Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 05


Just then the door opened and Kevin came shuffling in, defeated. "Anything else to pick up, dad?"

Billy laughed and openly massaged his cock through his pants. The whole time he ogled Taylor's large chest. "No, nothing else, my little boy, nothing at all," Billy said as he stared.

When all Kevin did in response was walk away to the bedroom, Taylor found herself agreeing with Billy. Kevin was just a little boy, not a man, and she found herself in possession of a strange desire for a man.

She excused herself from the living room some time later, and she gave a glance back at Billy's cock as she left. It was massive. He was undeniably a man.

That night she heard it again. Billy fucked his daughter wildly and without any regard for the guests at his house. In bed, Kevin shifted, but he didn't make any sound. Taylor, overcome with lust, reached around and felt his cock, but it felt so small. Even if he were hard she would need something more, but he was limp and uninspiring.

Kevin grunted and said, "I'm tired, honey." He scooted away from her, moving his limp dick out of reach.

Taylor huffed. "Well, I'm not, Kevin! So, I'm going downstairs!" She leapt from the bed in a fury and left the room without another word. As she hurried down the stairs all she could think was, "What a little boy!"

She followed the sounds of rough sex all the way to the living room. Ray screamed in pleasure, and her voice carried through out the house. Billy was in the center of the room, his huge cock buried deeply inside of his daughter. Suzanne was between his legs, suckling on his massive balls.

Taylor watched their mad fucking. It was hot, passionate, feral sex. Billy's horse cock drove deeply into Ray's tiny cunt, stretching it to extreme. He used her like he owned her, and he very obviously did. Taylor was jealous. She wanted badly to be in Ray's place.

Somewhere along the way Taylor's cunt had grown very hot and very wet. She rubbed her thighs together to try and keep the fire down, but her body was out of control. The sight of Billy's horse cock made her feel dainty and weak. She wanted him, she might have even needed him. She wanted a man with a man-sized cock to fill her up. She truly needed to be made into a woman, and that required a real man, not a boy.

Taylor watched until Ray came again. Her voice came out loudly and clearly through the house. Taylor felt it in her bones and had a small orgasm of her own. She couldn't contain her desire any more, all control was lost. She burst through the door with a wild look in her eyes.

Billy didn't slow down at the sight of Taylor. He continued to blow his daughter hard and tease her small breasts, even while he looked Taylor straight in the eye. He had expected her to come, it was written on his face.

"Can I help you?" He continued to fuck Ray deep, and Ray smiled at Taylor like it were normal

"It's so big and good," Ray said. She referred to her father's cock, of course. From that distance Taylor could see how truly large Billy was. It was at least as thick as Taylor's ankle, and it was thick with veins. Below his huge balls were suffocating a very dedicated Suzanne.

"I asked you a question!" Billy grasped Ray by the waist and lifted her off of his cock with ease. Once he had left his daughter's worn twat he threw her to the side. She didn't seem bothered by his discarding of her. She merely stared at him with deep adoration.

"Yes, I believe you can." Taylor's voice was very weak and submissive. She hung her head and teased her shirt like a child. Tugging on blouse caused it to hug her huge breasts, which showed how large they truly were.

Billy smiled. "You sure have some nice tits." He grasped his huge cock and jerked it. It had to be over twelve inches long, Taylor thought. "I want to feel them, fuck them, use them!" He laughed hard. "How, how exactly can I help you?" He released his cock and both his wife and daughter went to keeping him erect with their bodies. He was a monster, his cock was a monster.

"I...I need..."

"Stop stammering and tell me what you need, bitch!"

"I need a real man! You were right about Kevin. He's just a boy. I need a man, a big man, a real man, a man who can make me into a real woman! I need a big horse cock like yours to fuck me! I need you, because you're the only real man I know. Fuck me, Billy! Make me yours!"

Billy was amused by his, and had a huge smile on his face. "You asked me so nicely! But, that's not enough." He laughed. "I want you to get naked, and I want to feel those fat tits of yours." He licked his lips. "What size are they?"

"F-cups," Taylor muttered softly. "They're F-cups, Billy."

"That...is fucking hot!" He chuckled. "I cant wait to feel them!"

