tagIncest/TabooWho's The Dumbass Now Dad Ch. 03

Who's The Dumbass Now Dad Ch. 03


I would like to thank Chasp for editing this story for me.

All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.


As I awoke the next morning, my mind traveled back to the previous night, and all that had unfolded. I couldn't help but wonder how Sis was going to react after she caught mom and I, and what would she do now that she knew all that had transpired in her absence. However, I also was interested in Dad and how he set me and mom up from the beginning. I was determined to set my full concentration on figuring out what my father's hidden agenda might be.

Was it because Sis wouldn't approve of mom and me, and that perchance she would feel some sympathy for him by seeing us together? Or was it possibly to get Sis used to the idea of having sex with another family member?

I thought long and hard on the subject, but in the mist of all my thinking, my psyche got stuck on seeing Dad and Sis together again. And as before I pictured them both entangled in each other's arms. I watched as Sis slowly worked her hand inside Dad's pants and freed his hardened dick and said "I'm here for you, Daddy. Princess is going to make it all better." Her fingers tickled his balls and made him grunt in joy.

As their forbidden romp unfolded in my mind, I found my own hand inching closer to my stiffening pole. I closed my eyes and decided to just enjoy my imaginary journey into this twisted fantasy that was exciting me so much.

My hand stroked on my dick as Sis eased herself close to Dad's throbbing penis and slipped it deep inside her mouth.

"Ohh... Fuck," I said out loud as the image brought me closer to my own release. My hand went faster as I watched Sis increase her bobbing on Dad's cock, his noisy grunts echoing in my mind.

But I quickly stopped as I felt the touch of a strange hand grasp around my excited dick and snap me out of my perverted fantasy.


"Shhh... you'll wake everyone," she said as her fingers lightly stroked up and down my shaft.

"Ohh... Ohh... shit," I whimpered as her face inched closer to my protruding tool.

"I've thought about your cock all night," she said as her sweet wet lips kissed and slipped over my stiff pole.

I closed my eyes and relished the feeling she was sending throughout my entire body, as her tempo increased along with my pleasure. I opened my eyes and watched intently as she skillfully sucked away on me, and I thought about how much she resembled my Sis.

It didn't take long before my imagination ran wild and I pictured Sis slurping hungrily on my meat, and my cock stiffened more as my deranged thoughts pushed me over the edge.

I became so excited by my fantasy my hand quickly gripped tightly to my imaginary lover's bobbing head and pushed her down harder on me as my hips thrust up sending my entire cock down her silky throat.

"Oh... Fuck... Sis!!!" I moaned before I realized what I'd said.

Rebecca quickly stopped upon hearing my ploy and slipped her mouth away.

"Sis?" Rebecca questioned as our eyes met.

I didn't know how to respond. Nevertheless, before I could think of some bullshit excuse Rebecca moved closer to my ear and as her hand lightly stroked on my pole, she whispered "You want to fuck your sister also don't you?"

I felt my dick jump and expel some precum as her taunting words sent new erotic pleasures though my body.

"Oh... Such a naught boy, Mike. First your mom and now your sister."

"No... I... I... Oh shit!!!" I said as her hand tightened around my stiff shaft and brought me closer to coming.

"Shhh... It's okay... just close your eyes and picture her stroking you."

I did just that, and felt my nutsack boil its hot seed to its pending release.

"I bet she would be a hot fuck, Mike. Having her sweet little pussy trying to take all of your cock inside her would be a dream come true, wouldn't it?"

I couldn't hold back any more as my ass bucked off the bed. "Oh fuck... I'm going to cum," I exclaimed and Rebecca quickly sucked my cock back in her mouth, just as I exploded.

I felt my entire shaft slip down her throat as my dick pumped and spurted its juices.

"Oh Rebecca... You're so fucking good at this," I said as I spewed the last of my seed inside her mouth.

I watched as she slowly eased my dick out and licked her lips.

"Mmm, Mike, your Sister doesn't know what she's missing, but maybe we can change that."

"What are you saying?"

"Maybe I can nudge her into actually wanting you."

I felt my dick again begin to harden.

"Would you be willing to fuck your Sister, Mike?"

"I... I'm not sure," I said, but in fact, the thought did get me quite excited.

Rebecca looked down at my penis as it slowly grew in size again.

