tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhy Leili Hates Witches Ch. 05

Why Leili Hates Witches Ch. 05


Why the Story Isn't Over

Sunrise was a treat in Misty Pass, even more so in winter. The brilliance of the sun glinting off the snow capped peaks all around beautifully complimented the carpet of misty steam that crept through the pines. The mountains looked alive at this time of day. Two gate guards were enjoying the view, the best part of the morning before their shift ended. It had been a long night, and the two were eager to close their watch and enjoy a well earned breakfast. Their replacements weren't here yet, though, so the two continued to bask in the view as they watched for anything unusual.

Something unusual came trudging up the road.

While the large, green haired, bulging muscle tower that was Burk was known to the two guards, the sight of him in such a haggard state was not. His clothes hung in ruins, just barely serving the purpose of covering what needed to be covered. Tied to his back was a woman who looked completely exhausted and nude under the silk she had been wrapped in. Beside Burk, another man staggered along with apparent injuries as he toted another unconscious woman. The man was pale, as if he had lost a lot of blood, and his hands were wrapped in tons of bandages. The woman on his back didn't appear to be harmed, but certainly looked as though she had seen her share of horrors by her expression. Both men looked extremely grumpy from whatever ordeal they had been through. Normally the gate guards were supposed to call a challenge to those using the gates before they officially opened for the day. The younger guard drew in a breath to comply with his duty, but found the older guards hand on his shoulder.

"Better leave well enough alone rookie." The veteran said as he motioned to the men in the tower to open the gate for the first travelers of the morning.


Leili woke to the sound of frustrated mumbling. Then her knee banged into something hard, bringing her fully awake.

"Sorry! Sorry, I didn't want to wake you but this is hard to do." Kierdis, said as he fumbled with a door key. His hands were wrapped in bandages, and Leili forcefully repressed the memory of why. Leili was being carried piggy back style and now that she was awake, Kierdis let her down.

"Where are we?" Leili asked as she tried to place her surroundings.

"Back in Misty Pass. That guy we helped actually runs the Adventurers Guild. He was so impressed with our work he wants to hire us on permanent. Offered one of the cabins the guild owns as an incentive to stick around and think it over." Kierdis explained as he went back to pawing at the lock.

"You agreed to stay?" Leili asked, shocked at his sudden change of heart. Kierdis had been avoiding civilization as much as possible since he left his home to protect his younger sister and home country from becoming embroiled in a war of succession.

"I said I'd think about it." Kierdis said. "Some things have changed and I need some time to think. Here's as good as anywhere." He dropped the key from his hands which were largely useless, wrapped as they were. Leili bent over to pick the key up for him. As Leili unlocked the door she suddenly felt her legs swept out from under her as Kierdis carried her across the threshold.

"K-Kierdis?" Leili stammered.

"Hm?" Kierdis said with a mischievous look on his face. Obviously the renegade prince understood the meaning behind his actions. Leili could feel her face flushing as her lover deftly shut the door behind them with his foot. Kierdis walked purposefully through the house, bypassing the door to the bedroom. When Lieli gave him a curious look, Kierdis replied with a quick wink before arriving at the back door. From the inside, the double door was held in place with a beam that Kierdis simply kicked aside. As the doors swung open, Leili was greeted with a serene view of a private yard, containing a few trees and a small pool venting steam.

"W... We get our own private bath?" Leili stammered. Never in her life had she even approached such luxury. Having her own home was more than she had ever possessed for that matter. As Kierdis gingerly set her down, Leili walked into the yard and took in the sights. She had a home. She had a job. She had found love. Her love had not been eaten by a horrible eyeball with a dire need of a dentist. She turned back to Kierdis with a tearful smile. Kierdis embraced her and the two met in a passionate kiss.

The two stayed locked in their embrace as the sun crested the trees surrounding the yard. As the sunlight burned off the mists the wind blew a cold mid-winter draft that broke through the warmth coming off the spring. Leili sniffed at the humid air and came to the conclusion they were wearing too much clothing.

Leaning back, Leili un-pinned Kierdis' cloak, then reached around him to undo the straps of his chest protector. Kierdis tried to reach under Leili's cloak to undo her brassiere, but Leili gently pushed him back as she slid his armor off.

