tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhy Leili Hates Witches Ch. 02

Why Leili Hates Witches Ch. 02


Chapter two: Why Leili Loves Kierdis

The first snow of the year was falling softly upon the valley. One standing on the mountaintops could behold a serene carpet of white, beautifully reflecting the moonlight that appeared through the gaps in the fluffy clouds as the stars twinkled merrily above. In the clear night air the elevated observer would have also seen the torches of two weary travelers making their way down the stone laid road that snaked its way through the picturesque scene. One standing on the mountaintops would also be freezing to death in the high winds at the summits so no one was there, or if they were they were dead. Because of the freezing, fucking moron.

Lower in the valley, the two travelers were looking for a good spot to spend the night. As they rounded a corner, they spied an abandoned cottage with most of one wall missing. The roof was still intact and it would keep the wind and snow off though, so it was their best chance at a comfortable nights rest yet. Leading the way with his torch held high and his hand on his sword hilt Kierdis called out.

"Hello in the cottage!"

When no one replied, he stepped inside. Leili waited outside and traced some runes in the snow with her wand. As she was filling the runes with magic Kierdis came back outside and nodded to her.

"Looks safe. Nice and dry too. I'll go get some firewood. We might not even shiver in our sleep tonight." Kierdis said. Leili caught the look in his eye at the mention of sleep. It was obviously the last thing on his mind.

"Ever the optimist. I'll make a few more warning runes. Maybe set up a ward." Leili said. "Hurry back." She gave him a smile, letting him know there was a reason to hurry back. Kierdis smiled back and set off towards the woods a hundred yards from the cottage. Leili sighed after her travelling partner left. While the purely physical nature of their relationship up to this point was her fault, she was beginning to regret rushing into things. Kierdis seemed to be a good man, but Leili and him were too busy mating to have any heart to hearts. He was definitely a great lover, pleasuring her as no normal man could, but Leili couldn't really tell how he actually felt about her. Since their accidental first time, the two had been using one bedroll long before the nights became cold enough to make it a matter of survival. Leili had heard the gossips say that men usually passed out after sex and had no interest in cuddling. Leili had no idea, since she was the one that passed out wrapped in Kierdis' arms and... other appendages every night. She had come into this relationship thinking of him as a fuck buddy, and was finding out that she really wanted something more out of their liaisons. Maybe she could get in a few questions before they started tonight.

Leili did as she had mentioned and set up a good net of warning runes. Giving a shiver in the cold night air she went inside and set up a ward to keep out vermin. Taking out some food for dinner, she used some earth magic to make a fire pit. She began unrolling their shared bedroll, hers tucked into his, and cleared a place for sleeping. Everything she could do without a fire done, Leili began to take off her armor.

"You're going to want to keep that on." Said a voice behind her. Leili knew a lot of profanities and obscenities. A significant percentage of them escaped her mouth as she drew her sword and turned to the intruder in the door. After getting a good look at who was at the door, she was very tempted to use the rest.

"What do you want?" Leili said as she sheathed her sword. The witch walked inside without being invited and conjured a light. Leili was prepared to see a young girl that resembled her. She was not prepared to see a young lady the same age as her. It was like looking into a mirror with a change in palette. Where Leili's hair was pinkish-red and her eyes glowed with youthful fire, the witch had hair of lavender and deep violet eyes full of mystery. The lithe, curvaceous figures of the two were perfectly matched, though.

"I come to give you the next part of the prophecy. Surely you didn't think you were done?" The witch said in a familiar, cryptic, annoying, know-it-all tone.

"You got a younger sister? Works in Herger Burg?" Leili asked with a look of pure disgust on her face.

"Not that I'm aware of, and I'm aware of many things. Like how you're wondering if your man truly has feelings for you beyond the intentions of his manhood." The other woman said. Leili wasn't sure she could make her expression more disgusted, but she gave it her best shot.

"Where the hell do you prophesy types get this stuff? Whoever or whatever it is needs to mind it's own damn business." Leili said. "How did you get past my warning runes anyway?"

"Those were well done. I didn't notice them until I tripped one. I barely managed to rewrite one of the runes before the noise spell fired. It makes me wonder, why did you quit wizard school if you have that kind of talent?" The witch asked.

