tagFirst TimeWho's The Boss? Ch. 02

Who's The Boss? Ch. 02


We showered together and climbed into bed for some much-needed rest. Nikki slept between me and Ben so that she could touch us both while we slept. There was some idle caressing and kissing, but we were all too tired to last for long, and soon we slept the sleep of the happily exhausted.

I'm generally a heavy sleeper, but I awoke before the others the next morning, around 8:30. I smiled sleepily as I contemplated my lovers, then I headed for the bathroom. Upon my return, they had spread out to cover a good ninety percent of the king-size bed. Nikki was spread-eagled as if to display her nakedness to the best advantage, and Ben was turned slightly to the right, one hand on her thigh, with just a bit of a morning erection. I grinned wickedly as I contemplated my options.

After a moment's thought, I climbed onto the bed between Nikki's widespread legs; than I leaned over and ran just the tips of my fingers up the underside of Ben's cock. It bobbed slightly, then settled down, just a bit bigger than before. I waited a second and did it again, the lightest caress I could manage. He mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like gugglewump and drifted off again. When I leaned over again, I licked his balls while stroking him to hardness with my gentlest touch. I wondered how long it would take him to wake up, or was it possible he would cum in his sleep? My tongue ran slowly up and down the crinkled skin as my fingers stroked along the big vein in the underside of his dick. I took just the head into my mouth and sucked slowly and rhythmically, but still very lightly. I cupped his balls in one hand and teased the loose pouch with the fingers of the other. His eyelids began to twitch and as he woke, I thrust him into my mouth, all the way down my throat and swallowed him three times.

He was fully awake now, but I shushed him with a finger to my lips, his cock still deep in my mouth. I sucked him a while longer, gliding my tongue up and down his enormous member. I moved my mouth up slowly until just the head remained in my mouth; then I bit down slightly and tasted the first of his precum. I delicately licked it away, savoring the taste, then I leaned over to kiss him. He responded enthusiastically, and I reflected that "bi-curious" was probably an inappropriate designation for either of us now. I pushed his head to one side so I could lick his neck, then bit it gently, tightening my teeth until he groaned. Then I whispered in his ear and watched as he grinned.

We knelt on either side of Nikki and I gestured for Ben to go first. He moved his head between her thighs and licked lightly at the delicate folds of her pussy. He moved back then and gestured for me to continue, and I licked first at one swollen pussy-lip, then the other. They parted - just slightly - and I ran my scorching tongue between them, bottom to top and back again. I raised up again and motioned for Ben to do the honors. He slipped his tongue into the narrow space and wiggled it slightly, widening the gap. I could see her nectar beading on her inner lips and envied him the first taste of it- then he moved aside so I could get my share of her bounty. Her pussy was wide open now and I stopped Ben with an upraised finger. I reached for my cell phone on the nightstand and quickly snapped several pictures of her sweet pussy - and as an afterthought, two or three of Ben's rigid dick. He swirled his tongue around inside her, then deferred to me and I stabbed my tongue deep into her pussy, tongue-fucking her again and again.

She came awake then and we launched ourselves to the head of the bed. Ben captured her mouth in a searing kiss and I took the chance to bite her breasts gently, all over. Her moans were muffled by Ben's fierce kiss and I took a hard nipple between my teeth, biting it and gently pulling back. Ben came up for air then and I took her mouth while he kissed every delectable inch of her nakedness. Her hunger was equal to ours and she ravaged my mouth with lips, teeth and tongue. She gripped a thick hard cock in either hand and stroked us smoothly as we took turns kissing her.

Finally she called a halt for lack of oxygen - my own head was swimming - and smiled like the canary who's just swallowed the cat. "Mmmmm - what a way to wake up! If I take you boys home, can I keep you?"

We enjoyed a big three-way hug, then went out to get breakfast. We'd need to keep our strength up!

* * * * *

Upon our return to the bedroom, we stripped without ceremony. I took a minute to admire Ben's ass as he bent over to remove his socks - why is it that socks are the last to go? - the hard length of his cock, his hardened nipples, and the thoroughly lustful look on his face as he looked at Nikki and me. Nikki - sweet Nikki, without whom none of this would have happened - was worth drooling over, from her luscious lips to her big beautiful tits, from her tight round ass to the miracle of her tight, wet pussy.

