Why Him?


Neither of us lasted long. I came on a whimper, him on a groan. When he let me go and rolled back over to his side of the bed, I flailed one hand on top of my night stand, grabbing my inhaler. I think I'd used it more in this one day than I had in the last week.

Though my mind whirled with what had just happened, I took a small amount of pleasure in knowing that his breath wasn't terribly steady either.

My voice shook badly as I said, "Fine. You can sleep in the bed tonight. Just stay on your own damn side."

With a shaky laugh, Kyle turned on his side away from me. "Night, Quinn. Now shut the hell up and go to sleep."

Yeah, sleep. THAT was the first thing on my mind right now, uh-huh. I couldn't believe my younger soon-to-be stepbrother had just held me down and humped me until we'd both come. Oh, sleep was the farthest thing from my mind right now.


I skipped breakfast the next morning. Apparently, Kyle had told Mom that I wasn't feeling well last night and had gone to bed early, so I had a good excuse to skip the breaking of the morning fast. If I had tried to eat, I probably would have upchucked in a rather unappetizing way, anyhow. Kyle had been in the shower when I'd awoke, so I quickly made my way down to the guest bathroom and washed up. In full shock, embarrassment, and no mood to face anyone, I donned my depression clothes, as my mother called them. Black sweats, black Quicksilver zip up hoody sweatshirt and some grey wool socks that I loved. Hood up and pulled low over my head, I didn't have to look at anyone if I didn't want to. It was like being in my very own portable cave.

"Aw, baby, you still don't feel well?" I heard my mother asked as I came shuffling out of the bathroom. I could just see Kyle down the hall towards the kitchen over her shoulder and could feel all the blood rushing to my face when he looked over at me. Mom came over and put her hand under my hood to feel my forehead. "Baby, you feel a little warm. Maybe you should just take it easy today."

"Yeah, I think I'll stay in my room. I just want to grab some coffee."

"Sure, come on into the kitchen and I'll get you a mug. Todd made a fresh batch just a few minutes ago."

I shuffled behind her, head down as far as it could go so I could only see people's feet. Dear God, those were Kyle's feet weren't they? How could a guy possibly have sexy bare feet? That was just mean.

"Honey, I just feel awful. Todd, maybe we shouldn't go out today? My Mom and Dad wouldn't mind putting it off for another day."

"Sure, love, if you think that's best."

Forgetting I wasn't looking at anyone, I raised my head, shaking it vehemently. The last thing I wanted was for my mother to hang around and dote on me when I just wanted to be left alone. "No, no. Please, go out, have a good time! That way you guys won't catch whatever it is that I've got. Please, don't let me keep you here."

"Are you sure, honey," Mom asked, concern on her face.

"Of course I'm sure, Mom. You know me, I'll just be sleeping and playing online. Go, have fun." I took my mug from her. She knew just the way I liked it. One third creamer, three packets of Splenda, and a little coffee to top it off. "I don't want Grandma and Grandpa to be disappointed."

"Well, okay, if you're sure."

"I'm sure, Mom."

"Just take it easy today, promise?"

Smiling, I kissed her on the cheek. "Promise." With that, I retreated to my room. Ah, solitude, my best friend. Online gaming with coffee in hand, my favorite past time.

Twenty minutes later while I was taming a horse online, there was a knock on the door. Todd stuck his head in as I peered at him from under my hood. "Well, we're going to head out, Quinn. It'll be nice and quiet for you, too. We're dropping Bobby off at a friend's house and Kyle left awhile ago to talk to one of the college counselors about scholarships. We'll see you in a couple of hours, okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Feel better."

Thirty minutes later, I was in Britain trying desperately to help kill the Ettin that was lurking outside the gate. Beside me was one of my best buddies, Lord Kendrick. I'd met him in my first week of playing nearly two years ago and we'd helped each other out with things in game and in life. He told me all about his football team and how he was sorry that he'd disappointed his dad when he'd told his old man that he loved football and hated baseball with a passion. His old man was a baseball fanatic and had tried to push it onto his son since before he could walk. Apparently, his dad was sad over the baseball, but was there for every game his son played, cheering him on. I, in turn, told him about my father trying to kill me and me landing in a psych ward. At first he didn't believe me, but as our friendship grew, so did our trust of one and other. We talked about school, things we wanted to do with our lives, and every little thing that popped into our head.

