Whoever You Want to Be


"I'm pretty near Greenwood myself," Shannon smiled. "That'll make things a little easier. Where should we meet?"

* * *

She didn't normally do much barhopping. More to the point, when she did hit the bars, it was usually as the designated driver. Brad had a tendency to enjoy a bit too much, and for that matter so did the last couple of guys Shannon dated. When Kevin opted for "all-night greasy spoon" instead of someplace to get a drink, Shannon considered it a good sign.

She might have preferred to get him loosened up, but the fact that he would drop whatever plans he had for the night to come meet her hinted that she might not need the edge. Or maybe she should draw a different conclusion; she didn't know. This level of spontaneity was a bit new for her.

Shannon sat in a booth away from the window. Crayon and pencil drawings done by years of customers on plain white paper placemats covered the walls. Some were cute; a few were very well done; most were just silly or witty. Shannon worked on her own as she waited with her mug of coffee.

"You look nice out of your uniform," said a voice. Kevin stood by her table, clad in black slacks and a nice but casual blue shirt under a leather jacket. He smirked as he added, "That's not an opening for you to ask if you look bad in your uniform, by the way."

His tone conveyed an obvious compliment. Figuring she shouldn't overdo it, Shannon had gone with a simple black skirt and a lacy white top that allowed for a little cleavage. "You look good out of yours, too," she grinned back. "Hi. Have a seat," she gestured.

"Kept you waiting long?" he asked as he obliged.

"Nah. Not too hard to keep myself amused for a little bit in here."

"Yeah... yeah, I can kinda see that," Kevin said. His eyes strayed toward her crayon drawing. A black stick-figure woman with wings, a tail, small horns and a big smile waved a whip over several kneeling stick-figure men, all before a background of tall orange and red flames with bats flying overhead.

Shannon glanced down at the drawing and blushed fiercely. "Oh, this is just... just boredom," she said, and reached to crumple it up.

His hand stopped hers. "No, don't do that. It's good," he said. His hand felt nice. Strong. Warm.

"I don't normally draw a lot."

"Maybe you should. You've got talent."

"Hey, folks, anyone need coffee or anything to get you started?" asked the server, all of a hundred and thirty pounds covered in tattoos and piercings. He offered up a menu for Kevin.

"I could order, actually," he said with a questioning glance to Shannon. When she nodded, he said, "Apple pie a la mode? Just that and water. Thanks."

"Mm. Cherry for me, please. And a Coke," Shannon added. She smiled at Kevin as the waiter left. "Dessert was a good idea. Skip straight to the good stuff. So I'm not pulling you away from anything at home, am I? No Mrs. Murray?"

He shook his head. "Just a cat. I can make it up to him later. Never had a Mrs. Murray. Closest thing to it moved out a few months ago."

"What happened there? She have trouble with your job? I know that's a common one for folks like us. Your type more so than mine."

"Nah, just a bag full of crazy. Should've known better."

"You mean she was a bag full of crazy and you should've known better, or the other way around?" she smirked.

Kevin smiled. As she suspected, he appreciated teasing more than fawning. How she could read him so well, she didn't know, but there it was. He liked her. The more she spoke and the more he looked, the more he liked.

"I shouldn't rip on her. She had her reasons. I'm over it. What about you, though? All I know is your face and your job. How long have you been a paramedic?"

"Few years now. Technically my job title only says 'EMT' 'cause that lets the company get away with paying me less, but my certifications all say 'paramedic.' I keep hoping to move up to something better, but it's turning into kind of a trap."

"You don't have to apologize for your job," he shrugged. "I think it's cool."

"I used to think so, too," Shannon nodded. "It has its high points. I mean you know what it's like to feel like you've rescued someone, right? But after awhile it just... it just becomes a job. I wanted to stay in school and pay for college, and a lot of folks do the same thing, but that's just not..." she trailed off. Something inside her said, That's enough. Not the way to attract a man. Keep things positive. Shannon shook her head and smiled. "Not really what I planned to talk about tonight, anyway."

The waiter came by with their drinks. "You had a plan for tonight?" Kevin asked.

