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Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 05


Note: Dear Readers: I can explain what happened at the beginning of Chapter 4. It was supposed to start with Section 12: Thigh High, and 13: Hide and Seek. However, due to a clerical error by yours truly (ME), instead of submitting Chapter 4, I submitted Chapter 5 and labeled it Chapter 4 instead. Please forgive me. On its way now to Literotica, in two forms, are the following attempts to get you the real Chapter 4, which is pivotal to this story. Please look for the following Titles, with these SPELLINGS: Edit Ch4 Wy I hated the Guy from the FBI. Also: Why I hated FBI Guy (CH 11 & 12) These were the only ways I could sneak it by the computers at literotica and get these chapters to you in aHurry.

Please remember that the story below is what you have already read in chapter 4. I will hurry to finish chapter 6 and get back to you as soon as possible. Please forgive me for my mistake and I will try to make it up to you with the next installments.


The story is a figment of my imagination. All persons, places, and things are purely fictional in nature. The author retains all rights to this story. Prolonged_Debut10

14. Point and Counterpoint

Although they together, slept in the same bed, Frank and Antonia may as well have been a million miles apart. She stared out of the windows and he stared up at the ceiling. Neither one started a conversation, in an attempt not to start an argument.

Antonia realized she had fallen asleep, during the night, because when she awoke in the morning, Frank was not in the room. There was a note on the door asking her to 'Please' stay in the room, while he was downstairs trying on his new clothes. He would be back as soon as possible. When she saw the word 'please' in the note, she nearly shed a tear. Had Celeste and her gone too far last evening? Had she done something that was irreparable to her relationship with him? How badly and she damaged his ego and his feelings for her? Should she tell him right away that it was a joke that they played on him, in return for his joke on her? She would have to improvise, as the day went on, and hope that she would be able to talk to Celeste, when she arrived in Athens later in the day, if she was in big trouble. She had played truth or consequences before, but never when the stakes for her own happiness were this high.

She took a shower, did her hair and make-up, and put on a robe with nothing underneath it, because it was Tuesday morning. It was well after nine o'clock, the time Frank told her the lesson was to start, but she wanted to be prepared, when he returned.

A little more than one hour later Frank opened the door and pulled in two large suitcases filled with his new clothes. After he closed the door, he turned around and saw Antonia standing naked before him. In a neutral tone of voice, he asked her what she was doing.

She answered, "Following your orders, master."

"I think we can dispense with that from now on Antonia. You have learned about sex, by doing, rather than by reading or by watching. You have seen and touched a male and female organ and tasted the fluids from both. You have made a life decision, which is your prerogative, and the only thing left for you to learn is the terminology. That you can learn from books or from me if you desire. All you have to do is ask, and I will provide you all the information you need on any subject concerning sex. You can get dressed now. I will take you out for breakfast."

Antonia stiffened her back, turned, and left the room to get dressed. She wanted to cry, but she did not. She had ruined everything. She had lost her family because of her outrage over them blaming God for how she was acting. Now she had lost the man she loved, because she had played an idiotic joke on him. Her words had cut him to the quick and she knew an apology for what had transpired between them last evening would be useless. At this point, she was thinking that becoming a nun was not unreasonable."

Frank did not sit down after he spoke to her. He unpacked his new clothes and stowed the suitcases into the closet. He stood by the windows looking at St. Peter's dome and contemplated his future. He was not too old to become a seminarian. He knew he was smart enough to go through the curriculum. His sex drive was the problem. Would he be able to look at any woman and let her pass by without thinking about or actually bedding her? If he could not get by this one question, without a positive answer, why go through the program at all. He would try to get an appointment at the Vatican seminary to answer that one question. After that, his decision would be easy and his life would be back on track. While he was at the Vatican, he could go to the bookstore and get some material he had been going over in his mind. This would also help in his decision-making process.

Antonia entered the room and said she was ready to go. Instead of waiting for him to lead her out of the room, she walked towards the door, opened it, and walked towards the elevator.

