tagLoving WivesWhose Fault Was It (Second Half)

Whose Fault Was It (Second Half)


Janet did make it to the salon and begged her way into a full treatment before running by to purchase that dress she had wanted but didn't have an occasion to wear, till now. On her way home she called her maid and asked her to come by that evening. The young wife and mother could use the extra money so she agreed to work. All Janet wanted to do was to get home, touch up her makeup and put on the dress.

Mark headed to his apartment. The first thing he did upon arriving was to make reservations at Arnold's. The next item on his list was to get cleaned up. He looked at his hair and thought about getting a hair cut but was afraid he wouldn't get in with his barber. Well it would just have to do. Mark would drive the Ford that night so that entrance and exiting the vehicle would be easier for Janet in formal ware.

Looking at his suits Mark felt he had one formal enough but needed a new shirt and tie. With those purchases made it was time for a bath and a close shave. Mark was going all out. He felt he was about to make the most important sales presentation of his entire career, no make that his life. Satisfied with his appearance Mark headed out even though it was early. He was just too nervous to sit in the small apartment. It was funny, because up until that evening the small apartment felt cozy. At his door Mark stopped to look in the mirror at the far end of the room. It was small but at the distance it gave him a full length view of himself. He thought he looked good in the dark blue suit. It had pinstripes that were just a shade lighter of blue making them almost unnoticeable without close inspection. Mark wondered why they had bothered with such closely matched colors. His tie was burgundy and his shoes black. And with a little luck, no one would notice his slight need of a trim.

With nothing but Janet on his mind Mark took the long way to the house he had once called home with her. He was so involved with thoughts and fears that he forgot he had promised to attend a party at Jeremy and Emma's home that evening. What was in his mind was a mixture of fear Janet was setting him up for a big fall and a feeling of hope that Janet would soon be back as part of his life. It was difficult for Mark to maintain a positive attitude. The feeling he was walking into an embarrassing scene kept creeping back into his mind.

Arriving at the street were Janet lived he stopped at the stop sign with her house, their old home, in sight. Mark was shivering and was as nervous as a 'whore in church'. He stayed so long at the sign that the car behind him blew their horn. Pulling forward he glanced at his watch. He still had almost ten minutes to kill.

Mark began to have a case of the 'what ifs'. What if she had moved? Janet hadn't offered her address or phone number. Remembering the wedding ring his mind continued, what if she's remarried? What if she still lives there but her name is Smith or Jones? What if she is Mrs. Steve Hill? What if this is just another way to punish him? All those thoughts were filling his head as Mark sat at a stop sign at the end of the street. The car behind him had to honk their horn twice to get him back on the move. Mark had a choice to make. He could turn left and head out of the subdivision or turn right and go see who would greet him at his old house.

The second horn blast had brought the white car back to Janet's attention. She watched and guessed the driver was looking for some specific address or perhaps a person. She was glad for the distraction for her mind was on maybe. Maybe Mark had no intention of coming tonight or any other night. He had accepted her invitation to come to 'our home' without verification. Maybe he would come with a new wife. A younger and more beautiful woman to show her the woman that had...had done such a deed in their bedroom. Or maybe Mark would come with a group of men offering her up as the whore he might think she was. Yes Janet was glad for the distraction.

All she could do was wait. Janet looked at her reflection in the mirror, was she playing the fool? She was wearing a dark burgundy dress that had a strap on one shoulder. It gave just a hint of cleavage and hugged her body to her hips. There the skirt flared a little and a slit in the skirt on the opposite side of the dress from the single strap allowed her the walk easily. The slit ended half way up her thigh making wearing a garter belt possible. The hose were sheer and black. Her shoes were black with open toes and 4" heels. They were more of a heel than Janet preferred, but she wanted to look as sexy as possible this night.

On her neck was a pearl choker with a large ruby like stone at the center of the throat. Janet's hair was up making her the matching earrings stand out even more. And to finish off the ensemble she would carry a small bag that matched her shoes. In the purse she would carry only her ID, lipstick, powder, some cash and one credit card. But that was about all the purse would hold.

