tagErotic CouplingsWhy Girls Like Horses Ch. 09

Why Girls Like Horses Ch. 09


Chapter Nine: Rivalry

Thomas wasn't sure why Wes hated him so much, but for as long as he could remember they just didn't get along well. To Thomas it always seemed like Wes went out of his way to really hurt him. Needless to say, Thomas didn't really appreciate that, and Wes really wasn't someone you'd want as an enemy. Thomas learned this the hard way.

Even in childhood Wes was something of a masculine paragon. He was always robust, chiseled, and handsome. In adulthood he was even more perfect. His arms were long and muscular, his hands large and rough, and his chest perfectly sculpted. His chin was strong and his eyes a piercing blue.

If Wes wanted to hurt Thomas physically he could have without much of a fight. Thomas wasn't weak, but Wes was unbelievably strong. He never went that far though. Instead he focused on crushing Thomas emotionally, and he succeeded at every turn.

When Thomas was on the school basketball team Wes joined shortly after, and he out played Thomas at every game. When Thomas won the lead role in the play Wes came in an auditioned privately with the teacher. The next day Wes had the role. Whenever Thomas had a girlfriend Wes would inevitably swoop in and claim her.

The last one hurt the most, and it happened to every girl Thomas cared for. His first long term girlfriend, Britney, was with him for a year. She was a cute blonde girl with glasses. Though a bit chubby, she was very pretty and Thomas was deeply infatuated with her.

Things were good with Britney for a while, but Thomas was nervous. Wes lived down the street from her and he had a habit of hanging around her house whenever Thomas came to pick her up or drop her off. This happened for a while until Thomas decided to stand up to Wes. He told Wes to leave and even threatened to hit him if he didn't. In the end Wes laid Thomas out with one punch and embarrassed him in front of Britney.

That is when it happened. Thomas went over to her house and phone her alone with Wes. They were alone in her room and Britney was screaming loudly. Thomas heard them fucking through the door, and Thomas was too afraid to interrupt. He left heart-broken.

The next day Thomas saw Britney she dumped him. She explained that Thomas just wasn't man enough for her. After that rumors circulated around the school that she left Thomas for Wes after their fist fight. Thomas knew the truth of the matter, but he preferred the rumors. It was far less humiliating than Britney leaving him over sexual matters.

The next girl to fall to Wes' charms was Lindsay, a girl who was a few years older than him. At the time both Wes and Thomas were still in high school, but Lindsay was in college. It was still very legal, as Thomas was eighteen, but still uncommon.

Lindsay was a real looker. She had wide-hips, abs, a pretty face, and long, dark hair. She also have full, plump tits that amazed Thomas each time he saw her with her bra off.

Thomas's relationship with Lindsay was completely based off of sex. She couldn't get enough of his cock, and he certainly loved to give it to her. Aside from that they got along well enough until one day.

Suddenly Lindsay was cold toward him, and after that she was completely unresponsive. Each day she grew less interested in what he had to say and eventually they stopped speaking all together.

One day Thomas snuck into her bed room with the intent of surprising her. He got naked and hid under the blankets waiting for her. When she arrived and saw his fully erect manhood she laughed at him mockingly. He found out later that Lindsay had spent the past few days with Wes over. She had no interest in Thomas because she had moved on.

Again Thomas was heartbroken, and again he was too afraid to confront Wes about it. So he left Lindsay to him. Though the two never rightfully broke up he knew it was. For the rest of senior year Wes teased Thomas about it in an attempt to get Thomas to take a swing. Thomas was never brave enough to try, but he did day dream about it.

When high school finally ended Thomas rejoiced. He thought he was free, because Wes was never the scholastic sort. He didn't have much to look forward to after high school. Thomas, on the other hand, went to a big, fancy university, and there he met his neWest girlfriend. She was a beautiful oriental girl named Sakura.

Sakura was as sweet as she was beautiful. She had dark hair and a cute face. Her parents were originally from Japan, but she was born in America. Thomas truly loved her, and he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He even came close to marrying her.

All of this changed when Thomas came home to their shared apartment to find her tied to the bed. She was naked and covered in what looked like a month's worth of sperm. Stuck to her was a notecard that read, "From: Wes."

Sakura never told Thomas what happened, but it was apparent that Sakura hadn't been a victim. She wanted nothing to do with Thomas from that day forward, and Thomas left her, not that she even noticed.

