tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhy Leili Hates Witches Ch. 01

Why Leili Hates Witches Ch. 01


Leili looked down from the hilltop at a welcome sight. The Burg looked peaceful in the large forest meadow bathed in moonlight. The warm glow of lights in windows beckoned weary travelers from the dangerous paths in the gigantic red and gold forest that stretched for miles in every direction. Fall was well underway and the nights were getting wickedly cold. Oddly, Leili was still dressed for her adventures in the warmer southern parts of the country. While her gauntlets, greaves, vambraces, armored thong and brassiere protected her from goblin rapes and troll advances, they would do nothing to stop the chill in the air. If Leili felt the cold she didn't show it through the beaming smile on her pretty face. Aside from her armor the young woman carried a longsword, a wand, a small duffel bag and a traveler's cloak that blew dramatically in the wind. Yes, had anyone been dumb enough to stand out in the cold staring at the forest trail, they would have thought they were witnessing the beginning of an epic tale. However, it was freaking cold outside and though they were humble uneducated peasants, not a one of them was that stupid.

Too bad though, since Leili certainly was made for looking at. Her short stature coupled with her athletic build and full figure made any pose she took a temptation. Her pinkish-red, shoulder length hair proclaimed that she was not native to this land or any of its neighbors. Though girded for war, the large swaths of skin uncovered by armor were unscarred, creamy white, and smooth as a baby's. Her face held the charm of a woman, but her large red eyes sparkled with the excitement of a youth experiencing everything for the first time.

Leili walked down the hill into the village. The townsfolk were packing up their stalls for the night and some hedge witch appealed to the crowd for one more fortune reading before sundown. Leili stopped to read the road sign outside the market. She needed to know where she was, and where she could get a room for the night. "Herger" was the name of this place.

"Herger Burg... hee hee!" Leili snorted.

"Fortune telling, brave traveler?" The hedge witch asked from her tiny stall. Leili turned and looked at the witch. The girl was young, petite and on her way to growing a figure that would rival Leili's. The most striking feature of the young witch had to be her face though. Leili could have sworn she was looking at a younger version of herself with purple hair and eyes. There must have been something to that notion since the young witch raised her eyebrows in surprise and recognition. "The prophecy..." The girl whispered reverently.

Leili immediately turned away and made to get as far away from destiny as possible. Her exotic features had made her the "chosen one" of several prophecies already. She had defeated the dragon of Eparass and saved the princess of that tiny island nation. Too bad she got there after the sodomy. Fleeing the queens ire she had been the prophesied doom of the marauding gangs of centaurs that had been stealing maidens from the village of Ogry . Not a single one of the maidens wanted to leave when she got to the centaur camp. Introducing the village chief to his new quadrupedal son-in-law had been another awkward exit from an adventure. The "incubus" she was foretold to destroy had turned out to just be a really persuasive drunk asshole. As far as Leili was concerned "chosen one" was another way to say "gullible chump." The small witch jumped over the table of her stand and grabbed hold of Leili's cloak before she could get far though.

"Wait the prophecy!" The girl said.

"No thanks, already got one. " Leili said, trying to loosen her cloak.

"It's your destiny!" The witch insisted.

"Been there, done that." Leili retorted.

"Glory and riches..." The witch said hopefully.

"Pull the other one!" Leili said as she finally freed herself from the girls grasp. "Nothing personal kid, but prophecy is a load of minotaur crap. The only way to know the future..."

"Is if you've been there?" The witch finished. Leili's eyes locked with the young witch's. Once again Leili couldn't shake the odd feeling of familiarity she got when looking into the girls eyes. Feeling more certain than ever that she didn't want any part of this, Leili began to step away.

"I've been waiting for you to come here, Leili." the witch said with a mischievous look in her eyes. Leili couldn't remember giving her name. She turned and was ready to run down the street if necessary to get away. "I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice." she heard the girl pout. As Leili took her first three steps away from the young girl she was shocked to hear the witch start to yell in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Your first kiss was with another girl! You like it when pushy guys hit on you! You're angry that everyone else gets to have sex during all your adventures! When you play with yourself you like to finger your assho... mph!" Leili clamped her hand firmly around the other girls mouth and dragged her away from the staring crowd. Once in the alley Leili pushed the younger girl against the wall.

