tagIncest/TabooWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 02

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 02


Chapter two: Jacob's Horse Cock, The Second Sister

Girls love horses; it is a well known fact. Ask any woman alive what their favorite animal is and almost every one of them will answer the same: horse. When ask why they girl multiple reasons, such as, "Horses are strong, sturdy, and they stand tall," or "They are beautiful, graceful, and enduring." It seems that it is every woman's fantasy to have a powerful horse that carries them off into the sunset.

This is just romanticism and half truths. Something else drives women in their love of horses, something which women have forgotten in all of their struggles for equality over the past few decades. The truth is that women love horses for their big cocks.

Women think their cocks are big, strong, sturdy, and stand tall.

Women think their cocks are beautiful, graceful, and enduring.

In truth, all women want a powerful, virile male with a cock like a horse that can fuck them into feminine submission. That is a truth of the world.

None of this occurred to Jacob at first. He spent years completely oblivious of the fact that his cock, thirteen inches when completely hard, was all he needed to get the finest pussy into his bed on a whim. He spent his high school years as an invisible loser whose only company was his hand.

Luckily that all changed when one day, his younger sister came along and corrected his beliefs. "Women want big horse cocks," she assured him, and thus Jacob's fears were allayed and his life of incestuous sex began.

Born a mild-mannered boy, Jacob grew up to be a daring stud. He no longer let the thick skulled morons at his school berate him, he stood up to them, and they backed down with out a fight. Being an Alpha is not in the height, for Jacob was a very short person, but it was in the swagger. Jacob, more than any muscle bound meathead, was endowed enough to back up his swaggering.

It also helped that his younger sister, turned sexual follower, spread rumors around about him to all of her friends. Women paid him more attention than ever before, and Jacob's ego bloated to enormous sizes.

This was all supplemented by the fact that Jacob got Grade-A pussy from his younger sister whenever he wanted. On average the two fucked over once a day. Before school went back into session they spent weeks fucking each other into sex-comas, and even after school started they always found time to be alone and have rapturous sex.

The two were complete deviants. They fucked on kitchen counters, on coffee tables, on living room chairs, in their beds, in their parent's bed, in the bathroom. When there were too many people around for them to fuck (Due to Kristin's loud screams), she would sate her frustrations by giving him a blowjob, and she had a lot of frustrations.

She had so many frustrations that one time they had to ease them in the kitchen pantry while their older sister, Isabella, was right outside. Luckily they weren't caught, but it was only a matter of time. No matter how careful the siblings were all of their sex couldn't go unnoticed. Their family wasn't stupid, and eventually the stained sheets and strange smells would alert them that something was amiss.

Regardless, the two youths were lost in the pleasure of their bodies. They didn't even think about being caught. All they ever thought about was coitus and where they could have it. This way of thinking eventually backfired on them, and that is what this story is about.

On the day that it happened Jacob was in his bedroom and his stiff cock was out before him. Kristin was on his bed and was completely naked. Her legs were spread and pulled up to her shoulders. Her shaved pussy glistened in the light. One of Jacob's tan hands mauled her right tit, and the other lined his bulbous cock up for entry.

"Please, Jake, do it!" As she said this she looked down at his cock and licked her lips. She craved Jacob's cock almost all the time. Though unwilling to admit it, she was less of a lover and more of a slave to his cock at times.

Jacob grinned. "Do what?" He loved to tease her. Somehow he got an intense rush when he made Kristin beg for his cock, and she always seemed willing to beg.

He removed his hand from her breast and pushed on her thigh. She spread her legs wider for him, granting him a better view of her spread vagina. He teased her with the big knobby head of his horse cock. "What do you want me to do, Kris?"

Kristin wriggled her hips against him and grunted angrily. "Please, Jacob, I need you inside of me. Stop teasing me and just do it!" She looked desperate, like an addict who needed their fix.

"I don't know what you want, Kris, so you're going to have to tease me."

It can be funny how things change. Over a few months Jacob evolved from a young, bumbling virgin to a complete stud and sex fiend. During their time spent together Jacob learned how to control his depth, pace, and rhythm. Furthermore, he learned how to touch Kristin to bring her the highest amount of pleasure.

He considered them equals still but knew how much power he had over her. With his big, powerful horse cock and his expertise he had her quaking with need almost every night. That was why he teased her, because he had the power to get away with it.

