tagBDSMWho's The Boss? Ch. 07

Who's The Boss? Ch. 07


Author's Note: Although you can enjoy the story as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the earlier chapters in order to get the context of this story.

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The morning's amazing experience with my boss and her secretary left me reeling.

But there was no sense wasting any time. It all seemed too good to be true, and who knew when all it was going to come crashing down around me? After lunch I went by Nikki's desk. She greeted me with her usual pleasant smile, but in her eyes there was a different kind of sparkle. Nikki's desk was in an alcove in front of Adrienne's office but within earshot of several offices and a cluster of desks in the large open working area of our office. I had already decided that I would need to use extra caution at all times while "playing" in the office.

"I guess with all that's going on around here you are going to have to work late tonight." I nodded my head slightly to indicate what I wanted her answer to be.

"Yeah, I think so. So much to be done." She winked.

"Do you suppose you could spare a few minutes to help me out with a presentation on the MLS project?"

"Sure Jason. I'll do what I can. What did you have in mind?" She raised her eyebrows at me in a sexy little way that made it hard not to laugh out loud.

"I don't want to bother you with it right now. Maybe you can come by my office after you've finished all your other work tonight. Doesn't really matter what time it is. I'll be here really late."

"OK. Well, it will probably be after seven. That OK?"


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At about 7:15 that evening Nikki tapped on my door and entered my office. She informed me that she'd scouted out the office and as far as she could tell, we were the only two people there. Still, I had her shut and lock the door anyway.

"Take off your shirt," I instructed her sternly and without explanation as soon as the door was closed. She stood opposite my desk as she unbuttoned and removed her conservative steel blue cotton blouse, folded it neatly and handed it to me with two hands. I saw for the second time that day that she wore only an ordinary cotton full-coverage bra over the ample chest that I had covered in come just hours earlier.

As I took the neatly folded shirt from her and tossed it onto my desk, I said, "You don't need to do the folding routine for me. Your former Mistress may have required it of you, but I do not. It wastes my time. Do you understand, cunt?" I was trying to gain some sense of the sincerity of her desire to submit to me, or whether she had simply defaulted into it out of deference for Adrienne's wishes.

"Yes, Sir."

"One other thing. Until I decide otherwise, I think I will continue to address you as my cunt. However, since that is the name your Mistress gave you, I would like to know if my use of her name for you poses any problems."

"No, Sir. I will be your cunt, or whatever you decided to name me."

"Very well. Now, cunt, give me that bra too." She removed and handed it to me without folding it. Quick learner, I thought. Her full, shapely breasts were a delight to behold. I guessed that they were at probably a 34C, maybe D. Her quarter-sized areoles were dark and smooth, surmounted by thick, perky nipples, each adorned by a tiny barbell piercing.

"It's a shame to place such beautiful breasts inside such despicably plain lingerie."

"Yes, Sir." In her reaction I gauged neither insult nor offense. She seemed simply intent on absorbing my comments, and I was still having trouble assessing her desire to submit. She seemed compliant enough, but I was after more than compliance. I wanted her total surrender.

"Has your Mistress controlled your attire in any way?"

"No, Sir. She allows me to dress as I please at the office. Only at home she has always required me to be naked unless she instructed specifically otherwise."

I paused to consider the pleasant picture of Nikki's shapely body prancing naked around her apartment. "I would like you to continue that practice as well."

"As you desire, Sir," she replied demurely.

"I suppose your panties are just as hideous as the bra?"

She simply shrugged.

"That's what I thought. Show me."

Nikki unzipped her loosely pleated knee length black cotton blend skirt, dropping it to the floor. My suspicions were confirmed by the revelation of her ordinary beige cotton Hanes panties.

"Oh god," I gasped with disgust. "Take them off immediately. Throw them in the trash, along with that dreadful bra of yours. And put your clothes back on without them."

Obediently and without comment Nikki peeled down her panties, revealing, to my delight, a completely shaved pussy, and tossed them into the trashcan beside my desk. She picked up her bra off my desk and tossed it in the can as well. Submission? Perhaps.

