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Whole New World


It was good to get away for a couple of weeks break after years of struggling to get by, week after week on my less than spectacular wage. It was only six months earlier that a lottery win meant that I could finally pay off my house, have some money left over for my son Tim to afford his university studies and have a well earned holiday for the both of us.

My name in Christina, I am 36 years of age and have a handsome young son called Timothy, who recently celebrated his 18th birthday. I became pregnant with him when I was 17. Tim's father took off as soon as he discovered he was going to be a dad. My parents supported me however most of my adult life has been looking after Tim. I am not naive but in the same breath I am not that worldly wise either. I booked a resort on the coast that provided almost everything we needed to enjoy ourselves. We decided we would spend our first day finding some nice spot on the coast to have a picnic, enjoy the ocean and see the sights.

We arrived in our car to the coast's most popular beach, we were lucky to see a car leaving so I quickly took it's spot. It felt as if it was wall to wall people and after a little search we did find a table for our picnic. We didn't open our food baskets because there were numerous monitor lizards scavenging and harassing the other picnickers. Tim, wisely had a local tourist map in his back pocket so he took it out saying he was going to have a look to see if there were any better places to enjoy the beach.

After a few minutes he let me know that the national park beside us had a beach on the other side of the headland ( about a kilometre away). It had no roadway there so he assumed it should be a lot quieter. He pointed out that there were several pathways through the national park that led to the beach.

I told Tim that would suit us perfectly, a kilometre would possibly take us about 15 minutes so we could leave the car here. Tim's smile seemed to indicate he appeared not to relish having too many people around either. We picked up our basket of goodies, blankets and drinks and headed off into the national park. After about twenty minutes of walking on a meandering path we began to hear the surf breaking and knew we were getting close.

Suddenly we popped out into a beautiful crescent shape beach about two kilometres wide. There were only about twenty or thirty people mostly at both distal ends of the beach.

"We have struck gold here Tim" I remarked as I scanned the blue water washing up on the white silicate sand. Tim indicated to put our blanket down under a well positioned palm tree, with plentiful shade, however I still wondered why such an eye catching beach was so empty.

After we spread our blanket out under the shade, I wrapped a towel around me and got into my bikini covering my modesty by my towel. Tim already had his shorts on but removed his t-shirt.

As I lay face down on the blanket I asked Tim to rub some sun barrier cream on my back. Tim was diligent in his application of the cream when he suddenly stopped.

I started to talk to Tim but got no reply. I rolled over and Tim appeared to be mesmerised by a couple walking along the beach. I looked in the direction Tim was looking and as my vision adapted to the light I could see the reason for his silence.

There was two women in their mid twenties walking past us stark naked. Both were well endowed with sun tanned breasts. One had a neatly trimmed bush while the other had her pussy shaven. They both had no tan lines so the reality of the situation hit home to me why the beach was quiet, it was a nudist beach.

I spoke to Tim again but he failed to hear me he was so entranced by the girls with some telltale signs becoming visible under his shorts, it told me he was enjoying it here. I made some comment to Tim that I didn't know that this is a nudist beach and if he wanted we could go back to the tables that were on the main beach.

Tim casually just shrugged his head reminding me it was a clothing optional beach and there were other people here wearing swimming togs, he indicated he was comfortable about staying. I had some reservations having never been to a nudist beach before and unsure what would be expected of us. Tim assured me there were no expectations and we could continue and have our picnic as planned. My son finished off rubbing cream onto my back before I completed the rest myself. I put sun-cream on Tim's back but I might as well not been there as his attention was entirely taken up by the naked beauties on the beach. We started to eat some of our sandwiches and cold drinks when a couple who had been walking along the beach suddenly began to approach us.

I suddenly began to panic a little as they walked casually towards us. Tim didn't say anything but just stared at her.

"Hi, I am Brian and this is my girlfriend Karen, we're regulars here but we haven't seen you here before, hope you're enjoying the beach, it's beautiful and secluded, isn't it?"

