tagIncest/TabooWhy Have I Been So Distracted?

Why Have I Been So Distracted?


Some of you might think- how does she have so much fun with herself to please herself so much and so often... well it's not me doing the pleasing really. I've found my daddy right here on lj. Although he's not much older than me, me being 18, I still like to pretend that he's a bit older and have some fantasy fun. And he's teaching me to be a good girl. I met him by finding his amazing cock in a community; from there I was hoping I could please him so he'd talk to me. From there he's kept me very satisfied, and I hope I’ve done the same for him.

I was able to see daddy's cock the other night. He’s so big and gets so hard for his little girl. I watched him stroke his cock- teasing me knowing what it was doing to my pussy...

Daddy lets me touch myself... I think of him when my hand trails down to my pussy, spreading the lips and feeling how wet I am, knowing it's all from him.

He's such a tease knowing I’m on the edge of my seat needing him to be here with me. Inside me... I dream about how he spreads my legs and puts his fingers into my pussy making sure I’m nice and wet. But then has me turn over and get on all fours on the bed. He wants my arms straight down and elbows locked- head facing forward.

My ass in the air with my feet hanging over the bed. I'm not allowed to look anywhere but straight ahead. His hands leave my hips and I stay there waiting for him. A minute goes by and I don’t know what he's doing or where he is. I can hear him moving around the room. But I can't look- daddy wont let me.

My pussy is dripping wet with anticipation. I can feel him come closer to me. And I know he's going to fuck me now. I brace myself getting ready, my ass sticks out more wanting him- needing my daddy.

That's when I feel the pain hot splashes of wax on my back. I thrust my breasts forward trying to get away from the wax. *Wack* daddy spanks my ass. My pussy is now pulsating wanting more.

He drips the wax down my spine spanking me ever so often as the wax moves to my ass. I hear him put the candle down. He moves behind me and rubs my ass... sliding his hand down to my pussy and pushing his fingers in. I push my pussy towards his hands and he spanks me again. I know I shouldn’t move. His finger moves up to my clit teasing it, rubbing it fast and hard then stopping- not letting me cum.

With his other hand he spreads my wetness up to my asshole, I begin grinding my hips when I feel his finger start to poke into my asshole, but I’m slapped again. I freeze- when he tells me not yet. He moves a finger in and out then his other hand drags up more of my wetness. I then feel two of his fingers going into me. It's so tight. I bite my lip wanting to rock back, but I know my place. Daddy doesn’t want that yet, and I have to obey my daddy.

He pulls his fingers out and leans over me. I love the feel of his body as he begins pulling and pinching my nipples. He's grabbing my right breast as his other hand slips down to my clit. He begins punching my nipples so hard, causing pain- but so much pleasure.

He brings me to the brink of cumming, but once again covers my pussy to stop me from cumming. He asks me if I’ve been a good girl. I tell him I have.

I then feel him rubbing my asshole again, and then he puts his cock head to the entrance. He slips it in, but only the head. And begins moving it around, making me want to push back, but once again- I know my place.

He then thrusts his hard cock into me, and it hurts but it's ok cause I love my daddy and would do anything for him. He spanks me as he fucks my ass, and then bends forward pushing all the way in and whispers that I need to keep looking forward and keep my elbows locked, but I can rock towards him now.

I begin bouncing back off his cock, trying to squeeze my ass so I can give as much please as possible to my daddy.

He grabs my hips and pushes so hard into me, god I love my daddy. He kept pounding it into me and squeezing me, making me tell him how bad I wanted this. He asks if I think I’ve been a good girl...

I tell him yes, oh god yes I have been daddy. He begins fucking me so hard and fast I know he's going to cum and I cant wait to feel it fill me, see only good girls get to have daddy's cum in them...

And I’ve been a very good girl. I hear my daddy grunt and he fucks me he spanks me hard and I begin to cum with him... oh god I can feel the hot come being pushed into me... he has so much that he pulls out and the rest of his cum splashes on my back. I lean back and rub my ass against him... mmm my daddy fucks me so hard...

And I’m a good girl for my daddy... he can do what ever he wants with me...I wonder what he'll be doing next?

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