tagLoving WivesWhy Didn't She Tell Me?

Why Didn't She Tell Me?


I met my wife on the first day of middle school when I got on the bus for the ride to school. I took in the scene on the bus with one sweep of my eyes like my ex-Marine father had taught me. I saw a chubby little girl sitting on the backseat crying while the two knuckleheads in front of her were turned back toward her laughing. I walked to the back of the bus and sat down next to her.

"Are you alright? I'm Michael by the way." I said to the weeping girl. "Why are you crying?"

"Mind your own business, doofus." The bigger of the two boys in the seat in front of me said in a menacing tone.

"Yeah, what he said." The smaller guy said trying to mimic his friend's tone.

My father had taught me two things: One, don't take any crap from anyone and two, actions speak louder than words. I grasped the two punks in front of me by the hair on the back of their heads, pulled them apart as far as my arm spread, and banged their foreheads together as hard as I could. Needless to say, they both cried out, getting the bus driver's attention. He pulled the bus over and came to the back; telling me to come to the front of the bus with him. I put out my hand for the sniffling girl whose name I still didn't know and after a short hesitation; she took it. We were re-seated behind the bus driver for the remainder of the ride.

"I'm Michael Finch." I said to her when we were back under way.

"I'm Sherry Hopewell. Thank you for stopping those boys from teasing me. They made me cry, calling me a fat pig and making oinking noises." The cute but chubby girl finally said to me.

"You let me know if anybody picks on you again and I'll take care of it!" I became her unofficial body guard after that day.

After explaining to the principal what had transpired on the bus and with Sherry backing my story up, I only got a written reprimand that had to be signed by my parents. My father had no problem signing it but my mom had a fit. She had dropped out of school to start working when my grandmother got sick. It was only the two of them because my grandfather who was older than my grandmother had passed away a few years before my mom dropped out. My mother was bound and determined that I got a good education and didn't want anything to spoil my chances. My father wanted me to be an athlete and had started me on an exercise program that I follow to this day. I was taller, stronger, and meaner than 99% of kids my age. My father got me into pee-wee football a year earlier than I was supposed to start by lying about my age. I had been playing some type of sport ever since. My mom taught me to read by the time I was five and I got good grades from the start of my schooling so they were both happy.

As luck would have it, Sherry and I had general sciences class together before lunch break. We agreed to sit together during lunch. Some of my friends from my elementary school wanted to join us but I wanted to talk to her alone so turned them down.

"Michael, will you sit with me on the bus ride home?" Sherry asked me as we sat together in the farthest corner of the cafeteria.

"I can't, I have football practice after school. Why don't you be the first in line to get on the bus and sit behind the driver? When you get home, you can ask your mom if you can stay and watch football practice tomorrow and my mom can take you home."

My father had me on a strict diet so I brought my lunch from home. Sherry had gone through the lunch line and had greasy pizza, French fries, and a large soda on her tray.

"Sherry, would you want to share my lunch after today?" I asked her that day.

"I don't want to be a bother, Michael."

"My mom won't mind and making enough for two won't be a problem."

"Well okay, if you say it won't be a problem; I'll share your lunch."

Sherry's parents agreed to let her watch football practice on the good weather days. I hinted to her that walking around the track that encircled the practice field would ease the boredom. Within a couple of months, everyone could see the difference in her body. She was still chubby, but she had begun to tone up. My mom even shared my diet with Sherry's mom, but it was too strict for Sherry's mom but she made some changes that helped the whole family's health.

The summer that we both turned thirteen was almost the finish to our future together. I had started into puberty over the winter and had shot up to 6'1" tall it seemed like overnight. Sherry started her transformation from a girl into a young woman a couple of months later. She shot up to 5'5" tall and her breasts started to grow. She went from chubby to willowy in the same manner as I had. By the time summer came around, she had not only caught up with the girls whose breasts had sprouted before hers, she surpassed the large majority of our classmates. The boys who had been ignoring her for two years began paying her some attention and it made me angry and jealous. We had been an unofficial couple since that first day on the bus and I wanted to keep it that way.

