tagBDSMWho's The Boss? Ch. 02

Who's The Boss? Ch. 02


Author's Note: Although you can enjoy the story as a stand-alone, I recommend reading Chapter 1 in order to get the context of this story.

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The next morning Adrienne walked quickly past my open office door on the way to her own office. I smiled to myself as I noted that she was wearing a skirt, and I wondered if she'd obeyed my instructions to wear stockings and no panties whenever she wore a skirt or dress.

"Good morning, Adrienne," I called as she disappeared down the hall without so much as a glance my way. I considered whether this cold shoulder meant she'd reconsidered our agreement, or if it was simply her way of playing it cool. I decided not to wait to find out. I gave her just enough time to get to her office and immediately dialed her extension.

"RJ Marketing, this is Adrienne," she answered.

"Good morning, Adrienne," I repeated my greeting. There was silence at her end for several long seconds as she considered what to say.

"Good morning, Jason." She sounded aloof and business-like. "What can I do for you?"

The double-entendre question struck me as hilarious, and I laughed out loud, but she remained quiet.

"Come on Adrienne, lighten up."

"I don't think that would be a good idea, Jason." She suddenly lowered her voice to a whisper and explained, "People might get suspicious if we start to act all friendly. I'm still your boss, and we have to maintain appearances." Her tone was softening, and I began to feel hopeful about her interest.

"So you haven't changed her mind, then?" I asked.

"Changed my mind?"

"Surely you haven't forgotten our arrangement. Remember?" Your complete submission to my sexual desires in exchange for my silence in the matter of your indiscretion with a certain young stud?"

"That's sounds a like blackmail to me," she whispered as loudly as she dared.

"It's really not."

"How can you say that?"

"Because it's not blackmail when it's your choice."

"I'm not following you."

"You want more of my domination. You want to be my sex slave."

"Lower your voice, Jason, please. Is your office door closed? Jeesh, are you crazy?"

"Yeah, I'm a little crazy this morning after last night. And yes my door is closed. Relax will you?"

"How can I relax? My whole world is turned upside down!" she exclaimed. "This has to stop."

I tried to calm her down. "I think you are being a bit melodramatic. This is just a man and a woman enjoying a little fun and adventure together, that's all. And you certainly seemed to want more adventure last night - you even asked for more. Remember, last night, after came over and over from me licking your sweet cunt and fucking you like mad with you bound on top of your desk, you asked me when we could do it again. Don't you remember?"

"OK, I'll admit I got caught up in the moment. I'll even admit it was a kick being helpless that way - to be in total submission and completely at someone's mercy."

"Complete at MY mercy," I interjected, "not just anyone's. It was MY domination you enjoyed."

"Sure. OK I did enjoy it. It was a fun little game - pure fantasy fun. But this is real life, and it's all very different in the light of day. We can't do this. I can't do this. I'm your damn boss, Jason. Don't you see how dangerous it is? Isn't there something else we can work out? How about a bigger office, or better assignments, or a raise?"

"Those things don't interest me, Adrienne. It's not what I want, and it's not what you really want either. You crave the thrill and the danger of surrender. You got ten times more excited being bound and fucked on your desk than you did from sucking lover-boy's cock, didn't you? He's never done anything like that to you has he?"

"That's none of your goddamn business," she stammered. She wouldn't admit it, but she knew I had her pegged. "And stop calling him lover-boy, his name is Evan." There was another long pause, and I let her mind wander, figuring she was probably recalling the details of the previous night.

"Adrienne?" My voice snapped her back to reality.

"What?" She exclaimed, sounding as if I had just caught her in mid-fantasy.

"We're going to lunch today - we have a lot to talk about. Meet me at Shruff's Grill on 23rd at 12:00 sharp. You know you want to, so don't pretend to argue with me about it," I said sternly.

"And how are you so sure I want to?" she asked insolently.

"Why else would you be sitting there without any panties on?"

Without waiting for an answer I hung up the phone.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had a double martini waiting for her at our table when she arrived. Her nervousness was evident, and while sipping vigorously on her drink, I noticed her eyes shifting about looking for anyone who might know us.