"Just say the word," Jacob taunted. "Just tell me what you want, and I'll give it."

"She wants you to fuck her, Jake, so quit being a tease and give it to her." That voice didn't sound like Kristin's. It was huskier and more mature. It was the voice of his older sister, Isabella.

Both Jacob and Kristin froze in place. Jacob was so scared that he shook. Despite his fear even more blood surged into his cock. He was the hardest of his life as a result

Kristin's face paled. She was pulled out of her sexual stupor and really wanted Jacob to get away from her, but he had her pinned down. All she could do was look past Jacob's shoulders

There she stood, tall, lean, and beautiful. Isabella wasn't anything like Kristin, aside from having broad hips and large breasts, but those were shallow similarities. Isabella's skin tone matched Jacob's more closely, her hair was darker and wilder, her breasts were ponderous E-cups instead of Ds, and she had a nearly perfect athletic body.

Isabella smiled. "I knew I would catch you two," she said, and she closed the door. "Don't stop on my account. Go ahead; got at it like rabbits, I'd really like to watch." She waved her hand at the two and chuckled lightly. "By the way, Jake, congrats on that big horse cock you've got there."

Jacob's cock twitched when he heard Isabella say that. Apparently, his older sister appreciated his cock as well. He felt like he was the luckiest man in the world, and a plan was birthed in that moment. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves and built up his bravado. Then he craned back to look at Isabella while he ran the crown of his cock along Kristin's slit. "You like it, Bell? Well, so does Kris."

Isabella crossed her arms over her tits, which did nothing to hold them down. She grinned at Jacob's show, but didn't display much interest beyond amusement. "I can see that," she said casually.

"Yeah," Jacob said in what he hoped was a sexy tone (but really sounded like he was constipated), "She really loves it when I fuck her." He tried his hardest not to let his voice crack when he said this, but he wasn't sure if it worked. After that he turned his attention to Kristin. For the umpteenth time since they first fucked Jacob pressed the tip of his bulbous cock into her pussy. Despite her anxieties about Isabella watching, her labia yielded to him, and she moaned gratefully.

"I can see that," Isabella said. She spoke with out any passion what so ever, but her face turned slightly red as she watched. Jacob couldn't read her. She looked empty.

He grunted and pushed in as deep as he could. Three inches of cock still suck out. "She's so tight," he said as he began to pick up pace. Jacob moved in long, deep strokes. He shoved in as far as he could and made a real show of it. Kristin, caught in arousal, seemed to forget Isabella was there and begged him to fuck her hard.

As they fucked Jacob ran his idea by Kristin. She winced despite her arousal and tried to push him off. Jacob thrust in particularly hard and teased her clit, and she yielded to him.

"Fuck me deep, you stud! Your big horse cock is so good. It's the best!" She pulled him down onto her and ground up against him. Her fingers dug into his back, leaving shallow marks. She peered past Jacob, at Isabella. "You have no idea how good his big, fat HORSE COCK feels, sis! Ah!"

Isabella watched from the side, her face now caught in complete adoration. It seemed like she was suddenly very much into their fucking. She watched each of Jacob's deep thrusts, and she watched as Kristin quivered as a result. The cogs in her head turned furiously, conjuring the most terrible images.

Jacob caught the look on her face and grinned. Kristin didn't. She was too busy getting her brains fucked out to notice anything. All she cared was that Jacob was happy with her, for she played her part perfectly.

He rewarded her loyalty. An extra deep thrust brought Kristin a powerful orgasm. She went nuts, writhing beneath him and saying things he had never heard before. "Fuck, Jake! Fuck, you're so fucking good! You're fucking perfect! I love you, and I love your cock! You own my pussy. I'm yours, I'm all yours!" She bit her lip hard to suppress herself.

As she came down from her high Jacob leaned down. Again he whispered into her ear, outlining what he wanted, and he kissed her neck. Kristin was too dazed to refuse. All she said was, "It would be fair," and she gave in.

Jacob kissed her gently. "Thanks, Kris, you're a doll."

"What are you two talking about so secretively," Isabella demanded hotly. Her arousal was no longer veiled at all. She sweated a bit and was very flushed. To try and keep herself cool she rubbed her thighs together and kept her hands bound to her pockets, afraid they might roam elsewhere.

"Oh, nothing," Jacob teased. He slowed his pace and thrust into Kristin deeply. Another orgasm hit Kristin from the gentle love making, and she gripped the blankets tightly. "We're just discussing how we should handle you is all."

