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Why Is It Hot?


What is it that makes a cum facial so hot?

I've never thought of the facial as a degrading act. To me everything leading up to the moment I see cum running down a woman's face, dripping off her lips and chin, is an incredibly intense sexual experience. The anticipation of knowing she will allow the most pampered, most exposed portion of her body to be covered with the warm sticky fluid that some of us (like it or not) relate to our manhood is an incredibly intense experience.

Like most people, pornography has been the vehicle with which I became aware of formally taboo sexual practices. Years ago when I discovered pornography, facial scenes weren't very common. I can't even remember the first video I rented that showed a smiling face covered in semen. I do know that something inside me clicked during that period of my life, and I longed not only to see more facials on film, but to actually have a woman kneeling in front of me asking, no make that begging, for me to cover her face in cum.

I was sexually active as a teenager, but it wasn't until I was almost thirty that I experienced giving my first cum facial. Through a series of complicated events, I found myself sharing a bed several nights a week with a nineteen year old Drew Barrymore look alike named Heather. To this day Heather is the most naturally gifted fellatrix I've ever met, and I'm sure anyone with more instinctive talent would be the death of me.

Heather's talent didn't lie in any amazing deep throat ability, I've met several women who can take a passionate throat fucking that don't hold a candle to her. It was Heathers ability to instinctively know where her mouth and her hands should be at any given moment. And she would salivate leaving endlessly, strands of spit and pre cum stringing from the head of my cock to her tongue, which would then drip down her chin before forming a puddle on the floor where she was kneeling.

Heather had the most amazing eyes that she would lock onto my own as she manipulated my cock and balls. She would pull her mouth away from my cock and give me the sexiest look, sometimes breaking into a girlish giggle, as she commented on the way my body was reacting. When my groans bordered on screams she would find a way to take me to the next level. "The trick," she said, "is to pretend you are eating the greatest Popsicle ever."

The third or fourth night we spent together changed my life. It was about three AM and I was standing with my hands grasped around a steel chin up bar that was mounted in my bedroom doorway. Heather was on her knees layering a thick coat of saliva on my cock, taunting me with a sizeable measure of cleavage overflowing from her silky lingerie. My cock was starting to numb from the over stimulation, and I was ready to ask her to stop when she asked the magic question.

"Would it be sexy if I swallowed your cum? Or would you like to cum on my face?"

My knees which were already buckling almost crippled underneath me. It took me a minute to spit out the words, but I finally pulled my self together enough to groan

" I want to see your face covered in cum!"

Heather gave me that look that still makes me melt when I remember it, clenched my cock in her fist and began stroking my cock with a rapid twisting motion.

"Cum right here" she said while pointing her fingers to her lips.

Heathers words, the look in her eyes, the fact that she was about to be drenched in a fluid that to be honest, most women don't find appealing, simply for my happiness sent me over the edge. When I began to regain my senses a half minute later I found myself staring down at her beautiful, messy, sticky yet smiling face. She took a small amount of cum on her finger and touched it to her tongue, causing her to make a not so pleasant face momentarily.

"I've never thought of doing that for anyone, I've never even tasted cum before." She said.

"Your kidding? Never?"


Knowing she did that for me made it an even more special moment.

I can't see any pleasure in "facializing" a partner who is repulsed by cum or can't find any erotic merit to my mild fetish. A woman who finds an occasional facial in the heat of the moment erotic is a treasure. A woman who truly enjoys the taste, smell and feeling of an enormous load is priceless. Unfortunately I've overlooked some dangerous personality traits in more than one woman only because I couldn't resist their "cum slut" mentality.

Different things trigger arousal in all of us, it could be incest or bestiality, dirty sweat socks or leather chaps. Few of us ever discover reasons for the things that turn us on. I'm beyond caring, as long as I hear my four favorite words....

"Cum on my face."

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