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Why Not Wax?


For those ladies (and guys) who have tried shaving some or all of the hair from their hot spots and were less than satisfied with the results, I may just have the answer! For many of us, there is nothing more erotic than the look and feel of a soft, bare pussy...and some girls enjoy when their men are completely hair-free as well. Personally, I like a man to have some hair down there, but not an unruly mass of tangles...trim it up, guys! As for me, I love the way my pussy looks when it is completely bare, but I have had absolutely disastrous experiences with shaving. I tried all of the tips for shaving...using brand new razors, soaking in the tub, using thick creme conditioner, etc. No matter what I did, I still ended up with painfully swollen follicles/pores, itchy red bumps, and downright uncomfortable pain for days. No thank you! Then I decided to try what most salons call a "full-off" bikini wax (not to be confused with a "Brazilian," which I will discuss briefly later on). Yes, I know, most of you are cringing at the mere thought of some stranger applying hot wax to your most sensitive spots and then yanking all of your hair out at the roots...but I promise, it's not that bad! And trust me, you will be SO GLAD when you see the results.

First of all, being self-conscious is an obstacle you will just have to get over, because it's pretty damn hard to do it yourself. And I wouldn't let anyone other than a professional do it, either...no matter how confident your partner may be, you just can't risk it. A trained professional can get the whole job done in about 15-20 minutes, and the results will look much nicer (and you won't feel the urge to punch them in the face when they are done, which cannot necessarily be said for a partner who botches your at-home wax job!).

A couple of distinctions should be made between the types of waxes that you can have done. First, a run-of-the-mill bikini wax leaves some hair behind, the most common being the "landing strip" (a strip of hair about an inch long, starting at your natural hair line and extending down toward your pussy lips). Some professionals can even shape the hair that is left into shapes or patterns (triangles, hearts, downward-pointing arrows, etc.)

A "Brazilian" bikini wax is when all of the hair comes off...and I do mean ALL. Once the front is bare, you flip over and the crack of your ass is waxed too. Most women don't have much hair in that area anyway, but they feel more comfortable knowing there aren't any strays. Personally, I don't want the wax going anywhere near my ass...and if my guy doesn't like that, then maybe he should leave his hipocracy at the door and go with me to have HIS ass waxed!

What I have my waxer do is considered a "full-off" bikini wax. That means all of the hair is waxed from the pubic area and the lips, all the way down to where the lips end. No flipping over for the backside with this one.

So, once you decide what type of wax you want and you find a reputable salon to do the job, be sure that your hair is no longer than about a quarter of an inch. If it is longer, you'll want to trim it a little so that it does not get tangled when the wax is applied. And be condsiderate of your waxer...make sure you shower a couple of hours before you go. But don't use any lotion in the area, or the wax won't adhere properly. You may also want to take a couple of Tylenol or other pain reliever about an hour beforehand. This will help dull the sensation when the hair is pulled from the roots. Another very important point for the ladies: DO NOT make a waxing appointment just before or during your period. You are much more sensitive at that time, and it hurts like HELL. (Trust me, I made that mistake only once!)

Wear comfortable clothes to your appointment; nothing that will chafe the area afterwards. I normally wear a skirt or loose shorts and no panties...this way my skin is not irritated by any clothing rubbing in the area when I am done. When you arrive, you might want to use the restroom quickly, to make sure you are nice and refreshed. When you meet your waxer, don't feel weird about it. Your pussy is not the first, nor the last, that she will see in her lifetime. If you feel uncomfortable or have any questions, don't hold back. You need to let her know this is your first time, and she can help you ease into it.

Once you have stripped from the waist down, your waxer will most likely have you lay on your back with one leg straight and one bent with your knee resting on the table. She will then apply the wax with a wooden applicator. The wax should be comfortably warm, NOT hot. If it feels too hot to you, speak up! I have a pretty high threshold for pain in that area (just look at my username and guess where my piercing is...), and I once made the mistake of not saying anything when the wax was warmer than usual. I received three very nasty burns on my pussy lips...NOT a good time.

After the wax is applied, a cloth strip is placed on top and pressure is applied for a couple of seconds to adhere the strip to the wax. Here's where most people tense up and get ready for the pain...which is the worst thing you could do. Yes, she is going to yank the strip and all of the hair is going to come out at the roots, but if you tense up, it is going to hurt much worse than it will if you relax. I recommend concentrating on taking slow, deep, controlled breaths so that you are not thinking about when the strip is going to be ripped off. Do NOT hold your breath! I'll be honest...it does hurt a bit, but not nearly as much as I thought it would the first time. It's like when you pull a band-aid off your arm...very quick and over with. On a scale of 1-10, I would put it at a 4 or 5. Your waxer will continue this process until all of the hair is removed on one side (or as much as you ask for) and then she'll have you switch legs so she can do the other side. She will then use tweezers to pluck out any stray hairs that the wax may have missed.

When you are all done, the waxer may apply talcum powder, lotion, or some other ointment to soothe and calm the skin. I have also had my waxer use a product called "Tend Skin," which helps keep the hair follicles clear so that you do not get ingrown hairs. Beware, this stuff BURNS and it hurts worse than the waxing does. However, it works wonders in keeping away red bumps and ingrown hairs, so I think it's worth it. You can buy the stuff and apply it every day for about a week to keep the follicles clear for the hair that is going to start coming back in.

One thing you might want to consider also: don't plan on having sex or playing in that area at all for the rest of the day. It's just too sensitive, and you can actually cause red bumps and irritation if you mess with it too much. Just relax, you and your partner will have plenty of time to enjoy your bare little pussy!

Now, here's the best part about getting waxed. It's amazingly soft and smooth, and it stays that way for two or three weeks...even longer if you use a hair-inhibiting lotion like Jergens! Keep in mind, though, that your hair grows at all different rates, so you may see some stubble coming in after a few days. These are hairs that were below the surface when you got waxed, and you can just use tweezers to pluck them out. Your hair will eventually all get on the same schedule, and you won't have that issue.

Another bonus: with continued waxing, your hair starts growing in much softer and thinner, making each waxing less painful. In addition, fewer hairs will grow back in, and that's always a plus. My waxer has told me stories of women whose hair has stopped growing back altogether, and they only come in every few MONTHS to have touch-ups done. The theory is that your hair follicles will eventually get "tired" of having the hair ripped out all the time, and they will simply stop producing more hair. Whatever you do, DO NOT shave in between waxings! Your hair will go back to that thick, coarse texture and it will hurt every time you get waxed.

So, that's about it. The result is a sexy-as-hell look that you and your partner will love. You'll both love to touch, stroke, and maybe even lightly slap it until you're ready for some more steamy action. Not only that, but who wouldn't want to go down for hours on a pussy with no stray hairs getting in the way. In terms of cleanliness and taste, you just can't beat it. YUMMY.

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