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Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 04


Note: As I have said previously, this is a work of fiction, my warped sense of humor, and my imagination. All persons, places, and ethnic overtones are purely coincidental. If you are expecting rampant sex to jump off the pages at you, in this story, go to another story, now. This is a story not a lesson in lust or deviation from the norms of society. I hope you enjoy it.


12. THIGH High

Celeste should not have bothered dressing, because what she was wearing hid nothing. Frank smiled, as he looked through her sheer dressing gown. Antonia could not take her eyes off her. She was gorgeous with clothes on. She looked devastating with what she almost had on now. No one in their right mind, male or female, could walk by this woman, and not want her. Antonia's panties were wet, and finally, she understood why.

Celeste bypassed Frank, and went directly to Antonia. She hugged her fiercely, kissed her with an open mouth and a searching tongue.

Much to her own surprise, Antonia responded, without regret or embarrassment. She held on to Celeste like a long-lost lover, and returned her kiss passionately.

Frank looked at the two of them, slightly surprised by the action between them. He had a sly grin on his face and a flutter in his heart. He wondered if this was Antonia's reaction to what he had done to her downstairs, or if it was something that was deep-seated in her mind, from all the years she spent in the convent, surrounded by women. Time would tell, and the night was young.

When they finally separated, Celeste attacked Frank with the same ardor. If ever a woman enjoyed the delights of both sexes, Celeste was at the top of the list. She said, "Who should I eat first, or should I order food?"

Antonia replied, "I just got spanked. I could not possibly sit down."

"Frank, you are a bully, and a brute. How could you possibly harm this beautiful child?"

"I used my right hand, and it landed on her left cheek. It was an explosive combination."

"I did not ask you that; I asked you how you could possibly hurt her."

"It was very easy. She did not listen to me, and I had to teach her a lesson. She learned; not quickly, but she learned."

"I repeat Frank; you are bully, a brute, and a bastard, wrapped up in a gorgeous package. I think I will eat you up."

"Celeste, if you were to eat anything with that gown on you would ruin it. I would rather you take it off and let the games begin."

Celeste untied the single bow, from across her breasts, and dropped it to the floor. "I am ready, follow me." With that, she took Antonia by the hand and Frank watched as they skipped their way, happily, into the bedroom.

Frank did not know what to make of Antonia's behavior, and her change of heart. He was not going to say or do anything to stop her. It was her choice. She had never experienced an adventure like this. He entered the bedroom, and found her in the process of removing her clothing. Her dress was off, leaving her in one of the sets of lingerie she had purchased, while he was with her. He watched as she unsnapped her bra, and placed it on the chair and removed her panties, without any hesitation.

He stood there, somewhat shocked and dismayed. Where did this confidence come from? Why the sudden change in attitude? She did not have it while they were in their room. Now she had his mind working overtime. He went through the rules, over, and over in his mind. She was working them perfectly, if she wanted to confuse him. It still did not compute, when it came to defeating her long-held sexual morals. He had to wait and see exactly how far she was willing to go with tonight's revelry. So far, she was way ahead of him on points, because she was naked. He was standing there fully clothe.

He looked at her body, and it still was the body of a child, waiting to bloom into womanhood. Her breasts were still small, her hips narrow. Her legs were long for such a tiny girl, and her ass was to die for. He would never acknowledge it to her. He loved every inch of her. He would never tell her. He was her guardian, and she was off limits. Regardless of how he felt about her, there were rules of behavior, and he was not about to break them. He wished he had never stopped taking the pills that kept him from having an erection. He needed them more now than he ever had in the past. Maybe he could slip a sleeping pill to Antonia, but honestly, he did not want to do it. He wanted to see what she was going to do and how far she would actually go.

While he was thinking about this, the girls did not wait for him. Antonia whispered to Celeste, that this was her first time, with a woman. Then, she corrected herself, and told her the truth. She said this was her first time with anyone. Celeste would have to teach her, what she needed to know to please her.

Celeste told her not to worry. "Try to remember what I do to your body and then do it to mine. By the end of this evening, we will be friends, for life. Now kiss me!"

Antonia rolled on her right side, and kissed Celeste, softly, but with purpose.

