tagBDSMWho's The Boss? Ch. 05

Who's The Boss? Ch. 05


Author's Note: Although you can enjoy the story as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the earlier chapters in order to get the context of this story.

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The rest of the week and most of the next was nothing but a flurry of continual sexual encounters between Adrienne and myself. I had her suck me off pretty much at will: several times in the parking garage, and twice in the office bathroom, binding her hands with her stockings as I had in the restaurant. On Wednesday during lunch I at last relented and fucked her on every piece of furniture in her office. Late one night I gave her a quick pounding from behind in my own office with the door wide open, remaining mostly dressed and hoping that no one else was around. Friday morning I had her show me the park and the tree from her fantasy. I fulfilled it in every detail, fucking and licking her to a long string of orgasms until she begged me for mercy.

I was purposefully pushing the limits as hard and fast as I could, seeing if she would back down at all. She didn't. Every encounter seemed to leave her more eager than ever for my control, for more of my total domination. Her insatiable appetite and eager compliance totally blew my mind.

By the close of business Friday it was I who was at the breaking point - totally exhausted and sexually spent. Adrienne stopped by my office on her way out the door and inquired in a hushed voice about my weekend plans, giving me a wink that made it obvious that she hoping we could hook up at some point. She whispered that her husband was out of town and wondered if we could play at her place for the first time. The idea intrigued me, but I made up some lame excuse about needing to take care of some stuff around my place and told her that I'd see her Monday. The look of disappointment was obvious, but she didn't protest. Such a good and obedient submissive.

I scratched down a note and handed it to her. "Masturbate a minimum of five times before Monday morning. Each must be different than the others. Each must be reported to me immediately in your journal."

- - - - - -

Saturday night I sat down at my computer to see if she'd written any of her masturbation reports. With her husband out of town, the tireless slut had already accomplished seven orgasms, making detailed entries, as instructed, within minutes of finishing each one. One using her favorite bullet vibrator. One sitting on her back porch completely naked. One just using her fingers before going to sleep. These first three were on Friday night. Saturday brought four more orgasms by dinnertime. She got off using the massaging showerhead first thing in the morning. She came three more times that day, including once in the car in the parking lot of the grocery store. I left a few naughty and encouraging comments on some of the reports and went to get another beer from the fridge.

When I returned to the computer, I decided on a lark to read back through the entirety of her journal since we'd started this crazy little tryst. Reading the lurid reports of her self-pleasuring had made me more than a little horny, and I thought I'd just beat off while reliving some of our amazing experiences. But as I read an uncomfortable feeling began to well up inside, and the more I read the more the unsettling feeling grew over the bizarre turn my life had suddenly taken.

I had turned my boss into my personal sex slave. It was a fantasy-come-true, allowing me to realize my dominant potential as never before. I was getting all the hot, raunchy sex I could stand and more. But as I paused to look at it things somewhat pragmatically, I realized that I was completely fucking with this woman's life in a most cavalier manner. As I congratulated myself on helping her find fulfillment in embracing her true submissive nature, I had to admit that having her so completely addicted to my control without any consideration of where this would end up was completely unfair. She had obviously fallen hard for me and was pretty desperate for more than I was willing to give her.

The guilt and anguish grew as I thought of a startling analogy. It was as if I had bought and trained a puppy, getting it totally attached to me and dependent on my provision, but without any consideration as to what I was going to do when the thing grew into an adult dog. I would never do that to an animal, yet I was doing it with a human being. The thought made me deeply remorseful of the way I'd handled the whole thing.

I quickly composed an email, instructing Adrienne to meet me at the office Sunday morning. Keeping up my domination so as not to arouse her suspicion, I told her to wait for me naked at her desk.

- - - - - -

After a restless night's sleep, I had a hard time getting out of bed the next morning. When I called to tell her I was running late she was already at her desk, naked as instructed, and obviously feeling very randy.

"I'm aching for you, Sir," she cooed. "Please hurry."

"Are you wet, my little slut?" I asked.

"Yes, extremely. Listen," she said emphatically. She lowered the receiver between her legs and let me listen to her sloshing her fingers in and out of her sopping gash.

"Catch that?" she asked. "That a cunt that needs to be fucked badly, Sir. Your cunt!"

"Still in such need after seven orgasms yesterday?"

"Actually ten now, including the one last night and the two this morning, Sir, but yes still very much in need. It's going to be eleven if you don't get here soon," she giggled.

"You are my total slut, aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir."

"There will be consequences if you come any more before I'm there to watch you," I said sternly, doing my best not to tip my hand. "I'll be there soon enough."

I mulled my speech over in my mind all the way to work, and went straight to her office to deliver it so as not to loose my resolve. Was I really about to give up having a total sex slave?

