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Who's Who in the Zoo


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, comments and feedback on my submissions. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I have always enjoyed my visits to the zoo. I hope you will enjoy visiting this one.


"Pssst, hey Sylvie, it's me. Over here, behind the moat."

Sylvie Ryan stopped in her tracks as the familiar voice slipped into her mind. It sounded exactly like her boyfriend Donnie. How could that be? Donnie, or what was left of him, was lying in cold storage at the City Morgue. Sylvie had begged him not to race his new motorcycle on the twisting two lane roads outside of town, but he had ignored her and run headlong into a tree.

"Sylvie, hey babe, over here," came the voice once more, "look at me. I'm looking at you."

Sylvie looked about frantically, seeing no one except various animals in park-like settings, doing animal things. She had come to the Clear Lake City Zoo to get her mind off her dead boyfriend, now what was going on. No one was in sight that could have called to her, unless…? Her gaze fell on a huge male lion in a nearby enclosure, its blazing green eyes looking directly at her.

"Yeah, Sylvie, it's me," said the lion. Sylvie was puzzled. It wasn't actually speaking to her, its lips weren't moving and everyone knows lions can't talk. She may have not been the sharpest knife in the drawer by her own admission, but even she knew that. However, the voice was distinct in her head and it sure sounded like Donnie.

Her ample breasts jiggling in her tube top, Sylvie walked over and sat on the low wall adjoining the moat, folding her shapely bare legs under her. The lion continued to stalk forward, staring at her as if she was a prey item. It's gaze never wavered as it reached the edge of the moat, sat on its haunches and yawned hugely.

"How, how do I know you're Donnie?" Sylvie asked in a shaky voice. A lion, I'm talkin' to a freakin' lion, she thought as the words left her lips.

The lion licked a massive paw, "Ask me some questions, sugarpants," the voice replied.

Omigod, Sylvie thought excitedly, that was Donnie's pet name for me. No, this is crazy. This can't be Donnie. He's in a drawer in the morgue, still…

"Okay lion, er, Donnie. When's your birthday?" She looked in her small vinyl purse to double check the date.

"April 22, 1984," the lion replied, "Gimme a tough one."

Sylvie remembered something she had heard Donnie say about his motorcycle. She didn't know exactly what it meant, but she remembered it. "Um, how many cc's was your motorcycle engine?" she asked confidently.

The lion yawned again, its massive yellow fangs and long red tongue frightened Sylvie, but she was suddenly aroused as well. What's happening to me? She thought, am I really being turned on by a lion?

"Another easy one," said the voice. "My cycle was a Kupasake Sport Speedster, 1352 cc's DOHC In-line four banger, any other questions?"

"You, you're Donnie," Sylvie said in wonderment. "How did you get in that lion suit?"

The voice chuckled, "This isn't a suit, sugarpants. I'm a real lion. This zoo is full of animals that used to be people. Those gorillas' two enclosures down used to be a banker and a nurse. The hyena across the way was a lawyer …You get the picture."

"Oh Donnie," Sylvie sniffled, accepting the premise without question. "What's it like being a lion? Do you get fleas like my mom's Yorkie? What do you do all day?"

The lion shook his mane violently, sending a cloud of dust into the air. "Pretty much, nothing," the voice replied tiredly. "Eat, sleep, walk around, roar and scare the kids that walk by, that's about it. Do you miss me, Sylvie?"

A tear trickled down Sylvie's cheek, "Yes I do Donnie, I miss you a lot."

Sylvie could hear the lion's rough purr from her seat on the enclosures wall. "What do you miss most about me Sylvie?" said the lion, raising up and stretching luxuriantly.

Sylvie thought furiously, her pretty face twisted in a deep frown. Donnie wasn't much of a conversationalist, all he liked to talk about was sports and his motorcycle. He never remembered her birthday or the day they met or when to pick her up to go to the movies or just about anything else when they were together.

What Donnie could do however, was fuck her for hours on end. His fingers, tongue and thick cock gave her massive orgasms that just about took off the top of her head. The sudden realization that it was the only reason she kept him as her boyfriend for the last two years brought tears to her eyes.

