tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWho's the Boss

Who's the Boss


"I'm your boss and you will do as I say," Jackson said raising his voice. He stood right in front of her, crowding her in the tiny office.

Jackson and Terry worked in the same office together in the design department. They started off like partners. Recently the big boss made Jackson the supervisor of the design department. Now Terry answered directly to him.

"Go to hell Jackson," Terry fired back. She refused to be cowed by her new "boss". She looked up into his angry brown eyes and had to crane her neck back to do so. Jackson was tall, around 6'2". He had a trim athletic build, dark brown hair that he kept cut low and those dreamy brown eyes. All the girls at work were ga-ga for him. He liked the attention but didn't take it too seriously and he never got involved with anyone from work. She admired him for that.

During their first year at the office they merely got to know each other. By the second year they were fast friends and starting to flirt quite a bit. Terry had a huge crush on him and thought he liked her too. Neither did much about it not wanting to risk their relationship as friends or make an awkward situation at work. She was beginning to wonder if she should go ahead and make a play for him – then found out the corporate office made him her boss. That was three weeks ago.

In short, it sucked. Her buddy and not so secret crush now had the power to tell her what to do, veto all her design ideas, keep her late at work and ruin her weekends. She was so angry about it that she had been fighting him every step of the way since he took over the department. She knew it was wrong but couldn't help herself. She hoped he took his big fat raise and choked on it!

Jackson looked down at the angry little woman. He wanted to shake her! Since they met no one has been able to get under his skin the way she did. He knew she was angry about his promotion, knew that they had both been vying for the same position. Everyone expected it to take a couple more years before there was an opening though. It surprised everyone, him included. It was tough being the new boss and he thought he would have his buddy on his side. He'd also begun to have deeper feelings for Terry over the last several months. Her nasty attitude towards him now hurt on a whole other level that he refused to admit to.

He took in her big brown eyes...so pretty. They were wide and innocent looking, fringed with thick lashes. She was a lot shorter than him, barely over five feet tall. She had gorgeous curves packed in that 5 foot frame though. Her pretty brown face was screwed into a mask of anger. Her kissable full mouth pouted petulantly. Well, he guess all those fantasies about kissing said mouth while running his hands through that thick shoulder length black hair would remain just that – fantasies. So be it. He WAS the boss now and she WOULD do what he asked or else. He started with trying to intimidate her. He thought it would be easy given their size difference but it wasn't working. It was time to up the ante.

"Look Terry, your design is great and I know the original plan was to give you artistic lead but the plan has changed. So you can either get with that plan or else." Jackson finished his little speech by planting his fists on his hips and waited for her response.

Terry stepped back in shock. Well, she stepped back as far as she could. The old office they were standing in was small and filled with books, boxes, a sizable desk, drafting table and three computers. There really was no more space.

"Are you threatening me, Jackson?" She really hoped not. She hoped he was just trying to scare her like he did by getting all up in her face. Maybe she had finally gone too far. She watched him, searching for some clue. She knew she had been pretty nasty the last few weeks but figured she could get away with it. Jackie, as she had started to call him when they were alone, was always so nice to her. She didn't realize he could be nasty too until it was too late.

"It is not a threat Terry. It's the truth. You have to learn to accept my authority right now or there will be major consequences." Jackson turned to walk toward the shelf were the latest printouts were. Everyone else had left for the evening but he wanted to take a final look at the preliminary designs before leaving for the weekend. He had planned to go over them with Terry the way he always did. But she was being difficult as usual.

Accept his authority? Terry thought to herself. Has he lost his mind? Her temper flared again. "Who the hell do you think you are Jackson Kapfhammer? You are not the boss of me and I don't have to accept anything from you, you bastar-."

Terry didn't finish the word bastard because at the sound of it Jackson swung around took the two big steps back in front of her grabbing her upper arms. He jerked her close and said through gritted teeth, "Stop calling me that. That's all I've heard from you for weeks. I haven't done shit too you, you spoiled little bitch."

At first Terry was surprised and scared. Jackson had never behaved like this even when she was at her worst. She even felt bad knowing she must have been hurting his feelings...that is, until she heard the b-word. She jerked out of his grasp and drew her hand back.