While she pulled on her skirt I continued. "I like you're your clean-shaven cunt, very sexy. No doubt another of your former Mistress's requests -- all the better to eat you with? You will also continue to keep yourself shaved for me."

Nikki giggled and looked at me with a wry smile. "But, Sir, Mistress had all my pubic hair permanently removed with lasers."

We both laughed out loud at the absurdity of my command. "Oh, well then, it will be easy for you to obey me in that, won't it?"

"Yes, Sir, very easy," she chuckled.

"Now, how about something a little more challenging? I would venture to guess that the remainder of your lingerie collection is similarly outdated and unattractive. Am I correct?"

"I've never paid much attention to it. I suppose I would describe most of what I have as fairly simple," she answered matter-of-factly.

"Well, when you get home I want you to throw away every bra and every pair of panties you own. Everything. Got it?"

"Yes Sir. Um, but will you require me to go without any underwear in the future then?" She was just finishing buttoning up her blouse, her pierced nipples showing nicely through the light cotton fabric.

"Well, here's the deal. I've often wondered why a young woman with your delicious figure dresses so conservatively. But as much as I'd like to change that, I can't very well suddenly and completely change the way you dress. People would start to ask questions. As I've explained to Adrienne, we need to proceed with caution here."

She took a seat in the chair across from me and responded with a thoughtful look. "I guess I've always been a little shy about my body. Mistress, I mean Adrienne thought that by keeping me naked at home, I'd grow more comfortable with my body, but it didn't work out that way. I never minded being naked for her around my apartment, it was a simple act of obedience, but it never translated into more provocative dress or anything. I don't really know why. Clothes, including lingerie, have never really mattered much to me."

"Well, regardless, it matters to me, and I plan to start by revamping what you wear underneath your clothes. I have a penchant for fine and feminine lingerie, and in this you will learn to please me. Since you seem to own no lingerie that remotely appeals to me, I am going to replace it all with what I like."

"But if I throw away everything tonight when I get home, what will I wear tomorrow?

"Tomorrow night we'll do a shopping trip together to Arbor Court Mall, where I intend to outfit you with a completely new lingerie wardrobe. As for tomorrow, I suppose you'll just have to do without a bra or panties for a day. Can you obey me in this?"

"Yes, Sir. It will be a challenge, as you say, 'not to raise suspicions,' but I can come up with some properly concealing clothes."

"Very good, cunt. You may go now."

- - - - - - - - -

The next day was extremely hectic at work, and passed without any advancement in the use of my two slaves. That night I had Nikki meet me at the mall, which I'd chosen because it was on the far side of town, and we spent the evening shopping for the kind of lingerie wardrobe I desired for her.

At the first stop, a bustling mid-scale department store, I stood at a distance as she picked a few items to try on. To her surprise, and under the mild protest of the "helpful" saleswomen flitting about, I joined her in the fitting room as she modeled each item for me. As I reviewed the first few items, which were not to my liking, I explained to her what I found undesirable about them and why they did not properly enhance her appearance.

Though the focus of our outing was on the surrender of her lingerie to my desires, I figured at some point I'd take the opportunity to use her for my pleasure. However, I didn't realize how extremely horny I would become as I watched her try on the lingerie. Plus, I hadn't had any chance to act on the deep sense of lust had been raging inside me since taking ownership of the cunt in Adrienne's office the previous day, though I'd been constantly fantasizing about the delights in store for me with my two beautiful sex slaves.

So after Nikki donned the third selection, a scanty little black lace demi-bra and bikini panty set, I had her pose for a more detailed inspection. I sat on the padded bench and instructed her turn about several times, stroking her lithe body sensually through the lacy fabric as if checking the material and fit. After finally approving of the choice, I asked for her cell phone and clicked several photographs of her in various poses. The damp spot in her panties showed me that Nikki was obviously aroused. Was it the humiliation of people seeing us enter the fitting room together or being subjected to my careful inspection and subsequent photos? I had also been purposefully commenting on her lovely, near-naked body and the appearance of the lingerie loudly enough that others in the next booth would likely hear, and I'm sure some also easily identified the faux shutter sound of her cell phone camera.