"I wasted two years of my life on you," she shouted at the lion. "I could have found someone who really cared about me instead of falling in love with your dick."

Sylvie's eyes widened as the lion sat back on its haunches, a massive erection sprouting between its hind legs. The size of the lion's penis mesmerized Sylvie. Oh my gosh, it's huge, she thought. I wonder how it would feel…

Her eyes remained locked on the pulsing red shaft as the lion said, "There's a hole in the fence behind that bench over there. You'll fit through easily. C'mon in so we can play. I've really missed you Sylvie."

Sylvie shook her head, blonde curls quivering along her smooth bare shoulders. "Oh no, you'll eat me up, tear me to shreds. I'm not going to be an afternoon snack for some old lion."

The lion chuckled, "Oh is that all. However, I understand your concern. I am a bit scary, I'll admit. Is this any better?"

Sylvie gaped in wonderment as the lion arose on its back legs, its furry body blurring, shifting and changing. She gave a little shriek of surprise as the lion transformed into a human shape, its broad face dominated by fiery green eyes. Sylvie rubbed her eyes hard and looked again; it was still standing there, covered in dusty yellow fur. Its massive torso, bulging biceps and tree-trunk thighs looked like the wrestlers that Donnie watched on her father's plasma screen TV.

One thing that had not changed however was the size and length of its cock. It protruded red and proud from the creatures' crotch, throbbing and oozing pre-cum as it glistened in the sunlight. Suddenly, Sylvie was scrambling frantically through the hole in the fence, the Donnie voice guiding her as she walked down the narrow path used by the zookeepers until she found herself before a green metal door. It opened with a dull click and she walked into a dimly lit room, her sandaled feet crunching in the fresh straw that lay on the floor.


"Donnie," she whispered, trembling with fear and passion. "Donnie, where are you…Yeeek!" The lion man appeared suddenly in the opening to the enclosure, muscles rippling, purring deep in its throat. It stepped forward and took Sylvie in its massive arms, kissing her roughly on the lips. "I've missed you, sugarpants," said a voice in her head, Donnie's voice. She returned the kiss eagerly, the creatures long, rough tongue circling in her mouth, wrapping sensuously around her own.

The lion man sank to its knees on the straw, Sylvie followed suit. Her body shook with desire as they knelt face to face, its calloused fingers roaming over her voluptuous body as she ran her fingers through its thick fur, stroking its bulging muscles, caressing its rock hard abs.

"I want to be naked for you," she moaned, pulling her tube top over her head as her heaving breasts sprang free. The creatures' rough tongue lapped eagerly at her stiffening nipples, circling the pebbled areolas and laving the creamy breast flesh. Sylvie could feel its hands fumbling with the zipper on her skimpy shorts and she reached down to help, pulling them down over her hips. Throwing her arms around the creatures' thick neck, she raised her body upward, allowing it to slide her shorts from her legs. Sylvie shivered as the creatures' rough hand cupped her bare pussy, rubbing on her slick labial lips. Dropping back on her knees, she sighed as her fingers encountered its huge red cock, gripping the velvety head in her delicate fist.

The lion man growled deep in its throat as Sylvie's soft hand stroked its massive tool. It slid two long fingers up to the palm into her juicy pussy, twisting them against the pink folds as she slid her fingers along its throbbing dick, her other hand cupping and squeezing its heavy balls. Sylvie threw her head back and whimpered with pleasure as the creatures sharp teeth nibbled on her stiff nipples and its rough tongue whipped against them. The lion man added a third finger into Sylvie's gushing pussy, uttering a bark of passion as her soft hands pumped its aching cock, stroking along its length as she spread pre-cum up and down the blood engorged shaft.

A muffled moan escaped her lips as Sylvie attempted to shove the massive cock deep in her throat, her soft tongue swirling around the huge velvet head as the lion man humped into her eager mouth. "Noooo," the Donnie voice groaned after several minutes of her determined licking and sucking, "I want to fuck you. I want to cum inside you."

