tagRomanceWho Thought Patios Would Be So Fun?

Who Thought Patios Would Be So Fun?


Ella sat on the outdoor couch tiredly, the music from inside her friend's house leaking out slightly. Becky had invited her to a party, promising there'd be tons of sexy men there, but so far it had been boring, and the only men Ella had seen were lanky and acne-covered, probably with micro penises. She felt frustrated. Ella had specifically worn the sexiest outfit she owned (besides from being totally nude, of course): a backless red bodice with a neckline that plunged and showed her cleavage, a black mini pencil skirt, and a black garter belt. No panties, of course.

As Ella took a sip of wine, the door to the patio opened, revealing a man around her age. Finally-the real men had arrived. His green eyes sparkled with lust as he took in the sight of her, but he sat down on the couch next to her.

"Hey, sweetie," he murmured huskily, his voice sending chills up Ella's spine.


The man scooted closer to her. "I'm Jake, by the way," the man said, suddenly bending down and kissing her, straight on the lips.

"Are you this straightforward with every girl you meet?" Ella demanded, though she felt a little woozy from the kiss.

"Nah, sweetie," Jake said. "But I have a feeling you're not like the rest." He laid a heavy hand on her inner thigh, and she immediately felt a tingling in her pussy. This man-Jake-had only known her for two minutes, yet he had already found her sweet spot.

She bit her lip to suppress a moan as Jake began rubbing circles on her inner thigh, obviously enjoying the effect he was having on her.

"And what makes you think that?" Ella said, trying to keep her voice from sounding desperate and sex-driven.

"I don't know." His hand traveled further up her thigh, until his fingertips brushed her pussy. "Maybe...it's the fact that you aren't wearing any panties?"

Two of his fingers entered her, and she couldn't hold it in any longer. She let out a long suppressed moan, and his eyebrows danced with delight as he thrust his fingers in and out of her wet vagina.

But Ella didn't like to feel not in control. She put a hand on the bulge beneath his jeans and began to gently massage the hard area.

His eyes widened in surprise, and the bulge got even harder.

"How many inches?" she whispered.

"You'll see."

She took this as an invitation, and unzipped his jeans, throwing them away on the patio, and then taking off his black boxers. Ella nearly gasped at what awaited her there.

At least 12 inches, and about as thick as her wrist, the large penis stood up straight and erect. It was mesmerizing, and it bulged with thick veins. As she stared, he pulled down her bodice and began fondling her large breasts, burying his face in them as he licked and bit both her tits and her nipples.

Then, in one swift movement, Jake was on top of Ella, laying her down on the couch. Too impatient to wait any longer, he ripped her pencil skirt and bodice off, and roughly pulled the garter belt off, throwing all three of them away on the patio.

He then sat on the couch calmly, waiting for Ella to make a move. And make a move she did. She got off of her laying position on the couch, and swinging her hips sexily, she sat on Jake's lap.

His penis rubbed the smooth area of skin where she had shaved her pubic hair, and it was he, this time, who moaned in anticipation.

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, she raised her body slightly, and began to ease her tight pussy onto the thick, large penis in front of her. She would probably not get all twelve inches, her vagina was far too tight for that, but she sure as hell could try.

Ella bounced slightly as she slid down on the gigantic cock, Jake's hand on her ass. He grabbed her fantastic, tight bum and helped her slightly as she tried to fit the entire dick into her.

She was nearly sweating now, Jake's monster penis touching places inside of her that no man had ever touched before. And she liked it. Ella was aware of every part of both herself and Jake, and where their naked bodies touched.

Finally, Ella had the entire dick inside her. Jake smiled in the middle of fondling her breasts, as he felt something rising within his penis.

"I think I'm going to come," he warned, not knowing if Ella would want to be impregnated by his seed.

She just smiled that sexy, mischievous smile and continued to bounce on his penis. So she did want it. His baby. Not many girls he had sex with would want to do that.

The cum rose within his penis until finally it came out, splattering Ella's insides with the sticky white liquid as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Jake then pulled Ella off of his dick (which was easy to do, considering her light weight), and pushed her down to a kneeling position on the rough brick of the patio as he stood up.

Ella looked at him questioningly, but he merely smiled, knowing what was going to happen. In a matter of a few seconds, cum yet again rose in his penis, coming out all over Ella's gigantic boobs and mouth, which she eagerly lapped up.

She looked so sexy then, licking his cum off of her boobs, that Jake couldn't control his hormones. He roughly pushed her down onto the bricks of the patio and slammed his penis into her tight pussy lips, which had become a bit loose after taking his monster cock for the first time. As he entered her again and again, they both moaned, Ella in slight pain but mostly in delight, and Jake in pure heaven.

One of his hands was gripping her auburn hair tight, tugging at it until he was afraid she might be in pain, the other on her fantastic ass, not wanting it to get scratched. Her hands seemed to be in relatively the same places, one knotted in his sandy blonde hair and the other scratching his back in the slight pain he was causing her from both slamming her with his penis and pulling her hair.


*The Next Morning*

Ella woke up to see Jake's arms around her. She looked down at herself and wrinkled her nose slightly to see her body sweaty and covered in cum. She and Jake had both decided to move into an apartment together, where they had plenty of places to have hot, steamy sex like the night before.

Ella smiled in delight. She had finally found someone who pleased her.

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