tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhole New Slave Game Ch. 08

Whole New Slave Game Ch. 08


Thanks again to Shygirlwhore for editing.

By now, you are either into this long story or not. I will mention again that the whole saga proceeds through Sex Slave Lottery, 150th Slave (Alternative version), Concluding Non-Consensual Postscript and Whole New Slave Game 1-7. There will be chapters after this.



Chapter 8 – The Uses of Sex, Hostility and Crime


My days leading up to the Whole New Game have been full of sex and conspiracy.

I received orders the day after being taken on my condo floor by Gorsuchin that I was to be in Bolry the following Thursday, leaving me four days in Long Island. I told Fred of everything Gorsuchin had said. "Earlier I was threatened that I would be betrayed by Lermanov and the Tolskies or that they would be overthrown and my goose would be cooked by whoever took over. Now that monster Gorsuchin is suggesting that you will betray me. Oh please tell me that is impossible?"

"It is absolutely impossible," Mann was quick to say. He hugged me and gave all sorts of wonderful assurances of love and protection. I believed him but the poison Gorsuchin had planted was not completely gone.

I had now been with many of the men on Lermanov's list. I was fairly confident that Fortmanov was up to something and that Gorsuchin was at least laying groundwork for some sort of move. As to Kohl, Bolontini, Vadimovich, Sazarbeyev, and Yimofeyvich, I was unsure. The Pirko Dupov character was yet another wild card and there were a number more of the men on Lermanov's list to meet. I was pretty sure that Walker was not doing anything but observing the games and playing around.

I got back to Bolry Thursday morning July 14. No one with much authority in Bolry met me at the airport this time. Instead I was met by two lawyers from our office, the extremely subordinate Jacobs and the newest pretty young associate sent to Bolry to try to become a partner through risking becoming a sex slave, Hannah Parsons. Three women sent to Bolry by Sullivan, Smith, Steinheim and Sieger (aka "4S") were now BDSM sex slaves, me, Chiara and Amanda.

Hannah, a very busty and beautiful Chinese African -American, looked to be joining us soon as a slave. I had heard that she had already participated in the Lottery twice and was taking bigger risks. She confirmed that she would be in the Lottery coming up on Saturday and had a one in twelve chance of becoming a BDSM submissive slave for life, "But that means I have a 92% chance of making $40,000 for just standing around a while."

I did not bother to tell her she was an idiot. The fact I am an idiot should have given my advice credibility. Hypocrites and experienced fools know of what of they speak, but I was sure Hannah would not see it that way.

A third person meeting me at the airport was totally unexpected. Ludmila had been connected with various crimes of the notorious Dimitry who, after his fatal accident, was found to have been embezzling. At least that was the story. Ludmila basically had volunteered to become a BDSM sex slave in the Pacific Resort rather than face constant risk of severe physical harm in Bolry. I had seen her at the Pacific Resort and thought she was very likely to live out the rest of her days there unless the world changed drastically.

Ludmila said that she was back in Bolry because of Felix Dvorzhinski telling Svetlana that Ludmila could be useful during the two lotteries that were to be modeled on the special lotteries held in 2009 during which I became a slave. "They are going to whip me between rounds along with other slaves." That they brought her back just for that was not a sensible story. The fact that such a stupid story was being offered showed that whoever brought her back for three weeks wanted to raise suspicion. Ludmila described the two special lotteries to occur before and after the Whole New Slave Game lotteries.

I had been told of these two special lotteries that would create two BDSM slaves to go along with the one to be created by the Whole New Game. Only now did I learn the details. I was not happy about some of the details I learned from Ludmila.

The "Shades of Pain Lotteries" were going to follow generally the rules of the Lotteries in which I lost. This meant there would be a lot of humiliation and perhaps public sex even involving women who did not become slaves. Also, to add to the drama and broaden public interest, they will involve six women from Bolry with notorious backgrounds and six women from the West.

