tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhy Me? Ch. 16

Why Me? Ch. 16


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This was different. I tugged nervously at the too-short skirt, the feel of fabric against my skin strangely foreign after so much time spent naked. I glanced down at the shiny black mary-janes on my feet and shuffled them against the floor, savouring the sensations. I didn't want to think about what was about to happen.


Master Hawkes had been conducting my morning training session when the knock on the door had interrupted us. I'd stared curiously at the young looking man holding a murmured conversation with Master Hawkes while openly appraising me with his eyes. I was shackled to the wall, my breasts covered in crop marks, clothespins on my nipples, and the frank appreciation in his gaze made my pussy tingle. It had been two days since Master Hawkes had let me orgasm and permanent arousal had become a normal state for me.

Master Hawkes nodded once and then turned back to me, smiling in a way that made me nervous.

"Well, slut, it looks like you get to have some fun today. I'll leave you in Jeb's capable hands."

With that he turned and walked out the door, leaving me with the stranger. He was perhaps my own age, tall and fit with a mop of unruly dark blond hair. He grinned at me as he stepped forward, trailing his fingers up my thigh to rest against my hip.

"Lucky little slut. You would normally need a few weeks more training before we let you go to class, but one of the other cunts isn't feeling well today so you get to take her place. I bet Master Hawkes hasn't told you anything about class, though, has he?"

I shook my head wordlessly, only half my attention focused on his words. His hand had slid closer to my aching pussy and I was mentally willing him to touch me there, to give me some sort of relief.

"Well, it's like this. You know that we have you sluts here as entertainment for the members of the organization, right?" I nodded, feeling a little uncertain. Nobody had fully explained the workings of this place to me and while I'd guessed at some of what must go on, I found myself paying closer attention to what he was saying.

"Some of these members have, shall we say....certain proclivities. Some of these are quite benign, others not so, but the point is that we try to cater to all the desires of our members whenever possible, and you would be shocked at how many men just love the idea of slutty little schoolgirls." His hand had moved to the inside of my thigh as he spoke and I moaned slightly, arching my back and pushing my pussy forward. He ignored it, lightly stroking the soft skin of my leg while continuing to talk.

"So, you get to fulfill some of their fantasies. It works well, really. You need training and a classroom atmosphere is as good a place as any to give it to you. We just make it into a bit of a show at the same time."

He suddenly dropped his hand away and grinned at me. "Let's get you ready, hmm?"


Jeb had released me from my shackles and pulled the clothespins off my nipples, taking a moment to knead those sensitive nubs as I gasped, flinching against the sensation of blood returning to them. He'd then handed me a pile of clothes and stood back to watch me dress, a smirk on his face. The shoes and knee socks had been easy but when I went to put on the thin white blouse, I'd discovered that it was so tight I could barely button it in the front. There had been no bra, of course, and when I finally managed to squeeze my breasts into the too-tight garment I realized that the thin fabric simply highlighted my swollen, dark nipples, providing no modesty at all. The blouse made me feel constricted and I squirmed against it slightly until Jeb stepped forward and slid his hands down the front of it, grasping my nipples and tugging upwards sharply. I yelped, arching my back to relieve the pressure on my breasts, but he let go just as suddenly as he'd started and lightly adjusted the fabric around them, nodding to himself. I looked down to see that I was now all but spilling out of the low cut blouse, the tight fabric pushing my breasts up and outwards, my nipples just barely concealed.

"Hurry up, slut. Trust me, this is one class you don't want to be late for." he said, pointing to the plaid skirt. I shimmied into it, finding myself completely unsurprised when it turned out to be only just long enough to cover my ass. There were no panties provided, and when I stood, fully dressed, and stared down at myself, I felt somehow more exposed than when I had simply been naked.

Jeb handed me a brush and two hair ties, grinning at my expression.

"Pigtails. You know how to do it. I have some nice red ribbon to match your skirt, too."

Feeling absurd, I put my hair up into ponytails on either side of my head and tied the ribbons into big floppy bows around each tail. I could feel the blush creeping up my face as I imagined how I must look. The last item Jeb provided was a pair of leather cuffs and after I'd put them on, he secured my wrists behind my back.

