Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 03


Frank instantly grabbed his gun, and asked, "What is he wrong?"

Antonia grabbed her head, because of the pain she had just inflicted upon herself. She tried to say it, more softly this time, but it still came out with venom attached to it. "You are naked!"

She grabbed her head, fearing Frank would yell at her, but he responded in a low voice, "Are you having a wet dream, again, or are you asking me to get naked?"

"Frank, I was able to feel you all the way down to your..."

"To my what, little princess? Did you actually touch my male organ, my penis, my prick, my rod and both of its little friends, my testicles, my magic marbles, my balls? Is that what you are trying to tell me Antonia?"

"No, but my arm went as far down as it could, and I felt all this coarse hair, so you must be naked all the way down to there. Did you rape me, Frank?"

"Why don't you feel inside yourself and see if any of my seed is left in there?"

"No, because that would give you too much pleasure. Besides, I just remembered what my father said. You cannot get an erection. Nor can you get any woman pregnant, so you could not have raped me. I feel much better now, knowing that I slept, with a eunuch."

"Remember Antonia, I have a lot of people praying for me: Your mother, your brother, Donna, and my mother and father. One day, in the not too distant future, this eunuch may turn into a bull, and impregnate you without even a mention of love, or a promise of marriage."

She said as quietly as she could, "Frank science is science, and talk is cheap. Science has come very close to proving the existence of God and every time you open your mouth, I hear cheap talk, but no proof."

"Science has proven that God did not make the world in a literal seven days. Prayers to make me whole again, may also take more than seven days."

"Frank, you are a pain in the ass, and now in my head, also."

"I did not touch you in either place. I had all the right in the world to spank you. However, I want you awake and aware when my hand hits your ass, because when it does, your pussy is going to squirt like a fountain."

"There you go again, Frank. More of your cheap, useless, unprovable talk. I will never let you get that close to me, in an intimate position, which would cause me to be in a state of arousal."

"Remember Antonia, I said that I would impregnate you, 'without mentioning love, or a promise of marriage.' I can just see and hear Vincent laughing at you for the rest of his life, when he is told the conditions upon which you got pregnant, and who the father of your child is."

"I will never let that secret out, even if it were to happen."

"You would not have to worry about that, Antonia. I would take great pride and pleasure in announcing the blessed event in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and whatever other newspaper which would accept it. After all, the daughter of a New York mobster, getting knocked up, out of wedlock, by awar hero, who was supposed to be a 'EUNUCH' for the rest of his life, should be worth some ink in the public interest section of a newspaper. Your father would not dare kill me after an announcement like that, because everyone would know who did it, and why."

"In order for you to get between my thighs, Frank, you are going to have to rape me. It will put you in jail for the rest of your life. Is that moment's worth of pleasure going to be sufficient for you to remember all of your days? Am I going to be that good a memory for you?"

"Little princess, do not flatter yourself. I have popped more cherries in my lifetime than most men ever dream about. You would be one more in that long line of conquests. As far as rape is concerned, I have never raped, or forced any girl to do something she did not want to do. You will beg me to make love to you. You will beg me more than once, before I say yes. Call my mother, if you think I am joking with you. My dad never had to use that belt, on me, because I had lied to a girl. I never got any girl pregnant, because I always used protection. You will be the first woman I go into bareback; that means skin on skin, unprotected. When I ejaculate, it will be deep into your pussy, with the sincere hope that you become pregnant on the very first attempt. I want to be able to deposit you back on your father's doorstep, pregnant, disgraced, and defeated. Then you will have to lead the life he wants you to lead, instead of the one you say you want to lead. If you do not wise up, that is what I am going to do to you. I am going to force you into a life of servitude, under your father's thumb. If you really believe, in your heart of hearts, that you do not want that type of life, your attitudes towards life must change, and very quickly. You have to stop being a victim and learn to take life as it comes at you. This is a quote from a very brilliant man, Steven Covey, and I have set my vision of life by it, since I was injured in Afghanistan: "1. Become proactive. 2. Begin everything with end in mind. 3. Always do the first things first. Never leave them for last. 4. Remember, you do not always have to win. You make more friends if you think of a Win/Win situation. (The only time you must win is in war, because if you do not win, you are dead.) 5. Seek to understand your opponent's position. Then, have him try to understand yours."