That there would be a lot of public degradation for the participants did not upset me. If women want to gamble their futures for what they see as a lot of money, who was I to talk? The problem was that one of the participants was Assistant Chief of Slave Security, Larisa Borisnova. Much worse, another of the participants who had two one-in-twelve chances of becoming a BDSM sex slave was Sofia Protoskaya. What could have possessed Sofia to take such a chance?

I would have thought the contest must be rigged. The Tolskies need Sofia as an assassin even if they could spare her as head of the Bolrian Lottery Corporation Slave Security Department.

Ludmila presented the theories as to what was going on with Sofia. The official explanation was that Sofia always wanted to do this. It was added by way of explanation that Sofia was depressed about her life as a security guard and a hit woman and wanted to take herself out of it any way she could.

An unofficial explanation was that Sofia badly needed money to help some lover. There was also a rumor that Dvorzhinski had somehow forced her to do this because he did not like competition from an enforcer outside the Security Police chain of command. A still darker rumor was that the Tolskies and Lermanov were completely losing their grip, they had been forced to sacrifice Sofia, and this was the beginning of a shakeup that would lead to Dvorzhinski, Russian mobsters and certain other forces taking over the country.

In this case, I was inclined to go with the official explanation although that is almost never correct in Bolry. But whatever the truth, Sofia and Larisa being in the Shades of Pain Lotteries meant that the unit in charge of keeping me and other sex slaves safe had been decapitated. If some of the rumors were true, I might not come out alive.

Sofia was said to be back from a two-week vacation during which she saw various places in the world that she would probably not get to see if she became a slave. Patagonia, Denali and the African savannah are not places men take women to have sex. That would explain why Sofia had been gone.

Why was Crystal in Moscow? What was Irina doing?


I expected to be taken from the airport to the BLC facilities to prepare for the reception I had been notified to attend that night. However, the driver said he'd received instructions to drop me off at the Government Executive Office downtown. A message on my phone said I was going to spend the entire afternoon with Pyotr Kurbetski, Chief of Staff to Premier Pyotr Tolski.

What followed was an unorganized mixture of sex and highly informative presentations on Eighteenth Century Russian History and late Twentieth Century Bolrian history.

I knew Kurbetski was 51. Unlike Lermanov or his boss, Pyotr Tolski, he does not project a sinister gentility or a feeling that there was an iron fist below the velvet glove. He seems more like a policy nerd. Kurbetski is not in bad shape and openly enjoys sex. I do not know whether he is married. Most of them are, but it does not matter.

The first issue was to get through building security through the side door that I had been instructed to enter. There was a metal detector but it was out of order. At least that is what the three male guards said. A guy with a neck about as fat as a telephone poll said I could either strip nude so that they could see I was unarmed or let them frisk me in a thorough manner. There were no female security guards that were available.

I had been in the building a number of times before for meetings and was pretty sure that I had not had this much trouble getting into the building before. I decided I'd rather be felt up than ogled and received one of the most thorough breast and thigh exams of my life. There were a few people at the side door to witness this manhandling, but the other guards and a few passing Bolrian bureaucrats did not contain their mirth.

Kurbetski met me in the main foyer and took me to the cabinet room. He locked the door after we entered.

On the wall of the Cabinet meeting room was a large reproduction of a painting of Peter the Great looking very military with a sword and a cannon. I mentioned that I had been in the room before but did not remember the picture. Kurbetski said the picture had been installed recently, that both he and Pyotr Tolski were named Peter after Peter the Great, and both were fans of the king who modernized Russia. "Except Pyotr Tolski has attempted not to drink as much as the king and to have fewer mistresses," Kurbetski mentioned. "All three Peters, or Pyotrs, have thought that sometimes protecting the state requires bold decisions and that being merciful to enemies is not always a good policy."

Kurbetski got right down to business and asked me to disrobe. I noted that there was nothing like a bed in the cabinet room and asked if we were going to have sex on the cabinet room conference table. "Precisely," he answered, "the half dozen times that you have made presentations to the cabinet I have always thought how much nicer it would be to have sex with you on the table. Now I will get my wish." He also stripped completely.