For the first time, since their argument began, Frank reacted with determination. He grabbed her arm. "I am your bodyguard. Whether you like it or not, I go out the door first; you go in the door first. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mister Gennaro, I understand."

"Antonia, you made your feelings about me perfectly clear last night. I accept them as gospel. Your father put me in charge of your safety. If I fail at that task, my parent's lives are in jeopardy. I will not let that happen. Do not make me kill your father and brother to keep my parent's safe."

"You would not dare do that to them."

"Think about it bitch. What choice would I have if you were killed? Your father said that he would kill anyone to get to me, if anything happened to you. It means my entire family is in jeopardy. I would do anything, use any means at my disposal to keep them safe. Your father is a hoodlum, a mob boss, Mafioso. He runs brothels, gambling houses, sells drugs, controls the dock workers union, and God knows what else. He does anything he can to make money illegally. On his taxes, he claims he makes less than $200,000.00 a year, when he actually takes in more than 40 million in cash. No one would miss him. Vincent is still an innocent, but he has promised your father, in my presence, to follow in his footsteps."

Antonia looked at Frank in wonderment. "How do you know all this about my father?"

"That is none of your business. My business is to keep you safe and I will do that at the expense of my own life if necessary. I will not allow my family to be hurt."

"Do you work for the government?"

"No, I do not work for the government, and no I am no longer a marine. I am a damaged war veteran, whose job is to keep you safe. That is my only means of income, except for my VA benefits; I swear to God Almighty." Frank continued to look her in the eyes, and silently thanked his superiors for firing him, so he did not have to lie to her.

Antonia looked at him and knew he was telling the truth. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Do not you ever leave a hotel room, a store, a classroom, or the campus, without me at your side? If you want to go out on a date with another young lady, I will be nearby. If you go into an apartment with her, I will be in there with you. I have seen it all before, I had done it all before. If she is shy, I will turn my back, but I will not leave you alone with her. All it takes is ten seconds to inject you with a powerful sedative, twenty more to spirit you through a window, and into a car. You could be ransomed or never seen again. They could send you to a harem in Saudi Arabia, especially if they know you are a virgin. You could go to a brothel in Germany, one of the Slavic nations, or China. Your father is involved in that trade, also. There is big money and very little risk involved, if no body is found."

"Mister Gennaro, if you are trying to scare me, it has worked."

"I am trying to scare you, and I am glad it worked. I hope that you will take it to heart and follow my instructions to the letter."

"Can I go to breakfast, now? I take that back; can I go to lunch now?"

"Yes, what would you like to eat?"

"I would like a Calzone and a Diet Coke."

"That makes perfect sense to me. Let me see if I can find an Italian restaurant within walking distance."

She was going to smile at his attempted joke, but she held it back behind a stone face. Her heart was broken and one smile would not fix it. A thousand smiles would not fix it. Frank could fix it, but he showed no signs of wanting to do it. He now treated her like ajob instead of the girl he wanted to ravish. He tore apart her father, by telling her the illegal and immoral things he was doing with his life. Then, her father wanted Vincent to inherit his illegal businesses, when he got older. She did not want Vincent involved in those things. She was kept hundreds of miles away from her father's influence, but Vincent had to be aware of what his dad was doing, because it happened around him every day. This

They walked into the same restaurant they had eaten two nights previously, and were greeted by the woman owner.

The woman looked at the two of them and said, "Oh, no. You are having a lovers quarrel. Sit down and talk to me, I will fix it for you."

Antonia turned and ran out of the restaurant, with Frank hot on her heels. He grabbed her and said, "What did I tell you about leaving a store? I do not care if you were embarrassed or upset. Do not leave without me at your side."

"How can she know these things? She was with us for three hours and she knew there was a problem. Am I carrying a sign that says I am unhappy? Hey look at me I am gay! What am I doing differently today than I was doing the other day? What are you doing today that tells people that we are not the same as we were the other day?"

"I do not think we are doing anything different. I think she is either psychic or psychotic. Either way, you have not had your calzone. Do you want to go back, and face her, or do you want to try another restaurant?"