"I think you can do it, Mike. I see your dick is warming up to the idea of sliding inside her."

It was true. My wicked thoughts had betrayed what little morals I had left. I indeed wanted to fuck my own Sister.

"Okay I would like it, but I don't think Sis would ever go for it. I heard how disgusted she sounded after hearing Dad wanted to fuck her."

"I didn't say it wouldn't take some effort to sway her, Mike. I said I might be able to get her interested. The rest would be up to you."

Just then it hit me. Another plan was building in my brain. If Dad truly did all this for a crack at Sis, what would he do if he saw me fucking her? Now I needed for this to happen.

"Rebecca I think I have an idea on how to get back at my father also," I said as I explained to her what I had in mind.

After I laid out the quick details on my new endeavor, Rebecca agreed and headed for the door.

"I think it might work, Mike," she said and quietly slipped out.

I jumped out of bed and dressed before I headed downstairs. I had a couple of things I needed to do before I could put my new plan into action. First thing was to pay my friend Donny a visit. I knew he had to be in on what Dad had planned from the beginning. If it wasn't for the DVD he gave me, I wouldn't have ever believed in Dad's after-work escapades. But before I rushed out I caught Sis standing in the archway to the kitchen with a blank expression on her face.

I tried to speak but abruptly Sis protested before a word could be said.

"How could you, Mike?! With our mother, who willingly fucked you? "It just happened. Well, sort of. However, I'm not sorry it did. If fact, I've never been so happy. I'm sorry if it offends you Sis, but the truth of the matter is I've always wanted mom."

"So that makes it okay? Because you always wanted mom?"

"I'm not going to debate if it's okay or not. I already know how mom and I feel. If you can't be happy for us, maybe living with Dad is the right choice for you. But I know they already told you how Dad wants your sweet little ass for himself, and conned me into making a move on mom without me realizing it. I would bet he's sitting around right now just waiting for you to show up. It shouldn't take him long before your little pussy is sliding up and down his dick and you're begging for more."

Sis slapped me hard on the cheek, but as I saw another smack coming I quickly grabbed her wrist before her hand could connect with my skin.

"Let go of me!"

I eased my grip and apologized for the lewd remarks I'd made. I quickly left and returned with the laptop mom used to film Dad. I set it on the kitchen table and found the movie mom had shown me.

"Watch this and then decided what to think about everything," I said as I walked away and headed out the door. However, again I was distracted. A man in a suit approached me as I walked towards my car.

"Excuse me are you the son of Howard Wilkes?

"Yes, that's my Dad. Why are you asking?"

"My name is Mr. Harold, and I'm an insurance agent. Is your mom at home? I need to ask her some questions concerning your Dad."

"My Dad doesn't live here anymore, and my mother is still sleeping."

"Hmmm... Well do you know a Miss Cabbit, by chance?"

"No... I've never heard of her."

"Well... Miss Cabbit tried to take out a large insurance policy on your father, and to tell you the truth this isn't the first time we've seen her name attached to a policy. She's collected on two others. We've suspected foul play in the previous policies but could never prove it." He said.

His talking had piqued my interest. I wasn't sure if it was Sandy, he was referring to, but I started to put it together.

"You wouldn't happen to have a picture of Miss Cabbit, would you?"

Mr. Harold opened a file and handed me a photo. Sure enough it was her. The picture looked like it had been taken a good distance away and without her knowledge.

"We had her under surveillance, and then she vanished, until now."

I lied and said. "Well, I haven't seen her, but if you give me your business card, I'll contact you if I do."

Mr. Harold gave me his card and thanked me for my time. Things were starting to look up as I expanded my plan to also include my Dad's black widow mistress.

As I arrived at the motel, I had worked out all the details and was sure this time Dad wouldn't be aware of my ploy.

I walked up to the Donny's door and gave it a hard rap. When the door opened I quickly grabbed Donny by the shirt and pushed myself inside, forcing him up against the wall.

"I'm going to kick your ass!" I said as Donny's face filled with fear.

"I know you fucking set me up. Now it's time for you to pay the piper."

"Wait, Mike I'm sorry... Dude..."

I raised my hand and made a fist as I pulled back and aimed it at his face.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't beat the life out of you."

"My Dad forced me to do it. I wanted to tell you, but he would have killed me if I did."

"I'm going to give you a chance to fix this, Donny. I want all the recordings you made of me and my mom."

