tagBDSMWho's The Boss? Ch. 03

Who's The Boss? Ch. 03


Author's Note: Although you can enjoy the story as a stand-alone, I recommend reading Chapter 1&2 in order to get the context of this story.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next two days I deliberately avoided any manner of domination, strictly staying to business as usual. It took a little longer than I anticipated, but late in the afternoon of the second day she called me.

She blasted me immediately, "So was that all just a bunch of shit or are you going to actually do something?" Her voice was insistent and frustrated.

"Whoa, Adrienne," I replied, "remember that the what, where and when are mine to decide. You are still the boss in work matters, but sexually you are my possession, to do with as I like - even if that is nothing at all. Don't you remember that I said I don't do anything without a reason?"

"Sure, I remember," she answered plainly.

"Have you had an orgasm since the McNeil review meeting we had Tuesday?".

She hesitated at the sudden change of topic, but then reluctantly admitted, "Yes."

"How many times?"

"Three. Unless you count the double, then four."

Sternly I asked, "Don't you remember my instruction to you at the meeting? I told you that you were not to relieve yourself sexually until I gave you permission. I explained how I now own your orgasms, right?"

"You meant that?" she asked surprised and indignant.

I was firm but calm. "Of course I meant that. This isn't a game. I don't say things I don't mean. You say you are eager for things to continue, but there are some basic lessons you need to get a handle on before we go another step. First, everything I do, or don't do as the case may be, is for a reason. Second, the what, when, where, and how are all mine to decide - sexually you are my possession and I control everything about you in that regard. Third, I don't say things I don't mean. Instructions are to be obeyed, and when they are not obeyed, there will be consequences. Do you think you can remember these three simple things?"

"Yes," she replied, her manner turning decidedly meeker. I could tell I'd probably hurt her feelings by talking down to her as I did, and I softened my tone slightly as I continued my reprimand in a milder fashion.

"I'm going to leave you with an assignment and a consequence," I explained. "The assignment is to start a journal - a journal of your submission. I have set one up for you online and will email you the details at your personal email address. We will only use personal email accounts for personal communications. I'll have access to your journal as I wish, and will give you regular writing assignments to record there. The first is to describe for me in detail how you achieved each of your orgasms of disobedience. In this way you will return them to me, their rightful owner."

Without commenting on the writing assignment she asked nervously, "And the consequence?"

"The consequence is not only for your disobedience, but to reinforce the ground rules you seem to be having a hard time getting a hold of. Can you tell me what they are?"

Despite my having just recited them to her, her delayed reply told me she was searching her mind to recall them. Tentatively she spoke, "Um...you don't say things you don't mean?"

"That's one. And the other two?"

"Everything you do is for a purpose?" She began to sound slightly more confident.

"Yep, that's two. And three?"

"I need to obey you?" She offered.

"Close, but that's really part of the first one, about me always saying what I mean and you always doing what I say."

"Um... well..." She struggled for the answer for a few seconds until I finally supplied it for her.

"You are sexually my possession. What, when, where, and how I use your delightful body are all mine to decide."

"Oh yeah, I remember now."

"Don't forget these rules again or there will be further consequences, understand?" I said sounding angrier that I actually was. "Write them down in your journal."

"Yes, Sir," she answered.

"Are you mocking me with that 'Sir' Adrienne?" I asked.

"No Jason. It just came out that way. Really. I don't know why," she said apologetically.

"OK. Well, I wasn't going to go there just yet, but since you already have, I'll add one more ground rule. From now on you'll address me as Sir whenever we are not in a work-related situation."

"Yes, Sir." She spoke it clearly and with confidence. It was sincere submission.

"Now for your consequence," I explained. "By Monday morning you need to provide me with a video tape of you re-enacting your disobedience. I want to watch you come for me."

There was a long silence at the other end of the phone, so I asked, "Did you get that?"

Her exasperation was evident. "I know you are serious, because you don't say things you don't mean, but can't we negotiate this?"

"Sorry," I responded, "but consequences aren't negotiable. And I want your stud Evan to take the movie. Just be sure it's clear that he's behind the camera - no tripod or anything. I need to hear you say his name and hear his voice. He should zoom the camera in and out on the action as you play with yourself. Got it?"

