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Who's Watching Me


Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you? I don't mean from across a crowded room. I mean someone watching everything you do. It doesn't matter if you are in a store, or alone in your bedroom, you just get this feeling that you can't describe, you just know, there's someone watching your every move. At first, you throw it off as paranoia. But then, slowly, you begin to realize that it's true. Someone knows who you are, knows your every move, and is always watching.

It changes you in ways you can't imagine. Either you watch over your shoulder, only dress in the bathroom, keep your windows and drapes closed at all times or, you can do what I did. Learn to enjoy it. Think about what you're doing all the time, change your habits just to throw him off. And when you feel the urge, drive him crazy by letting him know you know.

At first he scared me, I was ready to call the police. But what are they going to do? I can't prove anything. He's smart; he would never let himself get caught. But I know he's there. I finally resigned myself to the fact that he and I belonged to each other. He was going to keep track of me and after a while it even gave me a sense of security, knowing he was always there.

But every once in a while, it was my turn to play with him. I loved doing things that would drive him crazy. Like purposely not wearing underwear, going thru my day and knowing he knew. By the end of the day I could imagine his rock hard cock pushing into his crotch, just as my fluids would be dripping down my thighs. And sometimes, I'd even hike up my skirt a little so he might catch a glimpse of my cunt lips, maybe glistening with my cum. It used to make me even laugh a little, knowing that he would be watching, wishing he was there touching me.

Today I did something that even surprised me. I spent a lot of time getting ready to go out. I knew he was watching as usual. Nowadays I even keep my drapes open at all times for him. Normally I keep my hair braided but tonight, I decided to do something different. I took my time brushing it in long strokes, making sure it fell over my breasts and as I smoothed my hair down, my hands brushed my nipples. As I looked down I could see them becoming erect and poking out between the strands of hair. I giggled a little thinking what this must be doing to him right now. I felt them tingling a little more than usual, was it the idea of him watching me? I let out a sigh and walked around the room, getting everything together for my night out, black stockings with garters, knee length leather coat, and black high heel shoes, and nothing else.

As I walked out the front door and down the sidewalk, I could feel his presence. He was following me, always at a distance, but he was there. The jacket I was wearing had a slit in the back, not all the way up, but far enough so that when I nonchalantly bent down to pick up my keys that I oh so conveniently dropped on the ground, I could feel his eyes glued to my ass.

I knew he could see just a hint of flesh, where my thigh met my ass. I could feel has gaze boring into me. I felt the trickle of my fluids starting to drip out of my pussy. I wondered if he could see the smile on my face as I slowly stood up and continued on my walk. I thought about him licking his lips and wondering what I taste like. Is his cock throbbing? Is he stroking himself while he watches?

As I continued on, I thought I could hear his footsteps, but every time I stopped, so did he. I thought I caught a glimpse of him as he stepped into the shadows when I turned for just a second. Was that he near the street light? I moved down the sidewalk, feeling him closer than ever before. I started to shiver, not with cold but anticipation. My breathing quickened as the jacket brushed back and forth across my sensitive nipples. I started walking slower as the brush of my thighs seemed to stimulate my clit. What was happening to me? Just from him being so close? I couldn't believe how my body was reacting.

My walk around the block was almost over. I could see the lights from my house up ahead but my steps seemed to be slowing, like I didn't want this interlude to end. I could sense him right behind me as I started to cross the last street before reaching my house. I didn't even notice the car careening around the turn. His arm reached out and grabbed my waist, pulling me back to the curb as the car sped by, tires squealing. I was about ready to faint, from the fear of almost being killed by a car, and from the power I felt holding me close. I could feel him breathing on the back of my neck. His hands moved under my jacket, skating across my cold skin, leaving goose bumps along their trail.

His voice burns into my brain; "you wore this for me didn't you?"

I stammer my reply, "y-y-yes." My knees go weak and the only thing keeping me standing is his firm grip. One hand slides down to my cunt, a finger dipping into my streaming pussy.

His finger pulls out and he puts it to his mouth and licks it, "mmmm, I knew you'd taste sweet, although I didn't think I'd get a chance to find out so soon. But if I wanted to have you around for a while longer I figured I'd better step in and keep you out of harm's way."

What do I do now? Thank him? I can't think of anything to say. I gasp as his fingers tweak my nipples. He laughs and slowly removes his hands. I almost ask him to leave his hands where they are, but before I can say a word he's gone. I turn and see a figure slip into the car that is now parked nearby. As it passes by, I notice it's the same car that almost hit me. My mind is reeling as I walk home. Did he plan the "chance meeting"? Right now I don't care as I walk home in a daze, still feeling his fingers on my tits, in my pussy.

As I walk in the door to my house, I realize I never saw his face. The jacket lands on the couch as I make my way into my bedroom. I leave the lights on as I lay back on the bed, fingering my watering pussy and playing with my hard nipples. All I can think about is he. Is he watching? Does he like what he felt? What he sees me doing right now? Will he come back? Will I ever feel his touch again?

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