There are more rules to follow, but I want you to read and memorize them yourself. Learn these steps, use these steps in everything that you do, whether it is in school or in life. You will be ahead of everyone else that is trying to get ahead of you. Do not try to bluff your way through a situation. If you do not know, say so. The other side will know you are bluffing, and take advantage of you. Ask for a delay, or ask if junior member of your staff is up to speed, and let him or her run the meeting.

Antonia looked at him befuddled. "Why are you telling me all of this?"

"I am going to use these steps to get between your thighs. It will not take me long, if you do not work hard, to keep me from getting there. The harder you work the longer it will take me to get there. I am going to give you the names of some of his books. I suggest that you commit every word to memory. If you do not, you will never know which way I will be coming at you. By the way, does the carpet match the drapes?"

Antonia looked at him, not knowing what he meant. "I do not know, I have not been to my room, yet."

Frank looked at her and realized exactly how naïve, she was when it came to sex, and sexual innuendo. Therefore, he pointed to her head, "Little Princess, this is called the drapes." He moved his hands lower and was nearly touching her pussy. "Unless you shave this area completely, their hair around your vagina is called 'the carpet.'"

Antonia turned bright crimson. First, because she had no intimate knowledge of sex, or sexual innuendo. Second, because his hand was less than an inch away from her vagina. "Of course it is, you idiot. Why wouldn't it be the same color?"

"Little girl, I see I am going to have a lot to teach you, before I let you out into this wide, dangerous world."

"I thought you could not wait to get rid of me?"

"What were the first three items on the list?"

"Be proactive, begin with an end in mind and do the first things first, never leave them for last."

"Excellent! In order for me to be proactive, begin with an end in mind and to do the first things first, you have to be taught about sex. I know eleven-year-olds that know more about sex than you do. I cannot let you step foot onto college grounds, with men whose hormones are raging, as a woman with the sexual knowledge of a prepubescent teenager. Read the books, memorize the books, and we will start working on your knowledge of sex Tuesday morning at 9 AM, sharp. Be prepared to get naked. There will be no sex. There will be no hitting or touching of opposite sexes. However, you have to get to know your body, intimately. If you are going to get shy about this, it is not going to work. Make your decision to learn, or not learn. If you choose not to learn, I will be your bodyguard, not your guide into sexual life. Do you understand?"

"You have made yourself quite clear."

They were driven back to their hotel in a very fancy European touring car. They stopped at a bookstore, where Antonia purchased three books. She began to understand where Frank obtained so much knowledge, while he was in the Marine Corp. If these books were the type of material he absorbed, during his five years in the service, he would make an excellent executive, and a great competitor, in any market. She would take him more seriously, than she had in the past, because he would be a very worthy adversary at any level. The Marines did not know what they had let slip through their fingers, because of extensive injuries.

Then she remembered dinner, and Celeste. "What are we going to do about Celeste?"

"We are going to have a wonderful time: Dinner, dancing, and sex. I cannot think of a better way to get to know one another."

"The more I get to know you, Frank, the more I hate you."

"Yes, I know. However, when you hear Celeste cum tonight, I will bet you that your thighs will be tight together and your panties will be wetter than they have ever been before."

"You are going to make me watch you two fornicate?"

"Would you prefer to join in the action?"

"Fuck you, Frank!"

"Oh, so you do want to join in."

"I hate you with every beat of my heart."

"I will check the laundry basket in the morning, to see how wet your

panty's are, then you can tell me how much you hate me, Antonia."

"You are the most disgusting man I know."

"Tell me that while I am fucking your brains out; then I will believe you."

"You forget that you are incapable of doing that Frank."

"Have you ever heard of miracles?

