tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWho's The Tease?

Who's The Tease?


I never realized the power women had over men until I learned to be a tease. There is something so hot and erotic about getting a man turned on, and creating a situation where he cannot have you. I'm not sure I'd be any good in public as a tease, but it's easy on here...

I remember the first time I tried to test my sexual power in a room on the internet. I think I looked for someone loud and rough, someone who was hmmm...how do I put this? One who people were putting down because he was loud and said how he felt...one the room was not fond of. I always looked for the one people didn't like. He may have been an asshole, but I think that was the challenge.

I would make a point of saying 'hello', sending a smile, and at the same time worry that he say...

'Who the fuck are you?...and why are you PMing me?'

Me; playing his game...sending a IM with out permission...how ironic...so far it would go well...we'd talk a bit and he'd start to flirt and I, of course, would jump in...actually getting excited at what the outcome might be...I could feel my nipples swell, my panties getting wet...God I'm glad I can't see his face or he mine.

He'd ask what I was doing in a room like this...meaning a fetish room...I'd send a smile and say 'hmm...probably same thing as you...grins.'

I'd get a ..."OOOOOOOOO really!!!

Then a smile.

Then the fun would begin...him asking me if I had a cam, and would I like to see his...it was clean...I'd smile shyly and say

'Yes I have one.'

There would be a pause, then his invite would appear on my screen waiting for me to accept...my heart would pound and I'd wonder what I'm doing...can I go through with this?

Giving my nipples a hard pinch and tighten my thighs around my pussy a few times...I would reach for the mouse and then accept the invite. God I could have easily cum just with anticipation...I could feel the wetness as my legs fanned back and forth waiting to see what was on his cam.

Then his face would appear...God look at his unshaven face, drinking coffee with one hand and a cigarette in the other, trying to type...I'd just stare and then I'd get a BUZZ...and an IM

'You there?'

I'd quickly type

'Yes sorry...was just looking.'

I would continue my flirting...I'd send a smile and say

'I can't type and look at the same time.'

I'd see a smile come over his face. God, he wasn't so bad looking once he smiled...he'd lick his lips nervously...and I imagined his tongue on my neck; then moving down and over to my nipples...gently sucking one...then the other.

Taking a deep breath I said

'Second...I'll see if I can get my cam to work.'

He would sit back in his chair. He would have had a small pot gut; nothing huge...huge was what was bulging through his pants... OMG...I thought to myself, look at that fucking cock...how does he keep it in there?

My cam would popped on and I'd send the invite...I'd have seen a smile on his face when it showed he excepted and was viewing....then a wide grin...and he would sit up straight in his chair....one hand would go out of sight and I would see his arm moving, I knew he was stroking his cock...and I never said a word.. I'd just very slowly licked my lips, and bite my lower lip...God, would he know my finger was toying with my nipples; would he know that just the thought of this was making my cunt so swollen and wet?

Then I'd get a PM.

'What are you doing? You have that come fuck me look on your face.'

I'd just nervously smile and say

'Do I?'

His hand would work harder at stroking his cock. I would see it. Then I'd take a deep breath and say

'And You ...what are you doing?'

He would smile and say


My hand would slip between my legs as he stood...I'd feel my legs open and there'd be nothing I could do; my eyes would be fixed on his hard cock. I'd lick my lips at the sight of the drop of precum on the head of his cock...my heart would pound...and God I'd swear if I sneezed I'd cum, I think...I was that close.

His hand would go down to his hard shaft and he'd grip it at the base, leaving a good three inches above his fist. He'd grip it so hard, the head of his cock would look like it'd burst...and the cum would drip down the side onto his fist.

My head would go back and then I'd hear this loud, arrogant man say

'Stand up!! Show me your tits...I wanna see those nipples you have been playing with...'

'God,' I thought; 'can I do this? Can I let him see the effect he has on me when I was the one who wanted to tease him!'

I'd watch as he stroked his cock, sitting back in my chair with my legs open for his view...my finger gently rubbing my clit and the other hand pulling, twisting and rolling my nipples... I wouldn't be able to see his face now, only his swollen cock...with his fist wrapped around it...slowly moving up and down...each time a little more cum appearing out of the opening of the head.

Licking my lips I'd slowly stand...my hands now on my tits, tugging and toying with my hard nipples and my swollen breasts ...his grip getting harder and his strokes faster; as I stood there a minute just watching him...my hand slipping down between my legs; my fingers slowly twirling my clit and slipping inside of my swollen cunt....closing my eyes as I imagine his fingers doing it to me...looking down I could feel my juices on my fingers, my thighs wet and I could feel the cool breeze on my wet cunt.

I would sit back down in the chair and watch as he jerked off for me...his balls twitching...his cock so close to the cam I could see it throb... my hands still between my legs and I squeeze tight as my fingers pinch my clit...letting a moan out of me.

He just kept on stroking his cock not saying a word... neither do I.

I would back up in my chair... spreading my legs as my fingers continue their teasing. They find the spot that was going to make me cum, the juices running down the crack of my ass and between my legs; my thighs wet, and the hard bud that is so swollen and sensitive to the touch...I'd moan as I saw the cum flowing from his cock...his grip tighten and the head of his cock get a deep purple color...my fingers fucking my cunt harder...and my legs spread wide as I try to get as many fingers in as I can

Then I'd see him explode; his cock shooting his white cum all over his stomach and thighs...I'd scream as my legs flew open and my fingers fuck my pussy...until I cum...screaming the words; he could not hear


Then erupting into an orgasm I couldn't control...one that sent me over the edge and beyond...I'd never cum so hard...so much...and felt so drained...

When we finished I would sit up and shyly look into the cam...my face a bit flushed.

Looking at the screen and seeing him clean up...I'd think

'God, why can't I be there...why can't I do that?'

Watching him, another orgasm would rip through my body...when I looked up at the screen he'd be settled and smiling.

My face would turn red and he'd ask if I was ok?

I'd shyly smile and say

'Yes, Sir.'

He'd type back...

'Slut, your one hot fucking lady...and one hell of a cock tease...'

I'd just smile and say

'Yeah, but Sir...you like me that way...yes?'

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