"Adrienne, relax," I said, "I chose this place because it's out of the way - no one from the office comes here. I'm not stupid."

"I never said you were stupid, Jason. I just said it was too dangerous."

"That's a bullshit answer, and you know it," I said adamantly

"It's not bullshit. This could get me fired. Hell, it could get us BOTH fired."

I shifted forward in my seat and leaned toward her, resting my folded arms on the table in front of me. I stared into her eyes, and to my surprise she didn't look away.

"You liked what I did to you yesterday. You can't deny how turned on you were. I mean you were totally..."

"I already admitted..." she quickly started to interrupt, but just as quickly I cut her off.

"Uh, uh. Don't interrupt me. I'm not finished. If you were really worried about getting caught, you wouldn't be fucking around with young stud-ly boy, would you? Oh, I mean Eric or Evan or whatever his name is. No, Adrienne, it's not fear of getting caught that's making you want to run from me. It's another kind of fear. You are afraid of what was awakened in you yesterday. You are afraid that you liked submitting to me and being under my control. It doesn't fit your corporate hot-shot-bitch self image to be so turned on by letting someone else take you like that, and it fucks up your mind to think about how much you loved being bound and fucked senseless. So you want to run."

It was obvious my words had struck a nerve. She lowered her eyes away from mine, almost ashamed at the dawning of this truth. She stared blankly into her empty martini glass, lost for a meaningful response.

I continued. "What you don't understand is that submission is not weakness. Not at all. It takes a very strong woman to let go of the paradigm she's worked up to her whole life long - the paradigm that you have to do it all on your own. I mean, look, here you sit today, you've shown that you can do it all on your own: you're at the top of your career, making big bucks, driving a nice car, living in a fabulous penthouse apartment, with a rich trophy lawyer husband, and a hot lover (or is it lovers?). You have everything. Right?"

"I guess so," she answered with a shrug, then added, as she felt it necessary to clarify, "and Evan is my only lover."

"But now that you've arrived, now that you are in charge of it all, you find it's not fulfilling you. Something is missing, and I can tell you exactly what it is. Sure, you are in charge of all those things: career, marriage, home - they're all your domain. You even take care of maintaining your own car, don't you?"

"Sure, I always have," she admitted reluctantly, but with an air of pride.

"This affair with Evan, it's all on your terms too, right?" I asked.

"Well... I ... I don't know." It was clear that she'd never really considered this question before.

"You set the appointments, you tell him where and when to meet you. You pay for the hotel rooms and the meals. You..."

"OK. OK. I get your point." I could tell she wasn't comfortable with where this was going, and agreed with me hoping to somehow stop the line of questioning. It didn't work.

"Oh, and there's more. I'm willing to bet you another martini that you haven't slept with your husband in over a month, and even then it was duty sex."

"That's none of your fucking business," she said vehemently. But the answer to my question was in her voice, and I knew I was right even without her saying so.

"I can tell you why, too. You've lost your respect for him. Sure he's good looking, very fit and trim; maybe you'd even call him gorgeous. He was great in the sack at the beginning, too, but then problems started to develop. You made sure going into it that your marriage would be an equal partnership, or maybe even swing a little toward you in the leadership department. At your insistence, you have your own money, your own space, and your own social life. But over time all this separate-ness drew you apart. Now your paths only cross when you can coordinate calendars far enough in advance, but that's about it. You thought that you'd have so much freedom by setting things up this way, but instead what you got was a sterile marriage - totally lacking in intimacy or passion."

"So, what are you, my analyst?" Her defensiveness told me I was hitting close to home.

"No, I just see things for what they are," I replied. "Shall I continue?"

Despite her reticence, She was beginning to be at least a little intrigued by how well I'd painted a portrait of her life. "Sure, why not?"

"So you go out looking for the intimacy and passion that's missing in your marriage, but you can never seem to find it. Great, hot sex, sure, but it still leaves you empty and wanting. I'm sure Evan is one in a string of lovers you've taken. They never seem to last do they? No, and I can tell you why. It's because you think you have to find weak-minded men that you can control. They're all just like your husband in that they allow you to keep things on your terms. You think that power and control are what will guarantee your freedom and happiness. But you have doomed yourself in doing so, and you've found out you're not free - you're trapped."