Chapter 11. Dinner and a Show

Two short men accosted Frank as they arrived at the hotel. They spoke so fast, he almost did not understand them. They were the tailor's Tony told him would make him clothes suitable for Italy. They pulled him into their salon. They would accept no arguments from him. They had orders from an extremely important client, to dress him properly, and completely, within four days. This was in order from a client, they did not wish to lose.

For the first time, Antonia saw someone get the better of Frank. She walked into the salon with him, and watched as the men proceeded to strip him bare. "He cannot stop me now, I think I will browse the other shops, in the lobby, and see if they have anything interesting." She turned and walked out, into the rotunda of the hotel, and had not made it to the next shop, when she heard people start to laugh.

She closed her eyes, and shook her head in disbelief. "You are right behind me aren't you Frank?"

"What would make you think that Princess?"

"First, everybody in the lobby is laughing. Second, I left the store without you. Does that about sum it up?"

"Do you want to go back to the store on your own power or do I have to carry you?"

"I will walk, thank you." When she turned to look at him, Frank was still naked. She blushed like a schoolgirl. She could not understand why, but her eyes went straight to his private parts. She could not even say the word to herself. She knew what it was called; she was looking right at it; she was mesmerized by it, and she could not say it by its name. She remembered what she asked Vincent, when he answered the door to his room. As she looked at Frank's limp member she thought to herself, "I do not ever want to see you when you are excited. You would kill me."

Her mind fast-forwarded to Tuesday, when he was going to be naked in the same room with her, and asking her questions about body parts and the intimate names things were called. She was going to die of embarrassment. He was going to yell, and laugh at her, while she stood in front of him, as naked as the day she was born.

However, here was Frank, naked, in the middle of the hotel lobby, with hundreds of people smiling at him, as he held a conversation with a young lady.

Most of the people in the lobby took aquick glance at Frank, smiled and continued on their way. Antonia knew without a doubt these people were definitely European. An American woman would have an apoplectic fit, because of her monotheistic upbringing, and demand that Frank be arrested for indecent exposure.

Frank did not have a care in the world, as he stood there talking with Antonia. He was so sure of himself, his masculinity oozed through every pore and muscle of his body. The scars he bore, also, added to his mystique. Anyone who took the time to survey him closely realized that he was a warrior, and a man not to be trifled with. He took her by the hand, and led her back to the salon. He closed and locked the doors. He closed the drapes behind her, handed her a Men's magazine and said, "Sit and read. You can do both at one time, right?"

She glared at him, as she remembered saying the same thing to him, at the laundromat. "Yes, I can do that."

He smiled and resumed his position on the little stand the tailors were using to measure his legs.

He waited for an explosion, which should happen any second now.

"Holy shit! They are allowed to publish this pornography and sell it on the open market?"

"That is not pornography. That is called, "Instructional material." It shows the appropriate use of each opening of the male and female body and how to bring it maximum pleasure."

"Frank, try to be honest for one moment. How would someone shoving their fist up your ass bring you pleasure?"

"I have not tried that yet, but when I do, I will let you know."

"You are full of shit Frank."

"Not when someone is pushing their fist up my ass, hopefully."

Antonia knew this discussion was going nowhere, so she growled at him and looked for magazine that actually had something to read and not just lurid pictures.

The tailors did not give Frank a choice of colors or patterns, because they had been preselected for him. When they were finished with their measurements, they asked him to stop by in two days for one more fitting and then Thursday to pick up all of his clothing, which would be packed for his trip to Milan.

Antonia and Frank went up to their room and the first words out of Antonia's mouth were "Oh, fuck!" She had expected a suite with two rooms, but instead it was only one room with a queen size bed. She remembered the circumstances upon which she left her family, and was thankful for what she had. Frank had not even told her what their living arrangements would be in Milan. She decided to use the first three rules. He had taught her.

"Frank, you can have the bed, I will sleep on the couch."

Frank glared at her. "Antonia, you will sleep on one side of the bed and I will sleep on the other side. I told you once, and I do not want to repeat it ever again. I have never touched a woman that did not want to be touched. I have never fucked a woman, who did not want to be fucked. So take your childish innocence, put it away with all your other purist thoughts and ideas, and get on with your life. Do we understand each other now?"