Sherry started to hang out with the popular kids when we returned to eighth grade that fall. I didn't fit in with them and began hanging out with the jocks and sometimes with the nerds. I was still playing football and had the second highest grade point average of our class, so I kind of fit in with both groups. Sherry and I drifted apart during that year.

High school wasn't the traumatic adventure for me as it was for some of my classmates. I could still best any of my schoolmates including upperclassmen so I didn't get picked on like most of my freshmen classmates. I made varsity as a special team's demon and blocking tight end for our running backs so the football team accepted me right away. Sherry had run back to me for protection when her wimp of a boyfriend wouldn't stand up for her when the upper class girls began picking on her. We were together the rest of the school year, going to the dances the school had, meeting up after football games, and going for food with our friends. We began exploring our sexual awakenings together. Kissing and heavy petting being the farthest we went then.

I was 6'3" tall and weighed 250 pounds, all of it muscle, my junior year of high school. Sherry was 5'8" tall, weighed 135 pounds, and had 34DD breasts. Other guys had stopped asking her out after she let them know I was her boyfriend. I got my driver's license and we began going on dates with only the two of us. We began going farther and farther in our exploration of sex. Sherry gave me my first hand job other than the ones I had given myself; I gave Sherry her first orgasm with my fingers other than the ones she'd gave herself. We began giving each other oral sex and became very proficient at pleasing each other. Every time I tried to take it to the next level to actually fucking, Sherry would stop me. She kept promising me that I could fuck her on prom night if I would wait. Our high school had a junior-senior prom so I stopped pressuring her to fuck after she made that promise.

I borrowed my dad's Cadillac for prom night, the first time I got to drive it without one of my parents being in it with me. My mom gushed all over me when she saw me in my rented tux. I had gotten Sherry a wrist corsage to wear when she informed me no pins were going to put holes in her prom dress. We were a good looking couple and came in second for king and queen of the prom much to the chagrin of some of the couples in the senior class. We had a great time together at the prom and left a few minutes earlier than the time it was supposed to end.

I drove us to the backside of my uncle's farm so we would be alone. I had gotten some condoms for the evening in anticipation of finally getting to fuck Sherry's hot pussy. I pulled my dad's Caddy into the barn so it would be out of sight and so no one would bother us.

Sherry and I began kissing and caressing each other while sitting in the car. When we were fully aroused and so we would have more room, I led her to a blanket that I had laid on some hay. We took our clothes off except our under garments and lay down on the blanket. After kissing her for a few minutes I removed her bra and began kneading her breasts as I kissed her neck. Sherry was fondling my 7", 2.5" thick, and rock hard cock through my briefs. I lowered my head to her breasts and began suckling her nipples as my right hand began rubbing her sex through her panties. Sherry pushed me over on my back and scooted down so that her face was level with my dick. I lifted my ass when she began tugging on my briefs and she pulled them down far enough to get her mouth on my cock. She began giving me the most pleasurable blowjob she had ever given me. She managed to deep throat me for the first time that night. She sucked me to an orgasm and swallowed my hot load, again for the first time. After giving her a big kiss and tasting myself on her lips, I scooted down to eat her pussy. She let me bring her to a huge orgasm and told me I could fuck her now. I was fully erect, and after putting a condom on my raging hard on, prepared to slide myself into her moist, pink center. I was taken by surprise when I didn't feel any resistance.

"Sherry, who took your cherry?" I asked her perplexed.

"I did!" She informed me. "I heard how much it hurt the first time from the other girls and didn't want that to happen to us. I used one of my mom's dildos to break my hymen. Even with a half of a tube of K-Y jelly, it hurt so bad I thought I was going to die. Michael, I swear to you that yours is the first dick to be inside of me. Now fuck me and make me come on your dick and I promise you can have me from now on if you do."