Sylvie squealed with excitement as the creature pulled its cock from her mouth and pushed her on her back in the sweet smelling straw. It lifted her hips in its huge hands and spread her legs wide. Her brain exploded in pleasure as the lion mans wide rough tongue swept along her slick pussy lips, teasing her throbbing clit, then dropping back to swab her puckered asshole. She writhed in sweet agony while the creatures tongue swirled and licked in her gushing slit, suddenly driving inwards to scoop huge mouthfuls of her foaming juices into its eager mouth.

"Oh God, Donnie," Sylvie screamed, her hips thrusting upward to meet the lion mans' devouring mouth. "Eat me, lick me, fuck me, please fuck me. I want your cock, your big cock…ohhhhhh," she moaned as the creatures' hips pulled back and with one tremendous surge, buried half the length of his huge tool deep in her wet cunt. Sylvie screamed as the fleshy shaft filled her pussy to bursting, the momentary pain soon eclipsed by a throbbing fullness that was indescribably satisfying.

The creature gripped Sylvie's hips tightly as it rammed in and out of her gripping snatch. Their grunts and moans echoed from the concrete walls, punctuated by slurps and squishes as the huge cock ravaged Sylvie's pussy. Sylvie mauled her aching breasts, tugging and pinching her nipples as the lion mans' thick shaft penetrated into her innermost depths, the silky head stroking against her g-spot as it raised and lowered her hips.

"Yes Donnie, yes," Sylvie howled. "Fuck me harder, harder, please. Ohhhh, I'm cumming, I'm cumminggg…" The lion man grunted with pleasure as Sylvie's gushing slit coated its cock in wave after wave of thick cum. With one final thrust, it slid its massive tool up to the hilt in Sylvie's pussy, roaring and growling as it spewed long ropes of sticky semen deep in her hot cunt, her delighted screams ringing in its ears. When it could cum no more, it pulled its softening cock from her oozing pussy and fell beside Sylvie on the thick straw, panting for breath as she mewed and whimpered in post orgasmic bliss.

"Oh Donnie," Sylvie whispered, recovering from her massive orgasms. "That was the best fuck I've ever had." She rolled against the creatures' massive body, running her fingers through the silky fur. "I'm in love with you all over again, even if you have a permanent fur coat and live in a zoo."

The lion man rolled on his side, his green eyes meeting Sylvie's blue ones. The voice in her mind was suddenly different, a soft rumble, sounding nothing like Donnie's slightly nasal twang. "You don't want to love me Sylvie," it murmured. "I'm not Donnie and I'm not what I seem to be. You're better off without me, please try to understand, this just isn't right…"

Sylvie cut him off with a giggle, "I know silly, I know lion's can't talk or become human and boyfriends don't come back from the dead. Whatever or whoever you are, I want to thank you for making me see what a fool I was in loving someone who only made me feel good. He didn't care about me, he just wanted my body and I was a dope and gave it to him."

"You're quite a perceptive human," said the voice with a chuckle, "and beautiful as well." The lion man purred contentedly as Sylvie's soft hand stroked the length of its massive cock, coaxing it to full hardness once again.

"Please fuck me again," she sighed. "I know I must leave before the keepers find us together, but one more time please." She rose up on her hands and knees in the straw, wiggling her round ass and wet pussy at him.

"Anything for a beautiful human lady," said the voice as the lion man rose to its knees, gripping Sylvie's hips and burying its thick cock up to the hilt in her slick pussy. Tears of joy ran down Sylvie's beautiful face as her furry lover filled her sweet cunt repeatedly with its throbbing meat, each thrust driving the breath from her body.

Bracing her hands and knees on the slippery straw, she rammed her hips back to meet its thrusts, its heavy balls slapping against her creamy thighs. The lion man bent over Sylvie, its hairy chest tickling her bare back while its huge hands kneaded her dangling breasts. On and on they fucked, their passions rising steadily as they pumped wildly against each other, Sylvies' sopping cunt bathing the lion mans' plunging cock in her thick warm juices.

"I'm cumming, my lovely one," said the lion man as her throbbing pussy rippled along his massive shaft, "are you ready too?"

