tagNonHumanWhy Me? Ch. 02

Why Me? Ch. 02


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I swallow nervously. I don't think any of us truly knew what to do. It told us to run. But to where? And where was this so called spell book? It was as if it knew exactly what I was thinking because just then five podiums appeared. Lights appeared above the objects, illuminating everything in its hold. They were lined up side by side, each podium a different color. I automatically go to the violet podium. Jay goes to the red, Jenna goes to the blue, and Simon goes to the orange while Greg goes to the green. All of them had the same objects except mine had a few different objects.

I was the first one to pick something up. We had the basic weapons: bow and arrow, sword and sheath, a few daggers, and a pocket knife that appeared to have more than the average properties. We each also had a handheld gun and spare packed bullets. I had a regular looking bag but a bag that looked like something I would use every day. It was small and designer but tough enough just for me when I decided to get rough. I found my mother's aqua teardrop shaped necklace.

She used to always say to me that those who wore it would see things differently. She said that it hasn't worked in centuries and told me that the next person who wore it and saw a little glow in the necklace that the power would reawaken. I never believed in that junk but as I look at it there was an unmistakable glow that I'm sure anyone could see. I also could see a black leather book that was completely boring and ordinary looking. It actually looked like a textbook. Ugh, how exciting. I thought sarcastically. I grabbed all the stuff and began to push it all in my bag and to my utter surprise it fit, it fit wonderfully...too easily. I looked down into the bag to see darkness. I reached in and pulled out a dagger. I dropped it back in and before it touched anything it disappeared. What in the-

"Here" Jenna says suddenly. She drops all of her stuff into my bag followed by everyone. I watched as everything just disappeared. The bag on the outside looked full but on the inside it was empty looking. I shrugged and slipped it onto my shoulders.

As soon as all the objects were cleared the podiums disappeared into the ground. I heard Jenna sigh "What do we do now?"

Jay shakes his head "We leave" he looks at me "I guess"

I slipped the necklace around my neck and feel no different at all. "We should go to the nearest airport" I say in a monotone.

At this they all look at me "The nearest airport is a good three hours" Simon says slowly.

I turn on my heel "We should leave soon and before they know we're gone, otherwise there's going to be hell to pay" I shiver a little and change back to my wolf. The bag disappears all together. I turn back to them and look into the stream and look at the necklace to see it was an aqua blue collar now with a solid black dot. I look at them then I begin to jog to the garage that was filled with the packs' cars. I changed back into my human form and looked around for a reasonable nonobvious car.

I decide on Jay's 2013 Infiniti G37 that he got for his birthday. I sit in the passenger seat and go through my bag. I didn't have to really look and rummage through the bag; it automatically gave me right what I was looking for. I pulled the book out and as soon as I opened it I was being seen.

The first picture was of me as a tiny little girl at maybe four or five. I was playing patty cake with Jenna while the boys were all wrestling in their wolf forms. My father came into the scene and told me it was time to go home. I, naturally, gave a temper tantrum and through the mist of it a few small things floated in midair and my hair looked a little fanned out.

Then it seemed to dissolve and a new scene came up. I looked nine in this scene. I was laughing and was very naked with Jay, Greg, Simon, and Jenna. Actually, everyone was laughing except Jay who was blushing really hard. If I was just looking at us and nothing else around us I wouldn't have seen the slight breeze. You could tell I was doing it because it was either blowing extremely slowly or blowing unnaturally even. You could just tell the obvious, but no one seemed too noticed. This scene disappeared and the rest of the gang showed up.

I slipped on the shirt that Jay gave and continued to watch. The next scene is when I was thirteen and I was slapping one of my brothers. Nothing looked out of the ordinary except my eyes which glowed purplish blue and they looked a little red. I tilted my head a little. I don't have red eyes...

The scene was gone once again and this time I was sixteen. I was screaming from Jay's room "I'm forever scarred" I was blushing hard with a solid frown on my face as I ran. Then Jay showed completely naked.

"It wouldn't be awkward if you didn't" he yelled after me. A girl wearing a sheet bounds after him.

"This is actually all very awkward if either of you hadn't noticed" the girl screeches.

