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Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 03


Note: If you are looking for rampant sex to jump off each page at you, this story is not for you. I do not write for prurient interests, I write stories, that may involve sexual situations, as part of the plot. Chapter 3 has less of these situations then Chapters 1 or 2 had; it just worked out that way. I am new at this art form, this story being only my second attempt at writing. I have no idea where this story is heading, from chapter to chapter, I only have it outlined for the next two chapters. If you have any ideas that you think would add flavor to this story, put them in the comment box, after you vote, and I will read them. Please enjoy reading Chapter 3.

This is a work of fiction. All persons, places and things associated with this story are the product of my warped sense of humor and imagination. All rights are reserved. Prolonged_Debut10

10. Flying East

Flying first class was new to both of them. Flying Al Italia meant one other thing for Antonia, she could drink any alcoholic beverage she wanted, after the aircraft passed the three miles outside the borders of the United States. However, there was a fly in Antonia's ointment, and he was sitting next to her. Frank allowed her one glass of wine, over the nine hour trip to Rome, while he imbibed unimpeded. She glared at him every time he had a glass of champagne or wine.

"I hope you throw your guts up, Frank."

"If I do little princess, I will aim it at you."

"I knew you took the aisle seat for a reason."

"When I am with you, little princess, everything I do has a reason attached to it."

"Is it true what your mother said about you, Frank?"

"Do you remember what I said about lying?"

"Yes, I remember."

"That went for everyone, including my parents."

"So, your grades went down in high school, because you were as bad as Vincent was, or worse."

"I was probably worse than Vincent was in high school. I was an all-around jock: quarterback, star forward on the basketball team, and a pitcher on the baseball team. Girls came after me, like a river flowing down stream after a heavy rain. As my mother told you, she had to keep a time schedule for me, to keep me out of trouble with the girls.

"How come you did not get a scholarship?"

"My grades was so bad, they never thought I would be able to qualify to play."

Antonio laughed. "So, all play, and no work made Frank a dull boy?"

Frank did not laugh at her joke, but said, "I scored 1250 on the SATs and 30 on the ACT's, and that was still not enough to prove to them I could do college-level work. My reputation in school with the girls did not help me, either."

"So that is why you found your way into the Marines?"

"I had no other prospects, and I needed to do something with my life, so I decided to enlist."

"Yes, and wound up getting yourself blown up?"

"If you are going to be dumb, you have to be tough."

"That is not even close to being funny, Frank."

"I did not say it was funny; it is just a fact."

"How did it happen, Frank?"

"We were in the city of Kandahar. This particular area was supposed to be a very safe place, but we still had our guard up. Anyone and everybody wearing a dress all day, could pull out an automatic weapon, or be wearing a bomb, and could ruin your day quickly. We walked down a long alley, with a lot of civilian traffic and children playing everywhere. If any place ever looked safe, this was it. I stopped to speak with an elder, and my team moved forward a few meters to mingle with some adults and with the children, who were playing soccer. A moment later, someone yelled, "Grenades!" My marines dove for cover. Many civilians did not understand the warning, and died where they stood. Others tried to outrun the blast, to get to safety. Many people died that day. Ther were civilians: men, women, and children, plus eight of my marines, laying everywhere. Fifteen more civilians and four more of my soldiers and I were critically injured. My squad was wiped out. The enemy knew we were coming, and when we would be there. They picked the perfect spot to ambush us. We slowed down, to mingle with the locals, following the protocol handed down by the brass. My men paid dearly for stopping that day. When it was finally over, and I woke up in Germany, I was informed that I was the only survivor."

"I am so sorry Frank, I did not mean for you to have to relive such a painful memory."

"Antonia, it is okay. I relive that afternoon every day of my life." Frank closed his eyes, and moved his head back towards the headrest. He was trying to see the faces of his friends before they were blackened forever by death. The wounds he received that day in Afghanistan and had nothing to do with the wounds the Caruso's thought he was dealing with.

