tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhy I’ll Never Go Sharking Again Ch. 03

Why I’ll Never Go Sharking Again Ch. 03


If you've been following along, you'll know what I went through yesterday. A few days ago, I was a normal college student. Actually, a few days ago, I was a normal HETEROSEXUAL college student, but now I'm not sure what to make of myself. I share an apartment with my friend Jason and we're not gay, but due to stupid behavior we have found ourselves in a new "relationship" and we definitely don't wear the pants.

So in case you forgot, my name is Marcus and our day took this unexpected turn when we decided to go "sharking." That's when you either sneak up on a girl and quickly pull her top off or pull her shorts down and run. And we had fun doing it until I picked the wrong girl, one with a 10 inch dick. Pulling Ashley's shorts down got me raped in an alley, brutally at that. Jason sped off without me (or so I thought, I later found out he video-taped my encounter) and I was forced to ride the bus home. The one redeeming quality of the day is Ashley eventually returned with her friend Jessica to extract revenge on Jason as well.

Since then I've been avoiding Jason as much as one can with a roommate. Largely in part because after Ashley cam inside Jason, she forced me to clean him up with my tongue and worst of all, he liked it. So after we were attacked I immediately went to my room and locked the door and didn't come out till the next day. I was able to avoid Jason the following day completely. I only left my room to eat and spent the rest of my time in my room. A couple of times while coming or going I would be forced to walk past Jason, but I never made eye contact and almost completely ignored him.

So that night I went to bed, relived that Ashley and Jessica didn't return like they said they would and also glad that I didn't have to speak to Jason, but both of these would end tomorrow. I woke up the next day, around 9am or so, headed into the living room only to see Ashley sitting on the couch getting a blow job from Jason. Immediately I thought I need to run back into my room, when I realized someone was behind me.

"Guess who" she said. I knew it was Jessica. The large hands covering my eyes, the height of the person behind me and the erection poking me in the ass were all dead give aways.

I immediately started stuttering. "Uh.....um....it....it's...JJJesica." I knew better than to run and risk pissing her off. Last time she was here I got away with just giving her a blow job, so as long as I don't make her angry, she may not fuck me.

"Awwww, that's sweet Ashley he remembers me, I'm a little disappointed he didn't call me yesterday, but he can make that up to me later." And with that, she turned me around, reached in my pants, grabbed my cock and began forcing her tongue down my throat. I was so surprised by her aggressiveness that I jumped back, which only led to her pulling me closer.

All the commotion between Jessica and I must've distracted Jason, cause Ashley grabbed Jason by the hair, lifted his mouth away from her cock and told him "More tongue, less teeth....as in none," before guiding his mouth back towards her cock.

All I could hear from Jason were slurping sounds, when Jessica grabbed me by the hand and walked me towards the couch and told me to sit down. She sat right in the middle and just smiled waiting for me to sit down. For a moment I just stared, thinking if I could make it to my room before she caught me, but after looking at her, I had to admit she was cute. If she were a genetic girl, I'd be lucky to get with her. She's tall, probably around 6'3, has curves for days and a gorgeous smile, yet I couldn't stop thinking about what she had between her legs and "it" wanting to get inside me.

I decided to sit down on the couch as far away from Jessica as possible, hoping I'd think of some way to not get raped. Once I sat down on the far end of the catch, Jessica rolled her eyes and scooted closer to me. At this moment I heard Ashley began to scream at Jason "Ooo baby that's it, keep going, almost done baby.....oooo.....o yea."

I nervously watched Jason swallow Ashley's load, wondering what effect that may have had on Jessica, when suddenly her voice broke me free of my trance, "Jason has a much better attitude than you, he realizes the position you guys are in and he's......very cooperative."

"You guys can't keep coming in here and raping us!" I replied.

"Speak for yourself, Jason let us in." Ashley said. My jaw dropped at this revelation and as I went to stare down Jason, who was still sitting between Ashley's legs cleaning up her cock, he shot his gaze down to the floor.

