tagIncest/TabooWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 01

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 01


Chapter One: Jacob's Horse Cock

Girls love horses; it is a well known fact. Ask any woman alive what their favorite animal is and almost every one of them will answer the same: horse. When ask why they girl multiple reasons, such as, "Horses are strong, sturdy, and they stand tall," or "They are beautiful, graceful, and enduring." It seems that it is every woman's fantasy to have a powerful horse that carries them off into the sunset.

This is just romanticism and half truths. Something else drives women in their love of horses, something which women have forgotten in all of their struggles for equality over the past few decades. The truth is that women love horses for their big cocks.

Women think their cocks are big, strong, sturdy, and stand tall.

Women think their cocks are beautiful, graceful, and enduring.

In truth, all women want a powerful, virile male with a cock like a horse that can fuck them into feminine submission. That is a truth of the world.

None of this even occurred to JACOB though. He was completely ignorant to the truth. Whenever he saw girls around him with horse folders, and they would prattle on about their beauty and strength, JACOB never connected the dots. If he had, he would've been a very popular with the ladies.

As it was, Jacob was not very popular with...anyone. He was a skinny kid, skinny and short, and he was a bit of a geek. His hair was dark; his face was boyish, cute by some standards, but not handsome by any means. Most of all, he was off the radar. He had a bit of a smart mouth, but over all wasn't a trouble-maker at all, and in college all girls wanted to date the dangerous type.

Jacob didn't even get bullied. He only got beat up once in high school, and it was by a brute made of muscles. That kid always got all the girls because of how dangerous he was, and he lost them for the very same reason.

It never occurred to JACOB what prompted the beat down. What happened was they were in the showers after gym, and the brute caught sight of Jacob's equipment. He felt inferior due to size difference, and he attacked.

Normally Jacob was the scrawniest boy in the world and wouldn't be considered threatening, but when JACOB was naked his defining trait was revealed. Jacob had a huge cock by comparison to the boys around him. At the age of eighteen his cock had stopped at ten inches soft. It dangled much lower than everyone-else's and was obscenely thick.

The brute, significantly smaller than Jacob, was fearful of Jacob's masculine prowess. Subconsciously he was afraid JACOB would steal his women, so he attacked Jacob and beat him to pulp. Then he went off to brag about it later. In the brute's version of the story, JACOB was all around smaller than him.

Jacob didn't care. The full story never reached his ears, and he didn't like to talk about penis size. To him, his cock was a curse. It grew big and hard at the worse times. All of his teachers thought he was an idiot, when in reality he just had a huge erection. He never knew what a blessing he really had all through high school. It wasn't until college that his opinion of his cock changed.

It all started with an awkward moment at home. Jacob was home on summer break just before his second year of college. He had just finished mowing the lawn for his mother, and went inside to take a long shower. The hot water felt great, because despite his dark skin from Native American heritage the heat still bothered him.

He got of the shower and began to dry his torso. He dried his legs, and his hair, and his arms, and then worked his way to his big, thick cock. As always, it reacted immediately to his touch and began to grow. Jacob shrugged and started to double-fist it. He couldn't leave until it went down anyway.

That is when the door knob turned. Jacob froze. He had forgotten to lock the door to the bathroom, and the door came wide open. In came his younger sister, Kristin. At eighteen, she was a year younger than Jacob, and extremely beautiful.

Kristin took after their father. She had fair skin, light brown hair, big blue eyes, and huge D-cup breasts that bulged around her blouse. Aside from being a bit chubby she was gorgeous. Jacob especially liked her ass and couldn't help but stare at it all day.

They both stopped and stared at each other. Jacob tried to move but couldn't. He merely held his towel in hand while his cock stuck out from his crotch at an angle. The bloated tip was pointed directly at his sister. He swallowed hard, afraid of how his baby sister might react. After all, she did just see his big, disgusting, throbbing erection in full size.

Kristin stared in complete shock. Her tits strained against her blouse and Jacob couldn't keep his eyes off. His cock grew even harder, and Kristin licked her lips at the sight before she slammed the door quickly and muttered an apology.

For some reason, Jacob felt disappointed when Kristin left. She was a beautiful girl and the way she looked at his cock made him feel less freakish. He sighed, because it was for the best. Feeling any sort of pride from having his sister look at his cock was not something he should be okay with.