She continued her protest. "But I've never masturbated in front of someone before, much less in front of a camera. What if I can't get off? And I know Evan's going to be suspicious of this whole thing. How am I going to explain it to him?"

"You're a smart woman. I'm sure you'll figure it all out," I insisted unsympathetically.

"Gawd, I hope I can do this," she gulped.

"Any further questions then?" I asked.

"No, I guess not."

"No, Sir," I correct her.

"No, Sir."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Saturday morning I read her first journal as I sipped my morning coffee and stroked my cock through my boxer shorts:


>> Saturday, June 12th

>> I was disobedient three times, four if you count my double. I didn't know I really wasn't supposed to come without his permission. I thought he was joking, but I found out later that he always means what he says. This is the first of four ground rules he's given me. It means if he says it I am to do it, whether I agree with it or not. The second is that everything he says or does, he does for a good reason. I am not to doubt him. The third one is that the what, when and how are all up to him - everything really I guess is his to decided when it comes to his sexual ownership of me. The last one is that I am to address him as "Sir" any time we are not in a business situation.

>> The first time I disobeyed was right after Jason left my office. I was already stirred up from touching myself before our meeting and from replaying my intense fantasy about the tree. So when he left, I closed the door and went straight at it. I hiked up my dress and played with my clit until I came. It didn't take long at all. I needed that release so badly and it felt wonderful.

>> Wednesday night I was still stirred up. I think I stayed wet all day long thinking about what happened between Jason and I on Monday night. And I couldn't stop thinking about how Jason wanted me left tied by my desire to that tree, naked and needing to be fucked. I can't seem to get that picture out of my mind, which I am sure was his intention. Anyway, it was well past work hours and I was alone in my office, still feeling very antsy and in need of relief. I couldn't work. I couldn't keep my thoughts straight. So I went to my couch and lay down. I closed my eyes and replayed every detail of Monday night that I could remember. I got more and more excited as I lay there, and I wasn't even touching myself yet. Suddenly I remembered the packing tape on my desk. I locked my office door and retrieved the tape. I removed my dress and bra and taped one hand to my thigh, the way Jason had done. I even put tape over my mouth too. I lay down on my back on top of my desk, just as I had been that night. By that time I was so turned on I came within seconds of touching myself. I've never been in such a constant state of arousal that I can come at the drop of a hat like that. It's been wonderfully wicked.

>> I lay there with my sex juices puddled beneath me on my desk, making my ass all slippery. My arm and mouth still taped, I was almost in a trance. I felt my excitement start to rise up again, even though the fingers of my free hand were only dancing lightly over my nipples. I started pinching them harder and harder and all of a sudden I came - without even touching my clit or pussy. It wasn't quite the same intensity as the first time, but it was good. It was the first time in my life I came like that. This was my double.

>> The third time was that night in bed. My husband lay asleep, breathing heavily beside me. I couldn't stop thinking and wondering about what Jason might do to me next. Whatever it was I knew I wanted it. I began to relive the fantasy of him tying me to the tree in the park and fucking me like crazy. I could picture it so clearly and feel it so completely. Soon my fingers found their way beneath my silk nightie, and before I knew it I was coming again, as I tried desperately not to wake my sleeping husband. If he only knew what was playing in my head at the time, it would blow his fucking mind!


I posted a reply in her journal, thanking her for the well-done entry and asking how she was coming on her consequence. That afternoon I received an email from her saying that things were all set with Evan for Sunday afternoon. She explained that her husband was leaving town at 3:00 and would be gone for the week. So far Evan only knew that they would be meeting at their usual hotel, though she had dropped a hint about the video camera, which he reacted to with eagerness. The stage was set for the fulfillment of her consequence.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When I arrived at work on Monday morning, there was a confidential envelope sitting in the middle of my desk. I smiled broadly as I picked it up and opened it to find the completed assignment.