"I'm ready, so ready," Sylvie moaned, her pussy filled to bursting, "Cum in me, cum in me, now."

With a mingled roar and scream, Sylvie and her furry lover experienced mutual spine-wrenching orgasms. Sylvie's stretched pussy walls eagerly absorbed the massive gouts of cum spewing from the lion man's thrusting cock as her own cum gushed past it, soaking her lover's hairy thighs. Sobbing and growling, they fell together onto the sweet smelling straw, the lion man hugging her tightly until its softening cock finally slipped from her sweet pussy.

"Now you must go, Sylvie," he purred. "The zoo will be closing and they mustn't find you here."


Sylvie's blue eyes were wet with tears as the lion man helped her over the wall onto the sidewalk. Their lips met in one final kiss, and then it was gone, loping down the path. "I'll never forget you," she cried as she leaned over the wall, "Never."

"Nor I you, dear Sylvie," the voice purred in her ear. She never noticed that the hole in the fence had closed as she watched her yellow furred lover disappear behind the closing metal door.


"Excuse me, Miss, did you drop something down there," said a voice behind Sylvie. She turned to see a handsome brown-haired young man in a zookeeper's uniform looking concerned. "You shouldn't lean over the wall that way; you could fall in and be hurt."

Sylvie stood up and smiled prettily at him. "I'm sorry, I thought I had dropped my sunglasses, but here they are in my purse. I'm such a ditz sometimes," she giggled.

"But you're a beautiful ditz," said the young man, blushing furiously. "I don't mean to be so forward, but I'm off duty in an hour. Would you do me the honor of having dinner with me?"

Now it was Sylvie's turn to blush, he was so handsome and polite. "I think I would like that Danny," she replied, reading his nametag. She offered her hand, "My name is Sylvie. Which restaurant would you like to try?"

"How about the employees' cafeteria," Danny replied, taking her hand in his. "They're serving zebra cutlets tonight." He grinned at the puzzled look on Sylvie's beautiful face. "Just kidding, do you like Thai food?"

"Oh, you," Sylvie said happily. "Thai sounds great. Will you show me around until we can leave?"

"My pleasure," Danny replied, as they linked arms and walked off down the sidewalk. "Now over here we have the reptile house…"


Assuming the lion shape again, He stretched out, luxuriating in the sensation of the suns warmth on his fur. The clank of a closing gate interrupted his thoughts about Sylvie. He turned his head and watched as a lioness padded toward him across the compound.

"Aragarn," her irritated voice buzzed in his head. "I smell human, what have you been up to while I was gone? If you have jeopardized the mission in any way, the Ultimate will have your oorit for a mid-phase snack. I swear; I go off for a duo-phase to check on the gravity pod and…"

"Calm down, Arranna," Aragarn replied. "It was a brief dalliance with a pretty human female. When I contacted her mind she was so sad; I just wanted to cheer her up. Regardless, I expunged her memory of our encounter. Since she left, she has already met someone of her own species. I put a few prompts in their subconscious to help things along. I know they'll be happy."

Arranna lay down beside Aragarn, stretching and rubbing against him. "I'm becoming quite fond of these replicant bodies," she purred. "They provide such wonderful sensations. It's unfortunate that we must leave for the control planet tomorrow. I could get used to this sunbathing all day."

Aragarn licked Arrana's muzzle. "And which of the many sensations do you like best, my sweet," he purred, his long cock becoming hard once more.

"You know the ones I enjoy the most," Arrana purred, lifting her glistening hindquarters. "Mount me my golden one, I want to feel you deep inside."

Aragarn slid easily into Arranna's wetness, pumping his entire length rapidly into her foaming slit, biting eagerly on her thick neck as she screeched and yowled with pleasure.


"Mommy," asked the little girl as she stood at the enclosures wall. "What are those lions' doing?"

"Um, er, they're playing, sweetie. That's right, they're playing lion games," the flustered mother replied, dragging the curious child away. "Let's go see the funny monkeys."



Author's note: No animals were harmed during the writing of this story.

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