tagNon-EroticWhy Men Are Better Than Women

Why Men Are Better Than Women


Hi, there. Man do I have a story to share with you. My name is Kasik Malob. I am a tall, good-looking, forty-something black man of the Kazonga Tribe. Living in rural South Africa. I run a rather large farm and the many women who work there. Man's word is law in my world. Life couldn't be better, simply put. I'm making a lot of money while keeping them bitches working for me. The year is 2390 B.C. and in the kingdom where I live, life simply couldn't be better.

The other day I went to the marketplace to purchase a new wife. One of the old ones simply couldn't work anymore so I sent her packing. I don't tolerate lazy wenches around my farm. Why keep a woman around if she's not working? Seriously. If they're not useful to you, and I mean for purposes other than bed pleasures, why keep them around indeed? Anyhow, I purchased Mala at the marketplace for three pieces of silver. I must say I had my doubts about her but she proved to be a worthwhile purchase and a good investment.

At first glance, Mala certainly looked like a worker. Six feet tall, jet-black and thick-bodied. Ugly in the face but sturdy and strong-armed, with large breasts and thick legs. She had a huge ass too. The men of the Kazonga tribe had gone to war with the wild tribes of Amazons, those fierce female warriors who lived deep in the South African Jungle. I've heard stories about such women. They hated all men and lived in sapphic relations contrary to what nature intended. These women took other women as wives and only came to men when they wanted to have offspring. They would raise their daughters to be man-hating warriors just like their mothers and would often abandon male offspring. Yeah, those are the ways of the Amazon women's tribes.

I was delighted to have purchased myself an Amazon. After the strong men of the Kazonga Tribe defeated the Amazon hordes, they slaughtered as many of these evil bitches as they could. The few that were left alive they took as slaves. As should be done in times of war. Mala had been a strong warrior and a hater of men in her time. Now she was my slave. Existing only to do my bidding. Worth less than a dog in the eyes of Kazonga tribe lawmakers. Are the gods funny or what?

I put a collar around Mala's neck and showed her to the slave quarters. There were forty other women there. These captive females had been acquired at the marketplace. Highly priced property, folks. Seriously. We the Kazonga don't imprison our women or our men. Slave labor is done by the captive men and women of rival tribes we defeated. The Kazonga tribe had waged ten long years fighting against the man-hating female warriors of the Amazon Nation. In the end, we won because we were an army of strong, well-trained and organized men. They were ruthless, manipulative and treacherous. They were also quite vicious. But we had superior numbers and better weapons. We had steel swords and bronze armor while they carried spears made of sharpened wood and swords made of polished stone. They fought fiercely but we knew we were going to win in the end.

The other slave women of the farm were quite surprised to see a captive Amazon in chains. Mala was quite a sight to them. For starters, she was as tall as a great man. And she was quite large too. Her dark-skinned body bore tribal markings identifying her as an Amazon scout. I really hope this large bitch can work. The salesman demanded a pretty little penny for her. She didn't come cheap. Captive Amazons were considered exotic by most men of the Kazonga tribe. Wealthy men bought them for their pleasure. If you ask me, a rich man who buys himself a woman at the marketplace strictly for pleasure is definitely wasting his time.

Let me explain why. Women are too dangerous, too manipulative and treacherous, too unpredictable for any man to keep them around as sex toys. First of all, they're not worth the investment. There are a thousand ways for a woman to hurt a man during so-called lovemaking. There are women out there who insert a diabolical device deep inside their vaginas to hurt the men they sleep with in the worst way possible. Most men don't know the existence of this simple yet terrifying device. I do. That's why I know better than to take bitches to my bed.

Second of all, being naturally lazy, most women will be too happy to live a fancy, simple life of pleasures inside the palace of a man who craves their bodies. He thinks he's the king of the castle and controls them. That is such a lie. When a man keeps a woman around only for sexual purposes, it is she who controls him. Women are genetically designed to seduce, betray, manipulate, deceive and destroy men. It is a simple fact of nature. I don't hate women. I hate what they do. But I understand they can't help being the treacherous snakes they are any more than I can help taking a shit when the urge takes me.

So, unlike most men in the Kazonga tribe who marry many women and keep scores of female captives from vanquished enemy tribes as slaves, I have married a man. That man is Malik, a tall, good-looking, ebony-skinned stud I once bought at the marketplace. He is a former slave from a tribe my people once vanquished. In his tribe, he was once a prince. A scholarly man of letters. Destined to lead his tribe someday. Unfortunately for him, my people destroyed his and conquered their land. The first thing I did was grant him his freedom, and give him six pieces of gold. I had never seen a man so beautiful and I guess I couldn't bear to think of him as a slave.

Malik was touched by my kind gesture. He decided to stay with me. Not as my slave but as my lover. We got married. We adopted two lads from his vanquished tribe, Esor and Enor. We're raising them as our own. Today, Malik and our sons are in the city. Malik is teaching at Al-Fassum, the new school for sons of privileged families. I am very happy to have married a man. Men who are married to women can never understand the joy, happiness and peace that men who are married to men experience. Malik is a loving husband and a devoted father. He's also a passionate lover who knows how to please his man in bed. Women on the other hand could care less about the happiness of the man they're with. They only think of themselves. It's always about what they want. They never think of others. Men aren't like that. Though many of us are wretches, even more among us are decent human beings capable of love, and deserving of being loved. I love my Malik and our sons with all my heart.

So today I'm running the farm by myself. Mala the enslaved tall and chubby black Amazon gives me a dirty look as I assign her some work. I won't tolerate any disrespect from her. She is the slave and I am the master. Her duty, her purpose and her life goal is to work for me. So I tell her to start gathering bales of hay, or face my whip. She gets the message. The burly black woman gets to work. Good. All is normal again. All I want is for my business to run smoothly. I want prosperity for myself and my family. So I crack my whip and tell these lazy bitches to get to work. Or else.

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