tagBDSMWho's The Boss? Ch. 01

Who's The Boss? Ch. 01


It all began a little more than three months after I started working for Adrienne, an attractive and successful executive of an ad firm whose stylish offices were located in an upscale downtown high-rise office building. In that time we had developed a good working relationship, but other than some innocent flirting, everything was strictly platonic.

All that changed one fateful evening.

One night I happened to return late to the office to finish up some work on a client presentation for the next day. I got off the elevator and proceeded down the hall to my office, when I noticed that the door to her office at the end of the hall was barely cracked open and the light on.

Curious, I put my briefcase down in my office and walked toward her door. Just before I knocked I heard some strange sounds coming from inside the office. When I carefully peaked through the small crack in the door, I was shocked to discover my boss topless and kneeling on the floor next to her desk, sucking wildly on the cock of some young stud standing over her and holding her head as it bobbed up and down on him.

I was totally astonished and amazed at what I was seeing, because I knew she was married and he was definitely not her husband. I knew instinctively that I should leave before being discovered, but at the same time I couldn't help watching. I saw everything perfectly from my secret vantage point and was totally transfixed on the incredibly erotic scene. With one hand she was pumping this guy's shaft and with the other she was caressing his balls, all the while alternating between sucking him deeply into her mouth and licking up and down his thick shaft and head. She was going at it like a woman possessed and he was obviously loving it, moaning with desire. His body suddenly tensed as he let out a loud groan, and I knew his cock was erupting into her mouth. He withdrew himself from her mouth after a few seconds, and I watched the last of his cum drop onto one of her bare breasts, trickling slowly down into the valley between them.

At this point my cock was bulging in my pants, and though I wanted to stay to see what would happen next, I was too afraid of being seen. So I dashed down the hall to my office, closed the door and got busy with my work. It was incredibly difficult to concentrate, but I tried anyway.

Sometime later I heard a knock at my office door. "Jason?" she called, obviously flustered to find me there.

"Come in," I said. Taking a seat in the guest chair across from my desk, she began to ask questions in hopes of finding out how much I may have seen.

She looked at her watch. "You sure are working late tonight. You working on that big McNeil presentation?"

"Yeah," I replied, "I've just got a few more details to wrap up."

"So, you been here long?" she asked, trying to sound casual.

"A while," I answered vaguely. I saw her obviously pondering how to find out how much I saw without coming right out and asking. I decided to turn the tables a bit. "How about you, what are you doing here so late?"

She looked nervously at the floor and answered, "Oh, nothing much, just catching up on a little paperwork myself."

"Have you been working late very much lately?" I asked further.

"Yeah, some."

"Does your husband mind you working late like this?" Before she could answer, I added, "You know I'm not married, but if you were my wife, I'd be pretty suspicious."

She shifted in her chair, now becoming obviously agitated. "He travels a lot, so I work late when he's gone." As soon as the words left her lips, she realized how it sounded, but it was too late. "I mean..., " she stammered.

I didn't miss the opportunity to shoot at the open net, and interrupted, "Oh, I see. The cat's away, so the mouse is playing?" I laughed snidely.

It quickly became obvious to her that her worst fears had been realized, and a look of dread came over her face. She still hadn't made eye contact with me since entering my office.

"You know you really should close and lock your office door when you are engaged in activities that you don't want your employees to see," I said. Then just to make it clear I added, "I saw everything."

"Oh my god," she blurted out.

"You are one hot lady," I pronounced with a mischievous grin. "I would never have imagined you... well... OK maybe I have imagined a few times." I laughed at my own joke, but she obviously didn't see any humor in the situation.

The fear in her eyes was evident, and I saw clearly that the knowledge I now possessed about her affair gave me great power over her. Without really considering the consequences of my actions, I immediately began to take advantage of it. "I suppose you'd rather this not become public knowledge," I said boldly. "And I especially don't think you want her husband to know about this, do you?"

"What exactly are you asking?" she questioned, as the shame in her face turned to fear.

"Don't worry, I know how to keep a secret," I assured her. "But my silence will come with a few conditions."

"Conditions? Like what?" she asked wide-eyed.

My mind spun with the possibilities, but my arousal was still overwhelming from having just watched my slutty half-naked boss eagerly swallow some guy's cock and drink his come. I could have gone for a raise, or a company car, but I was thinking with my cock, not my wallet. I stood and moved behind her to close and lock my office door. An apprehensive look came over her face. "To begin with I want to see those pretty breasts of yours again - but this time a little closer."