When I knocked on her office door, she unlocked and opened it, greeting me naked except for her thigh-high stocking and heels.

"I know you said naked, and I hope you don't find this to be disobedience. I just know how you much you like me in stockings and heels. You can punish me if you want to."

I was completely out of domination mode. "It's fine," I said, her words barely registering in my head as I tried to stay focused on what I was about to do. Having her standing there looking so hot wasn't helping any either.

As soon as she closed and locked the door she was on her knees unzipping my pants. Before I could protest my hard cock was pressing against the back of her throat as she fondled my balls gently. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do this - give up this fabulous treatment for the sake of decency. She was obviously happy enough with what was going on, right?

She brought me to the brink repeatedly until my head was spinning with desire. Finally she stood and turned to place her hands on her desk, bending over and pointing her cute little ass directly at me, spreading her legs enough for me to see her wet and wanting slit.

"If it is your desire, please Sir, come fuck your little slut. Please take your pussy and use it hard and fill it with your wonderful warm seed," she begged lustily.

Who was under whose spell here? There was no way I could resist and walked over to her, shedding my shoes and pants along the way. I pressed balls deep into her soaked pussy in a sudden, single motion. She gasped and cried out with pleasure. "Yes!!" It was only moments before I was covering her ass with huge streaks of come.

"I put my seed where I will, slut. Remember that."

"Thank you, Sir. I love your come wherever you choose to put it," she sighed as she reached for the box of tissues on her desk.

"You are one hot slut, Adrienne. God you are good."

"I am your hot slut, Sir. And yours alone." She wiped the sticky globs from her backside as she continued. "I've broken it off with Evan. I want to be totally yours."

"Jeeze, Adrienne, I wish you hadn't done that," I said with an irked tone.

"Why not, Sir? I want to be free to totally focus on you and only you." She was clearly confused by my lack of enthusiasm over her act of dedication.

"We need to talk," I said seriously. "Get dressed."

As I pulled on my pants and shoes, I watch her pull on her short little skirt and a sheer silk blouse that clearly showed her lovely, bra-less tits. She wasn't making this any easier. We took a seat on the long leather couch in her office, a couch I'd fucked her on at least once in the past week, but I actually couldn't even remember how many times. This was going to be more difficult than I thought.

"Look, Adrienne," I said, scooting back form her slightly so the scent of her intoxicating perfume wouldn't distract me so much. "I've had a wonderful time with you these past few weeks. I mean it's been amazing and incredible - more intense and pleasurable than anything I've ever experienced."

"You've awakened me to a life I never knew I wanted so badly - now I need it so badly. I owe you everything, and I'm never going back," she interjected enthusiastically.

"Let me say this without interruption, please. I need to get this out," I said, the tension and frustration clear in my voice.

Suddenly aware of where this was going, her face fell into a desperately forlorn expression. "OK. Go ahead. Ruin my life."

"That's just it - I'm already ruining your life, you see." I could tell she wanted to argue, but she sat quietly, biting her tongue. "What I'm doing isn't fair to you. We have nowhere to go from here. I mean it's hopeless, and it's time we face the truth of that. I know you want more than I can give you right now, and I don't think it's fair to you to keep using you like I am."

"I want you to use me," she said impulsively, quickly apologizing. "Sorry, I'll be quiet."

"I think it's time we lay all our cards on the table. I wanted to meet with you this morning to tell you that I thought we should end things between us - just go back to being boss and employee. I've been thinking a lot about this, and I can see it's going to end badly, with you getting very hurt and with us being bitter enemies. It could even end with both of us losing out jobs. I don't want that. I feel like I've awakened you to a life of submission that by your own admission is something you truly desire. The problem is, I can't see how to give you the emotional bond you desire to go with it. You see, I don't love you Adrienne. I have a very strong attraction to you physically - I mean you are one hot woman. And the sex is great, amazing really - the best I've ever had. But that's all it is - incredible sex with a very hot woman. You deserve more than that from a man who would be called your Master."

I looked over at her and saw the look of rejection on her face as she stared down at the floor. I knew this was unfamiliar territory for her. She'd always gotten whatever she wanted, by whatever means necessary. I place my hand on her exposed thigh just above the knee in a gesture of consolation. She pulled her leg away and shifted out of my reach.

"Can I say something now, please Sir?" The sadness in her voice broke my heart.

"Yes. And you can drop the 'Sir' part."

"You are still my Sir, even if I am not your little slut any more," she said curtly. "Look, you've been very straight with me since this started. You've made it clear that this was just about sex and submission, about helping me to explore my submissive desires, that there was nothing more to it than that. I'll admit to falling hard for you, Sir. I want more than to just be your little slut, as much as I love being that. I also want to be your lover. In the short time since we began I'll admit I've fantasized about leaving my husband and becoming your full-time, live-in slave, serving you as my loving Master. But I know it's just fantasy, and you've made no promises - I have no false expectations. I really don't understand why you think you've got to dump me to protect me. I'm a grown woman."

