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Why be Yellow


I met Kevin for the first time at the mall; but that was not the first time I had seen him. No, I have been secretly watching him for five years. Call it stalking him if you wish, I don't care. Hell, at first I didn't even know his name.

He was just one of the crowd.

Anyway, there he was, just hangin' out in a store with his friend's Carl and Jerry. They all looked at me when I went up to him, told him I was crazy about him, and quietly asked if he was into guys. He didn't really give me an answer but the look he shot me told me he did. So ... I made a bold move, I offer to pay the lady at the counter for his purchase if he would come home and have dinner with me. And then, not caring that his friends heard, I dropped the bomb, and asked if he would like to maybe have sex with me afterwards.

The smile on Jerry's face said, without saying, that if Kevin didn't he sure would. I hated to turn him down, he was cute as hell too, but it was the tallest of the three I was after. Still ... for a moment I did consider a threesome.

Maybe next time.

The drive home had me almost frantic. The car was hot, despite the air-conditioning and I was sweating bullets. I kept looking over at Kevin in the passenger seat. He looked so adorable I wanted to peal him out his clothes like he was a banana. By the time I turned the car into the driveway I was painfully hard just from thinking about what was coming. I took Kevin inside and didn't even make it past the front door before I was kissing him.

When my lips touched his for the very first time I knew it was love. Passion-blinded love. The kind you see in movies. The bright lights, the big screen, the epic drama type moves. I needed him then in the worst way.

"Let's skip dinner," I said, taking his gloved hand. I laughingly hauled him into my bedroom down the hall, and I let him tumble onto the bed while I stood there looking down on him. I smiled at the look on his face and began to strip out of my clothes. When my shorts dropped to the floor I know he was looking at my cock, judging if I was going to hurt him. I knew from watching him all these years that he had been hurt many times. By people he worked for, friends, even people that cared for him always seemed to hurt him. But not me ...

I stopped when I realized the lie I was telling myself. I was going to have to hurt him, I was and I wanted to cry like I was a school girl because of that. In a despicable way, I would ruin him like no one before him ever had. I was going to ... oh god, I couldn't even think about it. I loved him too much, how could I?

Just do it, don't think.

With tears streaming down my face, I went to my nightstand and got my knife. Before I could stop myself I turned and plunged the blade into Kevin's crotch! A perfect thrust. The blade fell from my fingers though as I saw his expression.

"Oh god, what have I done. I'm so sorry! Kevin forgive me please, I had to." Looking down at the hole I had just made I felt the tip of my cock twitch and then a thick drop of precum feel to land on the sheets. "I just had to."

Shaking, I licked my lips tasting the salt of my tears.

Pouncing on him suddenly, I pressing him to the bed, grabbing him and forced his legs open wider than they were really meant to go. Then I felt it, the hole, touching the head of my cock. With a scream of pure pleasure I drove my whole hard length into Kevin. Into the very hole I had made. Oh ... bliss! Sweet bliss. The silky feeling of those thousands of tiny beads running along my cock, it was heaven. No pussy I had ever tried beat this feeling. Pulling back, I gave a second harder thrust. So hard I gasped when I hit his blue denim overalls with my bare belly. Again and again I thrust. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper! Sweat was dripping off my chin as I fucked Kevin, dropping from me onto him.

I looked down at the "V" of his short legs and at my cock disappearing into him. Then I saw it, the white mess plastering my cock, lower stomach and thighs.


With a cry that tore at my throat I sprayed my cum deep into the thousands of tiny, white , Styrofoam balls, filling my yellow lover with my cum, in a seemingly desperate attempt to replace all of these sexy micro-orbs of love that he had sprayed out onto me. Panting for breath, I sat up and looked down to see that I was covered with his sexual essence.

"Oh, Kevin ... I love you so much." Lying down next to him, I leaned in and gave him a soft kiss. Despite my hard-use of him, he gave no protest when I cuddled up next to his gorgeous yellow head, and fell into a sexually exhausted sleep.

Content with the world.

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