Her reluctance was obvious - the look of astonishment told me so. I could see in her eyes the frantic consideration of her predicament. Should she risk her marriage and public disgrace by refusing to show me something I'd obviously already just seen? Reluctantly she agreed to do as I asked. Her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned her blouse and slowly removed it. She unhooked the front clasp of her silky black bra and tossed it onto my desk with her blouse. She sat still, her hands in her lap, staring at the floor.

"Very nice, Adrienne - even more lovely than I had imagined for a woman your age. They real?"

"Yes," she said curtly, obviously offended by the age reference and fake boob insinuation.

Taking note of her rather erect nipples, I began to tease her. "Are you cold? Or are you maybe liking this just a little?"

She didn't answer, but I sensed that maybe there was some part of her that was enjoying my attention. Was there more to the flirtatious exchanges we had shared than I realized? It figured what better time could there be to test the possibility. I stooped to cup her breasts with my hands, but she flinched away in response to my touch.

"Easy," I said. "I just want to feel those gorgeous mounds."

Gently I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs, and her eyes closed. Was she embarrassed or turned on? I couldn't really tell for sure.

"Where's the come I saw dripping between your tits before?" I asked.

"Gone," she answered tersely, her eyes still closed tightly. My thumbs rotated firmly and slowly in circles over her engorged nipples.

"Gone where?" I asked.

"Just gone." She was resisting sharing the details with me, but I wasn't going to let her get away with it.

"Did he make you clean up the last drops with your fingers and lick them clean?"

"Yes," she finally admitted. I pinched the protruding fleshy buds between my thumbs and forefingers and pulled on them slightly.

"Did you stare at him with those sexy dark eyes of yours as you licked your fingers for him?

"Yes." I rolled her nipples back and forth in my fingers. She tried to stifle a low moan.

"Are you a little come slut?"

She didn't answer.

"Are you a cock-sucking, come slut?"

Still no answer.

"Answer me. Are you a come slut?" I said insistently,


"Liar. You know you are. Admit it. I'll give you one more chance." I tugged briskly on her nipples and repeated my question. "Are you a come slut?"

"Yes." Her voice trembled slightly.

"That's better."

"Do you want to suck my cock and drink my come too?"


"Liar. You can't pretend with me. You've been flirting with me for months. Don't think I've missed the way you look at me during staff meetings. Now I know what you've been thinking: you want to know how my cock feels in your hot sweet mouth, and you want to feel my come sliding down your throat, don't you?"

She sat silent.

"Don't you?" I asked loudly.

Still no answer.

I pinched her nipples harder than I had yet and then moved my hands to cup her face, still tilted down toward the floor and eyes still closed.

"Look at me," I said sternly. When she didn't, I lifted her face toward mine. Her eyes opened, and there I saw pure, unmistakable lust. They gave me the answer I needed. I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor with my boxers. My almost fully erect cock sprang out toward her upturned face.

Without a word her hand moved around me, slowly stroking me to maximum hardness. Her gorgeous eyes never left mine as she played.

"I can't believe I'm doing do this," she said at last.

"You don't have to admit to yourself how badly you want it. You can blame me - say I forced you to do it. Tell yourself that I didn't give you any choice in the matter. But you will do it."

She bowed her head to take me deeply in her mouth. I was as hard as a rock as I pressed my rigid pole into the warm, soft wetness. Her reticence rather quickly turned to lusty eagerness, as she displayed her awesome mastery at sucking cock. I could tell she was almost as turned on as I was by this whole situation - maybe more. Within minutes she had me on the verge of coming, but I wasn't nearly ready to end it there - not nearly.

I withdrew suddenly, pulled up my pants and buckled and zipped them. Then I pulled her to her feet, turned her around and pulled her hard against me, my hardness pressing firmly against her ass through her skirt. One hand massaged her breast deeply, and the other slipped down over her pubes and into her cleft. She parted her legs slightly without me asking and I easily slipped a finger in between her wet lips and into her pussy. Slowly I teased a damp finger around her clit for a long while. Eventually I stroked her clit directly and she gasped. I kissed her neck and whisper in her ear, "Are you willing to do whatever I say in exchange for my silence?"

She stammered her answer, "Yes... anything." I raise her skirt and discover that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath, just stockings and a garter belt.