"So, how's the new family working out," he typed as he delivered a devastating blow to the Ettin's head.

"You wouldn't believe how miserable I am," I responded, rapidly trying to heal both of our wounds from a safe distance.

"Oh yeah? That bad, huh?" The Ettin hit his foot, causing him to limp around the page.

"Well, not all of it. I mean, the guy my mom is marrying is alright and the little twerp is kind of cool when he's not trying to shoot everyone with a squirt gun." I dove in with my sword and . . . Missed. Crap. I needed to work on my anatomy so I didn't miss so much. He was getting all the good shots!

"So, what's the problem? The bully you were telling me about from school? He's the guy's son, isn't he?"

"Yeah, the jack ass. He moved into my room, even slept in my bed last night!"

"LOL! Where did you sleep?"

My emotion italics showed me bowing my head in shame. "In the bed next to him."

"ROFLMAO!" He swung his sword and hit the Ettin in the chest. "You're kidding me, aren't you? Seriously man? Did you snuggle until dawn?"

"STFU man! You have no idea how traumatizing that was after he tormented me through the wedding celebration." The Ettin hit me in the head and my plate mail may have been damaged. I swung again and hit him in the jaw. "If I tell you something, you promise not to freak out on me?"

"In the two years we've known each other, have I ever freaked out? Well, besides the whole thing about you almost dying by your psychotic father and all that." He grinned at me.

"Okay, here goes." On a sigh, I stared at my keyboard. This guy was one of my best friends even though we had never met in person. If he couldn't accept what I was about to tell him, then no one would. Somehow, saying it to him in game seemed more real to me than any of the conversations I'd had in person with counselors over the years. "He got me off last night."

"WTF? Say that one more time?"

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "He got me off last night and I don't think I've ever been more turned on." With a devastating blow to the Ettin's head, I said, "I'm gay and the biggest bully I've ever met is the guy that I like. How sick and twisted is that?"

"Holy @&$%!!!!!" The Ettin delivered a killing blow to Lord Kendrick, and his body fell to the ground. Quickly pulling up my spirit speak skill, I found him and conversed with his spirit. "Hey, man, um, I'll be right back as soon as I get resurrected. Can you grab my stuff and meet me by the west bridge?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll be right there!"

His little spirit quickly ran off to get resurrected as I began looting his body. I was only able to do that because we were just outside of the protection of the guards. Did he have any idea what this was doing to my Karma?

I met up with him at the west bridge and handed over his stuff. "Um, that Ettin was pretty tough, huh?" With my emotion italics, I kicked at a pebble.

Kendrick's italics showed him ruffling my hair. "Don't worry about it. You're not the first sick and twisted guy I've ever met. Hell, you tried to kill yourself after your father failed. You think this shocks me? Never."

"LOL You're a b'stard, you know that?"

"Yeah, but that's why we get along. Hey, I've got to go, I've got a meeting at college. I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Yeah, cya later, Kendrick."

"And, Quinn?"


"Don't stress it. Everything will work out fine, I'm sure of it."


He logged off and so did I. I just didn't feel like playing anymore. Granted, I'd now been on for over an hour, but for me that was an extremely short period of time seeing as how I could be on for six hours at a time and not even realize it. Told you I was a dork.

I left the computer up and crawled into bed fully clothed. Now that the house was quiet, I really was tired. Last night hadn't been exactly restful, all things considered.


I woke up with a moan on my lips, my back arching, hips slowly moving. Then it dawned on me why I was reacting this way. Someone had unzipped my sweat shirt and was tweaking my nipple and their other hand was down my sweats stroking my very hard seven inch erection. Between the arms I was encircled, I had no escape. "What the hell?" I tried to pull away but couldn't. Whoever was behind me was stronger than I was and had no intention of letting me go anywhere.

"Shh, just relax, Quinn."

"Oh, fuck! Kyle, what the hell . . . ah . . . are you doing?"

"I'm doing you right this time, that's what I'm doing." He'd pushed back my hood and nibbled on my ear making me quiver. "Don't worry, no one is going to be home for awhile."

"That's not my . . . oh shit . . . not my biggest concern, you prick! I'd like to know why . . . Mmm . . . you've got your hand down my pants!" I reached down and grabbed his wrist, but couldn't pull it away from my throbbing member. Holy crap did that feel great!