"Oh no you don't. You're injured, I'll take care of everything." Leili said as she pulled Kierdis' shirt out from his pants and pulled it over his head. She wasn't tall enough to get the garment clear of his head and ended up trapping his arms in a raised position with the shirt covering his eyes. Kierdis let out a nervous laugh as Leili gave up and ran her hands across his chest. Gently caressing his pectorals, Leili playfully teased Kierdis' nipples with her lips before tracing a path to his belt. A small part of Leili marveled at how adept she had become at undoing a man's breeches. The part between Leili's legs told her to hurry the hell up.

Kierdis was already as hard as Leili had ever seen him as she freed his manhood to thump against her forehead. While Leili was looking forward to being clean, she had to admit she loved the thick, heady scent of her man. Giving Kierdis an affectionate kiss on his glans, Leili continued to pull his pants down. Unlacing his boots, she noticed his shirt hitting the floor at the same time as he stepped out of his lower garments. Leili quickly brought her head back to his waist and ran her tongue along his pulsing shaft. As she brought her hands up to caress his thigh and hold his member steady, Kierdis displayed the reaction Leili was hoping for as he rocked back on his heels. For some reason, Kierdis hadn't brought his tentacles out to impose his will on their lovemaking. While Leili was curious, she was enjoying the initiative too much to comment and spoil the moment.

Taking Kierdis' tip into her mouth, Leili teased the glans with her tongue. She stroked the shaft with her hand, reveling in the grunts he made as she pleasured him. Leili began sucking in earnest, taking more of her lover into her mouth as she did. She could tell he was getting close as his legs began to wobble. With the perfect timing that intimacy afforded, Leili buried Kierdis deep within her throat, reaching around to clutch at his rear as he exploded into her.

Leili swallowed and slowly removed Kierdis from her mouth, gently licking him off. Kierdis sank back against the table panting as if he'd run for miles. Leili traced her finger along his shaft, making him close his eyes in a post orgasm shudder. The thud of Leili's armored brassiere hiring the ground made his eyes snap open. Leili still had her traveler's cloak on, obscuring the view as the steel crotch protection that had saved the world from whatever had lurked within Kierdis fell to floor. Noticing the disappointment, mixed with unabashed curiosity in Kierdis' eyes, Leili flashed him a mischievous grin before turning around. The hem of her cloak stopped at the very apex of her legs, obstructing the view of buttocks as Leili slid her leotard and tights off. Playfully, Leili raised her arms as she undid her vambraces, causing the edge of her cload to tickle the bottom of her butt, and from the shifting sounds behind her driving Kierdis wild with anticipation. Leili had to fight off a girlish giggle that would spoil her seductive, womanly aura as she bent over to undo her greaves.

Casting another seductive look over her shoulder, she noticed that Kierdis wasn't leaning against the table anymore. Suddenly his arms wrapped around her from the shoulder she wasn't looking over. His lips nibbled at her ear and began a determined march down her exposed neck. Leili's protest came out as an amorous moan instead. Before she could worry about her prince using his injured hands his kisses found their way to the brooch. A slight tug and a click later, Leili's cloak slid off her shoulders, allowing their bare bodies to meet.

"That was so damn slick!" Leili thought as she racked her brains for a way to retake the initiative. Kierdis planted more kisses against the nape of her neck threatening to sweep her away again, before she noticed his manhood prodding between her buttocks. Spreading her legs, Leili allowed the rod to slip between her legs. Trapping the rigid organ between her thighs, Leili gently fondled the tip with the fingers of one hand while she used the other to cup Kierdis' cheek as they exchanged another kiss. As their lips parted, Leili figured it was time to get to the main event.

"Sit down." She said in a voice that was more laden with desire than she had accounted for. Kierdis did as instructed, his embrace taking Leili down to the floor with him.

Forcing Kierdis to lay back, Leili tenderly maneuvered him into her. Another part of her marveled at how adept she had become at this too. The part between her legs told the rest of her to shut up and enjoy this.