However, as he looked at the faces of his friends, as they passed by his minds eyes, they sapped him of life and energy faster than any physical exercise ever could. Without realizing it, Frank fell into a deep, and fretful sleep over which he had no control.

Antonia watched him, and could not believe the difference in this man. Awake; he was solid granite. Asleep, he looked like a drug addict coming down from a bad trip.

The steward asked if her friend was okay.

"I think he is reliving a bad episode from the war, in Afghanistan."

"If he needs anything, call me immediately."

"Blankets, please."

The warmth of the blankets seemed to help a little, and when Antonia took his hand, rubbed it along her cheek, and kissed his palm, Frank seemed to calm down.

Suspiciously, she looked upon his face. "If this is an act to see if I would kiss you, I'm going to stab you in your eyes."

Frank's demeanor did not change. She was holding his hand, and she did not feel any movement from him. His breathing remained the same and he was still pale. She adjusted her position and leaned her head on his shoulder, while moving her legs under her, and fell asleep.

She woke up, somewhere over the Swiss Alps, and saw Frank looking down at her. She asked, "How are you feeling?"

"My right shoulder is dead. My right arm is pins and needles, and my right hand has been twisted into a position, that I can no longer call it my own. That is how I feel."

"You do not have to be so belligerent about it. The steward and I did everything we could to get you to calm down. You looked like you were on a'Drug-induced trip'. We covered you with a few blankets and tightened your seatbelt. I even wiped the drool from the corners of your mouth so you did not look like you are having a Epileptic fit. As far as your body parts are concerned, you would not let go of my hand and I lost feeling in it. I had to lean up against your shoulder, in the most comfortable position I could find. I had to sleep with my feet underneath me. I probably have indentations in my ass, from my shoes that will never go away."

"Is that an invitation for me to take inspect your ass, after we land?"

"Go fuck yourself Frank!"

"Watch your language, Antonia."

"What are you going to do Frank, walk out on me at thirty-nine thousand feet?"

"This aircraft has to land, one of two ways: On a runway under its own power, or by gravity when it runs out of fuel. The first way I can walk away from you. The second way, I am joined with you forever, by fate. Which way would you like it, Antonia?"

"My mother is a great believer in fate. However, I do not like you, and the thought of being bound to you eternally him by gravity, is not very appealing. When we land, if you want your freedom, you can take a hike."

"There is only one flaw with your plan. Your father said if anything ever happened to you while you are in Italy, he would come after me. I do not mind that at all, but he also said he would go after my mother and father. I will never let that happen. I will have to kill him first. He knows it, and he is counting on it. It will make me an easier target, if he has my parents as hostages. Therefore, you are stuck with me. When you go take a leak, I am going to be there to count the droplets. When you go take a shower, I am going to be there to make sure no one else is in there with you. When you go to bed, I will be there doing bed check."

"I was going to Milan to 'Get a Life," not to get a Life Sentence.'"

"I was moving back to Brooklyn to be with my family and friends. You cannot play 'Stickball' in Italy, because the streets are too narrow. Noone would know what the four-sewer rule is, because they do not have sewer covers. It is strange how life has a way of throwing curves at you just when you have a great plan worked out."

"Frank, does the CIA really hand out little black pills to their agents, so in-stead of getting caught and interrogated, they take one and die, instead of giving up their secrets?"

"Yes, I have heard they do something like that. Why?"

"I have been on this airplane with you for over 7 hours, and I have decided, if I have to be on it for another few hours with you, and listen to any more of your brilliant remarks, I would like to take two of them, now."

"I am sorry, Antonia, they only work on sentient beings."

"I hate your guts Frank, I really do."

"I know, but you cannot live without me."

"It is not that I cannot live without you. The problem is my father will not let you live without me. I am sorry, he had to drag your parents into this mess, but those are the facts as I see them."

He thought about this for a moment and then smiled. "Ms. Caruso, you have finally won a point. That is exactly how this match has been made. If I leave, I lose, because my parents are in jeopardy. If I stay, I lose, because I have to be bodyguard to you, princess. I have to keep you from harm, which includes everyone from the six-year old precocious child him, to sexually stimulated centinegerians. It means I have to protect you from both sexes. Effectively I have to put you back into the convent. It is no way for you to live and have a life, and there is no way on earth that a dozen highly trained guards could do it effectively. However, I may have a plan, and if you are up for it, you can have two lives instead of one.