Taylor purred and swayed her hips. She walked toward him, sashaying dramatically and feeling astoundingly female. "And how big is your horse cock?"

Ray, who had her mouth wrapped around the fat crown of his cock, laughed and released his cock. A long trail of saliva stretched, and his cock gleamed in the dim light. "It's fourteen amazing fucking inches long. Fourteen inches, and at least as thick as my arm! It's a true pussy pleaser!"

Taylor gasped in surprise. "It's so big!"

"You have no idea, little lady!" Billy growled. "Now get them tits out for me. I don't waste time like my little pussy son. You will do what your told, or you will be punished. So, get naked, get on your knees, and do what I fucking say! Now, hurry the fuck up!"

To Taylor's surprise, his coarse language aroused her even further. She felt hot inside, like her blood was boiling up, and she was completely flushed. No matter what she thought of him before, she had reached a new conclusion. Billy was all that was man. In the modern day politically correct culture real man had become forgotten. Finding one was a primal pleasure, and she had to submit to him, because that was the only way for her to become a real woman!

Billy watched her expectantly. She shook with excitement, and she obeyed his command happily. Staring him in the cock, she arched her back, which amplified her already astounding bosom dramatically. Then she slid her blouse off, revealing her bursting bosom to the world. Six thick inches of tit flesh bulged against her black bra. The thin fabric could barely hold under the strain. Her big, red nipples were stiff against the fabric and noticeable.

"God damn, those tits are huge! My pussy son doesn't deserve a hot bitch like you."

"No," Taylor said throatily. "He really didn't."

"Stop fucking teasing me and show me them bare. I got to see this!"

She undid her bra slowly and slid it down her slender arms. Her breasts were absolutely humongous. They swayed with her movements. Her nipples stood out an inch and were thick and very hard. It was like they were miniature cock, red with arousal and just as stiff. She cupped her breasts and jostled them for Billy's pleasure.

"Now the rest of you, you fucking tease. Get your pants off and get your sexy ass over here. I'm going to fuck you so hard that it'll make you forget that you even married my son!"

She had nearly forgotten about what ever his name, all she thought about was Billy. Taylor wedged her tits together long enough to give Billy a view of her deep cleavage. Then she spun around and bent forward, giving him a view of her slender back and then her hide, maternal hips. She wanted him to know what he was about to use for his pleasure.

She undid her jeans and slid them and her panties down with one move. Her lower body was just as enticing as her upper-half. Her butt was round, her thighs thick, and her legs long. She turned around and stood straight.

Taylor's long hair swept around her hips, and it was thick and dark. Her white skin stood out in contrast. Her breasts swayed with each movement, heavy and ponderous, and the red nipples stood out at least an inch. A thick patch of curly dark hair was between her legs. Her hips were dramatically wide, and her legs long and powerful.

Billy definitely approved of his daughter-in-law's figure. He grabbed both women by the hair and dismissed them. "Come over here, you slut! I am going to make you into a woman!" He stood and charged her.

She barely had time to react. Despite his size, he moved quickly, and he had her on the floor in seconds. He rolled her, putting her ass in the air. Within seconds four inches were buried inside of her.

It stung, but it was a good sort of pain. It made her feel alive. Normally, she could take all of Kevin, but Billy's monster was too thick for it to be easy. She was more aroused than she ever knew, but her pussy strained to accommodate his girth.

"Oh my fucking God, you're so incredibly thick!" Taylor grunted as he slid further into her. Billy held her hips so tightly that they would bruise, and he thrust into her with out reserve. She met his thrust by pushing back. To her, the pain she felt was required growth. She was growing from a little girl into a real woman, and she had to have Billy's big, manly horse cock inside of her for that.

Over half of him was inside of her, but she was determined to take more. She moved slowly on his cock, writhing passionately, and she grew accustomed to his girth. She even enjoyed it. The feel of his circumference stretching her was addictive, and she fully understood why the women in his family flitted around him, obeying his every word. He was the best lay of their lives, and they would never do anything to endanger that.