I began stroking into her with long, easy strokes. Being my first time, I had to struggle to not come before she did. She had to tell me to go faster and harder. With her instructions and with all my mental toughness I was able to bring her off before I started spurting my seed into the condom. We cuddled together after our peaks had waned and began kissing and caressing each other to arousal for another go around. When Sherry had me hard again, she pushed me on my back, put a condom on my engorged member, and impaled herself upon it. She rode me for twenty minutes, having two orgasms of her own before coaxing my third one of the night from me. We wrapped up in the blanket and went to sleep in each other's arms. We would fuck and suck each other every chance we had after that night. Sherry initiated as many of our fuck sessions as I did. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other's bodies.

I got a football scholarship from the state university. Sherry got academic scholarships and grants to the same school. We wanted to get an apartment together, but our parents forbade it. We still ended up together most nights in one of our dorm rooms. We didn't fuck every night but there were very few that we didn't. I made the varsity in college again as a special team's demon. We did get an apartment together our sophomore year and kept it until graduation. We knew we were going to be together from that day forward. Too bad life happens and things don't always work out as we think.

I was an all-conference special team's player and tight end my senior year of college. Sherry had one of the highest grade point averages of anyone in the business administration field she was pursuing. I was drafted in the late rounds of the NFL draft by the Kansas City Chiefs that spring and Sherry had been accepted to The Wharton College of Business in Philadelphia. Its 1,130 miles between the two cities and our plan to be together was shattered.

"Michael, I don't have to go to graduate school. We can get married and I'll come with you to Kansas City." Sherry told me as we were sitting in our apartment the night she got the acceptance letter and the grant that would allow her to attend the MBA program at Wharton.

"No Sherry, you can't turn down an opportunity like this. I love you enough to let you have your own life. If I'm not a part of it, I'll survive." I said to her as I struggled with my emotions.

"But Michael, I love you and want to be with you. What are we going to do?"

"I'm going to training camp and getting on the team somehow. You're going to Wharton and getting your MBA. We can keep in touch through e-mails and phone calls. Whenever I'm close enough to make it practical, we can get together, okay?"

"But what about the months and months we'll be apart? What are we going to do about sex? You know I want it as much as you, how can we expect each other to do without it?"

"Sherry, I didn't even think about that. Have you?"

"Yes, I've thought about it but I don't think you'll like my idea."

"Just tell it to me. You know you can tell me anything."

"I think we need to agree that we can have sex with other people when we are apart. It won't be cheating because we won't be married. It would have to be one night stands or only a couple of times with the same person so we don't get emotionally attached. I can finish the MBA program in three years going year round and then we can get married. I will be your wife Michael and after we're married I promise to be faithful until one of us dies."

"Sherry. I don't know about your idea. How can you be sure you won't fall in love with someone else?"

"Because I'm already in love with the only man I'll ever love. It'll only be sex with any other guy, Michael. You'll always have my heart. I almost fucked us up once, I won't do it again. After we're married we stay faithful and never talk about what or if anything happened while we were apart. Unless we both agree to it, I'm turning down Wharton."

"What if I'm close enough to come see you and you have a date already?"

"Oh Michael, I'll ditch anybody to be with you. If you were to call as I was walking out the door with someone else, I'd shove him out the door so fast his head would spin. I promised you my body anytime and anywhere you wanted it and I'll always keep that promise."

I didn't like her idea but couldn't think of one that was any better. Masturbation was alright when I didn't know what fucking a real live pussy was like and didn't think it would satisfy me now that I did know. I couldn't ask Sherry to only use her toys when she enjoyed fucking as much as I did. I hesitantly agreed to Sherry's idea and she rewarded me with a night of sex like we had never had before. She had me eat her pussy until she came and then rode my hard dick until I came which was a short time seeing how excited I had gotten while eating her out. She let me take her anal cherry that night and while I was spurting my seed into her bowels, she had an orgasm of her own. We had sex every day from then until I had to report to training camp in August.