He dried off and slipped on a robe. It was the best thing he had for hiding his huge erection, but didn't do much good. As stealthily as possible, he slipped back into his room, and thankfully he didn't run into Kristin on the way.

In the privacy of his room Jacob took the time to shoot off a load. He used the towel he had just dried off with to catch all of his sperm. Another thing that was different about Jacob was how much he came. The truth was that Jacob was a real horse hung stud, with a thirteen inch cock and humongous loads, he was just what the doctor ordered for most women. He just didn't know it.

As he jerked off he thought of his sister, and when he came he felt extremely guilty. He cleaned up his mess and dressed. It took a pair of baggy jeans to obscure the natural bulge of his penis, and he wore an equally baggy shirt to complete the ensemble. It almost looked like Jacob was a child wearing adult clothes.

His stomach burned with hunger. Every time he masturbated Jacob had to eat shortly afterwards. It took a lot of protein to keep his big, heavy balls full, and he was too addicted to masturbation to ever ignore them.

Jacob went to the kitchen to warm up some leftovers. He waited by the microwave for his lasagna to get done when Kristin came in. She flushed at the sight of him. Her hair was wet from a fresh shower, and she wore a tight white shirt that hugged her bosom. As she walked by him her eyes flickered to his crotch. Her blushed darkened. "Hey, bro..."

"Kristin," Jacob said uncomfortably. She walked by him and, unable to resist, he stared at her beautiful ass in her short-shorts. The two were in complete silence, avoiding each other as much as possible aside from stolen glances.

The microwave went off. Jacob extracted his lasagna slowly and the bowl seared his fingered. He rushed to the counter, sat the bowl down, and scalded his finger on the sauce. After plugging it into his mouth, he turned to fetch a napkin, and ran right into Kristin. Her large breasts, apparently with out the restraints of a bra, mashed directly into his chest. His cock, slightly hardened from staring at her ass, ran along her belly. Both let out sharp breaths at the contact and retreated.

Kristin blushed furiously, and so did Jacob. Neither could speak. They just stared at each other in complete silence. Jacob stared into her face, and she stared at his crotch. Jacob almost said something, but by the time he had the courage to his mother called for Kristin.

"Kristin, honey, the movie is starting!"

Kristin was yanked suddenly from her reverie. She looked at Jacob apologetically, bit her bottom lip, and said. "Okay, mom!" She bounded out of the kitchen, to the living room.

Jacob, now alone, sighed, grabbed his food, and retreated to his bedroom.

Hours passed while Jacob hid out in his room. He did anything and everything to distract himself from his sister's ass, but it kept replaying in his head. He only left his bedroom to use the restroom and take his dishes to the dish washer. The rest of the time he tried to distract himself with the internet or with comics.

At around five o' clock his older sister went out. His mother went to take a nap, and Kristin was missing in action. Jacob felt ashamed, but his balls were aching for release. The thought of his baby sister's ass had him stiff as a log. She was more than just beautiful; she was glorious, with her pale face like porcelain, her cute little pink lips, and her big blue eyes.

Jacob grabbed his lotion. He took off his pants and got into bed. His cock was straining, aching horribly. He was about to relieve that ache while he thought about his beautiful little sister when a knock came to his door.

Everything came to a screeching halt. Both hands were wrapped about his cock, which bulged with need, the tip red hot. The knock came again, and Jacob panicked. "H-Hold on..." He futilely tried to slip on sweat pants, but his huge cock wouldn't fit. The knock came again. "I said hold on! God damn it!" He groused and fell into bed, covering his cock with his shirt and his blanket. "C-Come in!"

The door opened and in came his sister. She looked at the ground nervously. Her face was red and her hair was tied back into perfect little pigtails. Immediately, Jacob watched how her breasts strained against her t-shirt. They jostled as she closed the door, and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her shorts exposed her pale thighs.

"Hi, Jake," she said nervously. She looked so young to him and so feminine. Jacob really hoped she left soon, because the sight of her made his cock even harder.

"What's up, Kris?" He was equally nervous. It was incredibly difficult for him to keep his cock hidden from her. She made it even worse because she looked so damn cute that he wanted to whip it out and jerk off in front of her. She was too damn pretty for him to keep his thoughts innocent.