"Frank, why do I have the feeling I am going to be in trouble, very soon?"

"What makes you think I would do anything to get you in trouble?"

"You have an evil look on your face, and when you look like that, the devil is around looking for the people you have just hurt."

"You just think it is the devil princess. It is really an angel, who has been lost since last 'All Hollows Eve.'"

"Frank, I think you need to get laid."

"Are you offering?"

"Are you capable?"

"Would you like to get into bed with me, and see if our mother's prayers have been answered? I still owe you one good smack on your bare ass. I could collect it at the same time I was popping your cherry."

"Okay, blowhard, here's the deal. ' The day you take my cherry him with your own 'fully functional equipment, with him the intent of getting me pregnant, you can collect your swat on my ass. Since we both know that will never happen, when you close your eyes and take your last breath, on this earth that I want you to think of my cute little ass, and say to yourself, 'Maybe next time."

Frank stood up and stretched, as he prepared to walk to the front of the aircraft. He leaned over to Antonia and said, just loud enough for eve-ryone to hear, "Who said your ass was cute?"

She was about to scream at him, when the steward announced the aircraft was about to start its descent into Rome. Would everyone please put their seat backs and tray tables into the upright and locked positions. As It took Antonia three tries to get this right, because Frank was standing outside the bathroom smiling at her.

Everything she said to him, even though it was perfect, at that moment, he carved up like a Thanksgiving Turkey, and served it back to her. She wanted to, but she had no retort that would better him. She knew if she could not best him, with her well prepared words, it was better not to fence with him, with an off-the-cuff remark. She was good, she was very good at this type of banter. Frank, always out did her. Although he did not take the time to study, while he was in school, he had the worldly knowledge and the wit to outdo her. Seven years her senior, he had trained himself, and had the experiences that life around the world gave you. It kept her off balance, and in her place. His use of sexual innuendos made her blush, and made her mind grind to a halt. This would pass in time, as her knowledge grew on that subject. Her knowledge would grow, when she turned on the television, and gathered information from various kinds of instuctional sources. One day, she hoped it is in., she would be better prepared to take on Frank Gennaro.

She hoped she had not hurt him, when she spoke, so flippantly, about his sexual problems. When her feelings were out of control, her mouth did not have an editor, and it caused people to be hurt by her venom. The nuns had warned her about her lack of control, during her years at the convent, and she spent many hours, at prayer, looking for guidance. Her only recourse seemed to be avoidance of those situations. However, like today, you could not leave an airplane, just because you were having a temper tantrum. She would apologize for ill-tempered responses, when he came back.

After twenty minutes, Antonia began to worry about him. She had seen him by the lavatories, yet he had not returned. She asked the steward to check on him. When he came back the steward was smiling and told her that her friend had met 'another companion!'

"Why hasn't he returned to his seat?"

"He seems to be fascinated by her."

"Her! That son of a bitch. He will do anything to get my goat. I am not going to bite this time. Let him have his fun; I will get my turn soon enough."

The pilot announced that they were on final approach to Rome's, Leonardo da Vinci airport, and that they would be on the ground in five minutes.

Antonia was sure Frank would return to his seat, now, but she was incorrect again.

The aircraft landed without incident, taxied to the terminal, and stopped. Antonia gathered her things and stood up, with the queue that was forming, as the door opened to the giant Boeing aircraft. She walked out into the warm, Italian summer air. She had her passport, but Frank had the tickets for the luggage. She left unencumbered, by any packages, proceeded to the customs area, and showed the agent her passport. They spoke to each other in Italian, her passport was stamped, and she headed out towards the busy concourses of the airport.

She had not take ten steps, into the vast building, and when she was accosted by more than thirty family members, none of whom she knew, but all had a picture of her. They completely encircled, kissed her, and greeted her, until she could not move, speak, or breathe.