He licked and nibbled right below my ear and I whimpered. Oh, that was a good spot. He laughed a low, deep laugh. "Like that do you?"

"This has to be the most twisted thing you've ever done to me."

"We're going to get even more twisted, I promise."

"K-Kyle, you're only just eighteen!" I was desperately trying to keep my mind intact and get my body to stop responding. Unfortunately, neither was working quite as well as I had hoped. "Are you sure you should . . . oh my God . . . even be thinking about things like sex?"

He laughed again and shivers rolled down my spine. "I've been thinking about sex for, oh, about the last five years at least. And sex with you came exploding into my mind last night as a reality. Before that, I'd only fantasized about it."

"This is so wrong in so many ways." His thumb rubbed over the top of my erection and I groaned again. Not real sure when I'd stopped struggling, all I knew was that it had happened. "We d-don't even like each other, you masochist!"

"Oh, I don't know, right about now I'd say you like me a whole lot." He squeezed me in the most delightful way. Not allowing me any farther arguments, his hand slid down my hip, his finger slowly sliding over my scar near my belly button before moving on to pull my sweats down and kicking them off with one of his feet. "I never hated you, Quinn. I just liked your reactions when I teased you."

Apparently, he'd planned this ahead of time as he was completely naked and had some kind of lotion quickly at hand. I gasped as his fingers entered me in one smooth motion, slowly tormenting me with deep motions. By this time, speech was just impossible. Nothing even remotely legible was coming out of my mouth, just a series of moans and whimpers. That's when it began to happen. Between my heightened senses, my disbelief of what was taking place, and the unwanted excitement that coursed through me, I began to hyperventilate. My chest began to constrict painfully, my breath coming in strangled gasps.

"Shh," Kyle crooned, his hands both coming up to my chest, one gently rubbing my heaving ribs, the other stroking my neck calmingly. He held me back against him as though by sheer will he could keep me from having the attack. "Relax, Quinn. Don't let it win, come on, breath. Relax, you'll be okay. I won't let you fall."

Surprisingly enough, I did begin to gain control of the attack without having to reach for my inhaler. The arm under me came up, his hand petting my hair. "That's it. Just take it easy and breath."

"Okay," I gasped slowly. "You are the worst bully known to man."

He laughed and kissed my neck. "Would you rather I beat that shit out of you?"


"Well, I don't want to beat the shit out of you." The hand on my chest began to slide down to my hip again. "I want to make you moan."

"I think you've already succeeded with that."

"Yeah, so I have," he laughed. "Let's see what else I can do."

"Oh, Jesus!"

With a thrust of his hips, he managed to impale me in one move. He held perfectly still as I gasped with a rather masochistic combination of absolute pain and beautiful pleasure. At the moment, I wasn't real sure which one was winning. He didn't move for nearly three minutes as my body adjusted to taking him.

Then he began to move.

"Holy shit, don't stop."

He let out a strained laughed as his hips started to move in rhythm with my own. "First you try to get me to leave you alone, now you're begging me to not leave you alone." Kyle nipped the sensitive spot just under my ear. "I think I'm having a bad influence on you, Quinn."

"Shit, as long as you don't stop, you can have whatever influence on me you want, Kyle."

One hand moving around to grip me, his other snaked up and pushed at my chin until I turned my head in his direction. Claiming my lips, he kissed me like I'd never been kissed before. When his tongue entered my mouth, as hard as it is to believe, I even forgot the fact that his other hand was currently manipulating my manhood and he was pumping into me from behind. The only thing that mattered was the erotic feel of his mouth on mine and way he sighed when he tugged on my bottom lip. That soft sigh nearly undid me.

"Come with me," he whispered against my mouth.

"Shit, Kyle. I'm beginning to think I'll follow you anywhere."

Three hard thrusts accompanied by his hand on me and we both moaned out our release. His arms tightened around me as his orgasm ripped through him, echoing my own. I'd never felt so moved as I did right then. That's when it dawned on me, this wasn't just sex with the enemy. This was someone I wanted, needed as a lover. I didn't want to let him go, not now, not ever.

Kyle didn't pull out of me when we were done, he just held onto me, his head buried in my shoulder. Occasionally he would kiss my shoulder and neck, not provocatively, but sweetly. This was a whole new side to him I never would have expected to see. This kid that had tormented me for the last two years was now holding me like a long time lover.