"What, your voyeuristic prophecy source can't read my mind all the sudden?" Leili teased.

"I only know what's needed for the next part of the prophecy. Even I get curious." The witch said while lifting her chin in a cutesy pout. Leili was already tired of this new witch and beyond tired of dealing with her "destiny".

"Is annoying me with personal questions after delving into my sex life what my destiny is supposed to be? Or were you here to actually tell me something?" Leili asked, while buckling the straps to her armored brassiere back on.

"Everything in time..." The witch said.

"..." Leili stared at the witch.

"..." The witch stared back with a smug expression on her face.

"Um..." Leili was beginning to wonder why she had sheathed her sword at the beginning of their conversation.

"Okay, that should be long enough. Kierdis is going to need your help." The witch finally said, then promptly left the cottage.

Leili's expression cycled quickly from confusion, to anger, to concern, then back to anger. Drawing her sword, she charged out of the cottage. The witch was nowhere to be seen, but Leili was more interested in Kierdis' whereabouts. Only his footprints in the snow leading off into the woods could be seen. The falling snow was filling them in quickly, Leili paused only to place a spell on the cottage so she could find it again before running along Kierdis' trail.

Running in Kierdis' footprints, Leili moved quickly through the trees. Moonlight reflected off of the snow making the dark forest eerily bright as things were lit from below. The muffled sounds from the cushion of white made Leili's footsteps and breathing the only sounds that could be heard. Just as Leili was wondering how deep into the woods Kierdis would have gone for a pile of sticks she noticed other footprints tailing the trail she followed. Soon she found a jumble of footprints, disturbed snow, and broken branches before the trail took off in another direction. The spacing in the prints was wider as the makers had broken into a run. They were also very fresh. Suddenly, Leili saw a glint of metal through the trees ahead.

"Be at ease your grace! We wish you no harm!" A female voice rang out as Leili approached. Kierdis was backed against a berm surrounded by five figures in dark cloaks. His sword was drawn and held at the ready as he squared off against those around him.

"Yeah, shadowy types sneaking up on me generally just want to ask for directions." Kierdis said in a cool voice.

"Your caution is warranted my lord, however we come to you in the hopes of serving." One of the cloaked ones said and drew the hood and cape back to reveal an extremely good looking woman. Her straight, raven colored hair fell gracefully down her back and around her shoulders. She was as tall as Kierdis with hourglass proportions that made both Kierdis and Leili's jaws drop. Pale, beautiful skin, eyes of a bright gold, and luscious red lips completed her ridiculous good looks. Oh, and she was really, really, naked.

"Whu?" Kierdis' tensed ready stance slipped for a moment. The rest of the shadowy figures also cast their hoods and cloaks back to reveal a bevy of nude beauties. The naked women cast alluring looks in Kierdis' direction and posed themselves to give him a good look at everything.

"We wish to serve you my liege." The group said in unison. The women seemed impervious to the cold as they displayed their flesh.

"We shall provide whatever service you wish, your grace." The raven haired beauty said.

"Huh?" Kierdis said as his eyes roved over the skin smorgasbord before him. His fighting stance went completely slack as Leili watched the scene, unnoticed.

"We offer not only the carnal pleasures of our bodies to you, my liege. Partake of us, and receive the power you shall need to claim your stolen birthright! Undo the wrongs inflicted upon your past! Cast aside the curse upon your body and march victorious to claim the throne you were denied by treachery!"


"My liege?"

"Whu, yes? What? I was listening!" Kierdis had, in fact, been staring at the woman's chest the whole time. The raven haired woman smiled a predatory grin. Puffing out her chest, she raised her arms in a clear desire for embrace.

"Come and take me prince Kierdis." She said in a voice dripping with naked desire.

"We want to please you prince Kierdis." Said the other four women.

"Sorry, no." Kierdis said without hesitation.

"What?" Said raven hair.

"What?" Said the group of nude women.

"What?" Said Leili, immediately clapping a hand over her mouth. No one seemed to notice her, though. Kierdis blushed and scratched at his cheek as he replied.