As I was running away there were sparks following me. "Were you jealous?" Jay whispers to me. I look at him. He was sitting in the driver's seat with only jeans on.

I scoff "Pft, no, I wasn't...jealous...pft, crazy" I say crossing my arms over my chest.

He grins at me "Okay"

The scene changes again and this time I was nineteen. I was riding on Simon's back and drinking what looked like a flask.

"You...are gonna get...soooooo"- hiccup, "drunk" Jenna say while being held by Jay bridal style.

Greg and Jay were both stumbling slightly. Greg was singing with a beer bottle in his hands and Jay was snickering. I was playing in Simon's hair and Jenna was poking Jay and hiccupping.

"And you're...not, right?" I mumble. Every streetlight that we passed busted sending sparks everywhere.

"How did we not notice this?" I say out loud.

"How did you not notice that you were a witch?" Simon asks.

I was about to say a something smartass back when I looked at the logic of everything "Touché" Everything changed again and this time it was this morning. I was walking into the kitchen and was in the middle of hugging Jenna. My eyes were of my wolf. She already knew who my mate was it already showed.

It was just like then. Everything was in slow motion as I walked over to him and hugged him. I watched my face closely. I watched how my nose flared slightly and my eyes tinted red. I throw my hands up.

"I don't have red eyes" I whine.

"Why is the book showing you all of this?" Jenna asks.

I shrug "Maybe because it's showing me all the close encounters I came to in the past?" I watched as I began to back away from Jay and noticed how the air around us or them was somewhat buzzing. Like the air was vibrating or something.

"Anyone else notice the sparks?" Jay asks.

I look around the scene and realize that the air was a little sparky. "How did I not notice that?" I mutter. Then I look at Jay "Where did you get that axe?" I ask suspiciously.

He seems to think about it for a second "It sort of appeared...I guess"

"Wait a second," Jenna says from behind us. "You helped him almost cut down a tree?" she accuses.

I blush lightly "I didn't mean to" I huff a little. "Book, can we get to the point?" I didn't expect anything so I was extremely surprised when the book jumped out of my grasp. It closed itself then it flipped to like the middle of the book. Then words were being written by an invisible writer.

'Since you are a beginner and are new to the whole sorcery thing I will introduce myself. I am your mentor from here on out since your mother couldn't do this herself. Call me what you want but you will listen to my every instruction...all five of you'.

I look at the book "So...what's your first instruction?" I ask since the book hadn't written anything else.

'First things first, get to the nearest airport right now and I will tell you your first item that you must find.'

Jay immediately starts the car and was about to go through the opposite way of pack lands so we could avoid other packs. We were lucky that way. We could avoid all packs if we needed to. Of course that way is usually the longest way but hey, got to do what we have too. The book seems to half screech and half siren. I hastily grab it and try to close the book but it snaps at me.

'You must go in the other direction'

"We'd have to ask permission to go through other pack lands if that were the case" Jay says stopping briefly.

'Do you want to survive the upcoming war or not?'

"There's going to be a war?" Jay exclaims.

There seemed to be a paused 'Long story...just do as I say' Jay growled softly.

He backed up a little then began to go through the front entrance instead "Give me a phone" he demands. There was a phone passed to him at once.

The book continued writing though. We eventually were passed the entrance and were heading towards the highway.

'Basic spells now, Leah. They are easy to remember. Just clear your mind and focus'

I swallow. For the next hour we only hear my low incantations under my breath and Jay's monotone voice on the phone. The rest of the gang was probably looking around them in case of danger. We were still on pack territory so I wonder if that nagging nuisance in my mind was real or not. I look up.

"Someone's following us" I mumble. Jay's hair was still purple from my last spell but it was slowly going back to normal.

"We can't stop there we have business to take care of" Jay was saying into the phone as he glances at his mirrors. Of course naturally there was no one around. Jay looks at me questioningly. I look at the mirror for a second. At first it was just regular cars coming and going but then I notice a black SUV coming a little too fast to be comfortable.

I look back at Jay with my eyebrows raised. "Ah, colonel I'll call you back"

He switches lanes looking out for a better look. "Who do you think it is?" Simon asks. He suddenly had binoculars and was looking out through the back. Did I give him those? I thought not at the least worried about whoever was following us. I wonder why.

