tagInterracial LoveWho's The Boss?

Who's The Boss?


Zehna enjoyed it when the office was empty. No noise, calls, and no staff! She did it every Tuesday and Thursday to clear the mountain of stuff as area manager. She had worked damn hard to be getting above £100,000 a year. Not easy as a Hijabi Pakistani female in today's racially divisive times.

Her 5'9" curvaceous frame, 140lbs, young face and good health belied her 42 years. She had arranged married young, had two children by 21 years and was a recent grandmother. She had her whole management career to look forward to. Nothing would jeopardise it. Nothing!

She locked up and noticed a warning light on the security panel. The basement store rooms. Who was left? Better check. She switched the CCTV on just in case.

It was KJ and his cousin Kabinde. Two lovely, venerable African gentleman. Both in their late 50s, seeing out their careers before retirement. Zehna loved listening to their sage-like conversations.

They greeted the lady boss with impeccable manners as usual. She could smell alcohol and noticed a empty whisky bottle behind some boxes. They were quite smashed and Zehna said so. The two negros apologised so profusely she felt guilty. All three laughed and joked. They offered to drive her home in the bitterly cold night which she politely declined.

Due to their drunkeness they ignored her personal space and several times touched her arms, hips and even buttocks. Zehna did not recoil and found their attention flattering.

On one occasion she jokingly tried to slap KJ and her hand brushed his crotch. She felt his large bulge! She did the same to Kabinde. Only this time slower. He noticed and came close grinning knowingly and said something to KJ in their native tongue.

Zehna looked at them both in turn as they almost squeezed her from either side. Two sets of large negro hands caressing her hips and thighs left and right. She could stop this with one word. She could but somehow did not.

Crazily she found herself warming to their caress, breathing deeply and reaching to stroke both large bulges in their pants. Gosh they were so big. So long. So hard. She stroked each cock faster and faster as both men undid her Abaya, blouse buttons and her bra to reveal her large 34F milky brown tits.

Both negros caressed her titties with slow experienced hands. Zehna pushed them out proudly and shook them side to side. Like two thirsty animals they clamped eager mouths around her aerolae and nipples as she moaned, eyes closed and mouth wide open. The divorce had been over 3 years ago and she had missed things. For too long.

They both came up for air and Zehda set about unleashing their huge black cocks. She frantically unzipped both their work overalls and pants. Two thick, velvety, black and shiny cocks sprang out into her hands. They both moaned and urged her on. She tossed them off, knelt down and looked up at them lustily and moaned "Ooohh yesss. This is sooo good. Your cocks are so fucking big. Sooo beautiful."

"Come on girl suck this snake," shouted KJ slapping her face with his black curved cucumber. Zehna held out her tongue like a hungry bitch on heat and licked his jet black head and lovingly licked him up and down. With the other hand she stroked Kabinde's rock hard black mamba.

She licked KJs heavy, salty and sweaty balls. Gosh they must be so full of cream, she thought. Kabinde moved up and she spat on his before he started a strong and slow face fucking. She held her mouth wide open to accomodate his thick black girth. Gosh he was huge! The taste of their big nigger cocks was strong, manly and salty. She loved it.

Both negros proceeded to face fuck her, urging her and each other on, before she engulfed each in turn with her huge titties. She so loved it. Their cocks were magnificent, long, curved, thick veins, velvety texture, hot to the touch and so so BIG. They felt wonderful between her breasts as they fucked her titties with a raw and unbridalled agression.

Zehna imagined sex would be no less wonderful. She was sooo wet she could feel her panties were soaked.

At that moment the intruder alarm went off. Loud and piercing. They knew the police would arrive in 5 minutes. It was a frantic race to regain her dignity and go upstairs as the two blacks remained. When she had finished with the police Zehna realised they had slipped silently away.

She was furious with herself. Enraged. How the hell had she allowed that to happen. There would be no repeat. Ever. In the morning she would call their agency to make sure they never set foot in the office again. She checked the CCTV and could clearly see the whole encounter. OMG their cocks were sooo huge. Maybe she wouldn't sack them just yet!

After a restless night Zehna decided there was no going back. She wore her tightest fitting Abaya but underneath she wore the sexiest lingerie she had.

Frilly red and black push up bra to accentuate her huge titties. Red seamed stockings, black suspenders and black frilly hold ups. And a tiny pair of red crotchless panties. She did not trim her very hairy pussy but shaved her long legs real clean and smooth.