"Time for school, slut. Let's go." said Jeb, leading me out the door and down the hallway. We crossed through the courtyard and into the mansion, following a hallway I didn't recognize. The ever-present erotic paintings were here as well, these ones featuring children's fairy tales and nursery rhymes. I spotted a buxom Little Red Riding hood being fucked by a wolf, and what I thought must be Miss Muffet, tied down to her tuffet by spiderwebs. I shivered, wondering who had painted these scenes, and kept my eyes forward as we went past the rest of them.

We came around a corner and I stumbled, staring ahead of me in shock. There were three other women there, all dressed as I was, and I realized that these were the first captives I had seen since I'd been here. None of them looked at me as Jeb led me up to them, they all stared down at their shoes or at the men standing with them, but I couldn't help but stare at them, wondering who they were and what had happened to them. Jeb directed me to the back of the group, turning me so I faced away from the other women, and began to run one hand up the back of my thigh.

"Just think about it, slut. You're going to be on display. Men you've never met before are going to be watching as you learn how to be a proper slut." As he spoke, he slid his hand around to my front, under the skirt, and began to grab my pussy, squeezing it roughly and dipping his fingers into my wetness. I gasped, leaning my head back against his shoulder, and he slid his other hand down into my blouse to tweak my nipples, tugging on them until they almost popped free of my blouse.

"You like it, don't you?" he growled into my ear, shoving two fingers into my cunt and beginning to fuck me with them. "You like being a slut." I whimpered, feeling the orgasm I'd been aching for begin to rise, my hips thrusting forward as I tried to gain more contact with his fingers. With one final thrust, he yanked his fingers from my pussy, let go of my breast, un-clipped my cuffs and turned me around, shoving me towards the door. It was open now, and all the other women had filed inside, their keepers still standing in the hall. I stepped forward, moving as fast as I could past the gauntlet of their hands as they groped and caressed me, finally stumbling into the room, my eyes slightly glazed and my breath coming fast as I tried to make my wobbly legs cooperate.

The room was set up like a typical classroom with a blackboard at the front and a row of desks facing the teacher's large desk. The man standing behind it was wearing a suit and holding a pointer, his salt and pepper hair combed neatly away from his temples, his craggy face set into a disapproving scowl.

"Young lady, what is the meaning of this? To arrive to class looking so disheveled? I believe you have earned yourself a detention. Now, hurry up and take your seat." he thundered, slamming his pointer down on the desk for emphasis.

I flinched, looking around the room and trying to get my bearings. The other girls were sitting at their desks, heads bowed, not making eye contact, and I hurried to take the one empty seat, wincing as my skirt rode up and exposed my ass to the cold wooden chair. By the time I looked up again, the instructor was writing on the board, his back turned to us. I risked a glance around the room, seeing for the first time a slanted gallery built into the side wall, smoked glass shielding its occupants from view. I stared at it for a second before quickly turning back to the chalkboard, wondering how many men were sitting in there, watching our humiliation.

"Good morning class." the instructor boomed suddenly, making me jump.

"Good morning, Sir." the other girls mumbled.

"My name is Mr. Cole, and today we are going to discuss the female body. As you young ladies know, you are only useful as entertainment for men, and there are certain parts of you that are particularly entertaining. For today's lesson, you will each be focusing on one of these areas and helping your classmates to learn more about it." He turned to the board, tapping his pointer against the first word he had written.

"Tits. You, you will be called tits for the rest of the day." he said, pointing to a blond lady around my own age. Her breasts were the largest of all of ours, their swollen flesh spilling out over the top of her tiny blouse, the buttons looking as if they might burst at any moment.

"Mouth." he continued, pointing to the lady next to me, a statuesque black woman with full, sensuous lips.

"You are cunt." he said, pointing at me, "And you will be teaching us about the ass." he continued, his gaze on the curvy latina lady on my other side.

"Tits, you are first. Come here."

The blond lady stood, her breasts bouncing with every step as she moved to the front of the class and stood in front of the teacher, head bowed submissively. He stroked one finger down her neck, running it along the edge of her cleavage, and then turned her to face the room.