By the time I finished clicking the sexy pictures, I had a raging hard-on, so I instructed Nikki to kneel between my legs by pointing to the floor between my feet as I worked my cock out of my pants. She knew exactly what I wanted, and went at it fervently and without hesitation. Within a few minutes her talented mouth was rewarded with a significant load of my spunk. She eagerly slurped up every bit, and then licked me clean.

After having her pose in a few more styles that I pretty much knew would be rejects, which I used to further inform her of my dislikes and preferences, I sent her back out on the showroom floor to make her own selection of something she thought I would approve of. This assignment had two purposes: first, to see how willingly she would face those who likely knew exactly what was going on in our dressing room, thus furthering her humiliation, and to test her ability to select lingerie according to my desires. She did an excellent job, choosing a pretty red set. The bra was a simple satin number, cut in a way that seriously enhanced her cleavage. The little thong panties were indeed a delight, and showed off her sexy ass perfectly. After a few more pictures, I paid for our purchases and left for the next shop, amidst knowing looks from the sales women and patrons alike.

No lingerie shopping trip could be considered complete without the required visit to Victoria's Secret, so that was our next stop. My lust was sated for the time being, so I did little to arouse myself or subjugate Nikki during out time there. We did pick up some delightful lingerie, however, including several garter belts and a variety of stockings, along with several bras and a dozen or so different pairs of sexy panties.

This particular mall also happened to have a Frederick's store, which is part of the reason I had selected it. As we stood out front of the store I simply gave Nikki the instruction to go into the store and locate one of the saleswomen whom she found attractive. I told her to inform the woman that she was looking to buy her first corset and needed help finding and fitting it. She was to make sure the woman would help her into the corset and assist with lacing it up and checking the fit.

"When you find one you think I'll approve of and have it fitted, send the saleswoman to fetch me to see it on you. Make it clear to her that I must approve of it. In fact, please inform her that I must approve of any lingerie you wear. I'll be waiting right here," I said pointing to the bench a few feet away.

About fifteen minutes later a pretty, petite blonde approached me and blushed deeply as she said, "Nikki is ready for you to come and approve of her corset selection."

"Thank you for helping her, Miss -- "

"Alison. I'm Alison," she said sweetly.

"Thank you Alison. Did you have any trouble finding one with a good fit?" I said, as we headed together back toward the fitting room with me right behind her, ogling her cute ass as it swayed in her tight black dress pants.

"Oh no," she replied enthusiastically, "I think you'll be very pleased. She looks very lovely in it."

Alison knocked on the door and opened it just enough for me to enter. Nikki was an absolute knockout standing there laced tightly into a fine black jacquard full corset. I ran my hands over the taut waistline and up over her proud breasts.

"Nicely done, Alison," I said in a loud voice, assuming that she was waiting outside the door for my verdict. "It's perfect."

I opened the door and stepped out, leaving the door agape to expose Nikki's beautifully corseted body to anyone who might pass by. "We'll take this one and one in red and another in white, please. I'll need a matching g-string and a thong for each color as well. Can you see to it?"

"Of course," she replied and walked off to fetch the additional items.

I stepped back inside with Nikki to find her gazing at herself in the mirror. "How do you like what you see?"

"It's about the sexiest thing I've ever worn," she gushed as she brushed her hands over the satiny material. "It's tight but not uncomfortable. It feels so engulfing and constraining yet deliciously freeing and sexually empowering at the same time. I can't really explain it. "

"You certainly look fantastic. I want you to wear a corset into the office at least once a week for me. Do you think you can learn to lace it up by yourself?"

"I think so. I'll do my best."

"Well, if you need Adrienne to cinch you up another inch or two after you get to work, you certainly can."

I paid for everything and we moved on.

At our last stop, a ritzy upscale department store, I switched tactics a bit and turned up the heat significantly. We walked together to the entrance of the dressing room area, where a tall, sophisticated, brown-haired woman was arranging items returned from the fitting rooms and managing the general flow of people and clothing articles in and out.