I look back down at my book and flip through the chapter until I see 'Mind Tricks'. I go to a spell. For this book it was indeed simple. The spell name, the reason for the spell, effects, causes, the enchantment, and then the number of energy it takes off me. Everything was simple but the enchantment or spell itself...it was in a different language...It didn't look like the spell took that much energy although it did take a lot. I decided to take my chances.

Since I couldn't exactly read Ancient Theban my mind sort of switched everything around. Like one minute it was all gibberish and WTF but when I look at it a little more deeply its perfect English.

"Show what's hidden beneath give full personalities" I say clearly to the air that was already buzzing from all the magic. My hands glow a little. I look down at the book and I wait for things to translate. It says to raise my hands up and let the message come out clearly. I do as it says and I felt myself get tired really fast as some kind of word transpires out of my palm. 'Rogues'

I snap the book shut and look at Jay. He stares at the word for a second then he takes a sharp right making us go into the woods. People were beeping horns behind but Jay obviously had a plan.

"Jay, what are you doing?" Jenna asks looking around wildly as branches slapped against the car.

"Getting my revenge" is all he says. We continue to go down and when we reached the bottom there was a clearing. I hurriedly grab my bag and jump out of the car feeling woozy. We did flip a few times now that I think about it. I look at Jay to see him opening the smoking hood and pressing a button somewhere in there.

From what I could see the car seems to repair it on its own, and then the color changes to a dark blue. We turn around as we here tires screech and the sound of breaking branches. I look down at the book and begin to turn the pages hastily as Jay pulls me back.

"Leah, weapons" Greg says pushing me gently behind him. I give the book to Jenna then dig in my bag and daggers begin to literally shoot out. Jay lunges for one as Greg and Simon catch theirs. I take the book back from Jenna and she grabs two daggers from the ground. When the car swings around us I look at the spell. We get into a formation that was very new to me. It was then that I realized that Jenna, Greg, and Simon formed around me and Jay. He was the Alpha he was always in the front, but I was always right behind him...never next to him.

He glances at me and gives me a sly smile. "Welcome to the front" Then the rogues step out and they just stand there.

I say a spell low under my breath and a blue dome of sorts begins to bubble out of me and begins to spread to everyone. "Leah, if that thing turns my hair purple"-

"You'll what? Stab me?" I ask a little sarcastically to Jenna. "Relax, this thing can protect us from anyone who wants to disrupt our minds" I explain.

"Their werewolves not vampires" Greg says.

"You can't spell the bloodsucker in their Greg?" Jay asks studying the format. He was probably thinking the same thing I was. Why were they just standing there? There were at least three vampires in their car. I knew that for a fact, so what was it? Were they wondering why we were standing so still?

I was suddenly really hungry. "Does anyone else crave pancakes and bacon flavored gum?" I ask in a whisper.

"Leah really?" Simon asks exasperated.

"No one? Okay, but when someone wants pancakes don't say I didn't warn you" I say rolling my eyes a little. I put the book down and reach into the bag and a bow and some arrows appear in my hand. I step forward a little and put an arrow in the notch. "What do you want?" I call out.

A guy steps forward and I immediately recognize the guy from Ann's bedroom. I see red for a second. Jay puts his hand on my arm in a deadly clasp, not looking at me.

"You killed my father" he says quietly. If they were humans they wouldn't be able to hear us but since they were what they were they replied.

"Yep, and he did fight awfully hard, but we still won" The rogue from Ann's room said in a bored triumph sort of tone.

"You killed my mate's family too and you're putting not only her in danger but my sister too" he says slowly unfazed. But I could see, I could read him better than anyone. He was cracking beneath this strong, defending exterior. "Therefore you must die" he says slowly but before anyone could react he was running full speed at one of his henchmen. He had two down in less than 5 seconds.