Janet had been ready for about a quarter hour and sat in an upstairs window watching the street anxiously for a yellow two seated sports car. She saw the white common sedan pass but paid it little notice. The second time round she looked it over well. It was plain and probably some door to door sales man or a process server she thought. As the clock ticked down to 6:30 Janet was worried Mark would stand her up. The chime from the wall clock in the room let her know it was 6:30 p.m. Just then the white car pulled past the stop sign and headed her way.

Janet watched the car, to her horror it slowed and turned into her drive. Janet panicked. What would Mark think if he saw a strange car in her drive? He might just drive away and never come back. Janet dropped her purse and kicked off the heels. She knew she had to make it to the door and send this person, whom ever, on their way. She had reached the bottom of the stairs as the door bell rang. Moving down the hall she stopped just as Dinora open the door.

Thankfully before she could burst around the corner Janet heard Mark's voice. "I have come calling for Miss Janet Parker."

Janet was weak at the knees and leaned against the wall to catch her breath. She wanted to rush to Mark, throw her arms around his neck and smother him with kisses but she didn't.

"Please come in, Mrs. Parker is expecting you. I think she will be ready in just a few minutes. Let me show you to the living room." The exact words Janet had coached the woman to say.

Janet was well out of sight as Mark passed into and out of her vision. He looked great. Now all Janet had to do was collect her shoes and purse. The trip back up the stairs was more taxing than Janet had anticipated. She guessed it was the excitement and anxiety of the unknown automobile.

She picked up the items and carried them back down the stairs before putting the tall heels on her feet. Janet had not wanted to risk falling down a flight of stairs that evening. Taking a deep breath she stepped out to meet Mark.

The look Mark's face stunned Janet. She stopped and looked down at herself to see what might be wrong. When she looked up Mark whispered, "Janet you are beautiful!"

Janet blushed as she walked to him. Again she had to fight the urge to hug, kiss and drag Mark off to the bedroom. "Thank you, a woman always likes to know her efforts are appreciated."

Mark shook his head slowly, "Janet you will never know how much I appreciate you right now."

Janet smiled lady like, "Mark you are as charming as ever. And I will say you do clean up well. It seems you matched me perfectly with that tie."

Marked looked down, he had for the moment forgotten he was even wearing clothes.

Janet extended both hand toward Mark, "Let me look at you," she said.

Mark took her hand in his and replied, "No let me look at you. Did I say you look beautiful?"

Janet flushed, "Yes I believe you did, but I like hearing it...well from you that is."

Mark pulled Janet to him and hugged her. He so wanted to kiss her lips but chose a cheek. "It's good to see you again. I have.. It's good to see you." Mark was afraid to say he had missed her for Janet might have asked why he never called. What would his answer to that be?

Janet lingered in his embrace as long as she dared. Pushing away she kept hold of his hands and looked at Mark again at arm's length. He had changed little, with the exception of his hair. It was so good to be with him again.

Collecting her thoughts Janet suggested they head out. She asked Dinora to lock up and thanked her. Actually it was Donora that owed the thanks, for she was paid $100.00 for less than an hour's work.

Mark escorted Janet to the white Crown Victoria Ford. It had a blue leather interior. Janet hadn't been in a car of this class in many a year, but at that moment the automobile would have been a Yugo for all she cared. It was clean and well kept, but best of all Mark was driving it.

Arnold's was one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. It was filled with all the movers and shakers in Nashville society. When they were escorted in Mark was proud that many a man's head turned to look at his date. Janet too noticed but for her the women that took note that brought her the most pleasure. It meant she was dressed well and had a good looking man on her arm.

The meal was a little awkward, like a couple on their first date. Both wanted to make the very best of impressions. But that wasn't bad for them. They accepted it, their nerves were calming and they began to enjoy themselves even more. On the way to Janet's home she scooted over close to Mark and he put his arm around her as he drove. She smiled and enjoyed the feeling. The bench seat in this Ford made that possible. They could have a closeness that would have been less comfortable in either the roadster or her Mercedes.

