tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhy Leili Hates Witches Ch. 06

Why Leili Hates Witches Ch. 06


"I hate it when I'm right..." The red haired adventurer said as she checked the limp form of the woman. Leili had known she wouldn't get the bonus for arriving in time. The woman was still alive, and judging by her sloppy expression, not even in pain. There was no hiding her shame though. Severed tentacles oozed and twitched all around the cave as Leili wrapped the embarrassed woman in a blanket. It was clear as a summer day that the victim had lost her chastity to the deceased creature that currently hosted Leili's sword. Technically, nobody counted tentacle predation as rape or infidelity. Which was just as well, since the creatures were ridiculously common. Even so, the woman would still face the knowing stares of the other villagers tomorrow. Fellow victims wouldn't be able to offer help either, and Leili felt guilty at knowing why.

Tentacle sex was just so good after all!


The villagers had decided to give Leili half the bonus anyway. The jangling of extra money in her pocket went a long way towards relieving Leili's absurd guilt about the affair too. It was, perhaps, inevitable that Leili should feel some guilt about knowing the joys of tentacle treatment. The man she was happily hop, skipping, and jumping her way home to happened to have a set of his own. It had taken Leili about three days to get to the village, complete the job and return home. Leili could hardly wait to embrace Kierdis and feel his tender, tentacle caresses. A small part of Leili's brain snidely pointed out that she was addicted to their unique style of affection, but Leili had become rather adept at silencing that part when she was in a good mood. With a happy tune on her lips, the seasoned adventurer knew this day would only get better!


"You just missed them." Erila said. Leili still had trouble trusting the former rape cultist, but every sign indicated the priestess was madly in love with her husband, and had completely reformed. That being said, Leili felt zero obligation to get along with the seductive sex wizard.

"Oh don't give me that look. It's only a week. Surely you can... entertain yourself till they get back." Erila said, glancing at her wares with a wry smile. The woman's background in sexual anatomy and chemistry had dictated her new career as an alchemist. The witch sold 'marital aids' in the form of tools and potions designed for erotic purposes. The prim and proper of Misty Valley society had tut-tutted, but judging from Erila's comfortable lifestyle, they patronised her shop on the sly. Knowing what she did about the other woman's background, Leili wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot-pole.

"Hey remember that time when you tried to have the monster your cult buddies stuck inside my husband devour him and rape all of existence forevermore?" Leili asked dryly. Erila shrugged.

"I was only trying to help. Technically, I was trying to help back then too, I just had a skewed perspective." Erila replied valiantly to Leili's reminder. Leili shook her head and decided she had to find someone else to talk to. Fortunately, she didn't have to look far. As Leili turned from the bar and lifted her mug to drink, only to sputter in surprise as her lips met a tiny pair of buttcheeks. Leili fished the small form of Litti, the fairy wife of a local hunter, out of her drink.

"Litti, we've talked about going into other people's drinks" The barmaid, Tiya admonished. As Leili tried to keep her cool after the unintentional ass-kissing. The sprite had the good grace to be blushing as well (or was that just because she had been drinking?) as she replied.

"Well you were so distraught about missing your regularly scheduled booty call that you were just letting it sit there." The small winged woman said buzzing about. Leili was never quite sure how a grown human man had married a diminutive pixie, but the two were clearly devoted to each other. "Besides, you shouldn't mope while you drink. Kierdis has it rougher than you, anyway." The fairy continued.

"That's true, poor guy." Erila concurred.

"What do you mean?" Leili asked, not liking being made into the bad guy all of the sudden.

"Your blue haired hunk of man has gotten used to a daily ration of pussy. Now he has to go without for a whole week." Litti teased.

"Nothing but hard work and and hard ground to comfort his hard on." Erila returned in a theatrical sing song voice. The two women were clearly trying to get under Leili's skin, and normally Leili wouldn't let these two bug her (they had just as much sex with their men as she did, after all.) What the two women did not know was that Kierdis got most of his energy from the magical residue of intercourse. Leili wasn't entirely sure how it worked, but this week long sexual hiatus was more like a fast for him. All Leili was missing out on was affection and sensual pleasures, Kierdis was going to come home starving.

