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Why I Really Hate Canada


Sometimes I wonder about certain things. It's my nature to wonder. A lot of things have been happening to me lately. My name is Stephen Auvergne and I'm a young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I'm new to the Confederation of Canada. I moved there from my native town of Boston, Massachusetts, about a year ago. My parents sent me to Canada after I made a mess of things in Bean Town. These days I attend Carleton University. Ottawa is the most boring City in the western hemisphere. However, it's my own private hell so I'm learning to adjust to it.

I attend All Nations Church, the biggest Black church in the City of Ottawa. I was invited there by a young lady I met while walking around Saint Laurent Mall. In lily-White Ottawa, All Nations Church became my refuge from the hostile sea of alabaster which surrounds me at all times. Canadians aren't the friendly and innocent people most Americans think they are. They're mean-spirited, deeply racist and xenophobic. Ottawa reflects that. People here are mean in ways us ordinary Americans can't fathom. They're insanely jealous of foreigners with intelligence and credentials. They admire everything American yet also hate us at the same time. They're a sea of contradictions. Ottawa is the interracial dating capital of the world, yet it's also the most racist City ever. Imagine that!

In this mad world, I found myself seeking my own. Too much White for one brother, you know? That's what I'm experiencing. The City of Boston is fun and diverse. The City of Ottawa is cold, White and dead. Just like its inhabitants. I can't stand this bigoted and supremely boring little town. I sought my African brothers and sisters because I figured only they could relate to me. There are about a thousand people in the All Nations Church of Ottawa. I saw a lot of young Black men and young Black women from Carleton University there. I also ran into people from other schools like La Cite Collegiale, the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College and Everest College. So many beautiful, educated brothers and sisters under one roof. It seemed like a dream come true to me. I thought I had at last found my refuge.

The Black folks of the City of Ottawa fascinate me. They don't seem to like each other. The Haitians don't like the Ghanaians. The Kenyans don't like the Congolese. And the Jamaicans don't like the Trinidadians. Nobody likes the Somalians. There are tons of Black folks living in the City of Ottawa and they're all discriminated against by the Powers That Be. Yet they refuse to unite. Instead, they give into their tribal mentality. They focus on the differences between them rather than unite against a common foe. Lots of Black men and Black women with degrees from fine schools like the University of Ottawa and Carleton University can't find steady work in the City of Ottawa. Why? Simply because the Canadian Federal Government actively discriminates against people of color. The private sector is a bit more tolerant of people of color with University degrees but private sector work comes with surprising risks as well as benefits. Private sector work isn't as steady as it used to be. For that reason, most people of color with University degrees living in Canada prefer to seek Government jobs. And that's exactly where they face the most discrimination.

Of course, not everybody faces the same kind of hurdles. Asians, whether we're talking about the Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese or the Indians ( from the Republic of India) are allowed entry into government and corporate work while Blacks and Aboriginals face the most discriminations. Welcome to Ottawa. I think White men and White women living in Canada don't feel threatened by the Chinese and the Indians from India because they kiss White folks butts all day. Blacks and Aboriginals carry themselves with more dignity and self-confidence. They also have more honesty and aren't as incline to kiss White folks butts as the Asians. For that reason, Blacks and Aboriginals are denied jobs even when they have University degrees while the Chinese and the Indians of India get easy access. Yeah, that's the law of the land in the City of Ottawa. Welcome to Canada, folks. The Canada they never show you.

The bloody Canadians like to say they're friendly and multicultural but I see them for what they are. A nation of bigots. They're far more bigoted than Americans. In America, if you're a person of color with a University degree, good references and no criminal history, you have a shot at getting things done for yourself. Not so in the Confederation of Canada. I understand all too well how things work in the City of Ottawa. That's why I can't wait to leave. When I tell Canadians that my father, Augustin Auvergne is a sergeant with the Boston Police Department, they're surprised. They're equally surprised to hear that my mother Elaine Jean Auvergne teaches business law at Emerson College in downtown Boston. The idea that people of African descent can accomplish great things simply doesn't enter the mind of your average Canadian of European descent. Yet Black Canadians don't seem to realize what kind of bigots they live with.

Every Black man I've ever met in the City of Ottawa has a White girlfriend. Want to know something funny? Nine out of ten times when someone is saying something racist in public, it's a White woman, not a White man. Yeah. I find White women in the City of Ottawa far more bigoted than the White men. Or at least, the White women are far more outspoken with their bigotry. Black men in the City of Ottawa don't seem to notice or care, though. They go after White women like their lives depend on it. Upon hearing that I exclusively date Black women, most Black men in the City of Ottawa chuckle. Black men in the City of Ottawa don't date Black women. It's almost as if they're allergic to them.

I find the Black women of Ottawa friendlier overall than the Black women I used to know in urban America. Unfortunately, just like the Black women of the U.S. they claim to want a good Black man but ignore a good brother when they see him. The only time I feel invisible in the City of Ottawa is when I'm walking around the Black Church, All Nations. There are many lovely Black women there. They're pretty, educated and friendly. However, they don't notice that I exist. They're too busy looking at the Black men with White girlfriends to notice a brother like me. The Black man who only has eyes for Black women. Me. Yeah, they never notice me. If that's how they treat a nice and gentlemanly young Black man like me, you can only imagine how they treat the not-so-nice brothers out there.

Yeah, Black women are always saying there are no available Black men around. At All Nations Church in Ottawa, there are dozens of young Black men. They attend schools like Algonquin College, the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, La Cite Collegiale and Everest College. Yet the Black women we love never notice us. The moment a Black man has a White girlfriend, that's when Black women notice he exists. Until then, he could be as good-looking as Tyson Beckford, as educated as Henry Louis Gates, as rich as Puff Daddy and as well-endowed as Lexington Steele, Black women will NEVER notice he exists. That's the truth, folks. The whole damn truth and nothing but the truth.

The City of Ottawa is a mad world to me. Not a day goes by that I don't regret leaving the City of Boston. I wish I could go back. However, I am committed to this course of action and I have to see it through. As a big and tall, good-looking and educated young Black man in Ottawa, I'm the loneliest creature in the City. Black women don't notice I exist. And I'm not interested in White women. They just don't do it for me. If I were as flexible as the other ninety nine percent of the Black guys in Ontario, I'd just hook up with one of the many loose White women in the City. However, I can't do that. I still believe in the Black Love. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to die alone. Black women simply don't want me. And I love Black women too much to switch sides. I'm good-looking, healthy, educated and gainfully employed. I'm a law-abiding individual. I have my own apartment and my own car. I'm friendly, easygoing and very respectful of women. And I respect Black women most of all. Why am I alone?

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