Antonia replied, "A different restaurant, please."

"This is going to be hard. Where are you going to find an Italian restaurant in Rome?"

He nearly got her to smile, with that attempt, but she held it back. She had lost everyone she trusted, wanted, and needed. There was no reason for her to want to smile, but he was trying to make her do it, every time he spoke to her. One more day and they would be off to Milan. She had no knowledge of the arrangements that had been made for them, by her father's family. She was sure it would be adequate, but she wanted privacy. She wanted her own room, so if she wanted to sulk, she could sulk in private. If she wanted to cry, she could cry in private. If she had something to be excited about, she could open her doors and scream with joy. However, she did not think that was in her future after Sunday night's debacle. Now she wanted to go back to the hotel room and cry by herself to sleep. Unfortunately, as Celeste said to her, Frank would be tied to her hip, from this point forward. She had meant that in a loving way, not like an anchor chain, weighing her down.

Frank found another restaurant, where they had a Calzone for her, but they did not have a Diet Coke. She had to settle for the 'real thing' and she said the heck with the extra calories.

Frank asked her if she would mind stopping at a bookstore, on the way back to the hotel. He wanted to buy some reading material for the trip to Milan and for preparation for college. Antonia said it was fine. She had no idea that they were going to the bookstore that was an adjunct to the Vatican.

It was an imposing structure, comprising five floors and hundreds of thousands of books, both new and used. Fully dressed Swiss guards were stationed in the front of the bookstore. Inside, other guards were dressed in BDU's with automatic weapons visible. Many books were behind locked glass enclosures, because their value was beyond estimate. Others were priced, but well beyond the reach of any ordinary citizen. Frank knew what he was looking for and checked the computer to locate the areas where he could find the books.

Antonia did not roam. She stayed by his side and did not say a word, while he looked for the items he wanted. However, she cringed when she saw the titles of the books, and what they meant for his future. The first one was "Summa Theologica by Saint Thomas Aquinas." It was the seminal philosophical work of the Catholic Church. The writings and speeches of Jesus and the Apostles. The second was "101 Answers on Prayer by Saint Augustine." It covered every aspect of life, from the conflict between 'Good and Evil to Unmarried Sex.' The Third and Fourth were about Vatican II. "John Paul II: The Second Vatican Council. These re-wrote and reinvigorated the Roman Catholic Church, and in some ways broke apart into the European and the U.S. Catholic Churches. Vatican II: Renewal from Within. Proposed ordinary "Laypersons" be allowed to help celebrate the mass and serve some of the sacraments of the mass. However, it stopped short of allowing priest and nuns to marry, and remain in the church, "without be excommunicated."

Although, Antonia had these drilled into her head, at the nunnery, as part of her curriculum, she had a problem figuring out why Frank wanted to read these sections of the Vatican Councils Decisions.

They went to the checkout counter to pay for these books, and Antonia nearly fainted, when she saw the total price: Eight hundred and twenty-five euros for four books. She grabbed Frank's arm to keep herself steady. She apologized for doing so, afterwards.

They took a taxi back to the hotel, because of the books. Prior to going to the elevators, Frank asked Antonia if she wanted anything from the stores.

She said, "Ice cream would be nice."

They walked into thelittle shop and Antonia ordered a mixed half gallon of Buttered Pecan and Pralines and Cream.

Frank looked at her as if she was from another planet.

She said, "What?"

"How long have you been 105 pounds?"

"I believe since I got home from school. I was 102 pounds; however, mom always puts some extra weight on me."

Frank just closed his eyes and shook his head in disbelief. He said to her, "I do not think you will ever see 110."

"Frank, my body mass index (BMI) says for my height, I am perfect."

He looked at her and said, "I am sure you are."

She glared at him, but did not know what to say in return. She looked for the clerk to see if her ice cream was ready. It was and she asked for some spoons, and extra napkins.

Before Frank could ask how much the ice cream was, Antonia paid the bill and started walking towards the door. She stopped just before the exit and waited for him to join her. She started tapping her foot, while she stared straight ahead. She said, "If you are going to play games with me, Mister Gennaro, I am going to walk out the door, without you at my side."