Slowly, Leili began to grind her hips atop Kierdis. Listening to his restrained grunts, Leili giggled a little at his frustration. Even though she was enjoying being in control it wasn't long before her instincts had her moving up and down his shaft at a steady pace. As she began to lose herself to the feeling Leili leaned back to place her arms on the ground as the two lovers began to thrust against each other in earnest. One of Kierdis' hands reached around and pawed at Leili's breast. By his unsatisfied grunt, Kierdis had been hoping for more traction as he groped at his woman. Leili wondered how she could give him the satisfaction he was looking for, but her resourceful prince surprised her by sitting up mid thrust. His arm wrapped around her chest braced her to him as his other hand hooked her rump, leaving his manhood to bear some of the weight as he swept Leili into the air. The maneuver drove him deep into Leili and the two of them climaxed together in a pose that would make dancers blush with envy.

"Kierdis, I love you so much!" Leili said breathlessly, tilting her head to accept his kisses.

"Whatever happens, I want it to happen with you." Kierdis replied. The two pressed themselves together, trying to draw the perfect moment out a bit longer. Eventually, their breathless defiance of gravity and posture brought them back to earth, quite literally. Giggling they rolled close to each other for a few more passionate lip locks.

"Now that we've rolled around on the floor all this time, it's definitely bath time." Leili said.

They made it eventually. Somewhere between washing Kierdis' back, a bit of fellatio, and some cunnilingus, Leili and Kierdis slipped into the warm pool of water together. The temperature was too high for them to stay in for very long, their bodies flush with heat as they were. The two collapsed into bed with each other. Smelling clean, and warm in the dead of winter, wrapped in the arms of a strong handsome man. Leili knew it couldn't possibly get much better than this.

That part of Leili spoke up again, wondering why Kierdis hadn't used his tentacles. This time her lower parts had an accord with the upper part. Leili was about to ask, but noticed her lover was peacefully asleep. Sprawling atop him, Leili decided it could wait for him to get some rest, and drifted off to sleep as well.


For a man used to being in control, being unsure meant being uncomfortable. Burk was unsure of how this part went, and therefore, was uncomfortable. He had brought his gorgeous new woman home, cared for her wounds as best he knew how, and laid her on his cot. He wasn't sure what to do when she woke up. Currently, he was tenting his new pair of pants as he watched her outrageously beautiful curves heave with the peaceful rhythm of sleep.

"How can a woman look so erotic just sleeping?" He wondered aloud.

"That's a good question." Said a familiar voice behind him. "Almost as good as: why is she looking so erotic sleeping here?"

Burk turned to see his step brother, Karth standing in the doorway. The other man was solidly built, but leaner and shorter than his brother by far. Hair the same green shade as Burk's adorned his head in a shaggy cowlick giving him a constant windswept look. His younger sibling by another mother. Karth wore a look of confusion mixed with suspicion as he looked from Burk to Erila in turn. Burk quickly shushed his brother and led him out of the room. His brother was married already. Maybe he would know.

"Karth, how do you greet your wife when she wakes up?" Burk asked in the low rumble that passed for his whisper. The pack Karth was carrying slipped from his fingers as his step brother stared at him, dumbfounded.

"Wut?" Kath murmured too confused to bother with the proper enunciation.

"I went on a job to save her... and well, sort of..." Burk was having trouble saying it. Feeling bashful was entirely new for him.

"You dog! You fucked her brains out didn't you?" Karth said with a good natured smile. He playfully pounded his older sibling on the shoulder. "A beauty like her? I'm jealous."

"Your wife is pretty too." Burk reminded his brother. Karth's next pound became a punch that would level a normal man. It simply bounced off of Burk's massive frame. As if on queue Karth's wife flitted into the room. Litti was indeed beautiful by most men's standards. Short golden hair playfully flared out. Big, friendly eyes of bright green set in a sweet looking face, and a figure that lacked for nothing. Too bad the young sprite only reached a grand total of ten inches tall.

"Thank you Burk." The sprite said happily. "He hardly ever compliments me..." She gave Karth a whack of her own.

"Let's not go there." Karth said bitterly. "What were you asking me about before?"

"I don't know how I should greet her after..." Burk hesitated.

"Splitting her like firewood?" Karth said.

"Plowing her like a cornfield?" Litti grinned.

"Drilling her like a board?" Karth smirked.

"Nailing her like a plank?" Litti was barely containing her giggles as Burk blushed.

Burk held up a hand to signal that he had enough. Litti and Karth were so annoyingly in sync sometimes. Karth held up his hand for Litti to fly over and deliver a lopsided high-five. Litti alighted on Karth's shoulder and whispered into his ear, Karth nodded along for a bit before looking back at his brother.