Sherry had been my agent and got me a decent signing bonus for the round I was picked in. We agreed we wanted to return to our hometown area when my playing days were over so I bought a house and some land outside of town. One of my cousins and his wife would live in the house and he and my uncle would take care of the land. I would live there in the offseason with my cousin and his wife. I would go to Philly once every couple of months and stay a week with Sherry. It wasn't ideal but was the most practical way to handle the situation.

I made the team as a special team's player. Whenever I was going to be close to Philly, I let Sherry know. I didn't want her to change any plans she might have made even though she said she would. We would fuck like animals when we first got together, and if time allowed, have a slow lovemaking session afterwards. I didn't ask about guys she might be fucking and she didn't ask about any women I might have been. Even though I wasn't a household name, I got pussy in every city we had away games in. I even managed to fuck a couple of the cheerleaders for the Chiefs. One of those decided she wanted to be Mrs. Finch after only one fuck and I had to take out a restraining order on her. She wasn't happy when the team fired her and kept me.

Sherry was in her third year at Wharton and would finish in the spring when my football career ended. It was the middle of the season and I received my fourth serious concussion in three years. I awoke in the hospital after the hit not able to move my arms or legs. It took three days for the swelling in my brain to go down. It took three months of physical therapy for me to walk and use my arms again. Only a handful of people knew about Sherry and I made them promise not to tell her. One of those friends of mine would e-mail her messages I dictated to him from my computer. We had a new head coach that year and I blamed him for not being able to come and see her when the team was close to Philly. I told her I loved her and would see her in the offseason. I was able to go to her right before the Super Bowl. I told her what had happened and why I didn't want her to know until I could tell her face to face. I knew she would have dropped everything to be by my side and she was too close to finishing to throw it away. I spent the rest of that school year with her in her apartment. We resumed our fantastic sex life and it was like it was when we were teenagers. There were a couple of incidents with guys showing up at her door unannounced but they left fairly quickly once I walked up behind her at the door. I had regained any muscle tone I had lost and was still an imposing figure of a man.

Sherry and I were married in our hometown two weeks after she received her MBA from Wharton. Our parents wanted to have a big wedding and the preparation for that kind of wedding took too long for Sherry and me. The judge at the courthouse pronounced us man and wife. We postponed having children so Sherry could concentrate on her career. Four years later after having tried to get pregnant, we went for fertility tests to find out why we hadn't succeeded. Sherry had problems in her reproductive tract and would never become pregnant. We decided to concentrate on each other and our careers.

Sherry got a job with the biggest company in town and I became a county deputy having earned my degree in criminal justice in college. I ran for sheriff at the next election because I didn't like some of the things that the incumbent was allowing. I was elected and had to fire 90% of my predecessor's deputies when they didn't want to follow my new policies. It didn't matter to me who the person was or how much money, status, or supposed power they had; if they broke the law, they got arrested. Sherry rose to a top level manager's position in her company. Everything in our lives was good until the old man that owned the company died and the board of trusties hired a new CEO ten years after Sherry and I were married.

I was a little concerned that Thursday night when I got home a little after 7 PM and found that Sherry wasn't home. I called the direct line to her office and got the automated answering service for afterhours calls which had never happened before. I called her cell phone and it went straight to voice mail. I called an hour later with the same results. I was going to drive to the company offices if she wasn't home at 9. Twenty minutes before nine, I heard the e-mail alert on my computer in my den. Thinking it might be from Sherry, I went to check it. It was from her new boss, Benjamin Armstrong, and I got the shock of my life when I opened the attachment he had sent, five pictures. The first showed a woman's lips on an erect cock, the second what I assumed was the same dick in the woman's pussy, the third showed it in the woman's ass, the fourth show both the woman's holes gaped open and semen leaking out of them, and the fifth showed Ben and Sherry naked in an embrace. I had enough presence of mind to burn them to a CD. I received another e-mail from Ben and almost had a stroke.

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