CRACK. The sound her little brown hand made against his creamy cheek was loud and ringing. They both stood there frozen for a moment staring at each other in shock. Terry didn't know she was going to hit him until she'd already done it. It just made her so angry, him calling her bitch and if she were completely honest it hurt. He called her spoiled too. Did he really think she had no reason to be upset? She had started to think of Jackie as special, not just her friend or coworker. Then this happened and everything got so ugly.

An ugly red mark was starting to well up on Jackson's face. He couldn't believe she struck him. He knew she was angry, maybe even hurt about getting passed over for promotion but...damn. She must not care about him at all. He stared at her getting angrier by the second and if he were honest with himself he would admit to being hurt as well. He had been lusting after his friend's delectable little body for a while now. But it was more than that. He genuinely liked her. He thought they could still get together – after this work stuff blew over. But still she called him bastard. Jackson put a hand to his stinging cheek, knowing his passions were getting all confused but not caring. Well, if she insisted he was a bastard, he'd show her one.

Terry, who had been quietly watching Jackson the entire time, knew exactly when his mood changed. She saw the expression in his eyes switch from shock to anger and then to something else. Something she was sure she didn't want to name. It was time to get out of there. Since the company was empty now, being well after 6pm, they left the office door open. Terry made a dash for it. She could make it. It was no more than four or five steps to the door from where she stood against the drafting table.

Unfortunately it was terribly hard to move nimbly in the black pencil skirt and heels she wore. Before Terry made it past the computer desk Jackson caught her arm and flung her back against the drafting table. He walked over to the door and slammed it closed. Then he advanced on her.

Terry was trapped and she knew it. Was it too late to appeal to their sense of friendship? Would Jackie listen? Or would he make her pay for being so mean to him these last three weeks?

Jackson stopped when he towered right over Terry. Her eyes went large with fear. Good. She deserved it. He grabbed her upper arms again and leaned down to her, face to face. "So I'm a bastard am I," he snarled? I'll show you a bastard." With that Jackson began to move his hands over her body. Her blouse was ivory silk and felt nice against his hands. But his hands were cruel, rubbing and squeezing to hard. He covered her breast. They were full and heavy, large C cups maybe? Jackson squeezed just hard enough to hurt.

Terry yelped and tried to push his hands away but he would just put them back somewhere else.

"Jackson...Jackie..." Terry gasped. "What are you doing? Don't."

He pushed forward until her bottom butted up against the table. She was pinned between a big hot angry Jackson and the hard cold drafting table.

He said nothing but started to tug at her blouse. What the hell am I doing Jackson thought to himself? I'm supposed to be angry right? He was angry yet all he could think about was fucking Terry. He would take her hard and rough right here in the old office they used to share – right here against the drafting table. He didn't know why now. He had been holding in his feeling for months. Now he couldn't hold it anymore? And why like this? He didn't know and he decided he didn't care. He pulled Terry's blouse out of the skirt and tried to undo the buttons.

Terry slapped at his hands and tried her best to push him away. Of course Jackie outweighed her by about 80 pounds so it was useless. She couldn't believe how out of control he suddenly was. What was more unbelievable was the way her body responded to his rough handling. She did not like being dominated...right? Sure she read some pretty kinky erotica and even watched hard core porn on occasion. That didn't mean she wanted it hardcore herself though. Right? But her body betrayed her. Her nipples poked against the silk of her blouse. Her breathing quickened. And an exciting tingle started at the juncture of her thighs. No damn it, Terry screamed in her head. It was not supposed to go down like this. Not for them, not the first time.

"Jackie, wait," Terry exclaimed. "We're both getting a little out of control, don't you think? She used his nick name hoping to appeal to their friendship.

Amazingly he stopped. His hands dropped to his sides and he stood straight but used his lower body to keep her pinned to the table.

"Wait for what," he growled? He paused, waiting for an answer.

Terry could think of nothing to say. She wracked her brain for a way to diffuse his anger but came up short. She was still a little scared and still turned on. As much as she wanted to have sex with Jackie she didn't want it to be angry and up against an old drafting table - at least not unless she asked for it that way. She opened her mouth to say just that but when she did Jackson swooped down to claim her lips.