"I'm already in love with someone." Leili felt her face catch on fire as Kierdis went on. "Also, I have no desire to take the throne. I may be the king's firstborn son, but my sister is the legitimate heir."

"But, you had the support of many lords! The armies they could muster to you..." raven hair stammered.

"I'm not going to war against Kyr." Kierdis said sharply. "She's only 13. I refuse to drag an innocent girl into that kind of world."

"Innocent? While you have been gone, she has claimed your throne as her own! Even now, her cabinet of ministers misrules your country with her blessing!" The woman fumed.

"Didn't you hear me when I said she was only 13? If these ministers are indeed corrupt, and you're not simply jealous of them, then what chance does a young girl have against them without allies? You're wasting your time here with me. If you truly care about the country more than your own political agenda, go help my sister." Kierdis looked every bit a prince as he delivered his ultimatum. The awkwardness at the nude women seemed to have disappeared as he stared the raven haired woman straight in the eye.

"I see..." raven hair said. Her face had gone cold and hard. Leili could suddenly feel magic gathering in what could only be a spellcasting. Before Leili or Kierdis could react, a large rune circle that had been drawn under the snow filled with magic emanating from the nude women. Kierdis grit his teeth as a gravity spell weighed him down. "So be it, Bastard Prince."

"This isn't enough to stop me." Kierdis grunted. He raised his sword and shifted into a fighting stance despite the fact that his bulging muscles were weighed down with twice the weight they normally had.

"Oh I already know we couldn't best you in a contest of arms, Bastard Prince. The trail of dead assassins you left in your wake made that very clear." As she spoke the raven haired woman reached down to her slit and pulled a wand braced with metal bands studded all along it's length. The other women did the same, one producing a second wand from her rear. There were only two types of people who used such wands. Wardens and interrogators in prisons used these specialized wands to target the nervous systems of their captives. The only other people to use them were members of the cult of Raepalus. "I'm not actually interested in you or the kingdom, though. No, I want the lord hidden inside you."

With that statement the women surrounding Kierdis began to perform another casting. Kierdis couldn't make a move without exposing his flank to one of the other assailants. Leili couldn't advance without being caught in the same spell either. Just as Kierdis seemed to have decided to go for broke and attack one of the acolytes in an attempt to exit the trap, the second stage of the magic circle reached full charge.

A sudden panicked expression crossed Kierdis' face a moment before the cursed tentacles attached to his body burst through his back. Leili could tell this was different than all the times she had seen Kierdis' tentacles while they were under his control. The four main trunks pulsated and bulged in painful looking spasms. As the large trunks and smaller tentacles waggled themselves around spastically, Kierdis seemed to be losing strength. His knees shook and his sword slowly lowered until the point was stuck in the ground as he braced himself against it.

As if that was a signal to proceed, the four women besides raven hair began to approach the swollen trunks of Kierdis' tentacles. Leili had her sword and wand drawn, but couldn't think of a way to overpower so many casters. The spellcasting the group had woven was too complex and filled with way too much magic for Leili to overpower it. As the women entered the circle Leili noticed runes glowing upon each of their buttocks. The naked casters moved with ease, meaning the glowing runes gave them immunity to their own spell. Leili wracked her brains on how to get Kierdis out of this mess to no avail. Meanwhile the woman with two wands reached her tentacle first and began an intricate casting in the air that snared the gigantic phallus in place. Leili recognized forbidden runes appearing in the magic circle as the tentacle began to convulse and expand. A grunt of pain escaped between Kierdis' clenched teeth as the tentacle swelled in size and began to split open. Raven hair watched with an overbearing smile as the tip opened like a grotesque flower blooming.

Inside the opened petals of the tentacle, thousands of cilia wiggled about. The other women watched, biting their lips in anticipation, as a particularly disgusting tentacle extended itself towards the woman who had opened it. The woman cast aside her wands as the tentacle caressed her body. Without a hint of resistance, the woman allowed the slime dripping phallus to wrap around her and lift her off her feet. Tilting upwards, the ensnaring tentacle buried itself inside the woman's anus. She let out an aroused cry before her body was drawn inside the petals that closed around her. Muffled screams of frantic pleasure could be heard from inside as the other women repeated the process with each tentacle. Soon cries of orgasm could be heard from each of the tentacles as they drew the women deeper inside.