The massive wooden table was hard but at least it was not quite as cold as the tiles in my condo kitchen had been. As always, I put everything I had into the sex. I was instructed from the beginning that, as a sex slave, I was not like a prostitute and that there was never any holding back; that there was no one for whom I should save my love, every partner should get everything and I should enjoy everything as much as I could. The sex slave experience was supposed to be much better than the girlfriend experience because girlfriends have headaches and have to think about going to work the following day or paying rent. All a sex slave must do is put heart and soul into sex. For seven years, I had lived that rule with every man and woman who did not tie me down so much that I had no choice but passivity.

As almost always, the customer, now Kurbetski, was extremely impressed and I had fun. I had also avoided bruises by putting my clothing and a few Bolrian flags under me that I had found in a chest that mainly held stationary and proceedings of the Bolrian parliament. "We keep the flags to hang out the windows on special occasions," Kurbetski explained.

Kurbetski said that the cabinet conference room was free all afternoon and perhaps we should have a cup of tea while we recovered from our activities. I said that was a nice idea, appreciated that there was honey for tea in the cabinet room and asked if Kurbetski did not think that Peter the Great had gone too far in the knouting and hanging so many of the Strelsy and beheading William Mons and Mary Hamilton. Kurbetski answered, "Mons and Hamilton had stolen crown property and chiseled Peter and Catherine. Keeping their severed heads was unusual. He could have been more merciful, but it should be remembered that capital punishment was quite common for all sorts of crimes at the time. Capital punishment for forgery was not abolished in the oh so civilized nation of England for more than 100 years after Mons and Hamilton died for theft and embezzlement."

Kurbetski visibly was enjoying talking about the great Peter and by "visibly," I mean that he was developing another erection. Ok, I could get into this form of foreplay. "But you have not answered about the Strelsy and what of the death of Peter's son? Did not those decisions result in large part from Peter's well-known drinking and rage?"

"No, I don't think so," Kurbetski answered. I believe a lot of the rage was feigned and the Strelsy and Peter's son represented all the reactionary forces in Russia. He did not order the death of his son, the son just died, admittedly probably as a result of being knouted, but to have been lenient with the Strelsy or Alexei Petrovich would have been to punish the millions of innocent people of Russia who deserved a more modern government."

Face down on the table was generally more comfortable than it had been being on my back. I am much better padded on my chest than my shoulder bones. I did not have quite so much freedom of movement but my feet reached the floor enough that I could meet his thrusts well enough. I resolved, however, to try to get him to be on the bottom if there was a third time.

After a toilet trip and preparation of more tea, I inquired whether he thought that the Tolskis, and Lermanov represented progressive government as had Peter. "Pyotr and Lermanov are a great improvement over Orsinov. I hope that they will be able to hold on until they have succeeded in their grand efforts to improve and diversify the Bolrian economy and bring education to the mass of people. Svetlana talks about progress for the people but mainly represents her appetites and ambitions."

"Doesn't that remark mainly reflect sexism? You don't object to Pyotr's multiple wives or Lemanov's car collection that is so ridiculously beyond his income from his job as Foreign Minister," I ventured to say.

Kurbetski admitted, "I did not say Pyotr or Lermanov were perfect but they are not depraved or dishonest in comparison with most other world leaders. Also, Pyotr has only had 4 wives, the first and last of which have been quite respectable. There is no reason to believe that he cheated on any of them.

"Also, I will admit that Svetlana does have her good points and by example has shown that there are great personal benefits to be had through education and hard work. She is an excellent musician and her ability with languages is simply remarkable. Also, the Cultural Ministry does bring in a large amount of foreign currency through the Lottery Corporation. But it does so at a high price in terms of undermining support for the government among the normal Bolrian working people who still hold on to 19th Century morality and could not afford to carry on like Svetlana and the Lottery's customers if they wanted to. Also, there is no excuse for Svetlana's semi-public display of all of her boyfriends, girlfriends and foreign businessmen of very dubious morality.

