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Who's Teasing?


For the last several years, my wife, Judy, and I have discovered that she has exhibitionist tendencies that have proven to be a source of stimulation for us both, though she usually tends to act the victim to my encouragement of her displays. Up until this night these play times had only resulted in great sex between us after she becomes turned on by the looks from strangers while on vacation or in situations where her exposure is "accidental" to guys we might know. She carries herself in such a way that it makes a guy wish to see more of her but doesn't really expect it to happen.

It has usually involved allowing them to see down her partially unbuttoned shirt or opaque blouses of flimsy material when she is, of course, braless. She is a classy, petite 50-year-old blond whose tits are smallish, but stand up cutely and have very pronounced nipples that are hard to take your eyes off of. And, because they're small, she can create enough space in her tops that when she finds an innocent way to lean over for the right guy, he's provided a view all the way to her nipples that dangle nakedly inside.

Last week, in celebration of a manager's retirement at the hotel where Judy works, a number of regular guests and employees were invited to celebrate the private event with drinks and snacks around the indoor pool. I came along as Judy's escort and soon discovered that she is among the more popular front desk girls, as the "regulars" were sure to compliment me on her customer service abilities while they joked and spent lots of time around her at the poolside.

Though I had on previous occasions encouraged her to tease some of her guests while at work - if I could come and watch - she always refused because of the professional appearance she needed to maintain with these guys whose repeat business was important to the hotel. She didn't want to risk an unwanted advance because a regular customer misinterpreted her dress or behavior behind the desk as an invitation.

But this time she agreed to let down her guard a little because, unbeknownst to any of the other employees or guests, Judy had also given her notice to quit, so she was also celebrating her last days on the job. For that reason, as we prepared for the evening, she agreed to some risky behavior at this party since she would probably never see any of these people again, and the fairly tame exhibitionism that she agreed to, shouldn't compromise her relationship with the few she might rarely run into.

If our history was any indication - and if by the end of the evening she was feeling like these guys found her body desirable - this was going to be the foreplay to some outstanding sex between us. She was pretty nervous about the idea as we discussed it and wanted to be careful about who got to see what but, with some encouragement from me, we formed a strategy that even she thought would be fun.

During the social hour she would dress somewhat conservatively in blue jeans and a tight-knit, button-down sweater with a thin, lacy bra underneath. She planned to start with her sweater buttoned all except at the very top, but to "struggle" to keep the next three buttons fastened, providing views of her modest cleavage and most of the frilly bra to some of her favorite guys in the process. Of course, since she claimed to be doing it for me, I'd be allowed to watch.

She worked the plan well with exposures that were brief and "unintentional" but were obvious turn-ons to both her and her customers as her erect nipples showed through both layers of material. Even without stimulation, her nipples usually stand up as tiny buttons on the ends of her breasts that sag very little. But, when she gets turned on, they become great indicators of her level of arousal as those tiny buttons grow and harden noticeably against whatever she's wearing.

These guys couldn't have been missing that change in her nipples that could be read through her clothes. Moving from group to group it was amusing to watch a guy jockey for the best vantage point, being sure that he was stealing glimpses down her front, as she performed flawlessly as a lady unaware of her exposures.

The opening in her sweater at times would be wide enough that guys from both sides could be feasting their eyes until she "noticed" the loosened buttons and excuse herself from that group to fasten them long enough to re-establish herself as being properly dressed. Each time that she allowed a new perspective, or a guy she seemed to be favoring would get into position to look, the thin fabric of her bra and sweater would outline her nipples' pleasure at being the center of attention for these men.

The plan was working well at building sexual excitement between just the two of us, as I also competed for position that seemed to feed her willingness to tease the others. But we had figured that the greater temptation for these guys -- and thrill for her - would begin when we changed to swimwear and got into the pool.

Wearing a filmy white, one-piece swimming suit with a thin inner liner that covered the entire front panel, our plan was for her to stay just wet enough in the pool to keep her nipples erect and the material clinging as she made her friendly rounds dipping in and out of the water. The suit's top wasn't too low cut but fit loose enough that she could make it gape open just enough to hold the same interest, even when dry, that her sweater had generated and this suit had the added element of high cut leg openings to help draw the crowd.

Our trials in the shower at home had proved that the profile of her nipples and jiggling breasts wouldn't be obscene in this setting but definitely added anatomical details to her show that she admitted she was going to enjoy, too. In the privacy of our bathroom, at my request she did take the liner out for one look in the mirror before the material was wet but she didn't seriously consider doing it in public because of the modest protection it would provide in mixed company and she never liked the idea of too much exposure around other women. But as it turned out, the only other woman that was able to attend was the manager herself, and she was now well into the alcohol and had little to do with the rest of the crowd as she and two of her long-time customers had retreated to a table in the corner for slurred conversation that didn't seem to interest anybody else.

Once in the changing room with Judy who had just stepped out of her panties, as I stood behind her admiring her nakedness in the mirror, I reminded her of how attentive these guys had been to her nipples that I rolled with my fingers before reaching down to dip once into her very slippery slit.