Celeste took one of Antonia's breasts in her hand and started to play with it. Antonia followed her lead and softly molded her hand to Celeste's soft breast. There would be many firsts for her tonight, and soon another one would sneak up behind her, and scare her to death.

Frank took off his clothes climbed into bed, behind Antonia, and sandwiched her with Celeste. His hand went to her abdomen and slowly, patiently, rubbed circles around it, from her belly button to the top of her pubic hair.

Antonia froze when she felt Frank climb in behind her, but realized this was inevitable, and she calmed down. Then, she realized something was between the cheeks of her ass, and eyes popped open wide.

"Frank, please tell me that a toy between the cheeks, because if my mother's miracle has come to pass, I think I will kill you right now."

Frank laughed and said, "Turn over, grabbed it and find out for yourself."

"I do not want to know the answer to that question, because it will scare me to death."

"Do you remember what you said to me about closing the lid of my coffin and saying, 'Maybe Next Time!'?"

"This cannot be happening to me. Please tell me, that this is not true, Frank. Tell me that thing is still dead."

"What is the one thing that I told you I will not do, ever?"

"Oh God, did you have to grant my mother that miracle."

"Antonia, you have forgotten to add Vincent, Donna, my mother, and father to that list. All of those prayers have been answered."

"God, why did you desert me on this one thing I feared so much?"

Celeste yelled, "Frank, you are interrupting a very loving moment. Tell her, and get it over with, or I will kick you out of my suite."

"Antonia, the wishes, and prayers of your mother, my mother, and our families have worked. I have risen to the occasion. I am now fully functional, and will happily take your maidenhood, and get you pregnant, whenever you beg me three times."

Celeste said, "Why does she have to beg you to pop her cherry?"

"She is an arrogant, self-centered, and self-righteous, know it all. If she wants me to do her, the honor of popping her cherry, and impregnating her she will have to beg for it."

"Shit, Frank, I can pop her cherry now."

"That cherry belongs to me. If you dare touch it, I will cut off all ten of your fingers. It is part of a package deal, I have made with her. So you leave it alone."

"Antonia, do you want me or Frank to pop that cherry."

"She has no say in this matter. I am her guardian, and what I say goes."

"You are apain in the ass, Frank, and no fun at all. I can pop her cherry, with love and affection. All your dick will do is cause her immense pain and trauma."

"Yes, I know. However, I will not have half as much fun, if you pop her cherry, and you cannot get her pregnant. You see I have put certain stipulations on popping that little piece of flesh, and when I have accomplished it; if she has not grown up to my satisfaction, I will send her back to her father, to live under his thumb and under his rules, for the rest of her life."

"Frank, you are nasty son of the bitch."

"Do you see, Frank, I am not the only woman, who thinks so little of you."

"Let me think about this for one moment." He paused, and then continued, "I do not care a rat's ass what any woman thinks about the way I try to make them better persons."

"Is that what you think you are doing for Antonia?"

"If I was not doing that for her, there is no way on this earth she would be in bed with you now."

"Is that true, little one? Is that why you are here tonight? He gave you the courage to come up here, and try something that you would never have tried under any other circumstance?"

"Yes, Celeste, he is right. He forced me into the shower, and threatened me to get dressed to come up here. He made me explode into an orgasm, by smacking me. I never saw it coming. After that, I felt I should be able to try anything at least once. When I saw you at the door looking so ravishing, I knew I had to have you, because my panties got wet, instantly."

"Well, according to his own rules, I know he is not going to fuck you. Therefore, I am going to have you first. On your back woman, I am going to eat your cunt, until you explode into an incredible orgasm. It will be better than the one you were forced to have by him. At will be done lovingly, and not forced upon you by pain."

"What am I supposed to do while you two are engaged in Sapphic delights?"

Nearly in unison, both women said, "You can go fuck yourself, Frank!"

"No! However, that is one request from Celeste, and two from you, Antonia, that I have had to turn down. One more request from Antonia and I will pop her cherry, and get her pregnant. Two more from you, Celeste, and I will fuck you silly."

"Do you see how he twists everything to his own satisfaction, Celeste? Let's forget he is here and make love."

"I think that is a marvelous idea. Frank sit in a chair, and leave us alone."