"How to handle me," Isabella echoed absently. She stared wide-eyed momentarily, the words not connecting. Before her the two younger siblings fucked. "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, we can't have you telling mom or dad. That would ruin our fun, and it's pretty obvious that you want some of my cock. Kristin told me that she didn't mind sharing, but I don't know if I should. What do you think, Bell?" Jacob winked at her and slid his cock out, revealing all of its thirteen inch glory. Slick pussy juices made it look even bigger as it gleamed in the light. He stuck it back into Kristin shortly after.

Isabella watched Jacob sink his huge cock into Kristin, who didn't seem capable of fitting it. Yet Kristin wriggled with pleasure, so it obviously wasn't too bad. It still surprised Isabella how big her brother's horse cock was, and how much her little sister could take. In a short time over half of that monster was buried in Kristin's tiny body.

"Hello, anyone there," Jacob asked as he moved more slowly.

For the first time in Isabella's life she saw Jacob as a real man. He was arrogant, cocky, and extremely sexy as he fucked Kristin. His big, bulging cock called out to her. She needed it inside of her. It was all she could think about. Her gaze hadn't strayed from the penetration since it started. "I think I would like that, Jake."

"You do?" He pushed in extra hard. Kristin winced, as if in pain, but had an orgasm shortly after. It was clear, no one complained when Jacob fucked them. He was just too perfect.

"Yes, I think I would," Isabella said, near salivation. Every fiber of her being was screaming out for him. The sight of him plowing Kristin had Isabella wetter than she had ever been. She thought it would do nicely to allow him full access to her body.

Jacob inched his cock out slowly, revealing inch after inch of his stunning prick. "Kris, you get up and let Bell have her turn," he said.

Groggily, Kristin did as she was told. She held no grudges and felt no envy. Jacob was too good to be angry with, and it was only right for her to share.

Isabella moved with out hesitation. She stripped her clothes quickly and dropped on her back before Jacob, who paused to examine her. Aside from how she spread her legs, she looked nothing like Kristin. Isabella's skin was much darker, her breasts were much larger, and her torso much longer. Where Kristin was the epitome of cute, Isabella was a perfect representation of sexy. Jacob's cock noticeably twitched at the mere sight of her.

Between her legs, Jacob lined himself up and readied to penetrate. His huge cock head pressed against her vagina, which balked at the intrusion. Kristin was a tight girl to begin with, but so many times with Jacob had loosened her up to where she was a perfect fit. Isabella was a virgin to his horse cock, and she was another vagina for him to reshape.

Slowly he slid into her, and he watched as her face contorted dramatically. There was joy, pleasure, pain, torture, all of it sped across her face. She curled up a bit, as if in resistance, and then she wrapped herself around him in an effort to draw him deeper. "God, fuck, you're so damn thick!"

By this time Kristin had returned to her senses. She watched the penetration with deep interest. "Don't worry, Bell, you'll get use to it," she said. "Then you'll love it."

Isabella let out a strained breath. "I'm sure you're right," she said, and she looked directly into Jacob's eyes. "Don't hold back! Shove it deep, Jake!" She looked possessed.

"Are...Are you sure?"

"Listen here, Jacob! I can handle anything you've got to give, so give it to me! I want everything I can take, damn it!" Her eyes swelled menacingly. "Go fucking deep!"

Jacob recoiled fearfully. Completely horrified by his sister's feral gaze, he shoved in as deeply as he could. Nearly a foot of wrist thick cock disappeared into Isabella's body. He halted movement as she howled in pain.

"Hold on! Hold on, damn it! Let me adjust to it." Isabella cried, thick tears streaming down her cheeks. Jacob, unsure of what to do, kissed them away while Kristin just watched.

"Don't worry, Jake, she'll like it. I promise," Kristin whispered from the side.

Jacob held steady for a moment. Even though Isabella was hurt, her tight vagina hugged his cock so snuggly that he was in heaven. He wanted to move, to aggravate her poor pussy more, but strained to keep control. It was difficult, but he loved his sister enough to be easy with her.

Gradually he moved. At first he was slow, but he built up pace. With each stroke he drew a little more out, and each time he pushed a little more back in. Isabella slowly grew to accommodate him. Her tension eased, ands she writhed pleasurably, begging him to fuck her. "Oh, fuck, Jake! Your cock is so big, too big! I fucking love it! I've never been fucked so good in my life! Fuck, from now on I only fuck you!"