"What about the ones of your Dad?" he asked.

"Yeah... I want them also, and I'd better not find out you held any back."

"No... I wouldn't do that."

"Yeah... Like I can trust you."

"Seriously, dude, I won't diss you. It was that hooker. She's found the cameras in the rooms and blackmailed my Dad into setting you and your mom up. I was told to tell you about your Dad and give you the DVD."

"Well now I know about your Dad's secret recordings also. You make sure you tell him I'm running the show at the moment, or he'll be doing hard time. As a matter of fact, you're going to lend me some of your cameras and help hide them around my house."

"No problem Mike. When do you need it done?"

"I'll let you know when I'm ready. Now go get the recordings," I said as I let my grip go from his shirt.

Donny left for a couple of minutes and came back with a half-dozen DVDs.

"That's everything," he said as he handed them over to me, and I saw how they all were marked with names and dates. The majority was of Dad and his hookers, but the important one was also in my hand. That magical first night with mom – I found myself getting excited knowing I would be getting a chance to see everything that happened after I left.

"So this is everything?" I asked for good measure.

"Yeah dude that's all of them."

"Okay," I said as I walked back to the exterior door. However, before I exited the premise I turned and gave him a last warning. "Remember to tell your old man what I said."

"I will, Mike." Donny said as I walk outside and headed to my car. I was more confident than ever that this time; I had the upper hand in events. I just needed everything to fall into place. But unlike last time I was going to make sure nothing got rushed. Like a chess game, I was planning three moves ahead.

Dad was going to pay before I was finished, and for once I wasn't going to be the dumbass he thought I was.

I returned home but left the DVDs in my car. I didn't want mom to be aware of what I had done or what I was going to do. I know she spoke of how we needed to trust one another, but I also knew she wouldn't approve of my plan. What started out as a simple son's lust for his sexy mother had exploded into this evil plight to fuck every woman my father had or wanted to have.

I walked into the house and saw everyone was up and about. Mom of course asked where I went so early, and I told her I needed to think. Mom, must have thought I was still upset over hearing the news about Dad and how he manipulated us into having sex.

Sis was sitting on the couch next to Rebecca and was quiet. However, I had to know what she thought about the video. So in front of everyone, I just came out and asked. Mom's mouth dropped open and looked at Sis. I watched as my sister's eyes swelled up with tears.

"Mike, I can't believe you showed her that," Mom said.

"It's okay mom. I think I needed to see it. I didn't think you were telling me the truth last night. I figured you were trying to justify why you and Mike are doing what you're doing."

"And know? What do you think now, after viewing it?" I asked.

"I see it's all true. Even so, I just can't believe this is all happening."

"Well like I said this morning, I'm not going to apologize for the best thing that's happened to me."

Mom turned and smiled at me. I think she would have jumped my bones right there and then if Sis hadn't been around.

"I think I need to go for a walk and clear my head," Sis said as she wiped a tear from her face.

"I'll go with you," Rebecca replied as she held my sister's hand.

Both girls got up and walked out the door leaving me and mom alone. As I heard the door close, mom quickly walked up and pulled me close to her. In seconds, we kissed passionately and ripped our clothes off. At that moment, I didn't care if Sis came back or not. I wanted mom as much as she wanted me, and we acted like a pair of wild dogs in heat.

Mom quickly went to her knees and tugged my trousers to the floor. My stiff cock easily slid into her warm mouth as I pushed her head down further sending my raging dick down her throat.

"Oh... Yeah... Take it, mom. Take it all the way down," I said as I pushed faster and fucked mom's face feverishly. My cum readied as I felt her tongue lick up my shaft and toy with my fat cock head.

"Give it to me, Mike. I want to taste you," mom said as her hand jerked on my stiff pole and caused my legs to go weak.

"Oh... Fuck mom. Here it comes," I said as her mouth once again sucked me inside, and I exploded for the second-time that day.

Mom drank down every ounce I pumped until my dick went limp inside her cum filled mouth. Mom stood up and again, we embraced as I pulled her close and squeezed her firm ass in my hands. Her mound pushed tight against my dick, and I felt how wet she had become. It was my turn to please the women I so very much adored. I slowly kissed down her body and inhaled a succulent firm breast in my mouth. Mom cooed as I worked my tongue over her swollen nipple. I felt her hand reach down, and she stroked on my dick bringing life back into it with ease. I wandered lower and kissed her navel as my hands squeezed her tender ass. I circled my tongue around her belly button and ventured farther down her soft body.