I called her immediately, but as my office door was wide open and the hall outside filled we co-workers, I masked our conversation with a business cover. "Listen, I got the research material you left for me, and I was wondering if we should maybe review it together? Have you had a chance to evaluate it for yourself?"

"Yes, I've studied it carefully several times, and I think you'll find it very informative - hopefully it's exactly what you were looking for," she said, catching on to the coded conversation.

"Good, good. I'm actually quite eager to get started on this."

"I don't know about reviewing it together though - that might be a bit difficult to arrange. At least I know it will be difficult for me personally."

"No problem, Adrienne, I'll be sure and coordinate your schedule with Nikki."

I wasn't sure if she was saying that she didn't see how we could watch it together in the office, or whether she was saying that she would be too embarrassed to watch it with me, or both. I decided that it didn't really matter. I was determined to see it as soon as possible, and I was equally determined to have her watch it with me. Though I hadn't told her ahead of time, it was always intended to be part of the consequence.

I spent a few minutes devising a plan for our shared viewing, and then called Adrienne's secretary to make the necessary arrangements. Nikki was always an amazingly efficient and effective secretary, and I knew if anyone could get my plan into motion, it would be her. She also was extremely attractive, with striking dark hair and eyes, and I often found myself looking for reasons to work with her, just to sneak a peak at her awesome body, despite the fact that she was rather conservative in her attire. She always had the scoop on everything going on in the company, and I wondered if she might even have been aware of her boss's extra-marital activities.

"Hi, Nikki, it's Jason," I announced. "I need access to the media lab but it's booked all day. Adrienne has me on this really hot confidential project, and I was wondering if you could work out a way for me to get in there today. I'd have to be alone, though, because this is kind of a hush-hush thing, you know?"

I was taking a bit of a risk, because, like I said, Nikki knew everything that went on in our firm, and she might be suspicious of a secret project that she knew nothing about. But I figured Adrienne would cover for me if asked.

As usual, Nikki worked her magic, and thirty minutes later I was seated alone in the media lab, where our advertising firm has all kinds of audio and video editing equipment. I fire-wired Adrienne's consequence tape into the computer, and converted it into an MPEG format. I saved it off, unedited, onto a USB flash disk, and deleted every shred of evidence from the computer. All the time I was working I purposefully avoided viewing any part of the video, wanting to make sure I was with Adrienne for the premier. Back at my desk, I called Nikki back for step two of my plan.

"Hi, Nikki, me again. Thanks for your help getting me into the lab. I know Adrienne wants to review this project with me as soon as possible, but she said she was tied up today, can you see about a meeting over a lunch in her office? If Adrienne's available, you could just order us in some sandwiches or something. Let me know."

In less than ten minutes I had a meeting invitation via email expediter from Nikki on Adrienne's behalf for a 12:30 meeting in Adrienne's office. Bingo! Damn that Nikki is good, I thought to myself.

At precisely 12:30 I arrived outside Adrienne's office. Finding it ajar and Nikki apparently at lunch, I peaked my head in to find Adrienne at her desk.

"Are you ready for our meeting?" I asked.

She laughed a nervous little laugh, "I think so, Jason. Come on in. The lunches are here already, so let's eat and then we can... work."

I knew that in order to avoid suspicion we had to be careful about the number of "closed-door" meetings we held. But with most of the staff at lunch, I decided this was the safest time, and closed and locked her door behind me as I entered. We sat on her sofa as we ate and chatted about business as we munched our sandwiches and chips. Although she didn't say anything about the way I was checking her out the whole time, I'm sure she noticed. She was dressed in a form-fitting knee-length black wool skirt and a relatively sheer light pink blouse that faintly showed the delicate lace of the bra she wore beneath. I thought about how acutely she rode the balance between professional and sexy.

As we finished our meals, I gently placed my hand on Adrienne's knee. The abruptly sexual gesture caused her to flinch slightly in response to my touch. I slowly pushed her skirt up a few inches, exposing her stocking-clad thigh, and calmly pushed her legs apart as I slid my hand up to find the lacy tops of her stocking.

"What's this," I said indignantly as I felt the band of Lycra gripping her thigh. "Thigh-highs? Were my instruction to you about stockings unclear?"

