Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 03


"Are you referring to me, as a person or the appendage between my legs that you could not take your eyes off, in the lobby."

She decided to get even with him, "Vincent's is bigger."

"Donna is going to be a very happily married woman. Now, you have six minutes to shower and dress before I do it for you."

"I am not going, Frank."

Frank picked up his duffel bag and put it alongside Antonia. "Yes, you will fit."

"You would not dare."

"Try me!"

"Fuck you Frank."

"No. I told you, you are going to have to ask me twice before I would fuck you, and that is only the first time you have asked me."

"I did not ask you anything."

"Say it again, little girl, and we will see what you get."

"I thought you never lied to get girls into bed with you. You may not have lied, but you sure cheated if you used a tactic like that, you prick."

"Four minutes!"

"You are going to have to drag me there Frank."


Frank grabbed her, threw her over his shoulder, carried her into the bathroom, and placed her in the shower. "Are you going to do this willingly or am I going to do it for you?"

Antonia did not answer.

Frank smiled at her and said, "Thank you, God."

Suddenly fear entered Antonia's eyes, but it was too late. Frank turned on the cold water for the shower and ripped Antonius blouse and bra off at the same time.

She screamed, "You brute!"

He forced her against the wall and pulled her pants and panties off, as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"You cannot do this. My father will have your head for this."

"You are not talking to your father, remember."

"Leave me alone, I will wash myself."

"Too late princess, you had your chance, now you are going to get washed G.I. style." He adjusted the shower head, so the cold water hit her directly at shoulder height. He used the hotel shampoo and poured it on top of her head. He massaged it in roughly, shaking her head back and forth, like aPing-pong ball. He pulled her head under the shower and wash the soap off quickly. He used his hands and the bar of soap to wash her face, ears and neck. When his hands moved to her left breast, she stiffened at the unfamiliar feel of another persons touch. Frank slowly drew concentric circles from the base of her breast outward to the tip of her nipple, watching it rise to very fine point. When it had reached its zenith, and a bubble had formed on the very tip, Antonia watched as he brought his mouth to within an inch of it. She thought he was going to take it into his mouth and suck on it, but instead, he blew on it and popped the bubble. It made the muscles in her lower abdomen tighten like she was going to pee. She had to squeeze her thighs fiercely together to keep that from happening.

He repeated the same torture on her right breast and realized that her bladder was not full. This was a different feeling. Her clitoris was distended. Fluids were driping from her vagina and she thought she might be on the verge of her first orgasm. She was happy that the water was dripping down her body, he would have seen fluids dripping out of her and she would have been embarrassed.

He was trying to make her cum, while playing with her vagina. She was not going to let that happen. She was as strong-willed as he was, and she would not lose this battle. He had already made one mistake, she was freezing cold, and that did not make orgasming a priority. She was going to use the rules against him. Being proactive meant she was going to think of every nasty thing he ever said to or about her. She listed then in her mind and there were hundreds upon hundreds of insults that he had used to keep her in line. Now she was going to turn the tables on him and use those insults against him and his plan. If he thought he was going to get between her thighs easily; he had another think coming. He would have to go to Lourdes, Fatima and Guadalupe and ask for the Blessed Virgins help just to get close to his destination. Then he would need the 'Jaws of Life' to pry her thighs apart. If he managed to penetrate her, she swore to herself that she would lie there like a corpse and not move a muscle. He would get no enjoyment from the use of her body, because her mind would be in control at all times.

Frank's hands moved down her belly to the top of her pubic hair and washed her thoroughly, without moving lower. He moved the shower head again and rinsed her thoroughly. Then he pointed the stream lower and directed it at her pussy. The cold water hit her clit and she reacted immediately with a moan. She had not expected that reaction from her body, however she would be ready for it, the next time.

Frank knew the rules, also, and was impressed by the way she was using them against him. He would push her to her limits, but he would not break her; not today. He would let her win to give her confidence. He did not want her to become overconfident, but a small victory, at this time, would go a long way to build up her confidence.

He turned the shower head towards her pussy again and let it rain hard against her clit and her opening.

Antonia clenched her thighs tight together in an attempt to block the water from intruding upon her delicate flesh, but was only partially successful. Although the force was mitigated, the water itself dribbled down through her slash and ran right over her clit, which it sensitized, and into the front of her vaginal opening, causing it to tremble. Antonia was seconds away from coming, when Frank turned the water off. He said, "It is time to get dressed."

She looked at him and smiled. "You could not get me to cum."

"I did not try to get you to come."

"Yes you did, and I beat you. You could not force me to orgasm. I used your rules against you, and you could not get me to orgasm. You are a failure."

"If I wanted you to cum, I could do it in under one minute. I did not want you to lose, today. I wanted you to gain a little confidence in your ability to defend yourself while using the steps you have been taught. You used them well, but I did not try hard to break you. Do not think that you are better than you are, because you have a long way to go."

"Bullshit. I beat you fair and square and you will not admit defeat."

"Do you want me to prove it to you and burst your bubble or do you want to take this afternoons victory with you until your next practice session?"

"You are going to have to prove to me that I lost, because I know I beat you. I focus so hard on what you were doing, I blocked every sensation you put my body through."

"I did not want to do this. I wanted you to be happy with a little victory. However, I am going to make you cum in one minute."

"Who is going to keep time?"

"You are of course."

Frank restarted the water, asked her to close her eyes, and start counting from sixty and when she reached one, their time was up."

She practiced counting backward from sixty at asteady pace, until she was satisfied with the cadence, and said she was ready.

Frank agreed, told her to close her eyes, again, and to start counting.

She took note of Frank's position, closed her eyes and started. "60 – 59 – 58 – 57 ..."