Periodically Thomas would see her around campus, but he couldn't handle it. Each time he saw her he was reminded of the glossy look she had in her eyes whenever he mentioned, and he was thus reminded of all the years of suffering he'd had because of Wes. Eventually it became so traumatic that Thomas dropped out of college all together and returned home.

When he got out of the cab Thomas's only good thought was that it couldn't be any worse. He kept telling himself that the whole ride home and it comforted him. He didn't know the horrible revelation that awaited him though.

He reached back in and grabbed his knapsack before staring at the house. It looked well taken care of. His father had worked hard to keep the house in working order while Thomas was away.

He hadn't warned his family that he was returning. His father was gone, and his mother would be the only person home. He anxious about all the questions, but he was excited to know that she would be there waiting with open arms. His mother would accept him no matter what. She was the best mother in the world.

Thomas was partially right. When he entered the house he did find his mother there, but she was not alone. Wes was there, shirtless and waiting. He was perfectly sculpted, like a Greek God etched from a slab of alabaster. His pectorals, abdominals, biceps, triceps, solar plexus, each one of them was perfectly accentuated from hours of hard work.

When Wes saw Thomas he sneered. "Welcome home, wuss," he said hatefully.

It took Thomas a moment to register the sight. Wes wasn't just shirtless, he was completely naked, and the sight was both horrific and incredible. The sight confirmed years of suspicion on Thomas's part. The reason way every girl left Thomas became apparent quite suddenly.

Wes' penis wasn't just large, it was gargantuan. By comparison to Thomas, Wes was at least twice his length and thickness. His cock was pale and gleaming, and the crown was a bright rosy color. It was what Thomas would openly refer to as a 'pussy breaker', and Thomas couldn't imagine a pussy that would survive a struggle with such an immense piece of manhood. Unsurprisingly, Wes' balls were just as large and masculine.

The most shocking sight wasn't just Wes' masculine perfection. It was that his sweet, loving mother was kneeling before Wes. She was naked, showing her slender, athletic frame off to the world. Her breasts, small and symmetrical, were capped by long, hard nipples, and she was eagerly sucking on Wes' huge, hanging testicles.

Even when Wes spoke his mother continued to suck. She dipped low on Wes' manhood while simultaneously working her hands to bring Wes satisfaction. As Thomas watched, he came to realize that she wasn't merely sucking Thomas off. She was worshipping Wes' cock in a way that frightened Thomas.

Wes grinned at Thomas's disgusted gaze, but Thomas's mother didn't even notice her son. Instead, she took Wes' manhood into her throat loudly. Wes sighed and rested a hand on her head carelessly.

"It's good to see you again. When was the last time we saw each other, face-to-face? Wasn't it over that one slut...What was her name again? Lindsay?"

Thomas choked on his revulsion and his tears. "I...I don't know..."

"Don't lie to me, wuss. I'm sure you remember our every meeting. You remember how I show you up every time I see you. Though, I didn't even have to see you to show how much better I am this last time, did I? I just had to pay a visit to your girlfriend. What was her name?"


Wes laughed again. "Yeah, that was her name. She had a fine cunt. I nearly tore her apart, but she adjusted. Speaking of which, how are things going with you two?"

Thomas whimpered and shook. "She...It's over between us."

"Oh my, that's sad, but unsurprising," Wes said as he pulled Thomas's mother off of his cock. He lowered her down to his balls, where she eagerly began to lick and suck again. "It's not surprising though. When a girl meets a real man then she won't want anything to do with a little boy, will she?"

"I...I guess not." Thomas stared at his mother as she very willingly betrayed him. It was too much for him to handle, but it was also so horrible that he couldn't look away.

Wes grinned over Thomas's dismay. "So, I'm guessing that you're curious about this little situation. Well, I'll inform you in detail. This, Thomas, has been going on for a while. In fact, your mother was mine before Sakura, before Lindsay...Hell; your mother was mine even before Britney. Your mother was the first woman in your life to betray you for me."

Wes curled his fist in Thomas's mother's thick, dark hair. He shoved her down deep on his cock, forcing her to choke. When he did this, Thomas's mother looked up at him proudly as her throat was forcefully intruded upon. She bore him no grudge, only the deepest admiration.