"Honestly you should just get into bed with her. Being close to her should be enough. It works for us." Karth said as he leaned his head towards Litti, who leaned her whole body against his cheek. Burk wanted that kind of contentment for himself and Erila. His brother had committed to his marriage young, Burk reminded himself that he had already committed to his woman as well. It was no time to be wishy washy. He did still want some details, though.

"Is that what you guys do after you make love?" Said the large man who had trouble reconciling the fact that Karth's penis had the same mass as his sister in law. Litti and Karth's adorable show of affection for each other didn't change outright, but there was a tinge of annoyance in both of their smiles. Even Burk wasn't dense enough to miss their irritation when they spoke.

"Get your big/dumb ass in there!" Karth and Litti said together. Burk reddened and went through the door as instructed. As he shut the door behind him he could hear the two sigh deeply.

"Let's go get drunk!" He heard Litti declare.

"Are we celebrating or coping?" Karth asked.

"I'll tell you once I've got a buzz going. I'm going to dive into a pint and..." Litti's voice trailed off as the two headed for the pub. Burk turned away from the door and saw that Erila was sitting up in the cot and looking around as if trying to get her bearings.

"Good morning, Erila." Burk said as normally as he could manage. Erila turned her neck to look over her shoulder at him and smiled. Burk felt his worries about a life with her fly away. Taking his brother's advice, Burk sat down on the cot behind her and pulled her close.

"It is now, Burk." Erila said as she snuggled closer. At least that was what Burk thought she was doing until he felt his pants laces come undone.

"Shouldn't you rest after..." Burk started.

"I wasn't myself last night. I want to have you on my terms." Erila said giving Burk the cutest doe eyes he had ever seen. He wanted to make sure she was okay after the horrid ordeal of last night. Then Erila got his laces undone, and his manhood slapped audibly against her back. The sound of delight and surprise that Erila let out overwrote Burk's desire set. Immediately his hands went to her breast and groin as he bent lower to meet her mouth with his.

Erila responded in earnest. Her tongue invaded Burk's mouth as if trying to escape her own. She wrapped her arms around his neck to keep him lip-locked with her as his hands explored her body. It took Burk a few fumbling tries but his fingers managed to find their way into her from below. Erila's back arched as he entered and her chest swelled as she gasped. As her bosom flared out, Burk instinctively gripped her breast in a kneading motion. The erotic yelp he got from Erila erased what little remaining concern he had about holding back. Lifting her by her groin he hoisted her upon his manhood released her to slide down the shaft. He could clearly feel Erila build towards a climax as she descended. Small tremors were shooting through her body as she gasped in satisfaction. Once at his base her insides clenched around him as she cramped in a gentle orgasm while Burk squirted into her.

As her spasm calmed down Erila snuggled herself deeper into Burk's embrace. Her legs crossed, trapping Burk's manhood within her. Giggling with satisfaction, the woman looked upwards into Burk's gaze and made another irresistible suggestion.

"Rock me to sleep?" She asked with a voice that implied sleeping was a long way off.


Leili woke up to the sounds of Kierdis' peaceful breathing. She could tell she hadn't slept long by the way the shadows had hardly moved. Getting carefully out of bed, Leili had a good, nude stretch in her warm, new home. It felt so good that for a moment all Leili could do was bask in her good fortune as she looked around her. Then her stomach rumbled, reminding her of the more mundane needs in life. Remembering that they had eaten the last of their forage upon deciding to come to town, Leili decided that now was as good a time as any to do some shopping. She found some of the pay from their last job in the packs that Kierdis had dumped on the floor prior to their affectionate home christening. Putting on her tights and leotard, Leili found that putting on her casual jacket and scarf over them instead of her rugged armor and worn travel cloak was a rare treat in itself. Pleased with how she looked, Leili stepped out the door with a big smile.

"Hello!" Said a woman who appeared to be a pallete swap of Leili herself. Leili's smile didn't leave her face, but the expression started to look awfully strained as Leili beheld her least favorite fortune teller.

"Goodbye!" Leili said as she attempted to speed walk by before any destiny could be thrown her way. The other woman didn't make any moves to forestall her, which had the unavoidable result of raising Leili's suspicions. Grudgingly, Leili stopped. "What? You're not going to direct me towards any mortal peril today?"

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