We enjoyed a group grope en route to the bed. Nikki lay back against the headboard with her legs spread wide so Ben and I could finish what we started. I went first, licking her pussy slowly and thoroughly, slipping my tongue into every lust-sweetened nook inside her, tasting her delicious juices... I love to eat pussy! I kissed her swollen lips and tongue-fucked her slowly, lovingly, wringing one moan after another from her. Ben came up beside her and played with her tits while guiding his dick into her eager mouth. And "eager" is the right word... she moved her hot, searching mouth up and down his hardness like it was made of the world's most delicious candy. I licked her pussy ravenously, swirling my tongue around inside her, loving the taste of her hot juices on my tongue. Ben's eyes were half-closed as Nikki took him into her throat and swallowed; the sight aroused me still further and I slid a finger, wet with her juices, up her tight little ass. I fingered her gently while I kissed her lips, drawing a circle around her swollen clit with my tongue. She moaned and Ben shuddered as the sound rippled down his cock. The circle now became a spiral as I worked my tongue closer to her magic button... she jerked as my lips closed over it, sucked it sharply, raked my teeth gently over it. She moved back, Ben's cock slipping from her mouth as just the tip of my tongue darted over just the tip of her clit; she stroked his dick as my tongue danced over her swollen pearl, faster and faster. She shrieked and came as I suddenly thrust two fingers into her aching cunt and sucked her clit into my mouth, to ravage it with my tongue and teeth again and again. She came again, losing her grip on Ben's cock, leaning back against the headboard and screaming her joy to the world at large. I finger-fucked her hard and fast while I sucked her clit, drinking down her scalding wetness as fast as it flooded my mouth. I love the taste of her pussy....

She was twitching when Ben knee-walked over, grabbed my head, and shoved his dick in my mouth and down my throat. I grabbed his ass, held him in my throat while I swallowed him down, over and over. Nikki pulled him back to her and stuck her tongue in his mouth. Her soft fingers wrapped 'round his cock and she stroked him up and down, slowly and gently. She told him to get off the bed and she lay with her head hanging over the edge of the mattress. "Fuck my mouth," she whispered and he slid his shaft into her mouth, down her talented throat. I lined up my cock with her pussy and slid deep into her pretty hole; she was so wet from my oral attentions that I sank to the hilt on the first thrust. My cock was pulsing in her tight, clutching pussy as I watched her give Ben the sucking of his life. I fucked her slowly, wanting to prolong her pleasure as well as my own. Her cunt gripped my shaft like a wet, slippery hand.

Abruptly Ben pulled out of her mouth and walked around to the other side of the bed, and then I felt the cold caress of the lube as he worked two fingers into my ass. I stopped fucking Nikki - just for a second - to look back over my shoulder at him. I grinned. "Be gentle with me - it's my first time."

The knowledge of what was to come had Nikki more aroused than ever - and I have to admit, my apprehension had become anticipation as I waited for him to enter my virgin ass. Nikki was moaning, "Oh God, yes. I want to see you fuck his ass... oh, Mark... bend over and take him deep, baby... I want to see that big dick deep in your ass... oh fuck, it's so sexy...." She was squeezing her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples in excitement.

I felt the head of his cock line up with my asshole and I tried to relax. "Push back, Mark. I won't hurt you. Relax and push back." I did, my cock hard as stone inside Nikki's dripping cunt. It hurt a bit, but I kept pushing and the head of his cock popped into my asshole. I stopped moving - just for a second - then eased myself back, an inch at a time, stopping now and again to accustom myself to his girth. Ben's hands were on my hips, pulling me relentlessly back.... Finally I took every inch of that thick, hard cock; I felt his balls press against my ass and I rotated my hips, trying to loosen up a bit more.

Ben was hot in my ass, pulsing, throbbing and my cock hardened still more in Nikki's pussy. Ben began to fuck me, slowly at first, then as I relaxed, harder, deeper. His thrusts drove me deeper into Nikki and she moaned and opened her legs wider still. My ass was throbbing; I could feel every vein and gnarl in his engorged member. After a few moments the pain disappeared, and then the discomfort went away, replaced by a feeling of fullness; I relaxed completely and gave myself up to sensation as I gave my ass to Ben. He took my ass hard then, driving me deep into Nikki's amazing pussy. She was soaked, her juices running down her thighs. Ben fucked me hard, deep, fast - faster! - and I responded, giving Nikki my cock to the hilt, feeling her clutch at me, giving up her prize only reluctantly. We were a moaning, groaning, sweating, fucking machine, united by lust and joy and sex.

Ben rammed my ass; I gasped and took him. I felt Ben cum an instant before he exploded inside my ass, filling it to overflowing with hot sticky cum. He groaned deeply and continued to hammer into me, giving me everything he had; I accepted it willingly, joyously and passed it on to Nikki, pounding her pussy relentlessly. A dam burst inside me then and I roared and emptied myself into Nikki, who screamed and came, her hands kneading her tits, shaking, squealing, cumming again and again and again.

We lay there twitching, feeling the aftershocks of good sex ripple through us, gasping for air, caressing and - finally - almost purring with satisfaction.

How long was it before we moved? I have no clue. Some part of me had broken away and floated away into a limbo where there was no time, only now.

Ben was the first to move. He pulled his softening dick out of me and sat on the edge of the bed. I was next, and then Nikki closed her legs and smiled up at us, stretching, giving us an eyeful of her hot lusty body. Ben laid back down with us and we enjoyed a group hug, trading caresses and kisses indiscriminately. Each of us, I think, knew that something had shifted within us, that we were now a group, and that this wouldn't be the last time.

Another shower. Another nap.

* * * * *

I woke with the sensation of Nikki's wonderful full lips kissing me. I kissed back with abandon, giving her my lips and my love fully. Her hand was sliding up and down my cock, gently, silkily, and I became aware then that Ben was caressing and licking my balls. I lay back and just enjoyed the amazing feeling of it.

