tagNon-EroticWhy I Hate Canadians

Why I Hate Canadians


My name is Steve LaFleur. A big and tall young African-American man of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I was born in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, in 1987. I've been living in Ottawa since 2009. I moved here because I had a scholarship offer from Carleton University. It's the only reason why I'm in Canada. The place really sucks. And I can't stand Black Canadians. Why? They're all Oreos. In case you don't know, an Oreo is someone who's Black on the outside but White on the inside. We have a few of them in America and way too many of them in Canada. Most Black Canadians are Oreos. And they're perfectly okay with that.

In the United States of America, we teach Black men and Black women to love themselves. There is nothing wrong with being Black. The problem lies not within Black people but within the White racists. In America, Black folks have always been a do-it-yourself bunch. We have over one hundred historically Black colleges and universities. We have the Congressional Black Caucus. We have the Miss Black America Pageant. We have a Black man serving as Governor in the state of Massachusetts and another one is Governor in the state of New York. Black men and Black women have accomplished great things in America. Black Canadians are submissive, docile and quite simply downright imbecilic.

Black Canadians have grown used to the social welfare system of Canada. We have no such thing in America. The government isn't going to shell out money to feed, house and clothe losers. We also don't guarantee a collegiate education to every bozo. Doesn't matter their color or gender. It's just not how we do things. In America, you have to earn what you get. We're capitalists not socialists. Even though we're typically thought of as a Judeo-Christian nation, we're really practicing Darwinians. We firmly believe in survival of the fittest. Not even the strongest are guaranteed survival or success among us. However, everyone stands at least a chance at greatness. It's the American way. African-Americans have taken these values to heart and become a force to reckon with socially, politically and demographically.

Black Canadians are a whole different breed. These losers seemingly have no dreams. No inner fire. No sense of pride. They are simply dull. They resent us African-Americans for being strong, loud and outspoken. African-Americans don't fear White men and White women. We know we're just as good as they are. If not better. We fear no one. In fact, quite often they fear us. We constantly fight for our rights. We support our own. And we love ourselves. Black Canadians don't like us African-Americans. Yet just like 'mainstream' Canadians copy just about everything American, Black Canadians copy Black Americans. They don't copy our true values such as hard work, self-determination and fearlessness in the face of White racism. Nope. They copy our music and our clothing styles. That's about it. I can't stand being genetically related to these losers, man.

In Canada, I see Black Canadians line up to kiss White folks butts. What the fuck? Where is the Black Canadian's sense of pride and dignity? Where is their inner fire? That infamous Black Fury that African-Americans have harnessed as a motivational tool? It doesn't exist within them. They're servile and it's not changing anytime soon. Let me give you a prime example. I was at this mostly Black seventh-day Adventist church in eastern Ottawa a while ago. It was women's day or something like that at the church. The Pastor invited this accomplished Black businesswoman from the city of Toronto to speak to the congregation. The way the audience reacted to her amazed me.

There are a few White men and White women at this mostly black seventh-day Adventist church and they didn't seem to like this educated, accomplished Black businesswoman who spoke with pride about all the things she accomplished in the corporate world. There is this black woman who is married to a White male in the church and she was very critical of the Black businesswoman speaking at the pulpit. Wow. I immediately understood what was going on. Most black Canadian women have low self-esteem and an almost slave-like mentality. They think that unless they marry a White male, they won't get far in life. In their defence, most black Canadian men feel the same way. That's why almost every black man you see in Canada mostly dates White women. Black Canadians are the most self-loathing bunch of people I have ever seen.

Some of you reading this in the United States of America might wonder how this could be. America and Canada are right next to each other. Well, you must understand certain things. America is a truly democratic and capitalist nation where everything is up for grabs. The top job on Wall Street. The Office of the President of the United States of America. The leadership of a Fortune 500 Company. It's a land where anything is possible. In Canada, things are different. Canadians claim to be a multicultural nation. That is the biggest lie I have ever seen. Yet hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East move to Canada every year buying into his fallacy. It's a truly well-crafted lie.

If you are not White and you want to succeed in North America, avoid Canada altogether. Come instead to the United States of America. Where don't just claim to be multicultural. We practice it. You'll see Black men and Black women serving as Mayors of major cities like Washington D.C., Atlanta, Newark and many others. You'll see Asians serving as Congressmen. You'll see Middle-Eastern folks succeeding in business while leading peaceful lives free of persecution. America is the land of opportunity, not Canada. Don't let these Hockey-obsessed, Maple Syrup-drinking, deeply bigoted bozos fool you.

Quite often, I speak to the highly intelligent young people of color I meet at Ottawa-area schools like the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and Algonquin College. In Canada, there are people of color who've earned Master's Degrees from Canadian Colleges and Universities yet they're working in fast-food restaurants. The White Canadian is the most racist person on the planet. They simply refuse to hire anyone who isn't White to work in the business world. I encourage the young Black, Asian, Hispanic and Arabic people I meet at these schools to consider moving to America after earning their degrees. America values the highly educated person of color. Just look at President Barack Obama, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Republican National Chairman Michael Steele. If they can do it, so can you. In America, you have a chance. In Canada, if you're not White, you won't get hired by the big companies even if God Himself walked into the building with you. Yet these young Canadian University students who happen to be people of color refuse to leave Canada. I guess they really want to spend their lives serving coffee to the White Canadians whom they outperformed back at College or University. Wow.

Why stay in a place like this if you're a person of color with a University degree? That's what I want to know. As soon as I get my bachelor's degree in Criminology from Carleton University, I'm returning to the city of Boston. Canada is simply beneath my notice. These people are bigoted and have a provincial mentality. Canadians are the most bigoted people on the planet. Yet somehow they managed to fool the entire world into thinking they're all nice people. Well, I see through them. They're not worth the efforts of hard-working and highly educated people of color who move to North America in search of better lives. Such people should come to America. We need them right now. And we take care of the talented no matter what color they are. That's what fills our pockets. And it's why we're the strongest nation on the planet Earth. God bless America.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/26/18

This Entire Article Is Accurate

I am a Canadian born non-white person and I was discriminated repeatedly by Canadians. I moved to the Western US to friendly and helpful people. I feel stable in my work and my future. The Canadian discriminationmore...

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