"Yes, Frank."

The phone rang and Antonia picked it up and heard Celeste ask her if she was ready to have fun this evening?

"Hello Celeste, are you all settled in?"

"Yes, darling, what time are we going out for dinner, or are we going straight to dessert?"

"I will let Frank answer that question for you."

Antonio listened to Frank speak to Celeste in fluent French, and shook her head. The conversation lasted a few minutes and ended with a term of endearment that made Antonia furious. He had just met this trollop a few hours ago, and he said some things to her, that were so intimate, it was like he was her lover for years. How could he talk to this woman, about her private parts, when he had been with her for only a few moments on an aircraft? Her brain could not wrap around these thoughts. At this moment, her brain stopped functioning correctly, and she had to do something about it. She remembered what Frank said about the rules and she said them to herself. She repeated them over and over in her mind, like amantra, until she had a smile upon her face. She knew what she was going to do and how she was going to do it.

Frank got off the phone, turned to Fiona, "Dinner is in Celeste suite at eight o'clock. Dancing and dessert will follow."

"Formal, casual, or not at all?"

"Personal choice."

"Frank, why didn't you tell me you spoke French?"

"You never asked me. I also speak three Afghan dialects and I am good at one Sunni dialect."

"Why did they force you out of the Marines? You could have worked for them in intelligence, surveillance, or so many other jobs and they let you go."

"I guess they agreed with the quote somebody else used on me a while ago."

"What was that Frank?"

"Someone said 'I had no brain.'"

Antonia cringed as she remembered the remark she made prior to her first date with Frank. He wanted to bite her tongue for going into gear, prior to engaging her brain. She looked at Frank, "Is it too late to apologize for saying that now?"

"Just a little, but you have been learning, slowly but surely, you have been learning."

"That is one thing that confuses me Frank. Why are you doing this for me? You do not owe my father anything. You do not owe me anything. You have interrupted your life to tutor an eighteen-year-old girl in the art of growing up. You could do what my father told you to do. Protect me. Make sure. I do not get hurt. He did not tell you to keep me from dating the wrong type of man. He did not tell you to keep me from getting pregnant. He did not tell you to keep me from using drugs. He told you to protect me from other Families that may wish to do me harm. Why do you have a leash around my neck, never let me out of your sight, try to make me do the right thing, and constantly teach me new important things."

Frank shrugged his shoulders, "I am stupid?"

Antonia screamed, "You cock sucking son of the bitch," and attacked Frank with every ounce of strength she had in her body. She cried as she hit him. "I opened my heart to you. I ask you why you care about me, and all you say to me is, 'I am stupid.' One day Frank, as God is my witness, you will be sleeping, you will turn your back, you will be distracted by something, or someone like Celeste, and I will be gone and out of your life and everyone else's life forever. I cannot and will not take this anymore."

"Okay! It is time for you to take a shower and get dressed for dinner. You have ten minutes. After that, I will wash you myself and dressed you."

"Have fun Frank, because I am not going. I am going to do what I have to do. I have to beat you at your own game, and to do that I have to be prepared. I have three books to read, and I am going to start reading them tonight. If you want to go eat Celeste's cunt, you go right ahead, but I will be right here, reading all night."

"Little one, do you realize what you have just done?"

"Yes Frank, I have thought about it, and that is why I am not going with you."

"Did you listen to yourself while you were talking?"

"Yes, Frank. However, I was so angry with you, I wanted to kill you, and I still am not going with you."

"You listed your priorities. You used Steve Covey's priorities in perfect order. Then you went over and above anything you had ever done before. You told me to eat Celeste's cunt: Not vagina, not pussy, not sexual area, but CUNT, and you did not even blink, blush, or cover your mouth in shame, when you did it. You actually said a word that you would have to confess to a priest. Congratulations."

Antonia smiled, "Frank, I know I listed the priorities correctly, that is how I made my decision not to go with you. However, since I have gone far enough to tell you to eat Celeste cunt, I would like to say that you are the biggest prick I have ever met."

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