Back at her home Janet opened a bottle of wine. Soon Mark had his coat and shoes off and Janet sat with her hose covered feel curled under her and snuggled under Marks right arm. They talked for an hour, just exchanging general information; for neither really wanted to know all the other had done in the last 9 plus years.

It was close to midnight when Mark stood and said it was time for him to head home. Janet looked him in the eye. "Are you sure you want to go home?"

"I know I should, but..." Mark offered.

"Well I think you should," Janet said as she took his hand.

Mark was a little disappointed until she began to pull him forward. Thinking she was rushing him out he said, "Wait I need my shoes."

"No you don't, it is just a short walk," Janet said over her shoulder as she pulled him toward the hall leading the master bedroom.

Mark had just a twinge of reservations that was relieved when Janet turned on the light. The room was changed. The chair was gone.

"Come on in, you're home now." Janet smiled.

Mark pulled Janet to him and kissed her with a passion that had been building. Actually a passion burning within him since he first saw her coming from the nursing home. All he wanted was to make love to her. He had been without her far too long.

The unwrapping of his present was more fun than he could imagine. And it was equally as much fun for Janet to undress him. When they were two naked bodies in the center of the new king size bed Mark crawled between Janet's spread legs. He was as hard as a steel rod but not ready yet to make love to her. Mark wanted to hold, touch, kiss and taste Janet just to make sure this was not a dream. They kissed and embraced feeling the heat of the others body.

When Mark did entered Janet it was the most rewarding sensation of his life. He felt as if he was melting part of his soul and body into hers. They were again one heart. He kissed Janet as he lay on top of her luscious body. Mark held still for he didn't want the feeling to ever end. The feel of Janet's breast on his chest, her mound against his as he was buried in her, he knew he couldn't live without her. The feeling of Janet's arms around him and her legs locked together behind his knees only strengthened his resolve. All was forgotten but the love he felt for her.

Janet was in heaven. Her passion, her man, her love was back inside her. She wanted him to fill her with his seed. She wanted him to leave part of himself behind deep inside her womb. Not to be pregnant for she felt she was past that at over 50, but just to have 'him' inside her.

Mark could fight it no more. He began to thrust into Janet with wild abandon and felt her respond in kind. Both had waited so long for this and it happened too quickly but both had a shattering orgasm. As the last of Mark spilled into Janet he whispered in her ear, "Janet I love you, I always have and always will!"

Janet began to cry but it was from joy. She would had done it anyway just from having Mark in bed with her, but to hear those words meant do much. Thru her sobs she responded, "Mark I love you to and I'm so sorry..."

Mark cut her off with a kiss then whispered, "Love means you never have to say you're sorry."

Janet continued to cry softly as Mark lay on top of her. He didn't want to release her. Soon his manhood stirred and hardened. This time they took their time and enjoyed the union to another crest. They fell asleep in each other's arms in the wee hours of that morning.

At 8:00 Sunday morning Hilda Emerson drove to the daughter's home. It was just how their Sunday's had gone for several years. Hilda would drop by and take Janet to church. What started the habit was Hilda's knowing if she depended on Janet meeting her at church, it would not happen. But now the routine had set in. Hilda would come by and drive them. The 75 yo woman was glad she could still drive and prided herself on never having a wreck or getting a citation. When she rounded the corner Hilda saw a white car in Janet's drive. That struck her as odd. Parking in the street Hilda walked past the car noting the brand and the out of state license plates.

Ringing the door bell with no answer, Hilda took out her key and let herself in. Seeing no activity she walked softly to the bedroom her daughter used trying to prepare herself for what she might see. Hilda was shocked, for the bed had not been disturbed.

Feeling uneasy Hilda took out her cell phone and dialed in 911. All she would need to do in an emergency was press the call button. When Hilda reached the living room she saw a man's coat, and two pairs of shoes. One pair was obviously a man's, the others were high heels.

Hilda held the phone and looked around. She saw the two wine glasses and the bottle. The glasses were on the coffee table and the almost empty bottle was on the counter. Hilda stood and wondered what to do next.