"They are stockings - thigh-high stockings," she exclaimed defensively.

"Oh no, strictly not allowed. Garters only from now on, please," I directed.

"Yes, Sir," she replied, switching suddenly into submissive mode.

My hand continued up the inside of her thigh, and she slowly spread her legs further, allowing me the full access I sought. As I reached her naked sex, she proudly announced, "No panties, as instructed, Sir."

"Very good," I acknowledged. I withdrew my hand and announced, "I think it's time to review your consequence tape."

"I'm not totally comfortable with watching this together, Sir," she said somewhat shyly.

"It's a necessary part of the consequence," I explained.

"Yes, Sir, I understand. I don't like it, but I understand. So, how and where are we going to watch it?" She asked.

"Oh, I have it right here," I said, patting the USB flash drive bulging slightly in my right front pocket.

"And here I was thinking that bulge in your pants just meant you were happy to see me." We both laughed out loud, as her joke broke some of the tension that had hung in the air.

I pulled out the drive and we moved to her desk. I seated her at her desk, plugged a pair of ear-buds into her computer and took my place standing behind her. I handed her the left bud and I took the right.

"I wasn't sure how loud you might have been, so I figured this would be the safest way to listen," I joked. She didn't laugh; obviously she was a little embarrassed at the recollection of the performance I was about to review.

One click of the mouse and the movie began playing on her monitor. It opened with her standing fully dressed next to a king-sized bed in what was obviously a very upscale hotel room. We watched through shaky camera work as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. I suddenly recognized the pink blouse as the one she had worn to work that day. It dawned on me that the skirt was the same as well, and I smiled.

I placed my hands on the slightly padded shoulders or her blouse and said quietly, "Nice touch." She didn't respond, but I'm quite sure she was pleased that I noticed.

The movie continued wither her opening her blouse and showing what I was certain was the same lacy bra as well. I slipped my hands off her shoulders and inside her blouse in acknowledgement of my appreciation. An almost imperceptible moan escaped her lips as I squeezed her breasts gently with my warm hands through her bra.

Within a few minutes the woman on the screen was down to nothing more than a pair of thigh-high stockings and shiny black pumps with at least a four-inch heel. She looked so damn sexy that I told her I was tempted to make her undress right there for me, so I could see the same thing live. Before she could protest, I assured her that it would have to be another time, as the risks of getting caught were just too great.

The scene cut to Adrienne lying on the bed with her head propped up by several pillows and her legs spread wide to display the fingers of her right hand at work between them. Evan was obviously enjoying the show, as he began making comments about how sexy Adrienne was and how turned on she was making him. She taunted and teased him by saying that she didn't need him to get satisfaction - that she was perfectly capable of making herself happy without him. I noted that she used his name several times during this exchange, as I had instructed. The way the picture was shaking, I'm sure Evan was as focused on satisfying himself as much he was on trying to keep the camera still.

I slipped my hand inside Adrienne's bra and began gently pinching both her nipples simultaneously. Her low moans became clear groans of pleasure, and it was obvious to me that she was losing her inhibition over her debut as a porn-star. "Do you like what you see, Sir?" she asked in a sexy voice.

"Very much," I said emphatically, "You are one hot woman."

"You're making me one hot woman right now," she admitted. My fingers squeezed her nipples a little harder in response.

On screen my little porn queen continued playing with her swelling sex, and it looked to me like there wasn't much acting involved either. Her genuine state of excitement was obvious as the camera zoomed in on the two glistening fingers she pulled from her soaking pussy. The camera followed as she brought them up to her mouth and slid them slowly between her lips, as she began thrusting them in and out in blowjob fashion. I felt my own cock straining against my pants at the incredible scene unfolding before me.

I watched as Adrienne rolled over onto her knees, her ass high in the air and face buried in the pillows. The camera focused tightly on two fingers that peaked out from between her legs and plunged into her gaping hole. After fucking herself with her fingers in close-up for several minutes, she slid her dripping fingers across her clit in small, slow, teasing circles before gradually moving them more quickly and intentionally over her swollen pleasure bud.

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