"How do you know these things?" Leili shouted at the witch. The witch, nonplussed, smiled her mischievous grin.

"Wow, he's right. Your face does get as red as your hair when you're embarrassed." The girl said. Leili drew her sword. "Now now. I'm sure you'll like what I have to say over a free meal?"


"So let me get this straight. I'm going to stop a continent-destroying disaster, end a war, and save a kingdom. All I have to do is go clear out a monster in the abandoned watchtower on the hill?" Leili summed up over her free meal. She hadn't hesitated to gorge herself, hoping too high of a bill might dissuade the other girl from her purpose. The amount of patrons in the tavern who came by to thank the witch for her accurate prophecies as the night wore on destroyed Leili's idea that a fortune teller couldn't make much.

"Well that's how you'll get started, at least." The witch said. "I promise, this one's the adventure you always wanted when you dropped out of wizard school to get your fighter's G.E.D."

"Ignoring how you know another personal detail that I never told anybody, I can't help but notice that nobody in town is freaking out about a monster bedding down within eyesight." Leili said gesturing out the window to the watchtower at the end of the meadow.

"Oh that's easy. Once I'd established my accuracy, I warned everybody not to go near it for a while. Nobody even knows what's there except you and me." The witch answered with a sly smile. "Which will be important later, but I don't want to say too much."



"Not buying it."


"Listen kid, you had me going for a while there with all those... wild, slanderous, guesses. But your payoff is too weak. First off, how could I stop a disaster that could destroy continents? Last I checked, I'm no colossus. And so what if I end a war? Countries always find something new to fight over. That goes double if I go and save some country from another one. They'll just have a rematch a few years down the road and create a whole new batch of orphans to roam the land looking for adventures... I get it now! All of you prophecy types are in cahoots! Trying to get some dangerous work out of us parent-challenged citizens!" Leili finished triumphantly. The witch was giving her a stare flatter than the table.

"You done?" The girl asked.

"Yeah, sorry." Leili said.

"Look, this is simple. I'm going to leave you alone now, but tomorrow night you will be at that tower. You'll drive off the monster and finally embark upon your true purpose because you won't be able to imagine doing otherwise." The witch said raising a conspiratory eyebrow.

"What makes you so sure?" Leili asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow. The witch looked triumphant as she beckoned Leili closer over the table and began to speak.

"Because by tomorrow morning you will have realized your secret fantasy."

"I don't..." Leili tried to deflect.

"The one where you get pleasured beyond all reason. Where your carnal treasure is plundered mercilessly and you enjoy every moment of it. You'll beg for it to stop but demand that it continue until you can't think straight. You will be at the mercy of your orgasms and receive no quarter up to the brink of sanity. You... wait, when did it get so quiet in here?" The two girls turned their heads to behold the rest of the tavern's patrons, man and woman alike, riveted on their conversation.

"Go on..." Urged the barkeep.


"Stupid witch, stupid prophecy, stupid destiny..." Leili mumbled all the way to her room at the inn that night. Hearing the witch talk about her deepest fantasy had charged her up more than she cared to admit. The lining of her armored thong was still soggy, so Leili took it off to let the plate dry and eventually replace it with a clean liner from her duffel. Standing alone in the room with the cool night air against her moist thighs convinced her to finish undressing and get into bed.

"How did she even know that stuff about me? Why did she look so familiar? I'm positive I've never even mentioned that fantasy aloud. Even to myself..." Leili wondered out loud. Mentioning her desire for intensely rough sex brought a fresh tingle in her groin. Almost pouting, Leili began to massage her breast and slit. "Not like it'll come true anyway. May as well take care of myself."

Working with the practiced motions of someone who needed release every day, Leili soon had her heart thumping in her chest. As per usual she could get herself going with her crotch and breasts but it just wasn't enough. Rolling to her side she took her hand off of her breasts and began to play with the edges of her anus.