I could tell that she was holding back tears. Her submissive tendencies not withstanding she was an incredibly strong woman.

"I like you Adrienne. I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't you think cutting me off suddenly like this hurts? After stirring me up to this whole submissive reality, you're going to just cut me off cold with nowhere to turn to, no one to turn to? That's damn torture!" She was becoming increasingly agitated.

"The longer I let this go the more it's going to hurt you. You know it's true."

"That's bullshit," she fired back, suddenly becoming aggressive. "I'm a grown woman. I know what I'm getting into, and I can decide for myself if it's what I want or not. Just because I'm learning to get in touch with my submission doesn't mean I can't think for myself or make decisions about my own well-being. I need this, Jason. I need it to continue. You yourself told me so."

"Maybe with someone else," I suggested. "Someone who can see it through to some kind of logical conclusion. Someone who doesn't work for you maybe."

"I don't want it with someone else. I don't even know if I can surrender to anyone else the way I can to you. And I don't want to try. I want your control."

Her resolve surprised me. This is not how I had rehearsed it. I figured I'd tell her it was over, that I didn't love her, that I would likely never love her. Then she'd cry and tell me to get out. Shit, I thought maybe she'd even fire me on the spot just for spite. I suppose if I'd considered it more carefully I would have guessed that she was stronger than that. She was a woman who goes after what she wants with relentless tenacity. Why should submission be any different?

I stood and moved in front of her. "Let's both take a few days to think things over. I want you to really think about your options and what's best for you in the long run. We'll talk about it later. How about Tuesday lunch?"

Adrienne looked up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, and sad as they were, there was fire in them. She said in a strong, unwavering voice, "I don't need a few days, but if you do that's fine. I know what I want, and I want you, us, no conditions attached - just Master and his little slut. I'll take whatever you can give me. You just have to decide if you want to keep getting the best sex of your life or throw it all away for some fake bullshit guilt complex. The choice is really yours. I'm here for your use any time you are ready to take me. Just say the word."

She reached over and rubbed my cock, still semi-erect, through my pants. "You know you still want it. Your cock can't lie."

I stood and move toward the door. Turning toward her I said, "We'll talk on Tuesday."

My head was spinning as I rode the elevator down to the parking garage. Here, for once in my life, I was doing what I thought was the right thing, in spite of what was in it for me, and she threw it right back in my face. Was she really willing to settle for being nothing more than my personal fuck-toy, with no commitment or emotional attachment whatsoever? Was I willing to use her as one?

You bet I was. As I emerged from the elevator and entered the parking garage my short-lived flash of principled inspiration was history.

- - - - - -

I mulled over my next steps as I drove home. If it was total sexual domination she wanted, that was what I would give her. And there was no reason to wait until Tuesday. I called her office from my cell phone.

Her voice mail answered and left her a somewhat curt message. "For the record I just want to make it clear that I gave you a chance to back out of this and you declined. I hope you are ready for what's ahead, because after this there is no looking back."

She returned my call from her cell phone about fifteen minutes later, just as she was leaving work.

"I think I made it pretty clear that I wasn't interested in looking back," she said frankly. "So whatever it is you have in mind is good by me. Like I said, I am totally yours to do with as you please, Sir."

"Very well then, my little slut, get ready for the ride of your life. We'll start now if you really think you are ready."

"Ready and willing, Sir."

"Every time you hit a red light on your drive home, you'll unbutton one button on your blouse. Once you get them all opened, I want you to flash your tits at any random guy who stops next to you at the next red light. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir. But how will you know if I really do as you've asked?"

"Because you want this to be real. And the thought of doing it for me, of absolute obedience to me, compels and excites you. I have no doubt about your obedience, Adrienne."

"Shall I record the details of this little adventure in my journal afterward?"

"Yes, of course, my little slut. I want you to tell me how it made you feel to expose yourself just to please me. I look forward do reading about it."

Later that night I read with delight of her complete adherence to my instructions. She went one better, flashing her tits at everyone pulled up beside her at every red light after the last of her buttons were opened, five times in all. She also relayed her eleventh and final masturbatory experience of the weekend, using the pulsating jets of her jacuzzi tub on her clit as she replayed in her mind the scene we enjoyed that morning in her office with me coming all over her ass. She apologized for coming without my permission and said that she knew it might mean there would be a consequence. She hoped so.

Relentless slut! My very own relentless slut! Mine without conditions! Unbelievable!

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