I nervously spluttered out that it was our first time here, that we were on holiday and came across the beach by accident. We chatted for a few more minutes, however I found it impossible to keep a face to face contact with Brian. My eyes would idly drop down to his groin, where he had a thick uncut penis that hung about 5 inches. His girlfriend was shaven and her pussy lips were wide enough apart to let me see her clitoris was on display. Tim still took no part in the conversation and tried his hardest not to make it too obvious he was staring at her pussy. At the end of the polite conversation they said they hoped we would come back again.

Karen added "Your boyfriend is very quiet, I wish my mine was as quiet as you"

Without thinking and a little stunned by her comment, I agreed with her telling her that he rarely says very much. I also intimated we would love to come back to this beautiful beach.

After they walked away Tim smiled at me and said "Did you mean that, we can come back here again?"

" I guess so, well, it is a lovely secluded beach, not overcrowded and you appear to like it, ok, maybe we could come here again, say tomorrow?, it is clothing optional isn't it?" was my tentative reply Tim smiled but said nothing. We finished off our sandwiches and drinks before deciding to go for a swim. We didn't feel out of place even though we were still wearing our swimming togs.

I mentioned how comfortable Karen was with her nudity. Tim just gave a sheepish grin I already knew he agreed. He was daydreaming and enjoying his thoughts so I decided to leave him with them.

I started thinking how it would feel to be so liberated and free with my body and not embarrassed, I would love to feel as comfortable as Karen appeared to be but I didn't know how to bring this up in front of Tim. I was only thinking of going topless but Tim was here with me, I have never allowed myself to be that visible to him before. I knew I needed to plan how I was going to do this without Tim being too embarrassed by his mother's display, but somehow I thought he would have no qualms about seeing more of me.

I lay on my front again and asked Tim to rub some more sun-cream on my back. As he did I made the remark how attractive it was that Karen (who chatted to us) had no tan lines. Tim agreed-this I thought this could be my opening. I put my hands behind my back and unclipped the top of my bikini.

"No tan lines for me either" I remarked.

I then laid face down for the next 20 minutes. Tim was lying on his tummy facing the other way ( towards the beach where else? ) I then rolled over onto my back. He was unaware I had done this and I felt so exposed but free lying there. I lay there for about five minutes before Tim began to turn over so I closed my eyes pretending I didn't know he was looking. As I opened my eyes I noticed he had an erection which he was trying to cover up. I asked him if it embarrassed him with me exposing my breasts to the sun.

Tim just shook his head in tacit approval then gave a slight smile. He appeared to approve of my new found liberation. We spent quite a few hours there before heading back to the resort.

I went and had a shower first and came out wearing my towel only around my waist. He had been staring at me all afternoon so I guessed I can continue to enjoy my new found freedom.

Tim smiled "They are beautiful Mum even better than that Karen on the beach"

"Thank you Tim, that's nice of you to say that"

Unlike lying out on the sand I found that being in the same room as Tim with my breasts exposed was getting me to feel wet. I had some guilty feelings about this, but at the same time I was enjoying feeling horny. Under my towel I was becoming aware that having no panties on in the same room as someone else was making me feel so much more liberated. I began to think I might give it a go of being more than topless on the beach next time. I was pleased I had enjoyed myself swimming and sunbathing topless. After Tim was finished in the bathroom he entered the dining room to see what I was preparing for tea. I was still in my towel but by now had covered up my breasts. He was dressed in his shorts.

I made some comment about how much I had enjoyed our day and hoped he had too. I also apologised if I had caused him any embarrassment. He just blushed but added he had enjoyed himself also.

As we ate I made a comment about going back to the beach the following day, hoping he would say yes. He was quite enthusiastic about the idea. I later told him I was initially self conscious about going topless, but when I saw how comfortable everybody else was with it I enjoyed myself immensely. I even told him that being topless felt really very natural and asked him if he liked seeing me in my semi nakedness He took a few seconds to answer trying to reply without a sense that he couldn't wait until tomorrow.

"I have never seen your breasts before and I found them very beautiful I am sorry if you thought I was staring" Tim confessed. I thanked him for his frankness and inadvertently said that I would love to be able to walk around like Karen and be so accepting of my body.