"Maybe tonight? Maybe I can finally do it." She gasped softly. She had always been too afraid to stick her fingers inside either end. Part of this came from never having things explained to her. Leili had learned the facts of life by watching other women have sex on her early adventures. After teasing and spreading the entrance a few times, she took a deep breath and poked herself with the tip of her finger. A shiver raced up her spine and caused her back to arch as she climaxed with the anticipation. Gasping in the bed her reason began to reassert itself. "There's no rush I guess." She said and rolled over to get some sleep.

The next morning seemed to take forever to come as Leili tossed and turned. Frustration both sexual and mental keeping her from restful sleep. After shoving down a hearty breakfast she walked outside to purchase supplies for the next leg of her journey to parts unknown. Buying some food and other essentials, she decided to see what the market had for warmer clothes. A nice leotard and some tights she thought. The budding smile upon her face as she shopped dropped flat as she rounded the corner and saw the witch at her stall.

The witch was sitting at her stall, looking like she hadn't spent all of yesterday humiliating Leili in front of a town of strangers.

"Good morning. Have fun last night? Or are you still too scared to stick it in?" The witch asked nonchalantly. Leili gave the girl the most insincere smile she had ever mustered.

"Good morning to you too. Slander any other random strangers today?" Leili said. The witch was unperturbed by the dig and called out her fortunes for sale. Leili somehow felt more peeved at the girl for ignoring her. "Not going to try and get me to follow my destiny today? You'll ruin your accuracy."

"I don't need to. Have fun tonight." The witch said and proceeded to ignore Leili again. Leili skipped being offended and proceeded straight into a fuming rage. Quickly leaving the market, she stormed around the town in her huff.

"The nerve of that little... Ooh!" She raged to no one in particular. As she stormed around with no particular destination, Leili noticed she had gravitated to the end of town facing the watchtower. "Why am I even thinking about this?" She wondered aloud. As she stared at her apparent fate, Leili began to become aware of a moaning sound.

Looking up at a window, Leili could see the bartender taking one of the serving girls from behind. The buxom blonde was obviously enjoying herself as her lover pressed her breasts roughly against the glass. Sporting a satisfied smile as she demanded the barkeep to be rougher with her. Leili stood transfixed as the barmaid was brought to orgasm. Thinking the show to be over, Leili was about to leave when the barmaid demanded more. As Leili nervously rubbed her thighs together, the barmaid brought her partner back to rigor with some skilled fellatio.

"This time, use my ass." Leili heard the woman say. It just wasn't fair, Leili thought. She was a beautiful adventurer. Skilled, daring, intelligent and charming. Why did she have to do all these dangerous things while simple peasants got to fuck in the middle of the day? Leili's gaze turned from the moaning barmaid to the watchtower. A cool breeze brought a chill to the moisture between her thighs. All she had to do was walk up that hill and win a fight, then she'd get the hard fucking of her dreams.

If anyone had been watching, they would have seen Leili's face harden with resolve. The kind of look laden with destiny and heroism that a sculptor would get a hard on just thinking about. But it was a back alley, and even had they been a sculptor, no one but Leili was walking around back alleys for the hell of it that day.


The hill turned out to be further than it looked. The sun had been on its way down for a long time as Leili approached the tower. The small stone stockade at the base of the tower blocked her view of the entrance to the fortification proper. Leili approached cautiously, careful not to make any noise. In her haste to get the sexual satisfaction she was owed by the universe, Leili had forgotten to ask any details about the monster she was supposed to be evicting.

Reaching the door, Leili stopped and listened for any movement beyond the broken entrance. Several things struck her as odd as she stood there trying to detect any threats. For one thing, she could clearly smell and hear a fire on the inside of the yard. Secondly, this fire had clearly been cooking something that smelled delicious. Willing her stomach not to growl, Leili chanced a peek into the stockade. The fire sat crackling merrily in a fire pit, neatly stacked, freshly cut logs lay ready to fuel the flames nearby. A pot sat on a rock next to a small bench where someone had just finished eating with a simple set of field utensils like the ones in Leili's duffel.