He pulled her free from his huge cock and then smacked her in the face with it. Thomas's mother cupped his cock lovingly and nuzzled it. Then she went to kissing and licking the side of his cock while he smiled at her. "Hey, why don't you tell your son all about how you betrayed him for my big, thick cock, Thomas's mother? Why not explain to him, in detail, how you came to be my personal property, and how you came to love me far more than you ever loved him."

Thomas's mother grasped Wes' beautiful horse cock with both hands and jerked on it affectionately. As she did this, she glanced back at her son disapprovingly. Then she broke out into a fit of laughter. "Oh, dear, welcome home. I'm sorry I didn't stop and say hello. I'm afraid I was so busy with Wes' big, fat horse cock that I didn't even notice you'd come home." She didn't slow her movements as she spoke to her son. Instead she kept a steady pace and worked on his cock with full devotion.

"Now, I'm supposed to tell you the story of how I became Wes' loyal little slut, aren't I? It's a long story, and it'll come as a bit of a shock to you. I think it would be best for you to take a seat before I continue."

"I'll be fine," Thomas said absently. "Just...Just go ahead and tell your story."

"Hey, wuss, don't take an attitude! If you speak to your mother like that again then I'll snap your scrawny little neck, you got me? Now take a god damn seat and listen to her god damn story!"

Thomas recoiled from Wes' reaction and then looked at his mother. She smiled malicious at his fear and humiliation. The changes in her behavior were completely shocking. For his whole life his mother had been loving and supportive, yet Wes had turned her into a depraved bitch. It was astounding how far she had fallen for Wes.

Thomas slumped into a chair and looked at his mother warily. "...C-continue, please..."

"Since you asked so nicely," Thomas's mother said as she continued to double-hand Wes' giant cock. "Well, dear, the story starts like this. It was that year that you and Wes were in high school baseball together. Wes was stirring up trouble at the games that summer. He was causing fights and generally being troublesome. One of the mother went to him to stop him, and his reaction was to demand a blowjob from her. For whatever reason she refused him, and he was not happy about it."

Thomas recalled the woman. Her name was Brenda, and she was the mother of one of Thomas's best friends. She had always been a kind, fun-loving woman, and she had no tolerance for disrespect. Shortly after that summer rumors floated around that she was sleeping with a teenager. Thomas didn't believe the rumors until one day when his friend came to school completely silent and nearly in tears. That was when Thomas knew the truth.

"Well, one of the greatest things about Wes, besides his looks and his cock, is the fact that he doesn't give up easy. He kept trying to get into her pants. Every game he would find her and harass her. Well, at one game he got so pissed off that he followed her into the bathroom and was about to force himself on her. She screamed, and she fought, and she refused him. So what does Wes do? He just goes and pisses all over her. She got it on her face, her hair, and her tits, everywhere. She was just coated in the stuff."

The image of Brenda on her knees being pissed on by Wes' giant cock filled Thomas's head. He was revolted by the idea, but his mother seemed aroused by it. Thomas could almost understand. There was something primal about it. Wes didn't do it to degrade Brenda, at least not entirely. It was a manner of marking her, showing her that she was a woman for his taking. She was, in Wes' eyes, property.

"She told me about it later, she said it was disgusting. Well, the next game rolls around, and guess where Brenda goes, first thing. She goes to Wes, claiming she would teach him a lesson, and then she disappeared. This happens for a few games in a row. I start to get worried about her, and then one day I find her in the bathroom with Wes. There she is, on her knees, sucking him off. I remember thinking two things at that moment. First, I was amazed at how willing she was when she sucked. It was like she was in love with his cock. Secondly, I was astonished by how big Wes' pecker was, even at that age. My God, Thomas, he was huge!"

Thomas could already see that Wes was huge, but he knew that wasn't the only thing that made Wes so alluring. He was very strong and handsome, and as Thomas stared at his mother double-fisting Wes, he knew why all the women in his life left him for Wes. Wes was superior in every way to Thomas.

"I tried to resist, Thomas," his mother said sincerely. "It got horrible though. Brenda kept going to meet him in secret, but eventually their behavior was noticed. Wes would grope her in front of everyone without a care in the world. They eventually started fucking loudly, off in wooded areas, and everyone could hear him. He acted like he owned her, and he did. She was his complete slut!"