I smiled pleasantly at the woman as I slipped my arm around Nikki's waist. "Good evening, Ma'am. My name is Jason. My girl Nikki and I are here to refresh her lingerie wardrobe to something a bit more stylish and up-to-date, something more to my liking. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter."

"Good evening, Sir, Ma'am. My name is Nataliya, and I vood be gladt to assist you." She put forth her hand while speaking and I took it in mine, squeezing gently, holding a bit longer than decorum would permit. Her name and thick accent sounded Russian to me. The sexy accent, together with her tall, slender appearance and form-fitting skirt and top caused my cock to stir immediately. I'm sure Nikki noticed her too.

Nikki blushed as she and Nataliya shook hands. "Thank you," Nikki said shyly.

I took out my wallet and handed the saleswoman a fifty-dollar bill as her eyes widened. "I know it is almost closing time, but perhaps you could stay a few extra minutes to help us finalize our purchases? I'm sure your manager will understand, as I hope to become a regular customer here, assuming we are well treated and your merchandise is satisfactory. I do tend to spend a great deal of money on lingerie."

"Of course," she replied gratefully, folding and slipping the bill into the tiny hip pocket of her skirt.

"Nataliya, I think we should start with something very sheer and rather feminine, perhaps in a pale blue? Will you help Nikki find something like that?" I took a seat in the comfortable leather chair outside the dressing rooms and watched the two women head for the lingerie section of the store. A few minutes later the two returned, and I caught Nikki checking out Nataliya several times as the strolled toward me. Nataliya carried two selections: one was a whisper-thin underwire bra and low-rise panty set; the other, not quite so sheer as the first, had a camisole top instead of a bra and matching g-string panties.

Nikki took one of the sets and the two women help up the choices for my review. "Hmmm. It's difficult to choose. They are both beautiful but so different. I think I'll need to see them on," I said in a matter-of-fact way. "Go change and let me know when you are ready to show me."

Nikki headed obediently into the dressing room, and Nataliya went back to sorting the stack of clothes that had been discarded haphazardly by the day's shoppers. I watched her lasciviously as she went about her duties. She knew I was watching her, too, because each time she glanced over at me my eyes were fixed on her, obviously looking her up and down. I made no attempt to hide my stares, yet it didn't seem to make her uncomfortable, as she always held my gaze for several seconds before looking away. She was probably used to having men check her out, and I figured her for the type that enjoyed it. Her legs were long and slender beneath her simple black pencil skirt. Her slim waist and slight bust were highlighted by the tightly fitted cut of her stretchy cap-sleeved white button-up blouse. She was long and thin, but not at all waif-ish or boney. Though she wasn't exactly my preferred body type, I definitely found her very alluring and attractive.

She may have been slightly more uncomfortable with how I was looking her over if she knew I was also trying to discern whether or not I could get her to join in on the degradation of my cunt? I detected no offense at the mild domination of Nikki that I'd intentionally displayed in front of her so far, but I wanted to find out whether she might be willing to play a part in it. I wanted to press things with her, but I certainly didn't want her to end up calling security on us. It would be a fine line to walk until I knew if she was in.

I stood and walked over to the rack where she was hanging up some clothes and leaned against the wall. "You know Nikki and I, we have a special kind of relationship."

Nataliya replied without looking up. "You don't need to explain to me."

"I just didn't want you to be offended by my actions," I tried to explain anyway.

"People has a right to live how dey like to do. Dats how I feel."

"Well, it's refreshing to meet someone as open-minded as you are, especially someone as attractive as you are. I'm very glad we came her tonight."

"I am also glad," she admitted, as she gave me what I took to be a slightly naughty smile. Still, her answers left me with some ambiguity as to her willingness to participate in the evening's escapades, but before I could follow up on my line of inquiry, Nikki called out.

"Jason," I heard from the dressing room. "I'm ready."

I looked into the elegant Russian woman's eyes, seeking permission to enter where men were clearly not normally allowed. Seeing as how Nikki and I were the only customers, she nodded me in. I went to the door of Nikki's room and opened it slowly. Rather than enter, however, I stood in the open doorway and made my examination. I motioned Nikki to me and she stepped cautiously forward, anxiously looking through the doorway for anyone else who might be present.

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