She screamed as her body was lifted off the floor, into the air. She found herself in a very embarrassing position, because her dress did not completely clear the head of the person, who had lifted her up. Her legs were on display clear to her crotch. She tried desperately to lift the front of the dress over the head of the person, who was holding her aloft. In her heart, she knew it could only be one person; it had to be "HIM," and she hated him even more now then she had a moment before. As


"Frank are you going to do this all the time, or are you trying to make my life a living hell, just for today."

"I would never do this to you all the time, little princess. I just wanted to see what shade of blue your panties are today."

"What would you have done, if I was not wearing panties?"

"I would have held you in this position, and done a one hundred eighty degree turn, with my body. You might have screamed, again, but you most certainly would be wearing a smile on your face, right now."

"Frank, you are the most detestable man on this planet."

"You are getting much better, princess. Your use of the English language is broadening, with every adjective you use."

"Put me down Frank, right now."

"Tell your family to back off and give you some room to breath."

Antonia gave a little speech, while perched on Frank's shoulders, and thank them for their warm welcome. She asked them to give her some room, because she was not used to such large crowds.

Only the eldest in the group stayed close to her and everyone else backed away to greet her. They traveled en masse towards baggage claim and Antonia asked "Who were you sitting with Frank, and why?"

"I was with a beautiful young woman, who found me, both charming, and adventurous, while we were in the bathroom, together."

"Bullshit, Frank. Those bathrooms are too small to do anything in, and in your condition..."

"Expand your horizons, Antonia. There are ways to make a young woman very happy, that do not involve coitus, or acrobatic stances in small spaces. If you are interested, you can join us for dinner this evening. She finds you very attractive, and would not mind having you for dessert."

"Okay, Frank, tell her I am in."

"Great." He scanned the area around her relatives. He found the face he was looking for and waved her over.

"Antonia, this is Celeste. Celeste, this is dessert, I mean Antonia."

Celeste bypassed Antonia's proffered handshake, and hugged her tightly. She whispered, "I cannot wait to get between your thighs."

"It will be an adventure, for both of us."

Her relatives grew tired of waiting, and shouted to Antonia that breakfast was waiting for them at their villa. They took her, Celeste and Frank by the arms and dragged them through the baggage area and out to a huge bus that was parked outside the terminal. They all piled in, and as the bus drove off, everyone began singing joyfully, at the arrival of their new family member.

Antonia and Frank joined in, while Celeste enjoyed the views of Rome outside the buses windows.

It took them more than one hour to reach the villa, which should have been called a small castle, instead. It was nestled on top of one of the seven-hills of Rome and the view was magnificent. The Tiber River ran through the valley below, and the city of Rome lay at its feet. It was fifteen degrees cooler here, than in the city below, because there was nothing to block the wind from blowing through the homes and the orchards that provided shade, olives, peaches, and of course, 'Grapes'. In short, it was a paradise, a few miles from one of the world's greatest cities.

Frank looked around at the meal that was laid out on the long tables, in the gardens. He thought to himself, "If this is breakfast, what do they do for lunch." There was no type of breakfast food here, as an American would see it. There was beef, seafood, chicken, and pasta; mountains and mountains of pasta, home made bread, butter, garlic flavored olive oil and casks of homemade wine, from the vineyards around the villa.

Breakfast took three hours to eat and enjoy. Frank did not warn Antonia about the potency of the homemade warm wine. He watched her drink the sweet brew to her hearts content, until she started to slur her words. He went over, stood behind her, and announced that Antonia was going to take a nap. As it is that

Antonia was furious with him, for treating her like a child, and started to make a scene. She stood up to say something to him. Her knees buckled, her head spun, her eyes glazed over, and she collapsed into his arms.

That was the last thing she remembered, until she woke up several hours later, in adarkened room, with a splitting headache, and a naked man lying beside her.

The first two items her mind was able to process easily. However, when she repeated the third one to herself, "A naked man is lying beside me," her mouth opened and she screamed.

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