Nikki moved down then to take the head of my cock in her wet mouth. She sucked me so gently, so lovingly... then her hot lips sank to the base of my shaft, holding me in her mouth, licking slowly as Ben's tongue teased my balls. God, it was fucking incredible! There were no words....

She raised her mouth from my cock, her voice thick with passion. "Come sit on the edge of the bed. You too, Ben."

We moved to obey. Nikki was on her knees before us. She took a cock in each hand and smiled up at us. "Make love with each other. I'm going to suck you now."

Nikki's mouth took Ben's cock as I turned to face him, kissed him deeply while one hand played along his chest, caressing and pinching his nipples. Our tongues teased at each other - playing, really - as Nikki engulfed my cock in her hot mouth. There was no urgency, no desire to rush things; instead it felt as though we were trying to prolong this as long as possible. Ben licked my throat, bit it gently as Nikki sucked him in again; the breath left him in a long sigh as she sucked, and I took the opportunity to lick and suck his nipples. There was no question in my mind now, no uncertainty. I wanted this. I wanted to feel his nakedness against mine, wanted to caress him all over; wanted to suck his cock, lick and suck and tease his balls; wanted to take him down my throat, to feel him gush his cum into my mouth, to taste it as I swallowed down every drop. Even as Nikki, I wanted him to use me for his pleasure, as I would use him for mine.

Nikki's sweet mouth was making me so fucking hot, all the more so when she moved it away to work at Ben's throbbing member. "Stand up," she murmured. "Face each other." We did, still making love, and she moved us close together so that our cocks were touching; then she licked us in tandem, her mouth leaving a trail of fire in its wake, lapping both stiffened shafts as one. I moaned into Ben's mouth, pulled him tighter against me, needing the feel of him.

All too soon, Nikki moved away. "Lie down on your back, Ben." He did, and she knelt over him, facing him; slowly she sank down on his cock, taking it deep into her pussy. She rocked back and forth, taking him deep for about a dozen strokes, moaning quietly, then she said, "Fuck my ass, Mark. I want both of you."

I knew she'd already lubed - she wouldn't do anal without it - so I knelt behind her and slowly guided my dick into her tight ass. I could feel Ben's shaft, just a thin membrane away, and it increased my excitement. She settled back onto her double impalement, making sure we were both well seated within her....

"Fuck me."

We did; long, slow strokes into both of her luscious openings; sometimes in tandem, sometimes in counterpoint; long and slow, short and fast; rough and gentle; any way and every way. Four hands teasing every inch of her hot body, two mouths, kissing and licking and sucking and biting, anywhere they could reach; two hard cocks drilling deep into her softness. It was incredible; it was magic.

It felt like love.


We slowed to a crawl, now just rocking in and out of her.


She wailed as we switched positions, filled her ass and her pussy again. We began again, making love, feeling the clutch of her pussy, her ass. Her face was flushed as I fucked deep into her tight pussy, feeling Ben thrusting into her tight ass. We were going slowly now because it was obvious none of us was going to last much longer and we wanted to tease this out as long as possible.

Nikki shrieked - a scream that seemed to hang in the air - and came, fucking back into the cocks filling her. It was the beginning of a series of orgasms that threw her almost into convulsions; she screamed and moaned and cried and groaned and came, over and over and over again. Ben and I continued to rock in and out of her, prolonging her pleasure. She shook and shuddered and burst and shattered, on and on and on.... Finally she lay back against the headboard and smiled.

"Come up here, lovers, I want to make you cum with my mouth."

We knelt on either side of her face, our cocks trembling with the need to cum. She gripped us in either hand and began licking back and forth. "Cum on my face, cum all over my face - please! I want it!" Ben questioned with his eyes and I nodded - Nikki loved a good facial, and to get it from two lovers at once would rock her world. She sucked and licked and teased, alternating between our cocks - and I came, my first jet going right into her mouth. Ben came then and splattered her cheek; I shot again and hit her lips and her other cheek.

We avoided her eyes, but when we were done, there was cum in her hair, on her forehead and all over her mouth, chin and cheeks. She jerked the last of us onto her gorgeous tits.

She shuddered, and I realized that somehow the facial had made her cum again. God, what a woman!

I reached for my phone and started taking pics; Several of Nikki, full-length; at least half a dozen of her cum-splattered face; more of Ben from every angle. Ben caught the bug, too, and was snapping away.

Then we knelt beside Nikki and began to clean her face and breasts with our tongues, kissing her and each other and going back for more. We didn't stop until her face was pristine.

We talked, making plans to make lots more pictures before the next day. Ben and I talked about how we felt about our first bi experience, with Nikki occasionally prodding us with questions. Ben reminded me that I hadn't yet cum in his mouth, and to rectify that oversight before check-out time tomorrow. We caressed and talked and kissed and talked and teased and talked. The rest of the night was before us, and till noon the next day - plenty of time to bond and play and make sweet, hot love....

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