Tim was quiet then after a few minutes he said "Why don't you?"

"I don't know if I would have the courage to do that, anyway I couldn't do it on my own, hey did you notice Karen thought you were my boyfriend?" as I changed the subject

"Mum you are still quite young and attractive I took it as a compliment"

I enquired if Tim would consider going naked too on the beach so I would not be so self conscious or was I asking too much of him. He said he couldn't take his shorts off without showing how he feels. I suggested he lie on your tummy until it goes down Tim looked away as he remarked that it was easier said than done and the females don't show such obvious signs.

"What if I go around the unit topless tonight until your erection goes down and you start to feel comfortable with me, then tomorrow I may get enough courage to try and go naked on the beach, you can dress how you want to tomorrow? Is that a deal?"

Tim said he needed time to think however I could see he was getting a bulge in his shorts just thinking about the idea I wasn't at that time having any sexual thoughts about Tim, it was more to build up my courage to go naked the following day.

As I cleared the table Tim got up from the dining table and said "Ok lets give it a go I keep my shorts on though and you go topless or whatever".

I asked him to finish clearing the table while I went through to the bedroom to change.

I remove my towel and looked at my naked body in the mirror. The thought of letting people see me like this tomorrow filled me with excitement. I put on a pair of panties, not sheer but enough to see my pubic hair and camel toe and thought to myself that his should put Tim to the test I walked back through to the kitchen to wash up after the meal. Tim was still sitting at the table blocking out any view I may have got of him but I knew he was very hard.

I noticed my nipples were beginning to harden being around him. Tim was staring at my nipples and when I turned my body round in his direction his eyes changed to my pubes, visible through my panties. We retired to the lounge to watch some television and it was over an hour before his erection began to subside but I reminded him the same thing will happen on the beach the next day

I suddenly realised here I am sitting in front of my own son wearing only a pair of panties and looking forward to when I can be seen without anything on. We had got accustomed to each others company tonight but my state of dress ( or undress ) was having an effect on me and I began to feel horny again. I have had a few men in my time but nothing lasting so my warm glow of horniness was something I didn't want to waste. I was a little concerned that if I became too wet I would show through my panties. I excused myself and said I was tired and ready for my bed. I said goodnight to Tim and said we will need to get ourselves organised in the morning so we could spend more time on the beach.

The holiday unit had two bedrooms; I retired to mine closing my door to have some privacy. I removed my panties and began to rub my wet pussy however my fingers did not feel as if they were enough to satisfy me. I looked around and grabbed hold of my hairbrush off the vanity. The handle was quite thick with ridges and about eight inches long. I lodged the bristles between my pillows and lowered my pussy onto its shaft. I was so wet I took its' whole length. Its ridges were rubbing over my clitoris and I tried hard not to make too much noise as Tim was in the other room. Using my hands I made the hairbrush fill my pussy until I climaxed, I needed to bite my lip so as not to let Tim hear what I was doing. Afterwards I felt so spent I fell asleep naked on top of my bed.

I awoke in the morning before Tim but I noticed my bedroom door was slightly ajar. He had watched me sleep, this helped me to make the decision he was ready to see me naked on the beach.

We made up a picnic hamper with plenty to eat and drink and left early to make sure we could park near where we parked yesterday. After a short walk through to the other beach we discovered we were to only ones there, no-one else had arrived. We spread our blanket under the same tree. I then took off my outer clothes leaving only my bikini on. Tim did the same leaving on his shorts.

Going topless almost straight away set the scene for the day. Tim looked at me approvingly and requested to rub some cream on my back I was happy for him to apply sun-cream to my back however when I turned over he just looked at me. I told him it was ok to apply some cream on the front too. He gently rubbed in the cream and when it came to my breasts he was tentative and very gentle. His touch made my nipples harden and tingle. I noticed that touching me had given him an erection again however there was no-one here to see it except me so I said to him

"Don't be embarrassed, like last night you will get used to me and it will go away"

Without saying anything further I stood up put my fingers in the rim of my bikini and pulled them down and off. I stood there stark naked in front of Tim --he was speechless. My pubic hair was neatly trimmed giving him only a brief outline of my labia

I walked down to the water's edge and had a brief swim. It felt so good so refreshing.