Kierdis was pale faced and looked as though he would keel over any second. Leili had watched as the magical trap steadily increased the weight on him. Somewhere in the back of her mind Leili was impressed that Kierdis could keep his feet under six times his weight. In the meantime, she was trying to get a good look at the immunity rune on the raven haired woman's butt without being noticed. Raven hair stepped nonchalantly towards Kierdis.

"Know that you shall bring destruction to the world, Bastard Prince. I, Erila, high priestess of the dark lord Raepalus, sacrifice your noble blood to seal my covenant!" She claimed triumphantly. She stepped before Kierdis and knelt, undoing the buckle of his pants while doing so. As she took hold of Kierdis' manhood, the prince gave a hoarse cry of exertion as he stepped back and raised his sword. Erila watched with a bemused expression on her face. "Come now, Bastard Prince, what do think you can do to avoid the chains of your destiny?"

"Cut them!" Kierdis yelled as his muscles strained. He brought his sword above his head, but Erila was out of reach and knew it was all he could do to hold himself steady. Leili watched helplessly, knowing there was nothing she could do to help her lover in his last ditch effort. Instead of swinging his sword or charging Erila, Kierdis simply turned his blade and let his wrist go slack. The increased weight on his sword did the rest as the bastard sword sliced through the tentacles on his back. Red blood and slime geysered from the wounds. Leili couldn't suppress a worried cry as Kierdis staggered, but kept his feet. Now freed of a large amount of his weight, he readied his blade and charged the shocked cultist. Mere moments before Kierdis made his swing Erila threw up her hands in a quickened casting. A stasis spell hit Kierdis, stopping him cold as he swung his blade at her throat.

"You think you've won? I have a thousand more acolytes where those came from! Thousands of other priests and priestesses willing to hunt you and give themselves for the glory of Raepalus!" Magical power burst forth from her as she ranted at the immobile prince. As her cape fluttered in the magical breeze, Leili finally got a good look at the rune on her rear. As much as she hated the idea of the witch's advice being helpful, Leili was never one to pass up a good idea. Finally able to help, Leili charged forward.

"You and that cock are still mine!" Erila shouted while reaching for Kierdis' manhood again.

"No. They're mine." Leili said as she placed the tip of her wand on the cultist's rump. "I'll thank you to keep your hands off."

"Whu?" Was all Erila managed to get out of her mouth before Leili added a tail on the rune, subtly changing it's meaning from immunity to inverse.

The cultist shot into the air due to the new magical signals affecting her body within the extra downward pull of the magical circle. As soon as her scream was no longer audible, her magical power left the magic snare. Leili felt her weight return to normal. She also took a panicked step backwards as Kierdis finished his swing. She fell backwards into the dry grass where the magic circle had been. Kierdis dropped his blade and sank to his hands and knees. His tentacles were already re-growing out of his back. Small tentacles were coiling themselves together like rope as a tough outer layer formed around them. Soon they would be back to their normal size.

"Leili! Get away! I can't control them anymore!" Kierdis gasped exerting some measure of control to hold them back. Leili understood his fear. When she had met him he had been avoiding people to keep the phallic limbs from assaulting people. Leili had already been at the mercy of those tentacles, though, and Kierdis needed her right now. Stripping herself in the pocket of warm air, Leili knelt before Kierdis and lifted him up. Both of them on their knees, she scooted forward and used her hand to slip Kierdis inside her. Planting a deep kiss on his lips, she took his hands in hers.

"I know you can." She whispered into her prince's ear. He clutched her to him like a drowning man clinging to a raft. Immediately the reformed tentacles wrapped around Leili's legs arms and chest. The appendages pulled her out perpendicular to Kierdis, without letting her touch the ground. Kierdis began to pump his hips desperately as more nimble tentacles began to play across Leili's chest. While Kierdis frantically made love to her, the tentacles seemed confused and disorganized. Leili could feel another pulse, distinct from Kierdis' throbbing veins, pumping through the tentacles that bound her.

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