My nose could smell her sweet musk as I closed the distance to her most sacred spot. I paused as I felt her hands take hold of my hair and push me closer to her waiting love hole. With a quick flick of my tongue, I tasted her juices as they dribbled from her pussy lips, and caused her to moan loudly.

"You like this, don't you?" I asked her, as I again gave another quick tickle with my tongue.

"Oh... Yes Mike. Eat me. Eat mommy," she said as she pushed me tightly to her hot cunt.

I buried my face between her legs and thrust my tongue deep inside her honey hole. Mom moaned and bucked as I face fucked her. I eased my right hand around to her ass and wiggled a finger around her brown hole. I felt mom flinch and tighten her ass cheeks every time I ventured close to her anal opening, and a burst of her sweet juices filled my mouth.

"Oh... Mike. Careful back there," mom warned as I kept my presence known at both ends. I tried to work my finger deeper into her tight bunghole, but mom pulled my hand away and held it in hers.

"I never let your Dad back there," mom exclaimed as my tongue danced on her pussy lips. However, hearing how Dad wasn't able to penetrate mom's ass just set another goal I needed to fill.

I worked faster at fucking her pussy with my tongue until she pushed and bucked hard against my face. Her hand clutched tightly to mine as I felt her pussy squeeze and loud moans echoed throughout the house.

"I'm cumming Mike. Mommies cumming!" mom screamed as I held my tongue deep inside her steaming cunt. I felt her entire body convulse as her pussy gushed her sweet nectar, and it covered my face.

When Mom's orgasm subsided, I eased myself up, and again, we kissed madly.

Mom suddenly broke the kiss and shoved me away.

"We better stop before they come back," mom huffed, out of breath.

My cock once again was at full hardness and willing for more action, but she did have a valid point.

If I'm going to get anywhere with Sis I shouldn't risk us getting caught again., I thought.

"You're right mom." I said as I unhappily pulled my pants back up and fixed the rest my attire.

Mom had just finished fixing herself when we heard the front door open and the girls entered, laughing. As they walked into the living room, I became quite puzzled by the fact that my sister had a different look about her. This wasn't the same girl who had left in such disarray. She seemed more uppity and playful. I could only imagine what could have transpired to have changed her attitude in such a way.

As I looked on in amazement at them, Rebecca gave me a quick wink and proceeded to giggle with my Sis, as if there was a secret joke that only they shared.

"So what's so funny?" I asked.

"Umm... Nothing, Mike. Just some girl talk," my sister replied as she grabbed Rebecca's hand and pulled her away up to her room.

I looked at mom and shrugged my shoulders, and she just shook her head and gave a light chuckle herself.

The rest of the day was uneventful. The girls stayed in my sister's room, and mom spent her time tiding up around the house. I finished putting up the last of the holiday decorations before mom called everyone to the family table for dinner.

As we all sat and ate the spaghetti mom had fixed. I found it very enjoyable. Sis acted like her old self as if nothing was different. We had some small talk and banter before our bellies were filled, and mom asked if we would all like to take in a movie at the local theater. The girls all agreed it would be a great idea, but I wasn't too interested in their choice of shows. Of course, it was a chick flick that I would under normal circumstances go and watch with mom. However, this would give me the opportunity I was looking for.

"Mom I think it would be a good idea if you girls went without me. I want to get some things done around here while you're gone."

Mom gave me a look that said - What are you up to? Nevertheless, I didn't tip my hand in anyway as to suggest I was up to anything.

Mom reluctantly agreed and the girls went to get ready. Once I was sure they couldn't hear me, I called Donny and told him tonight was the night.

The girls had been gone for about a half-hour before Donny arrived with the equipment. In no time flat we had all the equipment up and running. The cameras were wireless and small, which made them easy to conceal in various locations around the house. And the recorder I tucked in my closet beside some boxes.

Donny left, and I waited for the girls return. However, after four hours, I started to wonder where they could have gone. I started to get bored just sitting around and remembered the DVDs I left in my car. I retrieved the recordings and went up to my room. Popping the disc of me and mom into my laptop I relaxed on my bed and excitedly watched as my first time with mom played out before my eyes.

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