"Doomed? Trapped? Oh please, do tell." Her tone mocked me, but I knew she really did want to hear what I had to say.

"OK, so here's the whole point of all this. Yesterday, the missing piece fell into your life from out of the blue, and you don't know what to do with it. As you were lying bound and gagged on your desk, writhing under my tongue and cock, you encountered total surrender for the first time in your life. You found the freedom you've always craved, but never attained, and you LOVED it - so much that you practically begged me to do it again."

"I didn't beg," she insisted.

"OK, maybe not, but you did ask for more. You desperately want more. Your naked ass gives your true desires away."

"You said I had to," she said defensively.

"But you did it because you wanted to. This morning, as you stood staring into that drawer full of pretty panties, you weren't thinking about my threat to divulge your extra-marital secret. You were thinking about how much it would turn you on to walk around all day without any panties just because I wanted you to."

She slumped back slightly in her seat and stared vacantly out the café window. I could see that she was trying to absorb all that I'd said.

After giving her a few seconds to gather her thoughts, I continued. "It may take you some time to come to terms with the truth of all this, Adrienne, but if you think about it, you'll see that what I've said is completely true. Despite how you've been programmed for independence your whole life long, what you really want is to surrender to someone. You want a man to take care of you for a change. You want someone else to be in charge and take the control that has always been yours; control that you've always born so proudly. The real freedom and satisfaction you seek will come only from total abandonment of power to another. And that someone is me."

"You, Jason? You think I want to abandon my power to you?"

"That scares and confuses you, doesn't it? I'm your fucking employee, after all, and it doesn't make any logical sense."

"No it doesn't make sense - and it scares the shit out of me. Partly because my head tells me it isn't at all what I want, that you are totally wrong about me..." She turned sideways in her seat and crossed her sexy legs as she thought carefully about what to say next.

"This is strange new territory, I know." I rose from my seat and tossed a $20 bill on the table in front of her. "Enjoy your lunch. Take some time to think about what I've said. If you are honest with yourself you'll soon discover how right I am about what it is you really want."

I walked around to her side of the table and bent down to whisper in her ear, "If it helps you deal with all the doubts, just ask yourself why it is that your pussy is completely soaked right now. You don't even have to check. You know it is."

I started to leave, but after a few steps I stopped and turned to face her. Her face was bright red, and I knew I'd called her wetness rightly. Before turning to make an exit I smiled and said confidently, "Not that it really makes any difference, but I never was going to tell your husband or anyone else about what I saw you doing on your knees in your office last night. I'm telling you this because you don't need a threat any more. You know what you want, regardless."

I wasn't really surprised when she didn't return to the office for the rest of the day.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next morning there was a noticeable shift in her demeanor toward me. She stopped at my open office door and greeted me with a pleasant smile.

"Good morning, Jason. We'll need to get together later this morning to go over that McNeil presentation you've been working on. I want you to come by at..." She stopped herself mid-sentence and softened her tone. "What time would you like to meet?"

I returned her smile, and with knowing look that acknowledged her quick shift to being more submissive, I complimented her on her pretty red satin dress. I wanted badly to toy with her about what she did or didn't have on beneath it, but instead I simply said, "We'll meet at 9:30 in your office."

At 9:20 I called her and she answered as usual, "RJ Marketing, this is Adrienne."

"Is your pussy naked and wet again?" I inquired, boldly guessing at her obedience and her state of arousal.

"Naked, yes. Wet, maybe," she answered playfully.

"Well I want it nice and wet when I get there for our meeting. I want to be able to smell your sopping sex on the middle three fingers of your left hand," I said and then hung up.

A few minutes later I grabbed my laptop and the partially used roll of packing tape from our first encounter and headed to her office. The door was closed, and I was tempted to barge through it to catch her playing with herself, but I realized that would be an obvious breech of existing protocol. So I simple informed her secretary, Nikki, that I was here for our scheduled meeting. She called Adrianne through her intercom and after gaining her approval told me to go in.

