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Why Fuck A Black Man?


I was a virgin when we married. Not reason enough for you? Well let me expound...

Terry was sweet, caring and an animal in bed. He made me, no, he made we want to, do things I thought were dirty. His was the first dick I sucked to completion. I swallowed all he offered. The first time my asshole was penetrated it was my Terry. Each time I recall it makes me smile. I was so nervous and was so gentle.

As out marriage progressed and we learned I could not get pregnant. Soon after, our sex life petered out After all, lust could not overcome science. I grew distant, withdrawn. We both wanted a family and it was not possible. Not possible because of me.

Terry was patient. Tender and always there for me. That is when it started, my reluctance to have sex of any kind. I mean not even a hand job for my poor husband. I was consumed by my own failure. I could never have a child of my own. Terry would never have a son. Why even both going through the motions? Why, well why anything anymore?

Not realizing what I was doing at the time I quickly alienated my beloved. The hurt I was causing directly stemmed from my own selfishness. Allowing my pain to isolate me from the one person who cares the most for me is what makes me share this now.

Time elapsed. Days became weeks, in turn becoming months and finally two years passed. We had no intimate relations of any sort. I knew Terry masturbated had even found some of his porn. At the time providing me with even more of a reason to avoid my husband and his dirty cock. By now I knew we were through with each other, our marriage relationship was finished but I expected Terry to remain faithful.

I left work one Thursday arriving home to find my dear sweet husband's car in the driveway. What was he doing home so early? I was always the first one home. As quietly as possible I unlocked the front door and crept into our home. Every sense acute I was ready for anything. Just not for what I found.

I closed the door and my heard a bed squeaking accompanied by a female voice, "...fuck me, YES, fuck me harder..."

I do not remember any more as I rushed to our bedroom. Then I saw my husband. The image made an indelible mark in my memory.

He was splayed on our bed, legs spread eagle. His hand rocketing up and down his hard cock eyes half closed and hips bucking up and down. I heard a hum and finally saw the ultimate perversion, a pink vibrator (mine!) protruding from his ass. Terry's moans barely audible over the porno playing on our television.

He was oblivious to my presence and kept masturbating as I watched. I was angry beyond belief, "What the fuck?!?"

Now he was aware of my presence.

Terry's eyes opened wide in shock. At that moment his hard penis erupted in thick ropes of white cum. So intense was his orgasm the cum reached his face. As the sperm landed it made a line back towards his belly button. He dick was cumming but his eyes were scared.

"Vanessa, wha... what are. I can explain, wait!"

He called after me as I swiftly turned on my heels and walked out. Walked out of our room and our house. Tears in my eyes I stumbled to my car. Struggling for a moment to unlock the door I finally got in and sat down. I wiped my face and glanced to the front window. There stood Terry imploring me with words and gestures not to leave.

I was devastated. How could he do this to me? Why would he do this to me? I started the car and drove away without a destination in mind, just away from here.

Hot tears stung my eyes as I tried to maintain control of the car. I was angry and had no idea what to do. What seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes, passed by before I decided to return home. Why should I leave? The bastard was cheating on me. HE should get out! Quickly I turned about, making my way back home.

I approached the front door nervous again. Last time was a sight I would never forget. Suddenly the door opened, Terry was there now holding the screen door open for me to enter.

"I am glad you came back. I was worried about you."

I glared back. Worried about me eh? Not having a good enough time by yourself. Want me to join in? Maybe suck your cock as you fuck my vibrator?"

"Baby, let me explain."

My anger finally achieved rage, "Explain what? You have my fucking vibrator in your ass watching porn while you masturbate!"

He just looked at his feet. That was all I needed.

I walked past him to our room. I quickly opened my closet, grabbed a suitcase from the top shelf and started stuffing clothes into it. Not even caring what my hands touched I filled it and zipped it closed.

I turned around looking him directly in the eyes, as cool as possible I sneered, "At least you are dressed now. I certainly enjoyed the show earlier."

"Vanessa. I am sorry. I lost track of time..."

I exploded, "LOST TRACK OF TIME!"

From there I whirled into every angry and inadequate feeling I had ever experienced. It seemed every painful moment in my life was Terry's fault. I screamed, cursed and beat my fists against his chest. Terry stood there taking it all. Never flinching, never backing away. This only fed my anger. He was not even embarrassed. The asshole. The fucking asshole!

Eventually I wore down. A long day of work combined with emotional upheaval finally gave way to physical exhaustion. Having run out accusations I looked for other avenues to humiliate him as he humiliated me, "So what gets you off? Watching some slut fuck. Some whore cream out? What is it?!?"

He glanced at the DVD player and I knew I had him.

"Let me see." I said as I walked to the DVD remote. Powering on the television I also started the DVD player. The title screen added to my shock. "White Chicks and Black Dicks"

I watched the intro as a petite white girl leaned over a black guy sucking every inch of him while another black man ponded her doggy style from behind. The sounds of flesh pounding flesh was all I needed. The slut looked like she was in ecstasy. Moaning around the cock in her mouth she rocked back against the hard prick slicing into her pussy.

Quickly the scene cut to another girl astride a monster cock stretching her pussy wide. A close shot of her face showed her mouth open in a silent cry of pure enjoyment.

A final cut showed the first girl allowing the thick black cock to cum in her mouth and over her face. Either she was a great actor or she really enjoyed it. The screen faded to black before the title played again "White Chicks and Black Dicks"

That was enough for me.

"Glad to know what my LOVING husband wants."

I could not say any more as I sobbed, realizing my life was over.

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