Frank left the bed, and headed towards the nearest chair. He positioned himself so he could take pictures, with his cell phone. This pleasure, he would not deny himself.

Celeste rolled on top of Antonia and kissed her from her forehead to her chin, and everywhere in between. She paid special attention to her jaw and down the muscles at the side of her neck. She continued to her breasts and the distended nipples that begged to be suckled. Downward, she went to the fullness of her belly and to the top of her pubic hair. It was so thick, and wild, she was barely able to penetrate it to touch the top of her mons. It appeared, to Celeste, that it was never trimmed or shaped. She decided it had to be removed, NOW.

Much to Antonia's surprise, Celeste stopped what she was doing, grabbed her by the hands, dragged her off the bed, towards the bathroom, and into the shower.

Antonia objected, saying she had just had a shower. Celeste comforted her, saying, "You have one area of your body that has never been taken care of properly my sweet. I am going to groom it now; so that I can make you feel every lick and kiss I give you, one hundred percent more than I can do now. I need you to relax and trust me. I will not hurt you. Can you trust me with your most private areas?"

Antonia looked at Celeste's pleading eyes, and said, "Yes."

Celeste turned on the shower to a moderately warm temperature, with which they were both comfortable. She had Antonia sit down on the seat in the oval bathtub and began the procedure. She started her wet/dry electric razor, and began removing the hair from the top of Antonia's fur line. Slowly, but surely, the razor cleared the area. As she reached the top of the labial lips, she told Toni to spread her legs as wide as she could, and proceeded to remove as much hair as she could. Much to Antonia's surprise, Celeste told her to scoot down, and spread her ass cheeks apart, as she proceeded to trim off the hairs in between the globes of her ass, as far back as her tailbone.

The vibrations of the razor made Antonia very wet, and Celeste took notice of it. She turned off the razor and placed it on the shelf. She turned her attention to the wetness that was flowing down, from Antonia's cunt to her asshole. Celeste's tongue delved into Antonia's sphincter causing her to Antonia moan loudly. Then, ever so slowly, Celeste moved her tongue upward, gathering the liquid, and swallowing it, quickly. She pushed her tongue into Toni's smoldering furnace. It was hot and filled with her succulent essence. She sucked every ounce of fluid out from it.

Antonia was writhing, and on the brink of her orgasm, when Celeste thrust a finger into her ass. Antonia's mind registered an overload, which drove her over the edge and into delirium. She screamed as her orgasm exploded. Her thoughts faded, her eyes closed, and she slept peacefully.

Celeste was invigorated by her success with her lovely young partner. She took her woman's razor and creamy lotion, placed it all over the vaginal areas that had stubble. She proceeded to shave them clear of any trace of hair. By the time she was through, Antonia's pussy, and ass were as clean and pink, as a newborn baby's bottom.

Antonia woke up from her little nap, and smiled at Celeste. She gave her a warm wet kiss, and thanked her. She said it was now her turn to receive lingual pleasures.

Celeste demurred, saying that they had left Frank alone, for too long. It was unfair to him not to be involved in some sexual play. They would be together, either later in the evening, or on another day.

They dried themselves and walked into the bedroom, to see Frank watching a football (soccer) game, completely naked, and stroking his enormous prick. Celeste licked her lips at the sight of it.

However, Antonia was afraid of what she was looking at. She feared the thought of it entering her tiny body. What would it feel like, to have something that large entering her vaginal canal. Babies came out of there, and they were larger, but her body would have nine months to prepare for that eventuality. That thing would penetrate her in a matter of moments, and regardless of how well lubricated she might be, it had to hurt like hell.

"Wait one minute. How had those thoughts even entered her mind? Where had they come from? She did not intend to allow Frank Gennaro between her thighs, especially now that she had seen the size of his erect penis. That thing would kill her. It would rip her insides apart. He would ruin any chance of her ever conceiving a child normally. She would rather die than to allow that monster inside her, and destroying her. His penis, prick, cock, or prong, as he had told her to call it, could only be used on a woman of much larger size and capacity. Neither Celeste, nor she would be able to fit that thing in their tiny openings. She knew Tuesday was coming, and she had better get used to saying the words he wanted her to say, without being embarrassed. He wanted her to be able to talk openly and learn, about sexual matters. If he were unhappy with her progress, he would probably hit her again, and enjoy it immensely. The thought of that penis being alive and well was more than she could bare at the moment.