Thomas cringed at the thought. Brenda wasn't the only woman Wes had made a slut. His mother was a slut, and all of his previous girlfriends were Wes' sluts as well. Thomas was in a storm, without any form of port. Wes owned everyone Thomas ever loved or cared for, and Wes hated him.

"There I was the whole time, watching and knowing. I thought it was so wrong. She was cheating on her husband, betraying her son. I confronted her and told her as much, and do you know what she says to me? She says that she can't stop. Furthermore, she didn't want to stop. The only one who could end their little tryst was him, and even then she would dedicate her whole life to him." Thomas's mother laughed uproariously.

"I thought she was insane," she said as she continued to fist Wes' cock lovingly. "So, I go and pull him into private to talk. I tell him how wrong what he is doing is, and I tell him that he is a horrible person. What does this sexy stud do?" She kissed the crown of Wes' humongous cock lovingly before continuing her story. "He pulls his cock out and he pisses on me. All over me, Thomas, he gets it in my hair, on my shirt. I am so shaken that I fall to my feet, and he just stands there with his plump cock, pissing all over me. At first I thought it was disgusting, but I quickly realized the truth. Brenda was right. It wasn't disgusting, it was revolutionary!"

Her eyes gleamed as she spoke. She was so proud to be pissed on, and Thomas wondered if his girlfriends had suffered the same treatment. If they had, he wondered if they were so proud as well. To him, being pissed on sounded horrible.

"It made me feel owned, Thomas, it made me his! I don't know why, but when his piss ran over me I was cleansed. I was no longer just myself, I was Wes'. So, I shuffled over to him, and I did my duty right there. I sucked him off behind the snack bar while you were playing baseball, and I ate his thick load. From that day forward, Thomas, I served him loyally and did whatever he asked of me, and I fell further in love with him each passing year."

"Was that good enough, Wes?"

Wes smiled as Thomas's mother went back to sucking on his cock. Then he pulled her off by her hair, shaking his head. "No, tell him more. Tell him about all those years you spent as my little bitch in heat."

"Yes," she said fondly, and she looked back at Thomas bitterly. He was getting in the way of her sucking on Wes' cock, and she didn't like that. "Well, Thomas, you know about the high school years. Wes fucked every little girlfriend you brought home, but that wasn't all. I was being fucked by him, too. He fucked me whenever and wherever he wanted. I've had his cock in every hole, Thomas, and I am so very proud to be his slut that I can't even explain it properly."

She gazed at Wes' cock lovingly. "I am proud," she said happily, and she went back to sucking him off. She gagged on his cock loudly, and Thomas was lost to her. All that she cared about was being a slut for Wes. That was her life's true calling. Everything else was completely forgotten.

Wes grinned and fucked her throat. "Well, I guess that's where the story ends. I'll sum it up for you, though, wuss. Your mother, the woman you thought loved you more than anything in the world, doesn't give a shit about you. In reality she was mine all along." Wes laughed coldly. "That's the ultimate betrayal, isn't it, little guy?"

By this point Thomas was hunched over crying. "Why, Wes....Why do you do this to me?" He shouted at Wes, who was laughing. "Why do you hate me so much?"

Wes shrugged. "I don't hate you, wuss. You aren't worth my hate. You're just some random pussy I decided to fuck with. In the end, it was Lady Luck, Thomas. She was the one who hated you. Like all the women in your life, Lady Luck favored me instead." Wes fucked Thomas's mother's mouth very roughly, ramming his thick cock down her throat. She seemed to enjoy it in a depraved sort of way. "Now it's time for the ultimate attack on your dwindling pride!"

Wes withdrew from Thomas's mother's mouth and threw her forward onto the coffee table. He didn't wait for her to get ready; he just lined up and fucked her hard. With one powerful, deep thrust of his immense cock, she rammed into her and held himself inside. His grip on her hips was so tight that it would surely leave bruises, but she didn't seem to care. She just panted lewdly and swiveled her hips. Almost as if hypnotized, she screamed out. "Yes, Wes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your giant cock! Show my pathetic son how you own this pussy! Fuck me deeply!"

Thomas watched in disgust as Wes did just that. He fucked Thomas's mother deeply, and he didn't seem to care at all for how small her body was or how roughly he was ramming into her. To Thomas's surprise Thomas's mother seemed to enjoy it completely. Just the sight of Wes' giant cock reaming her made Thomas cringe, but she loved being pulverized by it.

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