Everyone soon followed suit. I let the arrows fly in a rapid pace. I kept aiming for the leader but he was fast. Extremely fast. I drop the bow and the quiver and reach for the knives in my bag, but he was too fast. He tackled me to the ground and began to punch, knocking the breath out of me. I manage to grab something sharp, in the wrong place, because I cut myself. I punch and kick him off. I grab the knife by the hilt and stab him near his spine. Blood splatters out of his mouth onto me. He hastily gets up and before I could properly get him back he runs off, changing into his wolf form with the knife still embedded in his back.

I stand up a little woozy. Everything was spinning sort of. And I didn't know why. I wince when I clench my right fist. I look down at it and realize I cut myself a lot deeper than I thought. Blood was just oozing out of it. I wondered vaguely why I wasn't healing. This was like a baby cut compared to most wounds.

I feel arms gather around me and steadying me. At first I struggled trying to get away but then he said something. My ears were ringing so I didn't know what he said but I recognized the voice. I turn around a little to a worried Jay holding me.

I shake my head a little to clear and pull myself together weakly. "What did you say?" I ask quietly.

He had a split lip that was already healing and his shoulder looked dislocated. Despite myself I push my blood soaked hand on his shoulder. I learned the healing spell quite fast knowing I would need it. I say the incantation and feel my head give a tiny explosion. I flinch a little and feel wetness in my nose that leaks out almost at once. Jay winces slightly but his bone in shoulder began to move on its own accord back in place. I see black spots traveling lazily in my vision. The liquid was slowly oozing its way out and I soon realized that the liquid was blood as it reached my mouth.

"I said, we need to get you somewhere safe because you don't look so good" he says concern coloring his voice. He wiped the blood from my lips. "What happened?"

I was going to answer but my knees buckled under me and my vision slowly blackened.


I was in the softest bed. It was so warm too. There was this weird pounding under my ear that made me a little nervous. And the smells that were in the air were exquisite. Like it was maybe steak or pancakes or was it both? I opened my eyes blearily feeling heavy. There was another smell in the room too that no one would be able to make but him.

Jay looked down at me in concern. He looked tired and he was shirtless. I reached my hand up and ran my fingers through his bedhead. I paused. On my hand was a bandage that was wrapped around my palm.

"You look tired" I accuse half heartedly.

"Because I've been too worried about you" he says. "What happened?"

I sigh "I don't really understand" I say. I sit up a little and look around. We were in some kind of hotel room. There was a dresser and a flat screen hanging above it. My bag was sitting next to the bedside table. There was a bathroom down the short hallway while the closet was on the opposite side. "It probably had something to do with the Witch power. I'm not supposed to be using any excess energy. And if I do, I guess what happened happens" I look up at him meeting his eyes.

"Are you okay now?" he asks softly. I reach up and kiss his lips softly.

"I'm fine" I say quietly.

He grins a little evilly for a second "Well I'm not" he pulls me into his lap. And I realized that it was way too late to realize that he was naked and what was worse? I was naked too. He kissed me with such wild abandoned that I soon found myself pushing back against him. He fell to the pillows with little resistance. He let his hands slide down to my ass and he flipped me over.

He had such a wild glint in his eye that I got even wetter. His fingers slipped down to my cunt where I was practically oozing wetness. "You're so wet for me baby" he murmurs against my lips. I let my hands slide down his shoulder to his chest and I begin to trace his abs almost absently. He slips in two fingers and before I could hide it. I gasp loudly. His lips leave mine and trail their way down to my jaw. I let one of my hands trail down to his cock and I begin to trace the sheer outline of it. He was so big and hard that I couldn't wrap my hand all the way around it.

"Look, whose hard for me big boy" Then I attack him and pin him to the bed and was about to crawl down but he just chuckles and grabs my hips. He pulls me up and at first I didn't know what he was trying but when I felt his hot breath near my pussy I began to squirm.

"NO! JAY!" I shout. He laughs and through his voice I feel vibrations go through me pleasurably. Tingles shoot up my spine making me arch my back right before he begins to ravage me. I scream. "MERCY! MERCY! OH LUNA!"

It didn't take long for my first orgasm and when the second hit I began to realize that he wasn't stopping. I rocked my hips slowly. Actually, he rocked my hips slowly over his face. I grabbed hold of my breasts and looked up throwing my hair back. I felt an electric current go through as I experienced yet another mind blowing orgasm.

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