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Whores Next Door


Warning, this story involves adultery and heart break along the tradition lines of the authors Temptandestroy and Wannabeboytoy. If you don't like cheating spouses then don't read it! And don't leave any negative comments on the adultery or heart break aspect when I gave you this warning... Enjoy.


Jim and Mary Buford had just finished moving into their new apartment and finished unpacking. Everything that they had brought with them was in its correct place. The newlyweds looked at each other with great love, embracing and kissing. It took them only two days to get everything together after their blissful honeymoon.

It didn't take long though for them to get their first neighborly visit.

A knock sounded at the apartment door. And they answered it together.

There in the doorway stood two of the most voluptuous black girls that Jim had ever seen. They were smiling, at Jim mostly.

"Hi! We're your neighbors." They said almost in unison. "I'm Jan. This is Monica." Said Jan. Jan was the older of the two, looked to be at least ten years older than Monica. They both had humongous breasts, but Monica was shorter, lither and cuter while Jan was had a body that was made for booty shaking.

When Jim had finished staring he noticed that they had their hands extended.

"Hi, I'm Jim and this is my wife..." he shook their hands.

"Mary. It's nice to meet you." Mary said with a smile. As Jan shook her hand, Monica was shaking Jim's. Monica's finger scratched his palm. That was a come on! Jim couldn't help it, that was a sweet spot for him and he started to grow wood.

"Are you newlyweds?" Monica asked. "Is this your first place together?"

"Yes. We got married last week!" Mary replied. Monica seemed to smile bigger and eye Jim up and down right in front of his wife, but she was too happy and oblivious to notice.

"Oh that's so cute!" Jan said and gave Mary a hug. Monica stood there looking at Jim. He couldn't help but follow her hand as she cupped one of her big tits. She licked her lips and he grew harder. Jim couldn't believe this was happening.

"Well it was great to meet you guys. We're right next door if you need anything. But right now we have to go to work." Jan said.

"You guys work together? Where?" Mary asked. Jim didn't want her to ask that question cause he had a good feeling of what they were going to say.

"We're exotic dancers." Monica said. Mary was taken aback.

"Oh... well, have fun." Mary said unable to think of anything else.

"We always do." Monica said. "Hope to see you again soon." And they walked off.

Mary was a little upset. It was bad enough that she had two hot black women living in the next apartment, but that they're strippers. She knew now that she would have to keep a tight leash on Jim. She trusted him but she didn't trust Jan or Monica.

"They seem nice." Jim said with a funny expression on his face. He and Mary laughed.

"I can't believe our first neighbors are strippers." Mary said.

"Yeah, that's amazing..." Jim agreed. But he was actually looking forward to it.

* * *

"Oh Yes! Fuck me!"

Jim and Mary were awakened in the middle of the night by the voices of Jan, Monica and another man. It was apparent what the girls were up to. They looked at each other and smiled.

"I hope it's not like this often." Mary said, trying to go back to sleep.

"I'm sure if they did then they would have been kicked out of their apartment." Jim said, snuggling up to his wife. But he pulled away when he started to get hard from the fucking moans next door. He didn't want Mary to know.

* * *

Mary left for work earlier than Jim as she always did. She had a full time job as manager in retail and she usually opened the store, whereas Jim was an executive assistant in a major cooperation.

The timing was perfect as Jim opened the door to his apartment to leave. A man opened the door and exited from Jan and Monica's apartment. He was white and smiling.

"Good morning." He said to Jim in good spirits. He must have had fun, Jim thought. Then Jim glanced at his left hand and saw a wedding ring! Jim froze, a little shocked.

"Hi Jim." It was Monica standing in her doorway. Her voluptuous black frame was displayed in tight clothing, the shape of her breasts and nipples easily known.

"Good morning." Jim stammered.

"Sorry if we kept you guys up last night." Monica apologized with a big seductive smile.

"Oh don't worry about it... Although, if you're going to be having fun like that please do it on the weekends when sleep isn't as important to us." Jim asked her like Mary told him to say. Jim smiled and was about to leave when Monica stopped him.

"Hey, Jim, if you have the time, why don't you stop by our work." She said, producing a card from her cleavage. Jim took the card. The name of the strip joint was "Juicy Bods." "The way I figure, it'll give us a chance to become better neighbors."

"I... uh... don't think Mary would approve." He said, hoping that she was only flirting with him for fun. But the other part of him hoped it was much more than that.