Shannon put her pinky in her soda and swirled it around. "More or less," she admitted with a shrug. "I thought I'd call up this nice, cute guy I met today and see what he was doing tonight. See if he's as good a guy as he seems, y'know? And then, if that all checked out, I figured I'd just... see if I couldn't wrap him around my finger." With her gaze locked on his, she pulled her pinky out of her glass and put it in her mouth.

His eyes were wide with interest. She withdrew her finger as slowly as she'd put it in her mouth, giving it a gentle suck. To his credit, his jaw didn't fall open. Kevin grinned, appreciating the show but not taking it too seriously... at least, not outwardly. Shannon suspected his interest was greater than he let on. He didn't want to seem like a lech.

Shannon wouldn't mind that right now. "Hey, I'm gonna go hit the bathroom for a moment," she said. Shannon slid out of the booth, standing and smiling at him before she turned. She felt his eyes on her backside, and her stockings with the lace tops that didn't quite come up to the hem of her skirt. She knew he wouldn't take his eyes off of them until she was out of sight.

Others watched her walk, too, just as they had watched her enter the diner. Excitement welled up within her, but she kept a firm hold on it. She kept her cool. She had a mission here, and she meant to see it through.

Her confidence was quite the turn-on. For both of them.

* * *

Kevin pushed her up against the wall beside the door to her apartment. He meant to wait until they were inside, but he just couldn't help himself. She grinned at his firm but gentle treatment, and grinned further into his kiss—just like she had outside the diner, and beside her car parked on the street outside, and in the garage downstairs and the elevator.

Shannon slid one leg up along the side of his, bending her knee so she could hook it around his hip. Her companion attacked her mouth without hesitation. She liked that, but she wanted more.

"You're being way too shy," she murmured when his lips moved from her mouth to her neck. His hands on her hips felt good. They'd feel better elsewhere.

"Wouldn't want to make a bad impression," he whispered, his cheek sliding up her neck so his lips could softly attack her earlobe.

"That's all settled. The interview's finished. Now's the practical exam."

"Don't I get study time?" His hands roamed up and down her sides. "Seems like there's a lot to cover."

"Nope. Test time. Better start getting naughtier or I don't open this do-oooohh," she moaned with delight as his hand came up under her skirt to palm her between her legs. He skillfully teased her with the pressure and warmth of his hand, their skin separated only by her thin panties. She was surprised at how wet she felt; he had to feel the dampness, too, she knew, but he didn't seem at all put off. Her head rested on his shoulder as she enjoyed his touch. "That's better," she approved.

"You really want me to be naughty?"


His hand relaxed just enough to make her pout. She opened her eyes to find his taunting grin. "Open the door," he told her. Kevin didn't move away as she found her keys in her purse, nor as she unlocked her home. That made her happy. Something about having the touch of an aroused, attractive man while she did common things greatly appealed to her. Something about his increasingly open lust appealed to her even more.

"I don't normally do this," she admitted.

"Me neither," he said. "You want me to cool it? Back off? I don't want to make you uncomf—"

"I want you to do something to me that would shame your mother if she ever found out," she grinned wickedly. "You can go back to being sweet in the morning." His eyes sparkled. So did hers.

Shannon threw open the door. Kevin refused to remove his hand from under her skirt until they were inside. It made for slightly awkward movement, but Shannon reveled in his touch. With the door safely shut and locked behind them, Kevin brought her over to the back of the big chair in her living room just a few steps away. She felt him unzip her skirt before he bent her over, hiking the skirt down and then her panties. He did it all with one hand, as the other arm stayed wrapped around her shoulders from behind.

When his fingers came back to her very wet pussy, Shannon let out another moan of delight. She trembled and gasped and moaned at his touch, loving his exploring fingers and his animal lust. Yet for all his physical power, Shannon had no doubt who called the shots.

She leaned against the chair, arching her back as jolts of pleasure punctuated the delicious sensations of his fingers sliding over and probing into her sex. Shannon cooperated as Kevin paused to rid her of her skirt and panties. Happy to be toyed with, she gave no thought to the way he crouched behind her, or the shift of his hand, and was all too happy to oblige when she felt him nudge her legs further apart. She bent over further at his wordless instruction.