Her knees buckled when I did and when I kidded her about enjoying what she was showing these guys, she surprised me by admitting, "I know. I can't help it." Caught in her desires, with both of us now realizing how much she wanted these guys to look at what she was seeing in the mirror, she timidly agreed to take another look at her suit without the removable liner that was only held by Velcro at the crotch and straps.

As she playfully pulled the straps up over her shoulders in the privacy of the changing room, her nipples protruded visibly against the now single layer of material and, if you tried hard, you could actually see the raised silhouette of her trimmed pubic hair under the suit. She was going to be effectively naked when she got wet and I got the feeling that she was turned on by that and almost wanted to be convinced that she could do it.

I admit that I was practicing a bit of salesmanship but I think she sensed my sincerity when I told her that because she works so hard at maintaining her beautiful figure, she should be glad for an opportunity to safely show more of it to those who first appreciated her friendship rather than the sensual feast she could now provide them. Fueled by the number of wine coolers she was unaccustomed to and her fondness for that approval from other men, after casting several sideways glances at herself in the mirror, with a blush that extended down to her chest, she lied, "Only because you want me to."

Exiting the changing room with a robe drew no undue attention from the guys she had earlier been visiting with. Even as she slipped off the robe and into the water, conversations and laughter were uninterrupted, though some heads turned to check out the toned butt cheeks of this beauty entering the water. She stayed near me, in and under the water, for several minutes with a growing self-consciousness as the alcohol began to wear off and she realized how much more transparent her suit had become.

If it had been up to her she might have allowed this game to end with one revealing exit from the pool and a beeline for the changing room to get back into her street clothes and us to head home. But fate intervened when the retiring manager drunkenly invited everybody up to the bar for a farewell toast that would not allow Judy to escape so easily and sealed the direction that her libido would take her for the rest of the evening.

"Oh, my God," she said to me as her courage waned and she looked at her suit. "Is this going to be as indecent as I think it is?"

Without actually asking if I thought it was necessary to put the liner back in her suit, her question sounded more to me like she didn't have a choice and maybe just needed some encouragement. "There is nothing left to our imaginations but the good thing is, you're in no danger here. If you've ever wanted to see how far you could go, tonight is the night."

Seeing that she couldn't gracefully avoid presenting herself to the crowd that was waiting for her to join them, she decided there was going to be only one way out and she might as well make it one that would serve as an aphrodisiac for her an me. Standing on her tiptoes she kissed me open-mouthed with her tongue darting into mine before breaking it off with the reminder, "Remember, this is for you."

Then, carrying herself like a middle-aged fashion model, she glided towards the pool's edge where the magic began. Once she stood in the shallow end of the pool, the room became quiet as elbows nudged ribs in disbelief. Could this be the polite professional that had been hidden in blazers and bow-ties behind the front desk for the last two years but now was showing every curving detail of her body through the skin-tight fabric of her swimming suit?

Even in her most daring out-of-town teasing she would usually only show bare skin to passing truckers or by prancing nude in front of hotel windows so while I was coaxing her into this proposal earlier in the evening, she had insisted that she wouldn't allow any nudity in this rather public setting of a businessman's hotel. She knew that as she climbed from the pool each time, she might be able to provide glimpses of cleavage, and maybe imbed some material into the crack of her pussy to show those lips outlined if she could get it done underwater but bare breasts would be in poor taste she thought.

When she exited the pool for the first time though, it became apparent that naked skin was hardly going to be necessary. The darkness of her nipples and pubic hair showed clearly through the wet, opaque material of her suit, as she was now practically nude before a crowd of men that weren't sure if they could believe what they were seeing. Without the support of even the suit's liner, her obviously aroused breasts jiggled seductively with each step in the cooler air as she approached the eyes that were trying not to stare, and she very convincingly pretended to not notice her suit's transparency and its provocative offerings.

This woman before them was no barroom floozy advertising her goods or a 20-something girl in a wet t-shirt contest. This was the beautifully poised woman that usually served them coffee in the mornings and asked them about the families that they spent too much time away from. She was the attractive sister - or mother - that they probably couldn't deny they had inappropriately lusted for at some point but only in their wet dreams could have ever thought they would actually see in this way.

And, ever the lady, she wasn't going to let this evening deteriorate into some kind of bachelor-party-stripper atmosphere as she held her head high and moved into the group like she would if she was tidying up the hotel lobby fully clothed. It was clear that whatever apprehension she had while in the water had disappeared with the rapt attention she was enjoying from these guys, which was her typical exhibitionist pattern of drawing courage from an interested audience, not to mention the alcohol that she gulped now for courage.

The manager was feeling no pain and made no notice of the immodest display among them but still the toast was brief and awkward as the moment had obviously turned toward Judy and the voyeuristic opportunity that her "naiveté" provided to those who should have been paying more attention to the farewell. Judy knew the effect she was having but they couldn't quite tell if she knew as she politely listened to the manager's slurred thank-you, without even hinting at the way the group studied the nearly naked gift that they must have thought would be taken back any minute.