I smiled and asked her about it. "What's this? Dressing a bit naughty aren't you?

"It is my lover's preference," she explained.

"Mine as well," I said. I ordered her to remove her skirt for me. She unzipped and remove it quickly and tossed it on the desk with her other clothes. I admired how sexy she looked in those sheer stockings and lacy garter belt.

"From now on, whenever you wear a skirt or a dress to work, you will wear stockings and no panties. Understand?"

"Yes," she replied simply. "I understand."

I suggested we move to her office, which was much bigger than mine, where we would have more room. She reached for her clothes, but I grabbed them before she did and locked them in my desk drawer, explaining that she wouldn't get them back until I was finished with her. She looked uneasy, because she knew that without her clothes she was even more helpless and at my mercy.

I told her to go to her office and wait for me there and then watched her walk down the hall in nothing but her heels and stockings, admiring her nearly perfect ass as she went. She stepped quickly, obviously hoping that no one else was in the office at this late hour.

I grabbed some packing tape from a supply cabinet and went to her office, closing and locking the door behind me. When she saw the tape she ask me what it was for, but rather than tell her, I decided to just show her. I wrapped several layers of tape around her body just below her breasts, pinning her arms down to her sides.

"Is this really necessary?" she protested as I applied the tape.

"Maybe not necessary, but fun." I said.

"Fun for who?" she asked sarcastically.

"Now you can stop your vain protest. You know you are completely turned on by me taking control over you like this. This little bit of tape is just another step in the process."

Next I taped her hands, palms down, against the tops of her thighs. Her arms were now immobile, and she was completely helpless - even more than before. Finally, as a sign of my ultimate control, I placed a piece of tape over her mouth as well, muting her continued objections to being bound so. I cleared off the top of her large desk and helped her sit up on the edge of one end of it. I carefully laid her back with her ass just hanging off the edge of the desk. At first she squirmed against the coldness of the wooden desk beneath her, but she quickly forgot about it when she felt my hands push her legs apart and my face force its way between her legs. My tongue went to work, eating her with a furious passion, and she began to let out muffled moans from her taped mouth. Within a few minutes I licked her to two fabulous orgasms, one right after the other, her body writhing on the desk in fits of pleasure.

I decide she'd had enough pleasure for the time being - it was my turn. I rose and walked slowly around her desk, admiring her beautiful, bound, naked body laying there for me to do with as I desired. I continued circling her like a vulture circles its prey as I summarized the situation.

"I have very much enjoyed taking control over you, Adrienne, almost as much as you have enjoyed being under my command. And I'm happy to inform you that tonight is only the beginning. As long as you want me to keep your dirty little secret, you will continue to be my personal sexual slave whenever and wherever and however I want. Do you understand?"

She meekly nodded her consent.

"Very well. Would you like me to fuck you now?" I ask dryly. She looked at me, this time with a pleading look, and nodded again. I dropped my pants and boxers and stepped out of them, my rigid cock springing out. I approached her as she lay helpless and wanting on the desk, and roughly pushed her legs apart. The desk was the perfect height, and I stood with my stiff member poised at her hot, waiting entrance. I teasingly rubbed the tip of it against her clit and down between her swollen lips, glistening with gush of her orgasms. I lifted her stocking-clad legs over my shoulders, and in a single, powerful move I pushed myself all the way into her soaking pussy until my balls hit against her ass. She cried out as loudly as she could through the tape.

Immediately I began to pound her wildly, so much so that I had to wrap my arms tightly around her thighs to keep her from sliding across the desk. We both moaned deliriously with pleasure. As I hammered away at her hot pussy, her third orgasm, even more intense than the first two, washed over her. The tremors in her body set me off simultaneously, as my entire body convulsed with the power of my own explosion. I filled her full of my warm come and collapsed on top of her, resting my head between her breasts.

After our orgasms subsided, I withdrew from her and lifted her from the desk into my arms, setting her down in her desk chair. I gently removed the tape from her mouth first, and we kissed immediately and passionately. Her kiss told me clearly how very much she enjoyed my domination, our tongues probing together furiously.

I carefully removed the tape from around her arms and body, and lastly I un-taped her hands from her thighs. Her arms sprang immediately around my neck, and we kissed wildly again, stopping only long enough for her to ask me when we might do this again.

"Soon, my little sex slave," I answered. "Very soon."

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