Then she felt him kneel between her legs. Shannon's breath quickened with excitement and suspense. Could he really be going for that? Brad never did anything like this for her, nor had her previous boyfriend after that first time. But now Kevin knelt between her stocking-clad legs and she felt his lips trail up the inside of one thigh while his fingers moved up the other and then—"Ooooh," Shannon sighed as she felt the first gentle probe of his tongue.

His lips and tongue held to the softest, most agonizingly light touch, which only heightened her excitement. Shannon wanted to arch her back as pleasure shot through her, but she knew that would only make for a tougher angle for him. Instead, she made herself give in and relaxed her torso against the back of the plush chair. She let him get to work and adored him for it.

His hands spread across her ass, groping and caressing it. Never before had Shannon felt like her butt was particularly attractive, but sometime during her bath or perhaps while she dressed she realized it had a great shape. It was firm and tone and inviting, just like the rest of her body. Shannon felt sexier than she ever had in her life.

Her enjoyment grew as his kiss went deeper. "Oh, that's incredible," breathed Shannon. "I'll give you about... oh... all night to... to knock that off."

"Hm," he responded. The sensation of his voice against her pussy made her shiver. "I might need all night," he confessed.

Shannon's wicked grin returned. He loved the taste of her. She could hear it in his voice and feel it in his touch. She relaxed and let him indulge her, or perhaps she indulged him.

Her mind wandered to strange places as she enjoyed his attention. Such exquisite physical pleasure clouded her thoughts, but it wasn't as if her brain turned off. Shannon could count on one hand the number of men she'd ever slept with. She was shy and slow to trust on this level. It wasn't as if she didn't want a wild sex life; she fantasized about it, but she rarely overcame her personal barriers, and when she did her partners more often than not left her disappointed, even hurt.

So what made her so confident all of the sudden? Rebounding from Brad couldn't explain this. Something about her behavior with Kevin felt so easy. Her fears were nowhere to be found. The dirty talk, the invitations and innuendos and now this intimate service all carried first-time thrills, but at the same time it felt completely natural.

She ceded more and more of her conscious control, and before long it was no longer even hers to give up. Shannon's body trembled and her mouth fell open as she gasped once, then again as she hit a wall inside of her, only to have Kevin's lips and tongue and hands push her through. She moaned loudly, not giving a damn about the neighbors—in fact, she didn't even remember having neighbors anymore. All she knew about in the entire world was her own body, the chair that supported her and the man sending her into orgasm.

It hit harder than ever. It lasted longer, and brought greater satisfaction... but only briefly. Slumped over the chair, still shamelessly exposing herself, Shannon found herself wanting even more. She didn't want recovery time. She didn't want to cool down. She wanted him. Now.

Shannon looked over her shoulder and then turned around, leaning back against the chair. She liked the awed look on his face as he saw her from the front, naked from the waist down. "Shoes. Now," she said, pointing to his feet.

He grinned, liking her take-charge attitude as much as her previous behavior. Kevin quickly untied and slipped off his shoes and socks. As soon as he was finished, she grabbed his collar and pulled him up to meet her face to face. She planted a hungry, deep kiss on his lips, tasting herself on him.

In the back of her mind, she confirmed her initial thoughts. She couldn't blame him for taking his time on her. She tasted wonderfully.

She tore open his shirt and wrenched it off of him, sending buttons flying. Their kiss only broke off long enough to pull his undershirt over his head. Her hands came to his chest, pushing him backward down the hallway to her bedroom until he hit a wall beside the door. She scratched her nails from his shoulders to the top of his pants, and then assaulted him with another kiss while she slipped his belt free and shoved down on his pants.

"Gnh!" Kevin grunted. Shannon paused and realized what she'd done wrong; he was hard and fully erect, and her treatment of his pants had been a little rough on him there. Though she nearly gasped and pleaded an embarrassed apology, Shannon instead grinned and slid down his front, keeping her eyes on his the whole way.

"Sorry about that," she smirked, and then put her face right beside his cock as she pushed his pants the rest of the way off. Kevin froze against the wall. Shannon only brushed his erection with her cheek, then offered the lightest of kisses on his shaft before rising back up again. "Later for that," she promised with a wink as one of her hands softly closed around his cock.

