tagErotic CouplingsWhy I'm Such A Bad Girl Ch. 03

Why I'm Such A Bad Girl Ch. 03

byHappily Tied Up©

Let me begin with descriptions of Danny and Zack, two of my companions for the evening that I have yet to describe in detail.

Danny was the typical blond surfer type. His hair just reached his shoulders and was wavy and sun kissed. He was very tan and healthy in appearance, surprising for someone who spent so much time in dark nightclubs and practiced in abandoned factories. He was rather thin, but not unattractively so, just not as muscular as Sam. His eyes were an interesting grayish blue, and he had a fabulous mouth. Pouty lips and great teeth contributed to his beautiful smile.

Zack was by far the most unique of the three. He was pierced to the hilt, and this was back in the mid eighties before piercing was in. His nose, eyebrow, and bottom lip were all decorated with small, silver hoops, and I would later find out that his tongue was pierced also. His hair was similar in color to mine, reddish brown, and was very long, nearly reaching his waist. His eyes were amazing, so dark brown that you’d swear they were black. With those eyes, and his sinister grin, he looked almost demonic at times. I rather liked that.

‘Nuff said about the boys, the show must go on...

Sam, Danny, Zack and I lay quietly in the sand for awhile, listening to the surf and idly touching and caressing. I’ll admit, I was doing most of the touching and caressing, but hey, this was all new to me, and I had much to learn about the male form. Zach was missing out on the attention, as he was still lying behind us somewhere, but not for long.

“Hey, lil one,” he called out quietly, “come take a walk with me.” I snickered at the nickname, lil one, I’ve been partial to it ever since.

I looked questioningly at Sam, not yet knowing Zack at all and not sure if I should be wandering off with him, strange looking as he was.

Sam smiled, “He’s pretty harmless,” he whispered. “I’m sure you’ll come back safe and sound.”

“Positive?” I whispered back.

Sam smiled again, “I promise, baby. If you’re not back in 20 minutes we’ll send out the search party.”

“Ok then.” I got up and went to the back of the car to retrieve my clothing. “I’m coming, Zack.”

“Already?” Danny quipped. “Damn, Zack, you are good!”

“Shut up, Danny!” all three of us yelled in unison.

Zack stood up, and I made my way towards him. We walked together in silence for awhile, and at some point he took my hand in his. It was sweet, almost tentative; as if he were afraid I would reject him. I smiled to myself, and squeezed his hand in reassurance. His silence began to make me a little uncomfortable, and I felt I had to say something or he’d never speak. When he stopped and stood staring out at the waves I seized the opportunity.

“I hope you don’t think I’m an awful person,” I whispered. Just then realizing that maybe I thought I was an awful person as the tears welled up in my eyes. “This is not my normal Friday night activity.”

He turned and looked down at me. “I don’t think that at all, Erin,” he said, wiping away the single tear that had escaped and was trickling down my cheek. He smiled so sweetly. “I just wanted to be sure that you were ok. Wanted to take you away from there to be sure you weren’t being taken advantage of.”

“No. Well, maybe,” I whispered. “But I don’t mind. I’ve always been the ugly duckling. It feels good to know that I’m wanted.”

“You’re a beautiful girl, I can’t believe you’d say such a thing!” he protested. “But I know how you feel; I’ve always been the outcast. I guess that’s my own fault,” he sighed, pointing to the rings in his face.

“Hush,” I murmured, putting my arms around him and hugging him tightly. “We’re both beautiful.”

We stood that way for a long time. Talking about life and our dreams for the future, arms around each other, his chin resting on the top of my head. Too long apparently, because true to his word Sam came looking for us. I assured him that I was fine, and he headed back to the car.

Zack released the hug and took my face in his hands, asking quietly if he could kiss me. Stunned by the sensitivity I merely nodded my head. He bent and kissed my forehead, the tip of my nose, and both cheeks before softly touching his lips to mine. The ring in his lip felt strange, and when he gently pushed his tongue past my lips the ring there felt even stranger.

He ran his hands down my back and then back up, under my shirt, barely touching my skin. The coldness of his fingertips made me shiver and caused my nipples to harden instantly. I moaned softly into his mouth and pressed closer to his chest, seeking warmth and more of the sweet affection he was showing me. He wrapped his arms around me and held me so tightly I could barely breathe, all the while kissing me gently, lovingly, with no urgency or forcefulness.

Stepping back he once again took my hand, drawing me away from the ocean, further up the beach towards the softer sand. When he was satisfied with the location he dropped to his knees in the sand, tugging me down with him. He took off his shirt and rolled it into a ball. Placing it in the sand behind me, he guided me back so I was lying with my head on his thoughtfully made pillow. He stretched out beside me, lying on his side with his head cradled in his hand.

Gazing down at me he whispered, “I just want to look at you,” as he raised my shirt a little so my tummy was exposed. Placing his palm flat against my belly he slowly moved his hand up my chest until my breasts were bared. His eyes never left mine as he traced my nipples with his fingertip and I had to remind myself to breathe. He sat me up slightly and pulled my t-shirt over my head, balling it up and adding it to my pillow before pushing me back into the sand.

“So beautiful, lil one,” he breathed, speaking so softly I could scarcely hear him. When I tried to contradict him he placed one finger over my lips. “No arguments! I said you’re beautiful therefore you must be.”