"Well," she said. "We need to talk." She finally looked him in the eyes. He blue eyes were big and courageous, possessive of a resolve Jacob had never seen before. He gulped nervous.

"Talk about what?" His voice cracked, but she didn't seem to notice.

"About this morning," she said. "Is it okay if I have take a seat?" She pointed at the chair in the center of Jacob's small room. When he nodded she strode across his room in only a few steps, walking over sperm stained boxers and tissue wads. There was no doubt in Jacob's mind that she knew what those were, but he liked to pretend she thought it was from a recent cold.

Internally Jacob cursed. He wanted to jerk off even worse now. The taboo was a thrill, but it was also frightening because he knew she wouldn't leave even if he told her to. Kristin was head-strong even when she was nervous. Her anxieties only made her brasher.

He stammered. "Wh-what did you want to talk about? What happened this morning?"

She settled in the chair. Those insufferable breasts of hers jiggled yet again, and Jacob could vaguely see the outline of her nipples. Again, he cursed internally as he felt his cock harden into crystal. He felt like he would explode!

"This morning, when you got out of the shower...I saw you...your..." She blushed again but held eye contact. Tension hung in the air and neither one wanted to break the silence that loomed. Awkward was not the right word for it. Rather, the situation was powerfully erotic.

"Wh-What about it?" Again Jacob's voice cracked. He swallowed hard to try and contain his nerves. He was afraid she would berate him for not locking the door, or call him a freak because of the obscene size of his penis. He knew it was disgusting, but it would kill him to be told by his baby sister.

"Well...I saw IT this morning," she said softly. She stared into his face still, and Jacob looked away this time. "I'm sorry," she finally said. "It was just really big and...and..." Her words failed her. Her hand clinched her pants tightly.

Jacob's nerves flared. He gritted his teeth and begged her to continue her question. Words played through his head. "And what? It's disgusting? Obscene? Freakish?" He wanted to her leave.

He remained quiet and adjusted himself in the seat. His erection began to die and was leaning into his shirt. The words were coming, and he knew it. She was going to call him a freak and tell him that something was wrong with him. Actually, he figured she would tell their mother that he was some sort of monster and that the family should disown him. He planned out a course of action in the future. He would join the circus under the act, "Small Boy with Big Cock." Surely, that would draw a crowd.

"Can I see it again?"

"Listen, Kris, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't tell mom about it! I don't want to live at the circus, they'd all make fun of me for...Wait, come again?" Jacob shook his head and tried to register her words. "You...You want to see it?"

Kristin nodded her head so vigorously that her breasts jiggled as a result. Through her shirt he could see her erect nipples, pink as could be. She smiled at him bashfully. "Y-Yes, I really do."

Jacob swallowed hard to digest the information. So, she didn't think he was a disgusting freak after all. In actuality, it was the exact opposite. She was interested in his enormous growth. He still didn't trust this fortunate turn. "Are you sure," he asked apprehensively. "This feels like a trap. Is this a trap?"

Kristin looked bewildered by Jacob's neurosis. "A trap? JACOB, what in the world are you talking about?"

"Well, it's just...Well...Why would you want to see my penis, Kris? It's just a big, disgusting, freaky thing, and I don't know why a sweet heart like you would want to look at it at all..." JACOB shook and was nearly crying. "Why would you want to see your brother's gross penis...?"

Kristin stared at him in complete silence. Then she crossed her arms, which made her braless chest bulged sensually, and she huffed. "First off, it is not disgusting at all. It's downright beautiful! Second, that is not a penis. It's way too damn big to be a penis, Jake. You've got a cock, a big, beautiful horse cock, and I want to see it again!"

It was Jacob's turn to stare in silence.

"Got it?"

Jacob nodded slowly. "I...I got it." He looked around the room nervously, unsure of what to do. Even if she wasn't going to hurt him, it still felt weird to have her say such things. It wasn't right for a brother and sister to act in such a way.

"Now, let's get down to business," she said. She uncrossed her arms, which made her bulging breasts fall freely. "Can I see it or not?"

Jacob, unsure of what to do, sighed. "Okay, fine, fine, but you have to promise not to freak. And lock the door, would you? I don't even want to think of what mom would say if she caught us."