I couldn't believe Jason let them in, but that didn't mean they would continue to push me around. So I tried my best to sound tough and told both of them, "You can do whatever you want to Jason, but nothing else is happening with me."

It didn't work, not even close. Both Ashley and Jessica laughed for several moments before Jessica finally spoke up and said "You know you couldn't stop either of us from taking you, but you do get cute when you get angry."

Embarrassed from that last comment, I shrank into the couch and said "Maybe I can't stop you guys, but I'll go to the police, either way it ends now."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ashley lift her leg over Jason's head and begin to get dressed. First she slid her limp cock back into her panties, and then she pulled her shorts up over those hips. After she was fully dressed she glanced back at me and said "Not quite sug."

I stared confused, wondering why they thought I would just take this abuse. Then Jessica told me, "Jason gave us the tape." Now whatever anger I had at him for letting him in, was replaced with a blind furry for handing over the video tape of us "sharking" over to these two. Jessica the affectionately put her hand on my check and said "Whatever you think you are gonna tell the police, will pale in comparison with evidence of sexual assault."

I was trapped, they knew it and now I knew it. I just stared thinking of what my options were when Jason finally spoke up. "It's not that bad Marcus," he said "If you cooperate they are both really nice." Jason was the last person I wanted to hear from right now. After all it was his idea to go "sharking" in the first place and not only did he let them in, but he gave them something to blackmail us with, but he had a point.

I sighed, signaling my surrender to Jessica, when she lifted my up and forced me to sit on her lap. This was extremely emasculating, not only was erection poking through, constantly reminding me what was in store for me later, but she was constantly groping me. Finally Jessica said, "okay guys let's talk rules."

"Rules?" I asked, wondering how this situation could get worse.

"Yes, rules" Ashley said, as she bent Jason over her lap and began fingering his hole. "First, no more pussy for you guys. If you're horny, we'll satisfy you, no other girls. If you guys are really cooperative, we may even let you guys do the fucking, but you will definitely have to earn that.

I tried looking at Jason, to see what he thought of this, but by the look on his face he was enjoying getting fingered and would agree with anything they said. "Second, we need keys." Jessica said as she began pinching my nipples. I winced at the pressure she was applying, and she continued her thought, saying "Ashley and I have a high sex drive, and will need to be able to stop by whenever we...feel the need."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but since I didn't see any way out of this, I just nodded and agreed. Ashley then said "And third, for your own protection, you guys will wear these butt plugs, until you are adequately loosened." I almost wanted to cry at what was happening to me, but I refused to give them that satisfaction. Ashley continued, "There will be other small rules here and there, but as long as you obey, you'll be fine."

"Uh.....huh" escaped Jason's mouth as Ashley continued to massage his ass hole.

Ashley and Jessica both smiled at Jason's obedience and then turned their gaze at me. I somberly nodded, resigned to my fate for the time being, which pleased both Ashley and Jessica. "Good, now we can focus on having fun." Jessica said.

And with that, Ashley pulled her now erect cock out and began stroking it. She was going to fuck Jason again, and he seemed to be okay with that. Again, the thought of running to my room crossed my mind, but all that ended when I felt Jessica's tongue enter my ear. I jumped at the shock of it, which led her to pin me on the couch on my stomach with her erection digging into my shorts. I began to plead with her, "Please, no, can I give you another blow job?"

Jessica laughed and said "I love the enthusiasm hun, but I already missed out on that sweet booty of yours and I won't miss out again." I looked up, scanning for a place to run to, but all I saw was Ashley entering Jason's ass and the look of bliss on both their faces, I wondered if I should just surrender when Jessica said to me, "Why don't you show me to your room."