"I mean just you... I work tonight at 5. If you show, I might just give you a lap dance for free." Monica said and winked at him. "And don't worry... it'll be our little secret."

She closed her door. Jim walked to his car and pocketed the card.

* * *

"I won't be home for dinner tonight, Honey. They need me hear for while longer." Jim spoke into his cell phone to Mary. The first lie he had ever told her, other than white lies of course.

"Okay, Sweetie. I'll wait up for you." Mary answered. They said their goodbyes and hung up. Mary really was a sweetheart. Jim stopped the car and put it in park. He didn't really know what he was doing there.

The sign read in big letters "Juicy Bods."

Jim didn't plan on doing anything but just getting a look at Jan and Monica's hot bodies. He paid the cover charge and entered.

As soon as he was inside he saw the sexiest sight he had ever seen. Monica was on the stage stripping. He body was perfect! It screamed fuck me. Almost as if hypnotized he walked towards her. She hadn't seen him yet.

"Jim? What are you doing here?" Jan said, stepping in front of him. His eyes immediately went down to her huge black breasts. But he raised them to act more like a gentleman.

"I was invited..." he said.

"That little slut!" Jan laughed, referring to Monica. "Well now you're here... Do you want a free lap dance?"

Jim looked back down at her cleavage and could only nod. Jan smiled wickedly and took him by the hand. She led him through the club and over to a secluded corner. It was the furthest lap dance seat where virtually no one could see them. On the way over to the seats Jan asked Jim what his job was and he told her. She seemed unfazed.

Monica saw Jim now and almost stopped dancing. But the money that the men at the stage were holding was too much. She would have to wait her turn with the married man.

Jan pushed Jim down onto his seat and stood before him. She started massaging her tits.

"Do you like my tits, Jim?" she asked.

"Yes..." he replied. And Jan straddled him. She shoved her massive globes into his face.

"You're not supposed to touch..." she said but grabbed his hands. She guided them up to her chest. "But I won't tell if you won't."

Jim couldn't help but squeeze. They were near perfection, every man's dream.

"Where's Mary? Where's your wife?" Jan asked gyrating on top of him as he squeezed her black tits.

"At home." He said.

"Does she know you're here?"


"Where does she think you are?"

"At work, I told her I had to stay late." Jim said, pulling down her top and revealing her dark nipples.

"You lied to her?"

"Yes." He took a lick.

"What a bad boy... I bet she cooked for you, worked hard, but you're at a strip club sucking on your neighbor's big black tits!" Jan grew more aggressive after she said it. She seemed to really be getting off on the situation.

Jim couldn't tell why Jan was mentioning his wife so much. He was so distracted by Jan's body that he didn't notice how much harder he had grown at hearing how he lied to Mary. Then he thought that maybe Jan wanted him to try and bring her.

"Do you want me to bring her here?" he asked, disengaging his lips from her tits. Her black flesh was covered in his spit.

"No... Never... Leave your wife at home... Here you are mine.... Let her slave away at home while I bring you pleasure..." Jan smiled evilly and bucked up against him. She let out a powerful but soft moan. She had an orgasm. Jim became more alive at her words too. He grabbed her plump ass now and squeezed. His hands roamed all over her smooth black skin.

"Do you want to go in the back, Jim? I can take better care of you and your big cock there." Jan said, and grabbed his hard cock through his pants. He groaned at her grasp, it was hard, firm but sensual. Jim looked into the eyes then the dark globes of flesh of the seductive creature, Jan, in front of him. He desired her more than anything at that moment.

"Is that gonna be free too?" he asked, but willing to pay almost anything.

"I'm all yours, Honey." She replied, meaning no charge. Jim was about to get up when it happened.

Ring! His cell phone was ringing! Snapping out of the dream that Jan was giving him he looked at the I.D. It was Mary. His conscience made him panic.

"I have to go." He said to Jan. He rushed outside. Once he was clear of any noticeable sounds in an alley behind the club he answered the phone.

"Hi, Sweetie. What's up?" he asked his wife.

"Are you okay? You sound out of breath." She inquired.

"Oh... Well I had to leave a meeting to answer your call, figured it was important since I talked to you so recently." He covered himself and lied again.

"Jim, it's been 45 minutes. I figured you'd be on the road by now."