"What's wrong?" Tiya said. Leili looked up to see the hard working barmaid looking at her with concern. Normally Leili would have been annoyed at herself for showing her emotions so clearly, but she had bigger worries at the moment.

"I, um, hadn't thought about how it would be hard for him." Leili had to pause to bop Litti and Erila as they snickered at her unintentional dick joke. It was kind of desperate, but the only other person Leili had to ask about this sort of thing was her own daughter from the future. Asking for relationship help in front of a sex cultist and a woman who could never fit a human penis inside her seemed less embarrassing... if only marginally so. "How... how do I make it easier for him when he comes back?"

Looking at the carnivorous smiles on the three women, Leili was re-evaluating how embarrassing asking her own future daughter about sex would actually be.


"So, why are we in a clothes store again?" Leili asked as the other women browsed.

"Sigh, you've been adventuring too long." Tiya said. "When a guy comes home from a job, he wants to know his hard work was appreciated." Leili had been incarcerated in the changing room immediately upon entry, and couldn't see what the others were browsing at all.

"But Kierdis' is always trying to do the right thing, so he'll restrain himself thinking it's for your sake." Erila said. "Their type is always worried about stupid things like not hurting you, or being too rough. They're so dense they won't know that we can not only handle it, but want more, no matter how many times we tell them."

"Men always overthink things, so your goal is to get him to stop thinking and just act on instinct." Litti joined in.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Leili asked, stubbornly avoiding the obvious direction this was headed, but allowing herself to be led along anyway.

The three women approached the dressing room and held out their answer. There was more hangar than cloth in Leili's view. Even so, there were more frills and lace than Leili had ever thought possible.


So it was that Leili felt a legion of butterflies waging a mock battle in her stomach as she listened to the footsteps of Kierdis approach their cottage. Leili had faced down monsters, dragons, and evil rape gods before, but she was more nervous than any of those times at this moment. As Kierdis fumbled with the door, Leili stood waiting for him wearing the skimpiest, frilliest, girliest underwear she had ever seen.

Leili tried to calm down the butterfly army in her gut one cohort at a time. Why was she so nervous anyway? She had spent whole days naked in front of Kierdis. He knew every inch of her by now, just as Leili knew every inch of him... well that might not actually be true, his tentacles could do a lot of weird stuff. She was hoping for some rough reunion sex, so that couldn't possibly be what she was so scared of, could it? As the door opened, Leili's mind caught upon the real issue. Kierdis and her hadn't fallen in love, so much as they had just tripped and landed with each other. Sure they had decided to stay together, but how much was true desire, and how much was serendipity for Kierdis had always festered like a splinter in Leili's mind. Leili needed to know that he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Kierdis stepped in with his eyes down and dropped his pack as he shut the door. He was sucking in breath to call out to Leili when he turned and saw her. He froze for a single moment, his body motionless except for his eyebrows, which shot up in surprise. Then he moved forward without a word. His movement was intense and purposeful, like a panther seizing its prey. Leili stood watching like a stunned rabbit as he all but pounced on her with his hungry momentum. Even though he was only holding her with his natural human arms, Leili felt surrounded in the embrace as his mouth came down upon hers. The smothering kiss went on long enough that Leili had to gasp for air when their lips finally parted. Gasping for air, Leili realised that Kierdis had walked her over to the table. He set her down gently, but groped at her chest and thighs to spread her legs apart.

Leili gasped with a rush of delight as she opened her legs to him. His mouth came down on hers again, and then began to explore her flesh, nibbling and licking as he migrated lower. The lacy bow that held her bra together slid apart with a silken sigh that excited both of them as Leili arched her bosom to her husbands pallette. He supped greedily on her exposed chest, and Leili would have felt stupid for doubting Kierdis' desire for her, if she wasn't too busy calling out his name in a helpless, needing voice. Kierdis responded with an animal grunt as Leili's panties slid down her legs like the floor was their true home.