Leili withdrew her head and puzzled over this new development. Obviously whatever lived inside was sentient. Which followed why the witch had never said to kill the occupant. Even if monsters were universally terrible, killing a creature that could think was frowned upon. Leili stuck her head back into the yard for a better look. Beyond the fire she could clearly see a hammock stretched out in between two post of the towers awning. A rather handsome, not at all monstrous man was sleeping in the cot. Irritation rising within, Leili approached the sleeping man. He had the contented look of someone with a full belly on his face. A five o'clock shadow adorned his sculpted chin, giving him a rugged masculine look despite his apparent youth. His blue hair had obviously been cut short in a military style at one point but had been growing out since. His muscular build was relaxed in his armor and weapons were situated within easy reach should he need them. When taken in all at once, he had the look of adventure to him.

The more Leili looked, the less annoyed she felt at the witch. This man was tantalizing in all the right ways. The witch and her stupid subterfuge about a monster could wait. If this delicious hunk of man meat was going to be her fated fuck buddy, she was not about to argue. Moving close enough to be heard, but staying just out of sword reach should he panic upon being woken suddenly, Leili was about to call out to him. Then she paused, unsure of what to do. How did one address someone sleeping to proposition them? Leili decided to play it casual at first.

"Hey." She said simply to wake him up. She was vaguely aware of the man making a startled noise as he woke up. Most of Leili's attention was snared by a sudden sense of extreme vertigo. It felt like her entire world turned upside down. Belatedly, she realized that it was actually her that was upside down. Her arms and legs were wrapped in slimy ropes and holding her inverted in the air. As the man struggled with the hammock he was becoming quickly entangled in, Leili began to grasp her situation.

Somehow, tentacles were sprouting from the man's lower back and shoulders, holding her helpless in the air. The man was hopelessly snared in the cot as the tentacles protruding from him were caught in between the weaved ropes of the hammock. As smaller tentacles began to probe the edges of Leili's armor, she realized that she too was hopelessly caught.

"I'm sorry!" Leili yelled. "I didn't mean to startle you. Please put me down."

"I'm trying! You startled them and they won't calm down!" The man said as he Tried to work his arm free. "Just stay calm and keep your mouth closed until they settle down."

"Hey! Don't tell me to shut uph!" Leili's retort was interrupted by one of the tentacles shoving it's phallic tip inside her mouth.

"Dammit! Try and hold your breath! Whatever you do, don't swallow!" The man yelled as he continued to struggle for freedom. Leili was hardly listening. The tentacles slime was delicious. The taste coupled with the heady smell was overwhelming her reason quickly. The tentacles probing around her body managed to undo the clasp on her armored brassiere. Immediately thin, delicate, tentacles began to wrap around her bosom. As they squeezed and pinched her chest Leili's arousal peaked. Her back arching in pleasure, she stopped worrying about her safety, and swallowed.

"Oh no..." The man said with a worried look on his face.

The clumsy prodding and seeking behaviour of the tentacles stopped abruptly. Acting as if they had a road map to Leili's body now, the stronger tentacles spread her legs apart. Smaller more nimble tentacles deftly removed Leili's armored thong and the slip she wore beneath. The man reddened as Leili's body was spread out before him. Before Leili could get properly embarrassed over her nudity, a large tentacle reared into her view and peeled back the outer layer.

The phallus that revealed itself was large and... textured. Except for the glans-like head, every bit of the shaft was covered with bumps ribs and tiny wriggling cilia. For a moment the tentacle simply sat wriggling in front of Leili's face. Leili's eyes were transfixed upon the organ as if it was hypnotizing her. Her arousal from before welled up to new heights, along with a feeling of panic. As if they sensed her dread, the tentacles moved as one flipping her so that she was bent over facing the man. The large tentacle came forward and caressed her face (it smelled even more erotic than the tentacle still in her mouth) before slowly tracing itself down her chest and stomach.

"Mmm! Mmmmph!" Leili tried to cry out and struggle as the tentacle rubbed along her slit. Soon she was slick with monster slime and the product of her own frantic arousal. Leili felt her clitorus poke out as the tentacle rasped against it. The cilia on the side of the tentacle clutched at her swollen clit before the tip opened its sideways mouth and bit down hard on Leili's sensitive nub. "MMMMMMMMMMPH!" Leili's cry of orgasm rang out. Echoing against the walls of the stockade despite being muffled.

As her back relaxed Leili locked eyes with the man. His face was red from embarrassment and exertion. Tears of remorse streaked his face as he freed one of his arms from entanglement.

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