After the toast she mingled casually among the guys in a state of arousal that was evidenced by her areolas that were puffed up into the size of small acorns and outlined clearly as they wiggled invitingly with her laughter. Knowing that others would be feasting their eyes on her presentation, she would single out one guy and torture him with arm's-length conversation that forced his eyes to look into hers, or would reach across a table brushing her tits on the forearm of a guy holding his drink, freezing him in his chair.

Their attention to her and a fresh wine cooler had renewed her nerve to keep her suit wet for maximum exposure that she was beginning to enjoy again on her terms. When it began to dry out she would take another dip to "cool off" or might get "pushed" into the pool as she placed herself strategically close to the edge. While circulating among these longtime customers of hers, they might have been wondering how deliberate this show was but for me she removed all doubt when, at one point during a re-wetting, she swam up close to me, pulled my hand underwater to her crotch and whispered with a smile, "I'm soaked!" She had obviously warmed up to the idea of being the unmerciful tease and didn't ask me if she should put the liner back in while I watched from the pool as she climbed out this time leaving the fabric of her suit imbedded deeply into the crease of her pussy where my fingers had pressed it.

Within a half hour or so she had repeated her routine three or four times with increased boldness around the guys who were sure to keep her drinking with each exit from the water. As her hand might linger on an arm or knee after laughing at a joke, a few guys tried cautiously to bait her with questions to gauge her awareness of the indecent exposure and to maybe see if she was hoping for some encouragement from them to go farther.

One loud story from a guy who bragged about his conquest in a bar by getting girls to lift their shirts for drinks, was met with indifference by Judy and a quick move to a different group of guys. Maintaining her "innocence", she never lost her composure, sending the strong message that she expected to be treated like a lady, or her "inadvertent" show would end. At least for the offenders.

She had always claimed that the excitement she got from showing herself to another man was only because it turned me on and for the great sex that we would have afterward. Whether she was now thinking of sex with me, or being fucked by everybody in the room, there was no question that she didn't need my encouragement anymore to continue this admiration that she was drinking in from men that shouldn't be allowed to see her this way.

I think it was becoming evident to everyone there that she was putting on this provocative show deliberately but that her rules were strictly "hands-off" as a couple of the guys had casually rested a hand in the small of her back or brushed the back of their hand against a nipple that tempted him when handing her a drink. I was proud of how she handled herself while fending off their attempts without losing their interest in the tease. Her flirting was very good -- and she knew it.

With that confidence in her ability to keep control, I decided to excuse myself to the outside of the glassed-in pool area to allow them all a little freedom to explore her limits without the threat of a jealous husband. From my vantage point in the darker hallway outside the glass I was able to see everything without them seeing me. I wasn't going to let her get raped but I kind of wanted to see how much she would tolerate -- or generate - if I wasn't at her side.

With me still outside looking in, the show did reach its limit for her when one of the drunker guys must have mustered some courage from the combination of her teasing and my absence and crossed a line. Whatever he had said or done as he stood closely behind her in the pool caused her to turn without a smile and make her way toward the edge. He chased her step for step through the water and as she reached her hands toward the top of the ladder to get out, he forced his weight into her from the back, pinning her to the rungs as his hands gripped her hips. I could see her mouth the words, "Stop it", through gritted teeth as she struggled to put space between them but with each step up the ladder he ground his pelvis into the firm cheeks of her ass while pulling her back into him.

There was a sprinkling of nervous laughter from the deck's envious spectators but it began to fade as they realized that she wasn't playing anymore and at the top step, as she made a final lunge to escape his grip on the sides of her swimsuit, when he tried to pull her back by the stretched material, both tits bounced out into full view. Regaining her balance on the wet deck took a couple of seconds as her tits bobbed with the effort but as her wobbly legs got their footing she regained composure quickly and pulled the top of her suit back up over her bare breasts. Turning to look at the guy in the pool with a scowl she hurried away from him and the group that stood in shock between her and the dressing room she would probably have chosen otherwise.

Looking around for a friendly face -- mine, I suppose -- and unable to see me making my way back outside the mirrored glass, she might have for the first time shown momentary fear for the situation she found herself in. Everybody was pretty loose by this time as a result of the open bar, and inhibitions had now been breached by a leader in the wolf pack.

The back of her suit was pushed tightly into the crack of her ass from the assault and now resembled a thong that completely exposed her tight cheeks that were as flushed as the rest of her body. And, in spite of the wet fabric that now recovered her tits, the scene remained somewhat erotic with her erect nipples still bouncing inside a practically invisible suit as she scanned the room for an escape with a little bit of desperation in her eyes.

With few options, she chose her refuge in a whirlpool spa in the corner of the room that happened to be adjacent to the darkened windows that I had reached. The small pool was only big enough for 3 or 4 people and she saw security in the two guys who were sitting there, as they had been content to watch her show for the last half hour from a distance. I know that she still couldn't see me as I stood in the darker room outside the glass and probably wondered where I could have been in her time of need, but she was obviously intent on making her way to the safety of the two friends in that whirlpool until I returned.

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