Kristin did as she was told. She went to the door, locked it, and returned to her seat. From there she stared at Jacob, who had never been more nervous in his life. He slowly lifted up his shirt and blanket to reveal his now very hard thirteen inch cock to her critical inspection.

"Oh my fucking God, Jake! It's humongous," she said gaily. She drew the chair closer and leaned in to inspect his cock. Her full bosom, unrestrained by a bra, fell forward against her blouse heavily and rested against his thin leg. Jacob's cock twitched, and Kristin giggled. "This is a real horse cock," she said. "Not like the ones you see in porno, this thing is massive."

"So, you don't hate it?"

"Hate it? Are you kidding me, Jake? What woman would? You're amazing!" She looked him in the eye, a blush on her face, and asked, "Can I touch it?"

At that point Jacob was at a complete loss of words. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. His sister, who seemed to be placated by the sight of his endowment, just smiled calmly and waited.

"You should let her do it," said a little voice from Jacob's left shoulder. Jacob looked over and found a little devil version of himself. It had little red wings, a pitch fork, little horns, and a proportionately equal cock to Jacob himself. "It's already gotten this far," it said while it stroked its own big cock. "What do you got to lose?"

"I don't know," Jacob said nervously. "I know it's already gotten this far, but she's my sister and...And I think that might be wrong or something."

"Okay," said the devil. "Ask the other guy what he thinks."

"Other guy?" Jacob looked over at his right shoulder and found an angel. It had large, feathery wings, a halo, and a robe that was tented out very far from its body. "Oh...Well, what do you think?"

The angel shrugged and looked at Jacob helplessly. "Big Red has a point," it said. "I mean, this has gotten pretty far already."

Jacob stared at the little angel incredulously and wondered what kind of angel advice that was. He resisted the urge to strangle the little bastard and consulted his super-ego, which immediately gave him the go ahead. "Am I going crazy? Is there no part of me that doesn't want to fuck my baby sister?"


He shook his head and the angel and demon were gone. Kristin stared up at him expectantly, her patience gone.

"Can I touch the thing or not?"

Jacob just nodded. After all, nothing told him that it was wrong, so he just gave in. Apparently his whole body was acting on id already anyway, so he decided it was pointless to resist anymore. "If you really want to, Kris, go ahead."

"Took you long enough," she muttered, and she moved in close. Gently, almost worshipfully, she wrapped her tiny, pale fingers around his big, tan cock and hefted it up. "Wow, it's so heavy," she said as she gazed underneath it at his huge balls. She smiled and looked up at him. "I can't believe you thought I would hate it. You must not know much about girls, Jake!"

Jacob blushed and didn't say anything. He simply scratched the back of his head and focused on the feeling of his sister's soft hands. They moved along his shaft slowly and curiously, unwilling to forget a single inch.

"Are you a virgin, Jake?" She didn't even look away from his cock to ask.

"What," he said, and he jerked slightly. She held him tight by the cock and wouldn't let him go. He settled down, if for anything to keep his big cock attached to his body, and glanced around nervously. "Well," he said as his shoulders slumped. "Let me put it this way. I really don't know much about girls at all."

Kristin stopped jerking his cock. She tore her gaze away to his eyes suspiciously. "How much is not much, Jake?"

"A lot," he said quietly.

"Can you be more specific?"

"I don't know, maybe."


"Well, I've never even kissed a girl or held a girl's hand," Jacob admitted softly. Again tears threatened to spill from his eyes. It scared him to be so open, and he was afraid that her opinion of him suddenly changed. Not only was he a freak with a big cock, but he was an embarrassing loser as well. He was sure she would run out of the room to tell her family, and her friends, and he would be disowned and at the circus in a matter of hours.

Jacob closed his eyes to keep from crying. He readied himself for it again. It was all over! He might as well kill himself, because he was kicked out of his family for sure. Circus life wouldn't suit him, so death was the best option. "Damn circus," he said to himself too quietly for anyone to hear.

That's when he felt Kristin's soft, pink mouth against his own mouth. He opened his eyes and saw her face close up. Even though she was leaning into him, she still held his cock. Her heavy tits fell against his chest, which made him grow even harder.

Kristin broke the kiss with a sultry smile. "It's rude to stare when being kissed," she said as she sat back on her knees. "I guess I can forgive you though. After all, I was your first kiss." She said the last part with a proud giggle.

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