She got to work at 7am as KJ and Kabinde were opening up. Few words were exchanged, but Zehna felt giddy with lust while both men were restrained, but she felt their sexual tension quite clearly. She fought off the urge to be taken by them right there and then. No question something had to be done or she would go crazy.

Throughout the day they seemed to bump into her on an hourly basis. Almost always together. They followed her out to lunch in Stratford mall. They groped her at an ATM.

She spoke to them at a noisy crossing "I want you both to fuck me tonight. I want your big black cocks so bad." She whispered huskily, fighting the urge to strip in public and let them fuck her amongst the crowd!! She was giddy with lust!!

At about 4pm they came into the elevator with her. One of them stood behind her and pressed his crotch into her ass. She responded instantly by grinding back against him. The other one went for her titties groping her frantically. It was over in seconds.

She stayed until after 7pm again. Her nerves were shredded by then. Finally they came into her office after locking up. The alarm system switched off this time!

Without a word Zehna walked into their arms passionately kissing each in turn as they hurriedly undressed her. Both men gave shirt sharp whistles when they saw her sexy body clad in lingerie. She then knelt down and unleashed their rock hard cocks once again.

Oh the relief! The sheer joy of holding so much meat in her hands! Both beautiful black cocks rock hard, shiny, perfect. Just waiting for Zehna to indulge. And indulge she did as they urged her on with commanding voices.

Saliva poured from her mouth as she engulfed their cocks with her tongue and mouth. She lovingly savoured the texture of the two mature black snakes as she licked and sucked each in turn.

KJ ordered her onto her desk "Get up on the desk, get up you slut." He slapped her firm brown ass.

Zehna swept all the papers off and knelt on her desk. She arched her back towards Kabinde and moaned "Come on fuck me, fuck me you fucking black bastards. Fuck me now."

Both mature males stripped off, their cocks, upright and erect. KJ fed her his cock and she gulped him up balls deep. He held her face and fucked her slow and hard.

Kabinde went behind her and kneaded her ass. He cooed at the sight of Zehnas hairy pussy lips showing through her crotchless panties. He soaked his middle finger with spit and slowly inserted it into her pussy. Zehna had some black in her at last but she craved more. Much more.

"Come on baby, fuck me please. Fuck me with that big black dick," she pleaded as both mature coons laughed.

She arched her back and pushed her pussy out. Kabinde knelt and ate her hairy cunt hungrily. With his long pink tongue he teased all her wet pussy flaps open and licked her really deep.

He teased her outer piss flaps with his big cock head. Zehna sighed "Ooohhh yeah baby more give me more please."

Finally. With one long slow thrust Kabinde at last fed Zehna, the lady boss, her first big black cock. She sighed in satisfaction as he stopped half inside her. He stirred his huge meat in her and slid in and out, slow and steady, making sure each entry ended with a hard push of his hips into Zehna's peachy ass cheeks. Deeper he went until he bottomed out, balls deep, fully inside her wanton, wet quim.

Zehna was in ecstacy. She felt utterly helpless, slutty and wild. The spit roasting was sheer pleasure. The feeling of two big black mature cocks inside her was wonderful. Both negros fucked her for a good five minutes, their lean bodies glistening with sweat.

The rythm was beautiful as one long black slab of meat entered her pussy another invaded her gaping mouth.

As one coon entered her mouth the other plunged deep into her pussy and made a delicious slapping sound on her buttocks with his pelvis.

She pushed back and forward in time with both blacks, all three moaning and shouting with pure carnal abandon. If anybody saw them they were done for.

Kabinde took a rest and Zehna lay on her back and serviced him with her mouth as KJ took charge of her pussy. He had a more commanding tone and manner. Zehna loved that. It thrilled her as he ordered her around.

"Spread those legs, show me the money girl. Let me show you whose the real boss."

She hooked her elbows behind her knees and he moaned at the sight of Zehna open to him. Both blacks hungrily ate her pussy as she yelled with pleasure. Fingers and tongues found her clit as she felt her body shake with a violent orgasm. She shook as her pussy squirted juice up in a wide arc.