Frank made little noises trying to distract her train of thought and to keep her wondering exactly where he was. He saw her start to fidget as she counted down. The cold water was getting to her again, but his little sounds were starting to get her more anxious every time she heard one. She was waiting to be touched. That was the way he had gotten her so close the last time, why would he do it any different this time? He watched her bite her lower lip as she passed thirty seconds. She was confused and wanted to know where he was desperately, but she would not open her eyes, because she would not want to lose by default. She still did not understand why he had not touched her.

He stood behind her, barely a foot away, and he could smell her arousal. She was ready.

When she reached ten, she said it defiantly and each number thereafter came out the same way. 9-8-7-6-5-4... She was so tense; like a coiled spring ready to burst apart.

With only a few seconds to go, she became distracted and thought she was going to make it. 3-2-...

Frank brought his right hand back and swung it forward, hitting her on her ass with a loud crashing sound.

Antonia was about to say 1 when the collision happened.

Flesh met flesh. Her mind had been concentrating elsewhere. The pain did not register, because the cold water had desensitized her flesh. Her pleasure centers vibrated as if they had been greatly over-stimulated. Antonia's clit bounced in its little boat; her cervex clenched, and the walls lining her pussy pulsed; looking for something to bear down on. She felt the same sensations she felt before. She needed to pee. She grabbed onto the closest wall. She spread her legs and pressed down on her stomach muscles, hoping to help the water along. Her mind was concentrating on the hundreds of things that were happening to parts of her body that had never worked the way they were working now. She felt every sensation focus itself on her vagina. She knew it could not be what she was thinking, she just needed to pee. She reached down with one hand to spread her lips to help her water flow. Her fingers accidentally brushed against her distended clit. It was the spark that set off the chain reaction of the systems she tried to control, however, she failed and exploded into orgasm. Her head went back, she screamed and she exploded, again, and again, and again. Her legs, and body abandoned her. She fell backwards and he was there to catch her, and lowered her gently into his lap. He turned off the water and covered her in a thick towel, as she continued to experience small aftershocks. He picked her up, carried her into their room, lowered her on to their bed and let her sleep.

He called Celeste and told her they were going to be fashionablylate arriving. Celeste asked him what he had done to her, and he told the truth. "I spanked her."

Celeste laughed, "You Neanderthal; did you save anything for me?"

"As much as you can handle, darling."

Celeste laughed, and hung up.

Twenty minutes later, Antonia opened her eyes, and found him staring at her. She close them and said, "You win."

"I did not want to win. I wanted you to be happy with your progress today. However, you forced me into aposition that made me show you, that you were not ready to take on the world. You have made progress, but you have a long way to go. Next time, listen to what I tell you, or I will put you over my knee and spank you, because I did enjoy the one in the shower."

"Was my ass cute?"

"On a scale of 1 to 10, it is a six. However, it has potential."

"You are so mean Frank."

"It is time for you to get dressed, so we can go to Celeste's. Do not even think of saying you are not coming, otherwise you will go headfirst into my duffel bag."

"Yes, master."

"I told you, that you were learning."

"Do not expect abject obedience, Frank. Whichever game you play, it is the best of seven in baseball, I believe it is the best of four to get to the Super Bowl. Tennis you have to play for two full weeks to get to the finals. One win does not make a king."

"Do you know how people get rid of cats, they do not want?"

"No, however, I am sure it is disgusting and you are going to tell me about it."

"They put large rocks into a canvas bag, put the cats in the same bag and tie off the end. They go down to the river, throw the bag as far out from the rivers edge as they can and watch the bag sink to the bottom. Their cat problem is solved."

"Frank that and you are disgusting."

"Antonia do you know what my duffel bag is made of?"

"Let me guess, Frank. Would it be 'canvas!'"

"Correct, little girl. So, if I wind up with a princess problem, that is too much to handle, I will make believe she is a cat, take her down to the river, put her in my duffel bag with fifty pounds of rocks, and see if she can swim."

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, and besides that Frank, I think you're the most detestable man I have ever met.

"I see I am moving up on your list of most eligible bachelors."

"Fuck you Frank."

"That is the second time you have asked me to bed you, however, my answer is still no."

"I have never asked you to enter my body, and you know it. It is a product of your warped mind to even think I would ask you."

"When I finally say yes to your entreaties, at least I know now, that you will be able orgasm."

"You are going to throw that in my face forever, aren't you Frank?"

"Close! However, I am not going to advertise this one in the newspapers."

"You are some piece of work Frank."

"My mother often told me, "When she and my father produced me, they broke the mold."

"One day I am going to speak to your mother, and ask her if my interpretation of that statement is the same as hers."

"The last time she said that to me, was when she put the last girls name in the fifteenth composition book, during my senior year. I understand there is one line left in that book. I could have my mother put your name on it now, or do you want me to wait, until I have done the deed."

"Frank, I will bet you all your medals, her definition is exactly the same as mine, and it is not complementary."

"So what, little girl? I am still here, and their names are indelibly written in my treasured black books."

"Do not make me repeat myself again, Frank. Even I am beginning to think I sound like a broken record."

"Have you been trying to get something through to me, and I am just not able to understand what it is Antonia?"

"Let me see if I can put this all in one sentence for you Frank. You are a hateful, detestable, boastful, mean, despicable, distasteful, arrogant person. Also, you are , a womanizer, with no concept of the meaning of care or love for any young woman. All sex is to you is a show of power and virility. You may as well be holding a weapon in your hand rather than your penis."

"That was in excellent speech. Get dressed before I take you up to Celeste's naked, in my duffel bag."

"Fuck you Frank. Cancel that. You will think I meant it, and say OK.

"I told you, that you learning. Slowly, but you are learning."

Antonia turned away from him and walked towards the closet to get her clothes. She said under her breath, "If I had a gun I would neuter him."



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