Jim looked at his watch. He couldn't believe it; he had been with Jan for three quarters of an hour! Well, you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun. "No, I'm sorry. Still working..."

"Okay, just hoping that you could make it home still and that we could eat our first meal in our furnished apartment..." Mary sounded disappointed.

Jim wanted to punch himself. He felt sick. He wondered how he could lie to his wife, much less go to a strip club and feel and suck on some black woman's tits!

"The meeting is just wrapping up. So, I promise I'll be home soon." He said in all seriousness.

"Okay, see you soon."

"I love you." Jim said into the phone. Mary repeated him and they hung up.

As soon as he turned his head he saw her. Monica was right in front of him.

"Hey Jim... You weren't going to leave without saying hello to me, were you?" the young, voluptuous black girl asked. Jim's eyes glanced at her huge cleavage.

"Uh... That was my wife. I have to go." He said trying to avoid her.

But Monica grabbed him and pushed him up against the wall. "Uh uh, Jim. You're not getting away from me that easily." She said, grabbing his hardening cock and the back of his head.

Before Jim could even think Monica had her tongue buried down his throat, moaning. Her hands and touch was so soft and sensual that it was all he could process. He was putty in her hands and responded to her kiss, wrestling with her tongue.

Jim groaned as her hand went inside his pants and massaged his prick. His hands went around her and squeezed her perfect behind. She squealed lightly into his mouth with delight.

Monica unsnapped Jim's pants and lowered his zipper. Dropping to a squatting position, she pulled his pants down with her and his dick slapped her in the face.

"I knew you were huge!" Monica said, taking hold of the shaft and giving it a long lick. Jim groaned looking down at her.

"Wait... This is isn't right... Please... Don't do this to me... I love my wife..." he pleaded, but they only made Monica even hotter.

"I want a taste of your big, married cock!" she said with a devilish smile and took him whole into her mouth.

"Oh my God! No... Uhhhh...." He moaned. Monica's lips and tongue were magic. She slurped all over his dong like a nasty slut. Her spit was drooling all over his cock and down to her black tits. Jim knew he'd be cumming within a minute.

Ring! It was Mary again!

"Answer it!" Monica demanded.

"Are you crazy?!" he replied. But she stopped sucking and he knew she wouldn't resume without him answering his cell. He needed to cum, he figured he'd already gotten an illicit blowjob and he might as well enjoy it fully. Jim answered the phone.

"Honey, where are you?" Mary asked.

"What do you mean?" he said into the phone as Monica started blowing him again.

"It's been 30 minutes!" she said. Holy Shit! He thought, looking at his watch. He'd been making out with Monica for a lot longer than it felt. Having too much fun again.

"I'm sorry... I... will... ugh... be home... really... soon!" he said. Humping Monica's face now he knew he would cum into her pretty mouth. He hung up the phone without saying goodbye to his wife this time and erupted.

Monica took it all into her mouth until he was completely spent. He watched her as she let his cum fall out of her lips and drip down onto her tits. She rubbed it into her dark skin with a sinful grin on her face.

"I love the taste of married sperm." She said gulping down what was left in her throat. Jim's cock wouldn't go down but his mind was in the right place now. Panicking, he pulled his pants up.

"What have I done?! I cheated on Mary! I betrayed my wife! How... How...?" he scrambled to fasten them up.

"It was worth it though, wasn't it? Tell me your wife has given you better head than that." Monica inquired.

"That's not the point. Just cause I enjoyed it doesn't make it okay. And it certainly doesn't mean it will happen again." Jim said and walked away.

"After you tuck in your bride come on over to my place..." she invited. He didn't even turn. "See you tonight, Lover." She said loud enough for him to hear.

* * *

It was just after dinner when Jim got the call. He picked up the ringing phone. It was Jan.

"How'd you get this phone number?" he whispered so that Mary couldn't hear in the next room.

"Mary gave it to me yesterday." She said. "Listen Jim, you left your wallet at the club."

"No..." he said, thinking about it. "I never even took it out."

"Well its here in my hands. If you want it... better come and get it. And you might want to wait till after your wife is asleep. You wouldn't want her asking any questions would you." Jan said and the line went dead.

Jim cursed under his breath. He finally checked his pocket to discover that his wallet was missing. The only way he could've lost it was when Monica was pulling his pants down to give him head. He had been so lost in the erotic moment that he didn't pay attention when she grabbed it. Now he had to go into the belly of the lions' den.