Kabinde went behind her and pulled her heels back behind her head. Zehna reached foreward and stroked KJs rock hard cock and guided him in whimpering. Gosh he was so big. Bigger than Kabinde. More aggressive. Zehna urged him on as he slowly entered. Slow and steady. She felt his huge balls swing against her asshole as he built up a hard aggressive rythm going deeper and deeper until he was buried in her whole.

Kabinde fed her his cock again and she opened herself for more spitroasting. KJ meanwhile grabbed her huge tits and began fucking her fast and furiously. She shook from the force as did her desk, as it creaked under the weight of the powerful negros and their crazed lust for her.

She proceeded to deep throat them both again and again before riding their hard cocks on the table.

She squatted down on Kabindes curved shaft. She slid down to his balls in one long slow motion snd rocked back and forth on him. He moaned in pleasure then began screwing her quite beautifully. Her huge tits swayed like pendulums and her ass shook with his raw power. She jumped off and swallowed him deep then licked him fully again and again.

KJ beckoned to her. Zehna eyed his huge foot long shaft and licked it with huge gobs of spit. She sat on him in reverse as he held her soaking wet panties to one side. She rocked back and forth on him balls deep! He yelled how good it was!! Zehna rode him harder as her huge tits shook like coconuts in a hurricane. He turned her face and they kissed passionately, tongues deep and yearning.

Exhausted but not fully satisfied the sex marathon continued. Kabinde went out into the main office area naked to get water as Zehna and KJ paused and kissed passionately. She felt a deeper connection with him as she kept him aroused and presented herself to him on all fours on the desk. He mounted her like a wild dog. She savoured the texture of his mandingo dick as he pounded her like a reckless beast. In the haze of lust Zehna pushed hard back against him and the sound of their pounding flesh made delicious noises. Her big tits swayed like ripe melons as he screwed her cunt hard.

Zehna was not on the pill but she craved KJ to cum deep in her pussy. He was an amazing lover. So raw and hot. She loved the powerful force of his negro body as he pounded her from behind. He held himself in her balls deep and stirred his cock in her. Around and around. She yelled with pleasure and finally succumbed to temptation.

"Oh baby come in me please, come

deep in me KJ." She pleaded.

"Yeah, you want it? You want it black girl."

He teased.

She pleaded with him to shoot his juice in her. Deep, real deep in her womb.

"Give it to me KJ, baby, fucking breed me. Breed me now baby." She yelled.

"You wanna get pregnant? Is that it. Well you got the right nigger for that," he grunted and leaned forward to grab her big floppy tits. Then his pounding got even more ferocious. His big black cock just a blur as it rammed in and out of her wet hairy cunt. He panted like a beast as she screamed now.

Kabinde returned telling them they were making so much noise he could hear them downstairs. Zegna laughed lustily and urged him to feed her his cock. The spitroasting was pure magic. She surrendered her body to the two mature blacks. Their negro lust consumed her as they fucked her like never before.

She moaned out loud "Ooohh thank you so much boys. I love your dicks so much."

"Yeah you like black cock?" laughed KJ as his sweaty, glistening black body moved rythmically as he rode her doggystyle beautifully.

"Yes baby I love it, I love you both. This is the most wonderful sex ever."

With that KJ and Kabinde reached the zenith of their stamina. KJ shot huge wads of cum deeep into Zehnas hairy Muslim Pakistani pussy. He rode her like a wild buck as she yelled with joy. Shot after shot found its way deep jnto her belly. She looked back over her shoulder at him and snarled with sexual aggression as he leaned over to kiss her. Their lips locked as he held himself over her.

Kabinde held his erect black mamba over her face and shot several huge wads of juice on her face and titties.

Finally they collapsed on her desk all three gasping for breath, bodies dripping with sweat, laughing with joy. Zehna kissed them both again and again.

Zehna took them home that weekend. She went shopping with KJ and pretended they were husband and wife! It turned a few heads in all the Asian shops to see the hijabi milf and the coal black negro.

They had wild, unalderated, nprotected sex again and again that weekend. Each time both came in her deep and true. They left her exhausted, utterly satisfied and addicted to black cock sex.

Some time later she predictably discovered she was pregnant with twins. They both received the news well and it helped them obtain British citizenship. She enjoyed their company for several years before marrying a 25 year old Togolese asylum seeker with whom she had another black child.

People condemned her, called her a slut, nympho, tramp etc but she weathered it all to become even happier than ever before.

She was happy, fulfilled, successful and a complete black cock addict.

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