When Janet had heard the door bell she carefully pulled away from Mark. She didn't to wake him. She had a pretty good idea who would be ringing the door bell at that time Sunday morning. Janet was a little aggravated with herself for not calling her mother and explaining she wouldn't be able to attend church this week. But Janet had a lot of other things on her mind yesterday. And then last night when Mark did stay, even if Janet had remembered it was too last to call her mother.

Naked, Janet looked for something to slip on. There was her dress, but that would look silly. There was Mark's white shirt. That would have to do, for Janet had no clothing to speak of in the master closet. Putting the shirt on Janet pulled it closed with her one hand at her breast and the other hand holding the shirt at the bottom. So dressed, Janet went to send her mother away.

Hilda looked up and saw Janet emerging from the hall to the master bedroom. From the looks of her daughter, Hilda could tell Janet had just climbed out of bed. And what was she wearing. It was long sleeved man's shirt. Hilda's expression must have been priceless.

"Mother, I won't be able to go to church with you this morning. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to call," Janet whispered.

"What is going on here Janet?" Hilda demanded in a stern tone.

"Mother please, keep your voice down," Janet said again in a whisper.

"What have you done Janet? There's a Ford in your drive way, and you... from the looks of it you need to go to church today,"

Janet looked at her mother with a smile, "Mother, what I did last night was not a sin."

"Janet you need to throw that man out of here before the neighbors see you had an overnight guest. I mean that car sticks out liked a...a...a sore thumb. What did you do stand by the freeway last night? I mean the car is from out of state and... it's some traveling salesman isn't it. Did you meet him at work? Can you trust him? Will I hear you have been raped and had your throat cut? Let's get rid of him. We can always make the last service."

"Mother please leave. I assure you I am in no danger. I would like a little privacy. I am... I am over 21 you know." Janet was getting a little angry and her mother duly noted it.

"Janet, think of your reputation. This strange car in the drive, and on Sunday morning. People will think you picked him up at a bar or something."

Janet smiled, "Well actually I met him in a parking lot."

Hilda gasp, "Janet come to your senses. If you were a little younger I'd tan your hide."

"Oh mother, you never spanked me when I was a child, why would you start now?"

"Maybe I should start!"

"If you think I need one, I'll tell my friend in the bedroom your thoughts."

"Janet, my god, you said friend..." Hilda looked at the man's coat and man's shoes but still she asked. "You have spent the night with a man I hope."

Janet smiled, "Oh yes mother, he is all man." Janet wanted to add that some of him was dripping out of her and soaking the shirt tail that she covered herself with. She wanted to, but thought better.

"Janet you don't have enough on to cover your modesty. Get to your room and get proper covering!"

"Mother this is my home, I will thank you to leave. I have no desire to waste time explaining my actions to you. Now please leave and be quiet about it. We had a long night."

"My god honey, you aren't thinking straight. That man must have used some drug on you. Why else would you be acting so queer!" Janet didn't feel like explaining to her mother just who was in the master bedroom any more than she felt like explaining the antiquated word 'queer' as Hilda had used it.

Janet let go of the shirt to take her mother's hand and lead her to the door. As she did the shirt opened.

"Cover yourself Janet," Hilda scolded as she took in the wetness on the shirt tail and her daughter's sex. "I think I should call the police and have them check that car out."

Finally at the door Janet faced her mother with only one hand holding the shirt closed. Janet held it between her breasts leaving her sex practically exposed. "Mother you can do as you wish but you will only look foolish."

"I must say at the moment you are the one that is not only looking, but acting foolishly." Hilda snapped. "That Ford car might be a rental and the man inside a killer. You are acting crazy. You must have been drugged. That date rape drug."

"Mother I promise you this, if it was rape, it was on my part. Now please leave and I promise I'll explain it all as soon as I'm sure it's not just a dream."

"See you have been drugged. Come with me now and we'll have the police evict him. The neighbors won't see you and you can hold your... the shirt closed."

"Go to church mother and I'll call you later." Janet shut the door.

Hilda stood and looked thru the front glass at Janet. She had a mixture of concern and anger for her daughter. Why wouldn't Janet listen to reason? All that Hilda could think to do was take down the license number of the car with Washington Plates. "My lord it is just a Ford, what will the neighbors think."

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