Those words warmed me from the inside out. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, tears filling my eyes. “I am beautiful.”

“That’s right, don’t ever forget it.”

Satisfied with the accomplishment of boosting my self esteem, he went back to resting his head on his hand and stroking my tummy and breasts. When he traced a line down my belly to the button on my jeans I held my breath. As he undid the button and zipper I could feel my pussy pulsing and swelling. I tried to help, wanting the pants off NOW, but he pushed my hands away, saying that he wanted it done his way. Slowly. I couldn’t stand it, and had to bite my lip to keep from yelling at him to hurry.

His fingers slipped inside my open jeans, only to brush the soft curls just above my sex and I truly thought I might lie there and go insane with need if he didn’t get on with it. He finally put his hands on my hips and raised them up so he could pull the jeans down past my bottom. I kicked them off the rest of the way, not caring if it was too fast for him. They needed to be off, I couldn’t take much more.

“Oh god, please touch me, Zack!” I hissed through my teeth. “I can’t stand it anymore, you have to touch me.”

He grinned at me, his eyes scanning my naked body. “Patience is a virtue, lil one, all in due time.”

He did touch me, once again lounging beside me his free hand roamed everywhere but where I needed it. Every time he neared my crotch I raised my hips, silently begging to be touched where I needed it most. And every time he avoided my pussy, running his hand down my thigh, or up over my belly and breasts instead.

I began to whimper and plead with him, unable to take it anymore. I could feel the moisture from my cunt flowing between my ass cheeks, and I was quivering with the need to climax. One would think I’d gotten off enough that evening with Sam and Danny, but my body was telling me otherwise. I needed Zack now, more than I’d ever needed anything.

When his fingers finally slipped between my thighs and grazed my clit I came. Instantly, intensely, and loudly. I screamed, grunted and cussed like a sailor as the most incredible orgasm coursed through my body. Every muscle in my body turned to jelly, my eyes rolled back in my head and Zack swears I passed out cold for a few minutes. I don’t remember that of course, but I don’t doubt it. My next clear memory is of his mouth on mine and his very large cock pressed between us, throbbing on my belly. I guess did pass out, because last I knew he still had his jeans on.

He made love to me then. Now I honestly don’t think it’s possible to make love to someone you met three hours ago, but it FELT like love, for a little while at least. He spread my legs with his knees, and very slowly circled my clit with his thumb as he slid his cock into me. Rocking back and forth very gently, all the while thanking me and telling me how beautiful I was. When he wasn’t speaking he was making love to my mouth with his tongue. He slowly stroked me towards another orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure rolling over me until I was finally driven to begging for release.

“Harder, Zack!” I panted, “Please let me cum! I can’t stand it much longer!”

He grinned at me then, his black eyes sparkling, “How bad do you want it, lil one?”

I nearly lost it as he licked my nipple and then took it between his teeth, biting hard. “Oh my fucking god! Anything! I’ll do anything you want, Zack! I’m begging, please, I need you!”

He drove his cock into me so hard that I swear I felt it in my throat. Harder and harder he hammered into me, his balls slapping against my ass, scooting me forward in the sand with every thrust. He bit my nipples over and over, harder each time until I was crying out and pleading with him to stop, secretly praying that wouldn’t because it felt so fucking good. The orgasm finally crashed over me and I screamed so loud that people in China probably heard me. I dug my nails into his back and wrapped my legs around his waist, bucking against him as he roared, signaling his own climax.

Before long we were both freezing, sweaty bodies and ocean breezes don’t make a very good mix, so we stood and attempted to brush sand from places that sand shouldn’t ever be. When we were sure we’d removed all that we were able to without a shower we both dressed and began the walk back to the car.

“You owe me, lil one. Don’t think for a minute that I’ve forgotten.”

I looked up at him, unsure of what he was talking about. “Huh?”

He flashed me that sinister grin, leaned in till he was about an inch from my face and whispered, “Anything. You’ll do anything. Remember? I’ll be cashing in on that anything, Erin. It might be tomorrow, or next week, or a year from now, but I expect you’ll keep that promise when I need you.”

“I will, Zack. I promise. All you have to do is ask,” I replied as we arrived back at the car.

“Goddamn!” Danny shouted, “What the fuck took so long? Did ya try every fucking position in the Kama Sutra?”

Sam glared at Danny and then turned to look at Zack and me. It nearly broke my heart when I looked at him. He looked angry and jealous. “Are you guys ready to go?” he muttered.

Zack dug into his pocket and threw the car keys at Sam, “Whenever you are, dude. You can drive.”

The ride home was strangely quiet. I directed Sam to Justine’s house and when we arrived I searched my purse for paper and a pen. I wrote out my phone number three times and gave it to each of them. Before getting out I kissed Zack, who was in the backseat next to me, then leaned into the front seat to kiss Danny and Sam. I sat back and looked at each of them. “Thanks boys. I’ll never forget this night as long as I live. Call anytime.”

Before any of them could respond I got out of the car and shut the door behind me. As I walked toward the house I knew that it was pretty unlikely that I’d ever see them again. But I did see all three of them pretty often over the next couple of years. Sometimes they were together, sometimes alone. Either way, I always had fun. Though nothing that happened after ever compared to the night that I met the three of them.

Zack did eventually collect that promise a few years after I made it. But that’s another story.

I’ll save it for another time.

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