As she stood to greet me, it was obvious to me from the way her dress fell that she'd had it bunched up high, obeying my instructions. As I took my seat in the comfortable leather chair in front of her desk, she moved quickly behind me and closed the door, after instructing her secretary that we are not to be disturbed during our meeting.

On her way back to her desk she paused to slowly waive her three fingers, one at a time, under my nose. They were rank with sex and still slightly damp. After she took her seat I placed the roll of packing tape on her desk.

"This is to stay here - as a reminder," I said lightheartedly.

"Does this mean we are ready to proceed then?"

"I take it you spent yesterday afternoon considering what we spoke of at lunch. Tell me what you are thinking about it all."

She sat up straight in her chair and spoke with a hint of excitement in her voice. "I went for a long drive, way up into Mission Ridge Park. It was a pretty, sunny day. I just pulled into this fantastic overlook, where there was a bench under some pine trees. I must have been there for hours, just sitting and thinking about everything. I have to say that even though I really didn't want to believe it, the more I considered it the clearer it all became. The way you described my life, I mean, it was almost uncanny. It all hit me really hard. I had to work through all kinds of emotions, but the bottom line is that what you are offering is what I want. It's what I need."

"How many times did you make yourself come while you were at the park?"

Adrienne blushed and looked at me with surprise. I suppose the frankness of my inquiry caught her a little off guard.

"Twice," she said, her eyes shyly avoiding mine.

"Your first orgasm came as you were recalling the details of our first encounter. Tell me what you were thinking about during the second one."

She didn't correct my assessment, but simply protested the line of questioning. "I don't think I can do that."

"If we are going to move ahead with this, Adrienne, you are going to have to get comfortable with the idea that I own you sexually. That includes everything you think and do when it comes to your sexuality. Nothing can be hidden. Is that clear?"

"Yes, but -"

"No buts. Just yes or no."


"Good. Now you told me you found a bench under some trees. Is that where you had your first orgasm?"


"You were thinking about the night of our first encounter, right?"


"Go on."

"Well, I was thinking about it, trying to figure out what it was about all this that has captivated me so completely. I started to get excited as I thought about you watching me suck Evan's cock. Then my mind shifted to the scene in your office. The fear and excitement of you making me undress for you came back in a rush. I looked around to see if anyone was in sight, and subtly slipped my hand slipped under my dress. I was soaked."

"And then?"

"I pictured myself laying across my desk, helplessly bound by the tape, your tongue lapping at my pussy. My fingers became your tongue and I had a thundering orgasm within a few seconds."

"Very good. Now tell me about the other one."

She looked around awkwardly and finally said, "I'm embarrassed."

"That orgasm is mine. I own it, and I want to know about it."

She squirmed in her seat. "Well, I went for a short walk and found myself stopping by a stream in a small clearing. I was thinking a lot about everything you said, about my deep need to surrender completely. I was trying to figure out what that might look like. It is all so new to me, and so overwhelming. Almost involuntarily my mind began to spin a fantasy."

"Tell me what you imagined."

"I was sitting on a big rock by this stream, gazing at nothing in particular, when my eye caught a massive hemlock tree across the stream."

She hesitated, so I encouraged her. "Go on."

"Gawd this is hard for me to admit. Anyway, so I thought, what if Jason was here right now? What would he do? How would he make me surrender to him? I imagined you ordering me to remove my dress. I felt that familiar rush of fear and exhilaration, as I stood completely exposed before you and before anyone who might happen by. I stared at the tree and imagined you tying my naked body to it."

She was breathing more heavily, and I could see the recollection of the fantasy was really turning her on."

"Describe for me how you were bound."

"I was facing the tree, my arms stretch wide and tied around the trunk, my breasts pressing into the rough bark. It was rather uncomfortable, but at the same time the newness of the sensation thrilled me. My feet were also forced apart and tied around the base of the trunk. I was spread and helpless, and I was dripping wet."

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