Frank replied, "I was waiting to see what you would do."

"I know your rules. I know what you expect of me. I did not go out the door; I waited for you. If you are going to act like a spoiled brat, I will call my father and tell him it is not working out between us. I will ask him to have one of his family members take your responsibilities, and you can go on your way. Your mother and father will be safe and you will never have to see or speak to me ever again. Make up your mind, and do it quickly."

"Fuck you, Antonia."

"No, and I want no part of you, either. My ice cream is going to start to melt. I am leaving. If you want to join me, follow along."

Frank wanted to rip her lungs out, but he marched alongside her towards the elevator. When the doors opened, he stepped in front of her to make sure no one was a danger to her. He got off the elevator first and scanned the hallway before allowing her off. He opened the door to their room and scanned it before he allowed her in. He walked in after her, closed, and locked the door. He put down the books, took off his jacket, and hung it up. He was pissed. However, she was right. What was worse was she knew she was right, and she knew he knew she was right. He could not have been more pissed off if he was wrong.

When he walked out of the closet, he turned and saw her sitting on the bed, watching television. She had a pillow on her lap, a spoon in her left hand and the half-gallon of ice cream in her right hand. She looked like anyone's perfect little child at rest. For him, she was the biggest pain in the ass he had ever encountered, and he wanted her more than he wanted air. Unfortunately, that was never going to happen. He fucked up, and she changed to the other side. He had no idea if one insult had to do with the other. However, it was all over except the shouting, and the shouting was coming in short, angry spurts every few hours. This was destined to end badly. Either she would call Tony or he would, but it would end.

"Mister Gennaro would you like some ice cream?"

"If there is any left, yes, I would like some. Thank you." Frank went to the bed, and got a spoon. He sat down beside her and she handed him the ice cream. She had barely made a dent in the half gallon, but she had done it systematically. She was an 'edger.' Every tiny spoonful she had taken was carved from the edge of the container. Almost exactly one quarter inch from each side had been delicately taken away and eaten carefully. It was a work of art.

On the other hand, Frank was a 'digger.' Push your spoon into a place with the most ice cream, and dig it out. Then, he kept digging until there was almost no ice cream remaining. Most people do not like 'diggers.' However, they do like edgers.

When he handed the container back to her, the ice cream was nearly gone. She looked at him with hate in her eyes.

He said, "I could not help myself, it was really good."

"Go downstairs, and get me another half gallon, right now."

Frank thought about saying no, but reconsidered. He threw on his jacket and walked out the door, making sure it was locked securely.

Moments later, Antonia thought she heard Frank at the door. She started towards it, and as she neared it, she heard two men whispering, "Would you hurry, we have to grab her and get her out of here, before he gets back."

Antonia did not freeze. She started moving instantly. She grabbed the handheld phone from the side of the bed and ran into the closet. She pushed the button for the operator. She whispered, "Someone is breaking into my room, help me!" She threw the telephone back onto the bed, and looked for somewhere to hide. Then she saw her salvation, and climbed into it.

The two men were in the room seconds later. She could hear them talking. "She has got to be here. She saw the two of them come in the room, and only he went out. She is hiding somewhere. We only have a few moments, before he comes back. Find her."

Antonia could hear them searching through the rooms: the bedroom, bathroom, and the hallway. They pulled the clothes off the clothing rack to check behind it to see if she was hiding there. They threw Frank's new clothes on the floor, and stepped all over them. One of them yelled, "We have to get out of here, before we get caught."

As they entered the hallway, there were shouts from the Carabinieri to stop. Apparently, the men did not listen and the police started shooting. The two men were hit by bullets fired by the police. One was killed instantly, but the other one with would live to be interrogated by them.

She heard a distraught shout, from a voice she knew very well; "Antonia, Antonia are you all right. Where are you, Antonia!"

"I am down here, you idiot. I cannot move. They threw your clothes on top of me, and I cannot move."

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