His eyes fluttered. She felt the thrill of control and decided she could not let it go. Seeing him completely naked now, Shannon discovered another way in which Kevin represented a considerable step up from her last partner. Shannon guided him around, once more pushing him backward until he fell. She looked down with a grin on the fit, attractive man laying diagonally on her bed.

She let him watch as she discarded her top. She held his gaze as she unfastened her lace bra, and smiled as she saw his appreciation for what lay underneath. Then she put one knee up beside his hip and crept in, placing her hands on his chest for support.

Normally she needed more warm-up than this. Usually she wanted serious foreplay. Tonight the thought of any further flirting, cuddling or teasing seemed like madness. Shannon held his gaze again as she spread her legs over his hips and guided his cock to her center with one affectionate.

"Hey," Kevin said, gesturing to the bedroom door, "there's a condom in one of my pants pockets, unless you've got some?"

Condoms? Silly things, she mused to herself, banishing a lifetime of concern for safe sex with a single, completely alien thought. "We're safe," she said softly. Her hand guided the head of his cock to her lips, giving him just a first taste of the sensations that loomed in his immediate future. She watched his eyes flutter and then open once more. Before he spoke, she said, "Shh. You're mine."

Shannon sank down on him, greedily sheathing his cock within herself. She saw his eyes flutter closed again and his head lay back onto the bed while her body rose to an all new level of energy and pleasure. Her legs spread wide across the bed, feet dangling over the sides of the mattress as she rose up on her knees only to sink down upon Kevin once more.

His hips came up to meet her, pushing his cock deeper in. She smiled, but when his hands came up she took hold of his wrists and pushed them back to the bed again. "Relax," she whispered. Shannon leaned forward, bringing her mouth closer to his and rocking her hips up and then down again to stroke him within her. "Let me take care of this."

He let out a heavy, lustful breath. Kevin couldn't take his eyes off of her. She reveled in the look of awe on his face and the ecstasy of having him inside her as she rode him. Taking control excited her. The sensual pleasures of coupling with him excited her more.

Shannon rested her hands on his chest, but all the motion seemed to come from her legs and her hips. It wasn't a motion she'd ever tried before; she'd been on top with guys, of course, but never so wantonly or with such confidence. Her motion remained perfect as she came down harder on him, holding him even tighter within herself with each stroke. Shannon bathed in his amazement and knew this was the best thing he'd ever felt in his life. She could feel him thrust up to meet her; though that went beyond the spirit of her instructions, she couldn't complain. Nor could she blame him.

The ride went on. Shannon felt sexier than ever. She had him. Kevin was completely enthralled, by her beauty and by her skill and passion in bed. He would never forget this. Nor would she. For the life of her, she couldn't imagine why she wouldn't do this every night.

Well. Let's not get carried away, she thought, her mind capable of such thoughts despite her inflamed emotions. A one night doesn't make us a couple. Still...

Shannon leaned in on him. Her face came near his, and her red hair dangled around his face. Even with the new angle, Shannon skillfully kept up the same pace, fucking him as intensely as ever. She heard nothing but surrender in his breath.

"I like you, Kevin," she hissed.

"Oh God," he managed. "I like... I really like you, too... I'm gonna... oh, wow, if you don't slow down I can't... I can't hold back like this."

"So don't," Shannon grinned. "I want you, Kevin. I like you and I want you to get off inside me."

"But you—I don't wanna leave you... unh... hangin'..."

"Shh. Give it to me, Kevin," she whispered before her lips came down on his. "Come in me."

Over a few short hours, Shannon had gotten to know Kevin Murray. She'd taken the measure of the man, and found underneath that humble, self-deprecating grin and gentle demeanor the tough spirit of a veteran of war and police work alike. She couldn't imagine him being cowed by any mortal man... yet she had complete control of him and heard uncontrolled moans from his throat as she forced him past his point of no return.

She felt him stiffen and watched his muscles tense. He'd never had it this good. She knew that just by looking at him. Kevin had been with plenty of women, but this was beyond his experience. Shannon felt the first intense pulse of his release within her and grinned from ear to ear—or would have if her own orgasm didn't swiftly overcome her, rushing in from out of nowhere to share in her partner's climax.

It slowed her. She still rocked against him, but Shannon relaxed her pace, almost against her will, as if her body forced her to savor every second of the rush just like her partner did.

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