"What does this mean, Kyle?"

He sighed, this one a heavy sigh. "This means I'd better come clean with you."

"What do you mean come clean?"

"Just shut the hell up and let me tell you this, okay?"

I looked over my shoulder at him, but said, "Okay."

"When I first met you two years ago, I kind of liked you from the start. But I was on the football team and wasn't exactly ready to come out with the fact that I liked a guy. So, I did what any guy does that likes someone they don't want to know, I bugged the hell out of you."

"And you were very good at it."

Kyle smiled and tweaked my nipple. "Shh. I'm not done yet. Anyhow, I teased you and bullied you, which in my own defense kept other bullies off of you. No one messed with what was mine, even those I tormented."

"Well, then thank you for that."

"You're welcome." The arm under me came up again, the hand stroking my hair gently. "After awhile, I couldn't hide my curiosity about you any longer. That was when I started breaking into your locker. I found some of your stuff there that gave me the opening I needed."

I racked my brain for something he might have found other than school work and things from my games online, but I could come up with nothing.

"I . . . um . . . well, there's no easy way to say this so I'll just say it. I'm Lord Kendrick, Quinn."

Now after everything I'd been through in the last two days, it could only be expected that it would take me a couple of minutes to figure out what he was saying. Wait a minute. He was Lord Kendrick? My best friend from my online RPG? The one place I used to escape and talk about everything including the bully at school? He was THAT Lord Kendrick? Of course he was, how many other Lord Kendrick's did I know?

"Holy shit," I whispered, past conversations with him online rushing through my head. "Holy shit."

"I didn't know how else to talk to you, so when I found some of your stuff about the game and your character, I hunted you out. It took me two weeks before I ran across your character. And, well, it was just easier staying as Lord Kendrick instead of telling you who I was, then we became friends and there was never a good time, and after awhile I just forgot that you didn't know who I was."

"Holy shit."

"You're freaking out, aren't you?"

"Holy shit!"

"I nearly rape you, seduce you faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin and this you're freaking out over?"

"Holy SHIT!" I sat up, despite his coming with me, arms still wrapped around me. Kyle held on as though he was afraid that if he let go he'd lose me forever. "The things I told you! You - you were my one confidant! I told you shit I never told anyone, not even the people my mother paid to listen to me! You, for the last two years have been my torment and my salvation wrapped up all in one! Holy shit!"

"Please, Quinn, I had intended to tell you before, well, this, but after we spoke today and you told me I turned you on which I kind of found out about last night, I just couldn't think of anything else except this!"

I began to laugh, I couldn't help it. It was so impossibly ironic, I just couldn't believe it! How the hell did something like this happen in reality? This was the stuff of stories, not real life!


"Holy shit!" I turned in his arms and kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck, watching his eyes grow large. It didn't take much convincing before he began to kiss me back. I pulled away with a grin. "You know what this means, don't you?"


"Todd definitely can't adopt me and Mom can't adopt you or this would be really twisted."

"Speaking of which, was that a car door?"

"Oh shit!"

We both jumped out of bed. I found my sweats and pulled them on, zipping up my sweat shirt as he struggled into a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Laughing, we grinned at each other. I managed to put the bed in some semblance of order as he hopped around still trying to get into his jeans.

He grinned at me as he zipped up. "You know we'll have to tell them someday. It wouldn't be right to keep it a secret forever."

"Yeah, I know, but let's wait for awhile, okay? I don't think either of them would be able to take this well right now and we don't want them to call off the wedding."


"Hey, Kyle?"


"Does this mean . . . um . . . that you want to be with me for awhile?"

With a smile and a tilt of his head, he walked over to me and grabbed my head in both of his hands. With a quick kiss, he leaned his forehead against mine. "I've been waiting and watching you for the last two years, Quinn. I've wanted you more than I've ever wanted anyone in my entire life. Will you be my boyfriend?"

With a sigh, I wrapped my arms around his neck loosely. "We are two sick and twisted people, Kyle. I don't think we'd make it without each other and tried to live with normal people. I think we're stuck with each other."

He raised his eyebrow, still grinning at me. "Is that a yes?"

"Yeah, that's a yes, jack ass," I laughed and kissed him.

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