"Class, you will notice that tits has quite an impressive rack. She will be quite useful as a demonstration. First, we will discuss ways of making the breasts more sensitive. Tits, hand me that rope."

The lady handed him a long cord of rope from the top of the desk and then placed her hands behind her neck, her eyes still downcast. Mr. Cole began winding the rope around her torso, creating bands above and below her massive tits before cinching the rope in the middle, compressing her swollen flesh and forcing her breasts to stick out even further. The fabric of her blouse looked as if it might rip at any moment and her face had taken on a slightly pained look, but she made no sound as he tightened the ropes further.

"Good." he said, "Now, hand me those clips." She flinched, but picked up the pair of binder clips sitting on the desk and handed them to him as he began to tweak her nipples through the thin fabric. When he was satisfied with their hardness he snapped the clips onto them, causing a groan from her, and then turned her back to face us.

"Class, please observe how tits is reacting to this treatment. It is obvious her breasts are made much more sensitive by this, and I think we will let her sit this way for a few minutes to increase the effect."

As "tits" walked back to her seat, I found myself squeezing my legs together slightly, appalled at the wetness I felt there. This woman couldn't possibly be enjoying this and yet the sight of her standing up there, her breasts bound and her nipples clamped, was turning me on. I struggled with my feelings, disgusted by myself, and watched as the teacher turned towards the woman on my left.

"Mouth, up to the front of the class, now."

As she walked gracefully to the front, I stole another peek at "tits" who was sitting in her chair, ramrod straight, her mouth set in an expression of discomfort. My stomach twisted, overriding my arousal for a moment and I was just about to turn away when I glanced down at her legs. My eyes widened as I saw her clench her thighs together, a small flush moving up her neck, and then stared in amazement as she shivered slightly, pressing her thighs together even more.

"Cunt, do I need to remind you that you have already earned yourself a detention? I would encourage you to pay attention to the lesson or I will be forced to punish you further!" Mr. Cole thundered, snapping me back to attention.

"Sorry, sir." I mumbled, but inside I was awash in confusion. Was that other lady enjoying this? Could it be that I wasn't the only one who was so sick as to be turned on by what they did to us? My mind in turmoil, I struggled to focus as the teacher praised "mouth"'s lips. He pushed her to her knees, sliding his fingers into her mouth and ordering her to suck on them while he lectured us.

"Your slutty little mouths are best used for sucking cock, and I think mouth here should give us a demonstration. Pay close attention as there will be a test on this after recess."

"Recess?" I wondered as Mr. Cole unzipped his pants and pulled "mouth"'s head forward til her lips reached his partially hard cock. I watched, fascinated, as she bathed him with her tongue, suckling on the head of his cock to get it hard and then deep throating his entire length, gagging and drooling as she did. It was obvious that she had experience at this, and as I watched, I took note of the way her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked, her tongue flicking the underside of his cock when he pulled it from her mouth. It took only a few minutes for her to bring him to the brink of orgasm and when he grabbed the back of her head and brutally fucked her mouth til he came, I squirmed in my seat, aroused at the scene. I stole a glance at "tits", and seeing her rapt expression, bit my lip against the tide of lust rising in me. I looked back at the teacher just in time to see him wiping his cock on "mouth"'s blouse as she swallowed the last of his come, and I licked my lips, imagining myself in her place.

"Good girl." Mr. Cole said, patting her on the head condescendingly. " You may return to your seat."

"Mouth" sat back down and the teacher turned back to "tits", motioning her to the front of the class. When she got there, he turned her towards us, standing behind her and reaching around to flick the binder clips on her nipples, making her groan slightly.

"Nice and sensitive, right tits?" he said, before yanking both clips off at once, producing a yelp from the poor girl. He grabbed her breasts, kneading them harshly, and began to lecture us again.

"Notice how her nipples have become more sensitive and responsive. Tits, hand me those scissors so I may show the class your nipples more clearly."