He kissed her thoroughly, roughly and for the first time Terry felt his growing erection pressing against her stomach. Goodness, it was big. She hoped she could calm him down before he tried to use that thing.

Suddenly breaking the kiss, Jackson lifted his head. "To late," he said and ripped her blouse open. Terry tried to cover herself but Jackson captured her wrists and pinned them to her sides while he ran his hot open mouth over her creamy brown flesh.

Terry whimpered not wanting to like it but unable to help herself. She was still incredibly attracted to him and couldn't just turn it off. When he got close to her black lace clad breasts she moaned. At the sound Jackson looked up and gave her an evil grin.

"So, you like it when I'm a bastard." He said it as fact, not a question.

Terry shook her head no but found she could not speak. Jackson had closed his mouth around her right nipple and sucked right through the lace. He teased her for a moment then went to the other breast and tugged the cup down with his teeth exposing her left breast to the cool air. He licked all around that nipple making it pebble hard. Terry squeezed her thighs together simultaneously fighting and trying to relieve the sweet pressure his actions caused. She knew he was trying to get a reaction out of her but she denied him.

Jackson knew she was fighting it. He looked at her face. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth was open. She made funny little noises, not a moan and not quite a gasp. Smiling evilly, he wouldn't give her any quarter. He wrapped his arms around her, further trapping her own arms and held her tightly. Then he opened his mouth wide and took in as much of her nipple and breast as he could and sucked hard.

Terry's eye flew open and her body jerked. She couldn't hold in her cries this time. She looked down at Jackson's dark head and trembled. He continued to suck almost to the point of causing pain. Her poor breast was getting so sensitive. When she couldn't stand anymore she begged him to stop.

"Jackson...Ja-Jackie...please...stop it," she gasped out.

Jackson did stop sucking but started to nibble and bite. He nibbled around her breasts and bit her dark distended nipples. By now they looked like wet chocolate nubbins and he just couldn't keep his mouth off them. He switched between the bare one and the one still covered by lace, biting it right through the fabric. In his excitement he began to nibble a little too hard. He knew it but didn't stop. When Terry started making those yelping sounds again he let her go and straightened up.

Terry sagged back against the table shaking with need. She crossed her arms over her exposed breasts. Looking at Jackson but not quite meeting his eyes, she whispered, "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I'm a bastard," he quipped harshly. He took off his shirt and undid his belt buckle. Terry watched silently. She felt a myriad of conflicting emotions. The strongest was definitely lust. Her breasts felt heavy and tender. Her breathing hadn't slowed down a bit. Between her legs there was a slick wetness and a throbbing like she had never known. Who knew she would get turned on by this rough stuff? That led to her other feelings. She was shocked at herself for liking it and angry with Jackson for trying it. Yet, as he continued to disrobe she couldn't take her eyes off him. He had removed his undershirt and his fly was undone. His chest was broad and well defined. It was covered in thick dark hair that trailed down over his flat abs and into his waistband.

When she looked up at him she realized he had been watching her. He smiled smugly. He knew she wanted him in spite of everything. He moved towards her and Terry froze, caught between wanting to run and wanting to know what he would do next. He crowded her like earlier and caught her arms pulling them down to expose her upper body.

"Jackie, wait," she said softly.

"NO," he replied firmly.

He kissed her, softly this time. His tongue stroked hers. He sucked at her lips and didn't let up until she returned the favor. When she caught his lower lip between her own she ran her tongue over it then sucked. Jackson groaned and ground his cock against her. Terry stroked his chest, found his flat nipples and teased them with her finger tips. He let her explore while kissing her neck and kneading her breasts. Terry's hands dipped lower over his stomach, which jerked where she touched and lower still. When she ducked her hand inside his open trousers and grasped his erection through his boxers, Jackson hissed. He straightened and yanked her hand away.

"Bad girl" he said seriously. Damn, Jackson thought. When Terry's little hand wrapped around his engorged cock he felt pure fire. It was delicious but this was his show. He was in charge and he was going to punish her for being so bad.