He felt guilty about what happened with Jan and then especially Monica. How could he cheat on his wife like that? He thought. And it was even worse since they've only been married for over one week. But he figured at least he didn't have sex with one of them.

"Let's make it an early night, Honey. I'm going to bed." He told his wife.

"Yeah, I'm tired too." Mary said. They prepped and got into bed together ten minutes later. Mary leaned over and kissed her husband on the lips. "Goodnight, Baby."

Jim was lucky that his wife is a heavy sleeper. He left their bed and put on a pair of pants. Tiptoeing out of their apartment he moved to Jan and Monica's door and knocked.

It opened, both sexy black girls staring holes into him. There was one problem, they were naked! Jim looked their voluptuous bodies up and down and grew hard. Monica had the better body than Jan in Jim's opinion. She was younger, cuter and even her tits seemed bigger. Jan had a wider set of hips and a bigger ass, much more the traditional body of an attractive black lady. But right now he desired each of them equally.

"Can....Can I please have my wallet?" he gulped. He begged to himself, to God, that he could get out of this temptation clean.

"You mean this wallet?" Monica produced his wallet from behind her back.

"Please... Let me have it..." he begged.

"If you want it then you have to do something for us, Jim." Jan told him. Jim closed his eyes and tried to make them go away, make the whole crazy situation go away. "Come on in, Baby."

Each of them took one of his hands and led him into their apartment. They took Jim into their bedroom. They had only one bed and they shoved him down onto it.

"Please... Don't do this... I love my wife... Just give me my... wallet..." Jim pleaded as the black vixens took his pants off.

"We're going to fuck you so hard that you'll forget all about your precious little wife!" Monica stated devilishly.

"You got to taste him today, it's my turn." Jan told her roommate. And she took Jim's cock into her wet mouth and started slurping all over it.

"Oh my God!" Jim moaned. She was just as good as Monica. In fact she used the same technique.

"She taught me everything she knows." Monica said climbing up his body. She put her pussy up to his face and lowered her snatch down to him. "Suck my black cunt!"

Monica left Jim no choice when she sat down on his face. His tongue dove up into her pussy and ate away at her.

Jim felt Jan disengage from him and a moment later felt something else envelope his cock. It was tighter than her mouth. It was her pussy! Jim was fucking his neighbor's black pussy!

"Oh Jan, his tongue is amazing! It's the best!" Monica spasmed on top of him and came, flooding his mouth with her juices. Jim had to admit that Monica tasted great!

"Wait till you feel his cock inside you... Ugh... He's huge! The biggest white boy I've ever had!" Jan moaned.

Jim loved the taste of Monica's pussy, but he needed to see Jan riding him. He pushed Monica off his face and out of the way. Jan was squatting on his hard penis like a porn star.

"Oh God! So Hot! You're so hot!" Jim yelled. He reached up and grabbed her big black tits.

"You like her black tits, don't you Jim?" Monica whispered in his ear.

"Yes! They're amazing!" he said, pumping his married cock up into Jan. Jan came on his white prick.

"Do you like them more than you're wife's tits?" Monica asked. Jim didn't even think.

"Yes! They're so much bigger and better!" he groaned, squeezing them.

"But they're not as good as mine, are they? Aren't mine bigger than Jan's?" Monica whispered even softer and put her tits in his face. Jim was a little surprised at this. But he admitted the obvious.

"Yes... Yours are the best..." he muttered. He let go of Jan's breasts and grabbed Monica's tits! He started sucking on her pert nipples.

"That's it... Good boy... Suck on my black tits..." Monica smiled evilly. She pushed the slightly exhausted Jan off of Jim's dick. "You've had you're fun! He's mine now!"

Monica positioned her dripping gash above Jim's penis and dropped down on him till he was completely embedded inside her cunt. They moaned loudly in unison. Jim's hands roamed all over Monica's perfect body, holding whatever he could of her supple, brown flesh.

Mary was awakened by the loud moans of sex next door. Wow! She thought. Those girls really go at it with that guy. She smiled, falling back asleep to the sounds of their sex, never checking to see if her husband was in bed with her.

"You like the feel of my black pussy wrapped around your married cock, Jim?" Monica asked.

"Oh God yes! I love fucking you!" he yelled.

"You're ours now aren't you, Jim?" Jan said to him, now back on the bed and cradling his head to her large dark bosoms like a baby.

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