Celeste let her hand go and hopped on the bed. She crawled over to Frank, and asked if he would like some company.

Harshly, he said, "Yes, and you can begin by sucking my cock." He did this, without making eye contact with her.

Celeste started licking the sides of the crown of his distended prick and said to him, "Do you like Toni's new haircut?"

Frank growled at Antonia and told her to walk over where he could see her, and spread her legs.

She was about to say something, but thought better of it. She stood up and did as she was told.

"Did you get my permission to do that to her, Celeste?"

"I did not need your permission to clear-cut that forest. It was her hair."

"Yes, however it was my forest. You needed my permission to cut it. You need to be punished, my dear. Stop what you are doing and stand up."

Celeste looked at him and said, "You are kidding me, right?"

"Ask her if I am kidding."

Celeste looked at Antonia, who just indicated that he was not joking.

Celeste looked at Frank one more time and decided to get up.

"Lean over that chair, grab the arms, and do not let go until I say it is okay. Do you understand me, Celeste?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Antonia get over here, now"

She was by his side in an instant.

"You will smack her behind, until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?"

"Frank, there is no way in hell that I am going to hit another human being. You can torture me, you can cut me, or you can shoot me. However I will not hit or hurt another human being."

"You will hit her, or she will be hitting you, for the rest of the night."

"Then I choose to be hit. I will not hurt another human being, ever."

"Celeste, stand up. Antonia you will assume Celeste's position."

Celeste stood up and looked at Antonia with sad eyes. "Do not do this, Toni. He will make an example out of both of us."

Antonia kissed her, and told her to do whatever he asked. Antonia grabbed the arms of the chair and then moved forward as far as she could.

"Celeste you will smack Antonia's ass, until I tell you to stop."

"Go fuck yourself, Frank."

"Antonia sit in the chair for a moment, we will be back to you, shortly."

Frank picked up Celeste and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed, as he threw her on the bed. He ran his distended cock over her swollen vaginal lips, for several minutes, until her eyes turned to smoke. He asked her, "Are you getting a little horny, Celeste?"

"Come on Frank, fuck me."

"Absolutely not, you have to beg me one more time."

"I am not a virgin Frank. Why do I have to beg you to get fucked?"

"Simply, because I will not fuck you, until you beg me one more time."

"You are real prick, Frank."

"Yes, and mine is the only real one in the room." He increased the speed of his rubbing up and down the length of her slit, while he tortured her clit. He watched, as her head slammed back and forth, as the tension in her body rose. When it looked like she was getting ready to cum, he stopped."

Celeste screamed, "You fucking bastard. I was right there. Another few seconds and I would have cum."

Frank smiled down at her. "Now, tell me, why would I have wanted you to cum?"

"Okay, Frank, I give up. Please fuck me. I am begging you to fuck me."

"That did not sound very sincere. Do it again, with a little more feeling."

"Frank, dear man, from the heart of my hearts, please do me the honor and privilege of fucking me to death."

"Okay, if you are sure that is what you want me to do, I will accede to your wishes."

"Shut the hell up and fuck me."

He arranged her on the bed and unceremoniously threw her legs over his shoulders. His dick was well lubricated, from all of the stroking he had done between her labial lips. When he placed the head, of his dick, at the entrance to her sheath and slid forward slowly, the crown popped through easily.

Antonia did not believe her eyes. The enormous head of Frank's cock entered Celeste's vagina, without any difficulty. She did not believe that was possible.

Celeste moaned as it penetrated the first few inches of her pussy. She knew this was the narrowest part of the weapon that he was going to be thrust into her body. Her eyes crossed and closed as she felt more press into her. He stretched her wider than any man, vegetable, or toy she had ever pushed inside of herself. It hurt, but the hurt tingled, also. She opened her eyes to see him smiling at her. She felt him slide further into her, and the pressure became unbearable. She grunted loudly. She looked down between them to see how much progress had been made. He was only half way into her, and the thickest part of his prick was still to come. She thought to herself, "I cannot do this; I cannot possibly take the whole thing."

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