On returning I told Tim he need not look too surprised as I knew he saw me naked on my bed last night. He looked down in embarrassment being caught out.

"Good" I said "I know I've embarrassed you, so you won't be anymore embarrassed than what you already are, go on take your shorts off"

He looked at me forlornly but I reminded him there was no-one here on the beach and it will settle down quite quickly. Tim turned his back on me as he removed his shorts. When he turned round he was sporting a very large erection. I hadn't realised just how big he was.

He accused me of staring (which I was) he was bigger than anyone else I had seen, including the man Brian from the day before. I apologised and told him to lie down while I put some cream on his back. We lay there for about 20 minutes before he rolled over, his erection had semi-subsided. Shortly afterward some people arrived, they took little notice of him. This went a long way to making him feel more comfortable. We were able to be seen walking along the beach together holding hands and when we passed some of the other naked women Tim's control was actually very good. Any tempting stimulus was met by Tim going for a swim in the cool ocean.

We enjoyed our day on the beach and when we arrived back at the unit we made the decision to again do it again the next day.

While having my shower I decided if I was going to be seen naked then I want to be seen to be as young as I could, so I shaved my pussy. I was growingly more eager to present myself as the new me, looking forward now to my next day on view.

The next day started out in a similar mode, we arrived there early and set out our blanket. Tim turned away from me as he took off his clothes I was already laying on my stomach by the time he was ready to lie down

I threw him the sun lotion and he rubbed it gently over my back. When he finished I rolled over and asked him to do the front. He was stopped in his tracks, my shaved pussy now displayed more of my open labia and clitoris. He rubbed the lotion on my chest tummy and breasts. When he reached my waist he looked back up at me. I nodded for him to continue after I had scanned around to make sure we were still the only couple on the beach. From my waist he went straight to my feet and gradually worked his way up to my thighs.

He rubbed the cream onto my groin and slowly over my pussy. As he did this I could feel myself becoming wet and parted my legs a little. This exposed more of my clit to him and also a view of my pink opening. His thumbs touched my clitoris and I jumped as he recoiled away thinking he may have gone too far.

I knew by the expression on his face that I was much more revealing to him. When I asked him if it made me look younger he readily agreed and added it also made me look very hot and sexy.

"Hey careful I'm still your mother you know" was my reply to that comment, but I felt so turned on being touched there and revealing so much too. I also knew that he was aware of just how wet I was and he was no virgin either. He knew I was turned on by him but I didn't know what he might do about it.

After he said he was finished I asked him to lie down and I would rub cream into his back He lay there as I gently massaged the sun cream in. I looked around and we were early enough to still be the only people on the beach so I asked him to roll over. He protested but I said I would have none of it and there is no-one else here. He did so sporting his huge erection. I rubbed the cream into his chest the up both legs. Suddenly the impulse to put cream on his cock took over and I gentle coated it with cream massaging it in as I stroked it.

I saw someone stroll onto the beach so I ask Tim to roll over. He did but I also noticed the disappointed look on his face. That look played with my mind for the rest of the day. He was able to interact with everyone on the beach without getting hard but he also had a tendency to stare at my pussy when close to me. I found myself at times having my legs apart when no-one else was close except him.

When we arrived back at the unit I stripped off and said I was going to wash the sand off did he want to do the same? He was unsure what I meant so I gestured I wanted him to share the shower with me

"What share the shower with you" said Tim in surprise.

I nodded as I removed my towel

He stripped off and walked under the spray with me, I handed him my wash cloth to soap my back but he merely rubbed the soap onto his hand and began to wash me with his hands. After he had washed all over my back including around my bottom his hands then cupped my breasts and began massaging the soapy bubbles on them. My nipples were hardening and he could feel them. His hands slowly made their way down past my tummy onto my pussy. His fingers massaged my clitoris before entering me.

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