"Turn around," he told her.

Terry paused looking up at his tense face, wondering what she did wrong. Jackson grabbed her shoulders and spun her.

"I said turn around," he snapped.

Terry let him turn her and planted her hands on the table top. She looked over her shoulder to see what he was doing but Jackson turned her head forward.

He stood close rubbing her body and grinding his groin against her round ass. Next he placed a hand on her back and forced her down against the table. Terry wasn't so sure she liked this anymore. Jackson was getting aggressive again. The table was cold against her bare breast and tummy. He had her pinned good so she waited.

Jackson surveyed Terry and decided he liked what he saw. She was completely submissive, bent over the table awaiting his next move. Her hair spread out across her shoulders, upper back and part of the table. Her silk blouse was open and he knew the cold metal was biting into her skin. He could see the outline of her narrow waist and the flare of her hips and buttocks were encased in the black wool of her skirt. He couldn't really see her legs and decided to rectify that. Keeping a hand on her back in case she got feisty again, Jackson bent low to grasp the hem of Terry's skirt. He dragged it up, yanking when it would get stuck in places. When it was level with her bottom he smoothed it up over her hips so that his hand made contact with her flesh.

Terry tried not to moan as Jackson's rough handling continued to excite her. She felt the cool air on the backs of her thighs and on her bottom. When he had her bare she tried not to feel embarrassed. She had a great body and knew she must look spectacular in her black pumps, sheer black thigh highs and black thong panty.

Jackson paused to gawk at the treasure before him. His cock actually got harder. Slowly, gently, he ran his hand over her creamy brown cheeks. He bent low to cover each fleshy mound with kisses. All the while he kept one hand on her back. He noticed that her flesh was a little paler here as were her breasts and stomach. Guess she didn't get much sun. He straightened and looked at the back of Terry's head.

"Terry," he called.

"Hmmm?" she answered.

"You have been a very bad girl. Ridiculously so." He paused and idly rubbed his hand over her right cheek. Terry was quiet so he continued.

"We really can't allow this to go on. So I have decided to nip this in the bud now. I'm going to teach you a lesson. You will learn to behave. You will accept my authority." Jackson paused again. He captured her hips, pressing against her unable to help it and leaning over her back to say in her ear, "You are going to take your punishment and you are going to like it!"

Terry had been wondering where he was going with this speech. She had started to relax. When Jackson started talking again, though, about lessons and authority she went on high alert. That last bit certainly caught her attention and she think she finally understood what he meant by "punishment".

Jackson stepped to her side and started rubbing her bottom, as if getting warmed up. Knowing exactly what was about to happen Terry squealed and tried to stand up. Jackson leaned into the hand he'd kept on her back exerting enough pressure to keep her from moving. She heard him laughing softly and felt desperate. She kicked out with her legs but that was futile as well.

"Stop it," she shrieked! "Stop it, Jackson. Don't you dare!" Terry hadn't been spanked since she was 8 years old and she would not suffer that indignity for Jackie or anyone else. She wiggled and squirmed but to no avail.

Jackson stopped rubbing her delectable little tush and drew back his hand. He thought of the way she had smacked him earlier and knew this was payback time. His hand came down with a loud "WHACK" and Jackson watched in delight as Terry's ass cheeks jiggled from the force of it.

Terry went stiff as a board. Outrage traveled along every nerve ending. As she felt two more stinging whacks against her exposed bottom she began to struggle in earnest. This only made Jackson laugh as he pressed down with his whole arm to hold her in place. One of his big pale hands wrapped around her shoulder. His elbow jabbed her back a bit just above the curve of her hips. She was stuck good and cursed him for it.

"Jackson, you fucker! Let me up this instant!"

His response was to spank her two more times only harder than before.

Terry screamed. That really hurt! She felt so vulnerable. So why was she getting so wet? Each time Jackson's hard hand came into contact with her stinging bottom her pussy tingled. If this kept up she would have juices running down her leg and over her hose. She'd never hear the end of it. God, she loved it and she hated it...hated that she loved what he was doing to her.

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