Leili came as he entered. Kierdis did as well, but showed no signs that he was about to stop as he drove himself deeper. Leili felt herself coil around him as she began to rock violently with his thrusts. She made no attempt to restrain her breasts, the intense way Kierdis was watching her body bounce was as exciting as the feeling of his heat within her belly as he came a second time. Leili moaned as her body convulsed in release of her own

Leili may have asked for more, or may have simply panted in some way that caused Kierdis to swell again inside her. His tentacles finally made an appearance, sprouting from under his manhood and his lower back. A small part of Leili's brain remembered the shame on the face of the woman from a week ago, but as the extra flesh of her man began to caress her body from every angle, Leili lost that voice in her own wanton pleasure. Kierdis lifted her off the table and held her in a full body fondle as he lowered her onto his manhood again. A familiar tentacle dug greedily into her rear. Leili finally caught her breath enough to speak.

"You're hungry right? Don't hold back! I want you all the way through me! Fill me to the brim!" Leili said through a flurry of greedy kisses.

The tentacle surged through her rear, wriggling its way up her digestive tract deeper than Kierdis had ever dared to go. The ribbing along the tentacle, and all the small fingerlike nubs squirming for traction within her felt so good that Leili's voice failed her. Clinging to Kierdis in a noiseless scream of pleasure, she stared into his eyes both to bask in his lust and assure him that she wanted him deeper and deeper. Kierdis held her close, calling her name but continued his affections with an unrelenting hunger. The tentacle felt uncomfortable coming up through her throat, but Leili nodded him on until the phallus poked out of her mouth. Kierdis was giving her oxygen somehow but the scent of his arousal filled her. She desperately held on to him as she experienced an orgasm that seemed to creep slowly from her groin, up her spine and washed her world a pleasing white as it reached her head.

The clouds cleared quickly. Leili knew she hadn't been stuck in her orgasmic faint long, since Kierdis was looking down at his shirt, covered in the result of the tentacles oddly aimed ejaculation. Leili laughed at the sight, and soon Kierdis was laughing too. Leili watched him carefully remove the garment, trying to avoid getting his own tentacle spunk on his face with nothing but unbridled mirth filling her head. Kierdis was home, and they were so stupidly in love Leili would feel dumb for doubting it. If she wasn't wanting more that is. As Kierdis finally got his clothes free, Leili took him by surprise, roughly pinning him against the table. His stomach rumbled as she clutched at his groin and Leili smiled.

"Looks like neither of us have had enough." She said to Kierdis' blushing face.

"Looks that way." He said through a bashful smile. Leili smiled as an idea hit her. Lying Kierdis back onto the table, she straddled him with her face over his rapidly recovering erection and her own slit hanging over his head.

"I want you back in my pussy, but you're not allowed to pull out." Leili said with a mischievous smile while looking at Kierdis between her dangling breasts. He looked back at her like he wanted to ask a question, until Leili took his manhood into her mouth. Leili knew he understood as he allowed her to suck on him a bit before taking him deep within her throat. As her body basked in the scent of him, she felt air reach her lungs as Kierdis' penis elongated to travel deeper down her throat. Leili was having trouble deciding which direction of travel she preferred as she felt him come out of her rear. The prehensile member deftly curled back to slide along her sex before Kierdis added a surprise of his own. Leili moaned in muffled surprise as Kierdis' extra tentacles lifted him off the table, and his manhood hoisted her completely aloft on its own. Leili's arms and legs flailed in panic for a few seconds but as Kierdis plunged his manhood into her vagina, she reflexively crossed her legs about the shaft. Kierdis took her hands in his before he began grunting with effort, and Leili found herself being bucked up and down the shaft in the air, her body completely skewered and bobbing on Kierdis' shaft as she moaned in helpless pleasure. Cum squirted into her once again, and the overflow flowed down her inverted body.

Kierdis withdrew and used his tentacles to gingerly place Leili back on the table. After a few moments of breathless panting, Kierdis moved to grab a rag to wipe Leili clean with. He began to wipe, holding Leili in his lap the exiled prince caught his breath enough to try and strike up a conversation.

"I missed you too..." He began, but cut off as Leili grabbed the rag from his hand and dropped as she leaned her sticky sweaty body against his.

"Kierdis, I love you, but I don't want to talk tonight." Leili said snuggling against him and looking up with a happy smile.

"Not at all?" Kierdis asked with a contented grin spreading wide on his face.

"Not. One. Bit." Leili said, as she offered her legs to the tentacles Kierdis was already embracing her with.

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