"It must also be admitted that, just as Peter the Great befriended and utilized the talent of Swedes captured after the Battle of Poltava to benefit Russia, Svetlana has utilized the talents of several foreign women who have found themselves to be confined in Bolry for long periods. By far the greatest of these are Crystal and yourself, who have contributed in a major way to the economy and human rights through work with the Bolrian commerce and justice departments. I know for a fact that there are many people happy and healthy in Bolry today who would have died very miserably but for programs that originated with you to provide for pensions or health care or to keep them from being slaughtered by the Security Police.

"By the way, you are too hard on your friend Kat for marrying into the Security Police. Although she may have done it mainly to satisfy her bizarre sexual tastes, she has done a lot of good there in making the BSP less of a goon squad of killers and more professional, even though I gather her background is in accounting."

The first thing that went through my head was that Kurbetski must have talked to Gorski, Daria or Kat as they are the only ones who heard my spat with Kat over the relative morality of our actions. This is odd.

The second thing that went through my head was an immense feeling of contentment. Although perhaps the reader does not care, I will insert here a brief essay on how to flatter Laurel F.

Who knows why flattery works on anyone. We all know it is just words. Still, I am highly susceptible to flattery if you do it properly.

Telling me how beautiful I am does not do much for me. I have been told how beautiful I was since I was a child. Coming from a man it invariably means, "I would like to fuck you." That was flattering for a few years but became tiresome when I determined that most men want to fuck nearly every halfway healthy woman under 60.

The recent variant on telling me how beautiful I am, that I am incredibly beautiful for my age, does nothing but depress me. I can only stand it coming from another woman about as old or older than me.

I admit that I am vain. I also admit that there are wrinkles and sags in a few places that were not there 20 years ago, I don't want to be reminded of the fact. And damn it, I am only 41 and 41 is the new 21 in my book, well, maybe 31.

People who tell me that I am more beautiful or desirable than I was years ago are doing better with me, if I believe they actually believe that.

Telling me I am smart is generally better than commenting on my looks. If one tells me how smart I am while starring at my breasts, however, it comes off as a pathetic attempt by someone who pretends not to be chauvinist, to say "I'd like to fuck you." If this form of flattery is coming from someone in a context in which I know the person is not trying to get me into bed, it is mildly pleasurable unless it is coming from the firm or Svetlana as the preface of an instruction to do some horrible piece of legal, diplomatic or sex work as in "Laurel, you are so brilliant that I just know you will be able to get us out of this tax mess that the idiots at the firm created."

No, if you really want to flatter me, do it by recognizing me for having accomplished something noble or good. Kurbetski had done that beautifully and my immediate reaction was to see if there was anything else I could possibly do to please him. I let him come in my mouth, of course, but I am a sex slave.

It was only 4:00 and I did not have to be at the BLC offices until 7, so we went to Kurbetski's office to discuss Peter the Great some more. I was not surprised to find another picture of Peter in Kurbetski's office. Peter in this picture was a bit younger but no less martial in golden armor with a helmet nearby. I asked him about Peter assuming power from his half-sister and shutting her up in a convent. "Well, what else was he to do, it was time for him to assume power, his sister was making a mess of things, and she and the Strelsy were resisting him taking what was his."

Kurbetski added strangely, "The contrast between that situation and the present situation in Bolry could not be greater. Pyotr Tolski is doing a generally good job and a coup against him would lead to chaos, many deaths and probably a reactionary and brutal government that would do things a hundred times more corrupt than anything done by Pyotr, me, Lermanov, Dvorzhinski or even Svetlana."

"Peter was 17 when he took power, wasn't he?" I asked.

"17, 51, never, the question as to whether one should seek to assume a new power is never about your age, it is about the situation."

I thought it was notable that Kurbetski mentioned 51, his age. Also, it was as though he knew that Lermanov had told me to determine his intentions and he was answering with a clear answer that he would not be part of any coup against Pyotr.

Kurbetski next turned prosecutorial and had his own questions. "You are very smart and have done a great job of getting information on Russian history and certain other topics. I would remind you that spies are executed in times of war. It is always wartime in Bolry. Are you loyal?"

"What does it matter what I think or do, I am a sex slave?"

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