks very much like the intent was to have you killed in a car accident Bud."

I sat there and said, "Jesus! Are you sure Detective Klein...what is your first name?"

He told me to call him Phil. Then he said, "Tell me do you know a man named John Randolph?"

I said, "No, I don't think so Phil. Why?"

He said, "Are you sure you don't know him?"

I sat there thinking and said, "No should I?"

He said, "Well we have some leads and from what your Insurance Company has turned over to us now Bud we found out some very interesting things about this man. And they all seem to point to a guy named John Randolph. I was hoping you would know him. Maybe he knows your wife...Louise is it?"

He stopped and looked at me. Then I said, "Yes, Louise, and Oh My GOD!"

He said, "What?"

I said, "I was just thinking about all the many people I know and I realized the only person who's last name I didn't know that had a first name of John was that SOB on the Internet." Then I said to myself, "The motherfucker who's been fucking my wife."

I got a cold chill as I said to myself, "The guy who was fucking my wife tried to kill me! Oh my GOD!"

I said that last sentence out loud and Phil asked me, "What? Do you know him? Internet? What are you talking about Bud?"

I said, "Well there is one guy I just found out about who has the first name of John. But I don't know his last name Phil."

He asked, "How do you know him?"

I said, "It's embarrassing Phil. You see it seems he had been banging my wife. I just found out about the affair over the weekend."

I blushed but I didn't know why she was the one fucking around on me. He said, "Well Bud, that's very interesting. Do you know where this guy lives?"

I said, "In South Carolina? Columbia South Carolina I think. But I'm not sure of that or his last name either."

He was writing down a lot of the things I was saying and finally looked up and said, "Well that's right Bud. He lives there but he travels here about once a month on business. He's a low price hood. The people here in the Organized Crime area tell me he's what they call a cheat wise guy. He's called in to fix certain people who the mob wants taken care of if you get my drift."

I said, "You mean like killed?"

Phil said, "Yes! He's been arrested 6 times and never convicted for more than two years on other crimes, never for murder. The last time he was arrested for working on a car so it would loose steering and go off the Pacific Coast highway. But California could never prove it, they had him arrested for breaking parole and associating with known criminal. He served two years for that and got out about 10 months ago. He travels all over the country doing jobs for various criminal groups. He freelances, not tied to one group. Works for the highest price he can get. But in reality he's a cheap hit man and con man with women"

I said, "Jesus!"

Again I realized that I was lucky to be alive. But before I could say it Phil said, "I think you are very lucky to be alive. We have now moved this case to "Attempted Murder" and he's our key suspect. Now the hard question Bud. Do you think your wife is involved with him and did they planned to have you killed and make it look like an accident?"

I didn't say anything for a long time. Then Phil asked me again and I came back to earth. I told him I wasn't sure but I would find out. He asked me how I planned to do that and I said, "I'm making her confess to her affair and what she did with him. It's the only way she is still living in my house. I'm taping it incase I decide to throw her whoring ass out."

He asked, "Would you mind not asking her about this part of it? I would like to come over and asked her some questions later on face to face, tonight if that's OK? If she doesn't know it I may be able to tell if she's involved or knew anything about it."

I said, "Yes, I think that would be a very good thing. The sooner the better, Jesus what has my wife gotten into?"

He said, "A very nasty man as a lover Bud, and she is lucky to not be beaten and left some place on the side of the road. That seems to be his MO lately with women."

I said, "Oh. Look, I would very much like my father-in-law to be there too. He's an ex FBI agent and has contacts all over the USA. He may be of some help and has offered to help me work out my marriage if that's the way I wanted to go. He's a good guy."

The detective told me that Bill could listen in but he was to wait in the kitchen and to not interfere with his questioning of my wife. Then he told me, "Look you have to be very careful now. Maybe I should give you some protection."

I said, "Well I'm OK now because from what I can gather from the e-mails John is back in South Carolina right now.

Phil said, "Oh really and how do you know that for sure?"

I said, "Well I don't for sure. But, I read his latest e-mail this morning before coming here and he told my wife he was coming back here and he was home back there for now. Only it was me who he was writing too not my wife. Her Internet days are over at least with me."

Phil said, "Well John was recently released from jail after we arrested him but couldn't hold him due to the lack of evidence at the time. His whereabouts are unknown at this time. We had the state police in South Carolina raided his house and we found a huge amount of information on his many contacts around the country. In fact he has at least a dozen women he talks with almost every night. From what we can gather, he plans to visit each one and seduce all of them for money and sex. Your wife is only one of them. Actually she was the second one he has met and has successfully, "conquered" as he puts it. He keeps a very good record of things on his PC. Look, can I ask you another question Bud?"

I told him, Yes, of course anything Phil."

He sighed loudly before asking me, "Have you checked your finances lately? Say in the past 8 or 9 days?"

I said, "Well......no not all of them. I mean I'm not rich Phil. Couple of grand in a CDs and some savings and checking for emergencies. Why?"

He said, "Can you call the bank today and asked them if any large withdraws have occurred and what your balance is?"

I said, "Sure I can do that with a PC or phone."

He said, "Use the phone."

I did and was stunned to find out I had $123.77 where I was sure I had around $2200. "All the money was gone", I said, "How the fuck......."

Phil said, "Your wife. She must have written him a check one of the times he was with her. Then he alters the check and takes off with the funds. He does it just to play a game with these women. Then when the women find out, they try and contact him. He tells them if they want their money back they will have to fuck him and do him favors again. It's usually a three-day affair with him and a few of his friends. It's a "gang bang" type of sex if you know what I mean. Now from what I understand, once they meet him again he bargains with them."

I asked what he meant by bargaining?"

He said, "Well it's usually their husband's money too and if they want it back they have to fuck him for three days straight. But then he laughs and throws them out of the room afterwards, sometimes naked. He never gives any money back and the women are usually to frighten to report it because they don't want their husbands to know. Has your wife been away from you for three days straight lately?"

I said, "Not three days straight Phil. She comes home but she has been with him for three days straight. It's like she is with him from 9AM to 4PM. Then she came home to me each evening."

Phil said, "Most of these women fall head over heals for him and his cock. It's supposed to be huge and I hear he's very good at seduction and fucking. Sorry Bud didn't know how else to say it."

I told him I already knew Louise had fucked him and she was going to tell me about the third day when I get home."

He gave me a half hearted smiled and said, "Yea, I guess you know that from hearing your wife tell you about their time together. But you may not like what you hard about the third day. It might be a gang bang too. It looks like Louise gave him money too during one of those days. I'm betting she has no idea yet that he drained your account."

I just shook my head and told Phil that I was trying to set up another meeting with him for her now. I was planning my revenge on him when the meet was set up.

Phil said, "Not a good idea Bud. He a nasty and dangerous man. He's always caring a gun sometimes two. You most likely wouldn't beat him in a fight since he's been in jail a number of times and is a sadistic evil bastard. He enjoys pain giving and receiving it. Did your wife have any bruises or marks you didn't recognize?"

I said, "Well I was a Navy Seal for six years Phil and if I get him when he isn't expecting it, gun or no gun his ass will be grass and I'll be the lawnmower! But, as far as bruises go, no Phil I didn't see any on her. Oh God! What has my wife gotten herself into?"

He said, "Deep shit it sounds like to me. Look; let meet with her and her dad tonight around 7PM. You go home and have that talk with her. But don't tell her about what you know. Let's drop it on her tonight when I'm there. I really need to see if she is involved with him to the point of trying to kill you Bud. This is no joke. Believe me."

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