Jacob smiled when he heard that. Kristin had been the same way, and it was better for Isabella. His experience with Kristin had made him a sexual God almost. He fucked Isabella with nine inch strokes, striking the deepest part of her with his bulbous cock, and he kept pace with her very well. After fifteen minutes they were still going at it like animals, and Isabella was grateful for all the orgasms he gave her.

Another ran through her. She arched her back, her huge breasts falling back on her chest as she yelled. "Fuck, Jake, fuck! Five, five fucking orgasms, I've never cum so much in my life, my God!" An ever bigger one hit on the coat-tails of the last. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh, shit!" Her head lulled back and her body collapsed as the most intense orgasm of her life seized her.

Her cunt squeezed his cock so tightly that he couldn't move. Jacob crested with her and emptied out inside of her. Thick wads of sperm warmed her insides, staining her young cunt and spilling out the sides of it. He kept coming and coming until she felt like she was going to burst, and when he finished he collapsed on top of her. His face smacked down right in the valley of her tits.

Both were exhausted and breathless. Isabella lay on her back, sweaty and content, and Jacob was happy to be wedged in her glorious tits. Gradually his cock shrunk, and he flipped over off of her. His cock fell onto his stomach with a noticeable splat. It still looked huge.

Kristin sat on the floor in a state of awe. It felt incredible to be fucked by Jacob, but watching it was a bit terrifying. She still didn't know how his gigantic cock could spread and stretch Isabella's tiny pussy so far, or how it could inject her with so much cum. White ooze slid out of Isabella's poor distended pussy. Knowing how good it felt did nothing to ease her trepidation. She was slightly afraid that Jacob had killed Isabella.

"Wow, Jake, just wow! That was fucking amazing," Isabella said lazily. She rolled on her side and held Jacob's perfect cock. It was sticky and slimy, but she didn't want to let it go. She wanted to cradle it forever and love it eternally. Jacob was the best fuck in the world, and she knew that now. "I guess I won't be calling you squirt anymore."

Jacob gave a tired, breathy laugh. "No, you'd better not," he said. "If you do you definitely won't get anymore of this." He waved his sticky cock at her.

"You think that'll work?"

"I know it will."

Isabella grinned. "You're going to be using this sudden leverage a lot now, won't you?"

"Is that a problem?"

"No, but don't be so sure it'll work on me, Jake."

"It works on Kristin."

Isabella rolled her eyes. "Kristin's young and naïve, no offense, Kris. I'm more mature than her, so things won't work out the way you imagine. I guarantee you."

"Time will tell," Jacob said, and he left it at that.

Two Weeks Later...

Two weeks passed and things were quiet abnormal at the house. Jacob had stopped doing his chores entirely, even though he lived at home. His parents never said a word to him about it; they didn't know, and his sisters were exhausted most of the time, yet they wore contented grins on their face. They also seemed to get along better with Jacob than they ever had before.

His parents were oblivious, and just chalked it up to them finally maturing. Jacob knew the truth though, the real reason for their sudden comradery. That reason was the same reason why his pants were off and Isabella was between his legs, rolling his testicles in her palms and nuzzling his hardened shaft.

"Please, Jake, I need it. Please, fuck me," Isabella begged. She looked urgent and out of control. It was funny to Jacob to see her like that, when two weeks ago she had been so confident.

"I don't know," Jacob said. "Did you do my chores for me?"

"Yes, I did all of them, so..."

"The dishes?"

"Yes, I did the dishes."

"What about my laundry? My underwear was getting pretty ripe."

"I washed your fucking underwear, now please..."

"Did you wash up after all of this work? I don't want to get all your manual labor sweat on me," Jacob teased. He had every intention of giving her what she seemed to need, he wasn't that cruel. He just liked to hold out for the fun of it. Having so much power was addictive to him.

"Jacob! Damn it, shut up and just do me," Isabella nearly shouted. She glared at him viciously. When Isabella was horny she was dangerous to taunt too much. Jacob was about to give her what she wanted when a yell interrupted them.

"Well, what in the world is going on here?" It was their mother's voice, and they both froze in place. Neither knew what to say. The scene was fairly obvious. Isabella had clearly asked Jacob to fuck her, and she wasn't the least bit quiet about it.

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