"Tits" picked up the scissors from the desk and then stood submissively as Mr. Cole pulled a tiny pinch of fabric away from her chest and snipped it off, leaving a small hole in the blouse. When he let go, the fabric snapped back against her full breasts, the hole lining up perfectly with her swollen, red nipple, forcing the turgid flesh through the opening. He repeated this with her other breast and then stepped back, admiring his work. Her chest was heaving with her panting breaths and I couldn't stop the wave of arousal I felt at seeing her cherry red nipples peeking out from the ruined blouse.

"There, class, see how swollen these are?" He reached out and twisted one of them, causing the girl to moan. "Very good, tits." he said, and then lifted a ruler from the desk. "Hands behind your head, chest out. We're going to demonstrate ways of making your nipples even more sensitive."

"Tits" shakily assumed the position he'd ordered and stared straight ahead, biting her lip. Mr. Cole circled her once, slapping the ruler against his palm while assessing her before bringing the ruler up and slapping it down sharply on her left nipple. She yelped, curving her back and leaning forward as if to protect herself, but straightened quickly and did not move her hands. Mr. Cole nodded, and then swiftly brought the ruler down on her other nipple. "Tits" gasped, but held position, and he began to rain blows down on her, striking her nipples with perfect accuracy. "Tits" began to moan, her body shaking, her eyes rolling back in her head as he alternated between her left and right nipple, sometimes striking from above, and sometimes below. Her breasts were bouncing with the blows, the heaving flesh straining against the confines of the blouse and the ropes, and when he hit her nipples square on from the front I flinched in sympathy as the force compressed her tits.

Mr. Cole continued to beat her nipples for another minute and then stopped, stepping forward to lightly pinch one of them. "Tits" cried out, her hands fluttering behind her neck for a moment before she got ahold of herself, and the teacher smiled cruelly at her, twisting her poor bud.

"Class, see how her nipples are almost excruciatingly sensitive now? Notice how they're swollen and red? This is how we like to see them."

I glanced at the other ladies and noticed that they seemed as turned on as I did. The implications of this were more than I could handle, aroused as I was, and I turned back to see the teacher removing the ropes and blouse from "tits", leaving her naked from the waist up. He grabbed her breasts again, mauling them with his hands, and then leaned down to suck one nipple into his mouth. I watched her flinch as he bit down on it, her head tossing as she tried to cope with the pain, and when he let go and slapped the upturned peak with the palm of his hand I moaned, my pussy dripping as I imagined how she must be feeling.

Mr. Cole proceeded to beat her breasts with the ruler again, this time not aiming only for her nipples. Each impact caused her tits to shake and bounce, the flesh jiggling in a way that made my pussy wet to watch. Her tits were soon a mass of criss-crossed marks, red and sore looking, and she was crying out with every blow, her eyes wild and rolling. When he finally stopped, she stood there, her knees shaking, her knuckles white where she gripped the back of her neck, her chest heaving with every breath. Mr. Cole flipped up the front of her skirt, shoving her legs apart with his foot, and plunged two fingers deep into her pussy, making her rise to her toes and let out a long, shrill cry. I shivered, knowing how she must be feeling, and watched as he pulled his fingers out, glistening with her wetness, and presented them to her to be licked clean. She stared at them for a moment, looking dazed, and then stuck her tongue out, meekly licking her own juices from his fingers as he turned to us.

"You see, class, how aroused she has become from this treatment of her tits. This is how we know she is a slut."

"Tits" finished sucking his fingers and he let her go, her skirt falling back down to cover her soaked pussy. I squirmed in my seat, feeling my own wetness pooling on the wooden chair, and watched avidly as he picked up another length of rope and began to secure it around "tits"'s chest. This time, instead of simply cinching the upper and lower ropes together between her breasts, he began to wind it around each breast, tightening it until her tits stuck out like balloons, the red marks from the ruler standing out in sharp relief against the taught white skin, her swollen nipples looking as if they might burst. By the time he was finished binding her, her breasts had begun to take on a slight blue tinge, and I winced as I thought of how sensitive they must be.

"Back to your seat, tits." he ordered, and she shakily returned to her desk. I gulped, anxiety twisting in my gut as I looked up at the board, seeing the next word on the list.

"Cunt, get up here." said Mr. Cole, glaring at me. I stood, my legs wobbling, and moved to the front of the classroom.

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