She felt like she was in a strange sort of limbo between girlhood and womanhood. She was a woman because his big cock was halfway inside of her, but she was so small by comparison to him. Everyone was small compared to him. He was, Taylor decided, the only real man on the planet, and that made him the biggest, stronger person she knew. He was the ruler of the world for all that she could tell. Everything else simply melted away.

Billy continued to press hard into her, and no matter how hard he fucked, Taylor fucked back with gusto. She was enraptured by his horse cock and completely in love. She wanted more of him inside of her, she needed to be plugged full of his cock. They both kept pushing harder and going deeper each time.

On that night Taylor became a legend. She was the first and only woman to take all fourteen thick inches of Billy's horse cock. He slid in to the balls and found a special satisfaction in it. For the first time in his life his whole cock felt the warmth of a vagina. It hugged him all the way to the base.

When his balls slapped against her ass, Taylor became delirious. She had a powerful orgasm that left her incapacitated. She fell forward heavily, and her head hit the floor. Billy reached down and hefted her up by the hair. She looked completely out of it.

"Welcome to the family, you tight bitch," Billy said.

Taylor's crown was bruised and her jaw was gaping. She drooled onto the floor. The pleasure was too much; she couldn't comprehend anything else.

Billy began to fuck her hair. He mauled her tits with out regard for her, and he fucked her deeply with his whole cock. Taylor returned to the world, revitalized by being filled with so much cock. She rode him expertly, filled with pride and pleasure.

She was built for his cock, and like-wise he gave her the best pleasure. His masculine cock was the key to her feminine cunt, and she was the only one who could take him all the way. She was his woman, and he was her leading man.

He fucked her for a long time, maybe hours. She became uncontrollable. He hefted her up and she rode him like the expert cock slut she was. Each thrust made her scream louder, and when he manhandled her sizable breasts she exploded again with pleasure. The house echoed with the sounds of their fucking. He bruised her, he used her, and she was happier than she had ever been in her life.

When he filled her up Taylor had the third and most intense orgasm of the evening. She fell forward, and he slipped out. Cum poured out of her pussy, thicker than Kevin had ever produced. Taylor swore it was a gallon, though she was halfway certain that was impossible. Regardless, it was more than any little boy could manage, and it explained why Billy ate so much protein based foods.

When the sun rose Kevin was alone. He hadn't slept, and he knew from the beginning where Taylor would end up. It always happened that way, it was inevitable.

He went downstairs to the living room, and he found Taylor there. She was naked, with her gargantuan tits wrapped around Billy's equally gargantuan horse cock. Dark bruises were on them, but she didn't resist when Billy teased her further or when he fucked her mouth roughly. All she did was slurp on his cock with complete devotion.

"Hello there, little man," Billy said. "Ladies, say hello to my little slugger."

"Hey there, tiny," Ray said.

"There's momma's little boy," Suzanne said. They were both naked and sperm covered. Kevin waved lethargically.

"I like this one, Kevin, I think I'll keep her. She's the best girl yet." Billy grinned and thrust hard into her mouth. She gurgled around his cock. "Shit, she took my whole cock last night. Thanks for bringing her down."

Kevin stared at him hollowly, no longer hurt by his words. "You're welcome, dad."

Taylor was allowed free from Billy's cock. She continued to jack him with her tits as she spoke. "Yes, thank you, Kevin. I'm so happy that I finally found a real man."

Just then Billy went off like a volcano. Thick streams of white poured out from the tip of his cock, coating Taylor. She giggled and ate what she could. Her face and breasts were coated, and she continued to tit-fuck him. "God, how lucky am I? Now I'm a real woman, Kevin, and do you know why?"

"Why, Taylor?"

"Because I'm a slut for a real man, and do you know what a real man is, Kevin?"

"No, tell me," Kevin said, defeated.

"A real man is your father, because he has a huge horse cock. Isn't that right, Billy?"

Billy didn't reply. He just grabbed her head and shoved his huge cock back into her mouth. Taylor choked, and then slurped lovingly on her man. She was proud to be there, sucking his cock, because she was her woman and it was her job. Luckily, Taylor was a woman who loved her job.

Koto's Commentary: "The next chapter is in the works. Its tone is far closer to that of the first two, so I hope those of you turned off by the recent chapters will come back and enjoy it."


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