I decided that there was no fighting it, and this was going to happen. So I walked to my room with with Jessica following me. By the time I got to my room and sat on my bed, Jessica had already lost her pants and her 12 inch dick was throbbing at me. I was scared and she knew it, so she got close, kissed by on the fore head and told me she would be gentle. She began taking my clothes off while again forcing her tongue down my throat. In a matter of seconds, she had me stripped down to nothing. She then laid me flat on the bed and told me to relax. She lifted my legs up and I began to dread the moment that she would enter me, but surprisingly, that moment didn't come right away. Instead of the hard head of a throbbing dick, I felt the wet and soft tip of her tongue now feeling around my hole.

I began to moan uncontrollable at this new sensation. Light flicks of her tongue followed by soft bites and kisses around my ass, began to get my dick hard. And after a while, she inserted her entire tongue inside me and began exploring every inch inside me she could reach. Noticing my erection, she broke contact with my ass and began kissing me again while stroking my cock. "See how nice I can be? This can be as good for you as it is for me, all you have to do is accept your role in this relationship"

With that, she returned to licking my ass and stroking my cock. In the background I could all sorts of grunts coming from Ashley and Jason, and as great as this felt, I knew that soon Jessica would want to fuck me as well. I was getting close to cumming, when Jessica stopped stroking my cock and with a huge grin, simply said "Ladies first". She climbed closer to me on the bed, as I inched away in an attempt to delay the inevitable, when she finally caught up with me she placed one hand on my shoulder and one on her

cock and began entering me.

I froze when I felt that familiar pressure in my anus, which she took as an opportunity to go further in. I was about to cry out in pain, but it was muffled by her mouth kissing me and before she broke away, she was all the way inside me. Once she was in, she lifted my legs on her shoulders and began pounding me. "Oooo, Ashley was right, you do have a sweet booty." From this position she wasn't really touching my cock, but from all the attention I got earlier from her, I definitely felt stirrings inside.

Occasionally Jessica would offer words of encouragement, but all I could really focus on was the incredible urge to cum I was feeling. After pounding me a bit, she pulled out of me and told me to get on all fours. Almost immediately, before I got a chance to close up a bit, she grabbed me with one hand on my hip and entered me in one swift motion. Instantly I could feel cum dripping down my leg. I was embarrassed that she had this effect on me, and I think she could tell. Suddenly she pushed my head down and told me "Look at all that cum dripping from you! Do you see it?"

I could see between my legs quite well actually. I could see my smaller dick dangling from between my legs and I could see a sticky clear liquid dripping down the inside of my leg. The humiliation of being forced to watch this actually cause a bit more to leak out. Part of me was hopping she would stoke my cock again, but right now Jessica was focused on her orgasm now. With one hand on my hips and the other on my shoulder, she began thrusting away with machine gun like thrust. All you could hear was the smacking of her hips on my bare ass. As Jessica's pace quickened, she soon began saying "I'm close baby....get ready for it.....yea...yea...fuck...take it baby....take this dick."

I could feel the throbbing of her cock inside me, and it was soon followed by the feeling of her filling the inside of me. She let me go and I collapsed face down on the bed. She, for the time being was completely spent but she saw I was still hard. She leaned over me and said "You took that well, so this will just be between me and you" and with that she rolled me over and swallowed my entire dick.

I knew I wouldn't last long, but after she shoved two fingers in my ass, I exploded in her mouth. Spurt after spurt she took in her mouth, without flinching. I began thinking this situation may not be that bad. I smiled at Jessica as she came closer and kissed me, feeding me all of the semen I just gave her. It was definitely odd to have my own cum in my mouth, but after everything that has happened I just decided to go with it. After giving it all back to me, Jessica held my nose closed and told me swallow. I obeyed, which pleased her, and she again said "Not a word to Ashley or Jason, got it?"

I simply kissed her and snuggled up next to her waiting for round 2.

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Noticed the name changes too

Awesome chapter to hopefully a longer novel. This was the best chapter yet. Just imagining what it would be like to have a beautiful TS suck my cock while my ass is stretched to the limit and then kissmore...

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