tagNon-EroticWhy Racism Will Never Die

Why Racism Will Never Die


Angry White Person Syndrome. It's the most widespread virus in the United States of America. I see it all the time. White women and White men don't like having so-called ethnic minorities around. Especially those of us they see as "not knowing our place". The person of color, whether Black, Hispanic, Asian or Middle-Eastern, who works hard and achieves things. Success and wealth are considered a White person's territory. They don't like to see non-Whites encroaching on their territory. That's why the media goes after Black celebrities like sharks smelling blood. Everything the Black male or Black female celebrity does gets scrutinized by the White media. Their flaws are exploited and exaggerated. Until they're ruined and silenced. The successful and popular Black celebrity inspires the average Black person to aspire to great things and the White folks can't have that.

My name is Samuel. A bisexual Black male fiction writer and Men's Rights Activist living on Mash Street in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. And I don't trust people, especially White people. I simply can't. Especially the White women I meet. I think the White female racist is the most dangerous kind of racist there is. They're the ones above suspicion in most people's minds. What gives them away? They smile way too easily. There is something so fake about White people, especially the White females. I can't quite put my finger on it. They always act friendly when they are in their place of business but once outside, they act like they don't know you. I pity the Black man who chases White women instead of seeking a smart, talented and beautiful, like-minded Black woman to build a future with. I pity the Black woman who turns away from the brothers and prefers the others. Simply put, the White person will never accept the Black man or the Black woman as their equal. Racism isn't environmental. It isn't learned. Racism is genetic.

Let me explain further. There is something called Xenophobia. Simply put, it means Fear of Strangers. Everyone has it in them. That's why Blacks and Whites give each other funny looks when they meet. That's why Hispanics and Asians look at each other and everyone who isn't a member of their race, in an odd light. People like to be surrounded by their own kind. They don't like those who are different. Tall people feel out of place in an environment filled with short people. White people feel out of place in a place teeming with Black people. Rich people feel out of place when surrounded by poverty. To be comfortable, everyone needs to be among their own kind. That's why gays and lesbians form their own communities and families nowadays. That's why they see bisexual men and bisexual women as fence-sitters. Bisexual people are different from gays and lesbians. They can blend almost effortlessly in straight and gay worlds. Straight people give bisexual people funny looks for that reason as well. People need to be among their own kind. Women feel strange in male-dominated workplaces and men feel strange in female-dominated environments. The need to be among one's own kind is strong. It's primal. And it's not going away.

Now, do you understand? Why do you think we have places like Little Italy, Chinatown, and the Gay Village? Simply because people feel a powerful connection to their own kind and an instinctive distrust of those who are different from them. And that instinctive distrust and loathing of those who are different is deeply ingrained in all of us. Nowhere is it stronger than when dealing with people of other races. That's why Blacks and Whites will never get along no matter what they try. The lone White female in a bus full of Black people casts her gaze downward or looks at them with hostility because she wishes she were elsewhere, surrounded by White people. Since that's what she is and that's what she's comfortable with. That's just the way things work, folks. Simply put, we don't trust those who are different.

It's deeply ingrained in everyone's minds and hearts. It doesn't matter if some Black man convinces himself that he's in love with a White female. And it doesn't matter if some White woman convinces herself that she's in love with a Black male. Simply put, there will always be those who resent them for being with someone who's different from their own race. Most people don't like interracial relationships. They might not admit it to themselves or others. But White men aren't thrilled when they see attractive White women walking around with Black or Hispanic males. And Black women aren't jumping for joy when they see a Black man walking around with a White female. It doesn't matter if they're married or in a relationship with someone. They don't like to see an eligible bachelor or bachelorette who's a member of their race with someone from outside the race. And all the sensitivity training and anti-prejudice seminars in the world won't change that. Deep down, everyone is racist.

Every Black man who finds himself alone in a place full of White women knows any one of them could falsely accuse him of any type of misconduct and she will believed because she is female and White. And a White female who sees a Black man entering the same elevator she's in will think that he could be one of those dangerous Black male criminals she hears talk about. She can't help it. It's what she's been taught by the White society. White men and White women would feel a lot safer if all Black males were locked up and Black people were somehow prevented from making more of themselves. White people don't say it but that's what they think. In their hearts and minds, they hate the Black male most of all. For he's the descendant of the Original Man, the human who evolved in Africa. Something they will never be. And they know it.

A lot of Black people seem to have their guard down these days. They think that just because a Black man is President of the United States, and we have Black governors and Black senators, then racism must be dead. Racism lives in the heart of every White man and White woman who smirks while looking at a Black person and assumes they're automatically better than this person. They assume they're better not based on intelligence, accomplishment or talent, but because of their eye color and skin color. It's their way of looking at the world. They think they're the superior brand of humanity.

They feel that the planet Earth is theirs and theirs alone. Folks, there are human beings out there who are so innately evil they're almost inhuman. They're called sociopaths. Men and women born with no conscience whatsoever. And they're everywhere. They're in every race and culture. Every background. They're smart, charming, ruthless and manipulative. And guess which race has the largest numbers of sociopaths? Caucasians. The sociopaths have long been the rulers of Europe's nations and the conquerors of the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Their inhumanity to their fellow man knows no limits. That's why they went to North America and wiped out the Native Americans. That's why they usurped power in China, Japan and the Middle East centuries ago. That's why they invaded countless places, enslaved or exploited the indigenous populations and stole their natural resources. They're the world's most resourceful parasites. And it's in their DNA. It cannot be removed by passing laws banning racial discrimination. Telling a White person not to hate Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Middle-Easterners just because they're not White is like telling a snake to stop eating rats and go vegetarian. Hatred of non-Whites is as natural as passing gas for the White person. And nothing will change that.

Fortunately, Mother Nature is a bitch. And she's starting to pay them back for their evil. White people are their own worst enemies. Ever heard of the Smiley Face Killers? A sect of people working together and targeting mostly White male college students nationwide? I'll bet you anything that the members of this sect are White feminists who've taken their man-hating mantra a bit too far. Ever wonder why autism was relatively rare in ages past yet it's skyrocketing these days? My bet is that some female scientists found a way to turn the autism virus into a weapon aimed at human males. Do you think it's a coincidence that autism seldom affects females? Come on!

The diseases that affect men, such as prostate cancer, don't get any funding because sociopathic White females in positions of power won't let that happen. Diseases affecting women get all the press and all the funding in the world. However, it's mostly White women who benefit. The concerns of Black women, Asian women, Middle-Eastern women and Hispanic women don't matter to the Supreme Sisterhood of wealthy and powerful White women. They pretend to care about non-Caucasian women mostly to fool them into joining their causes and to get them to turn against the males of their ethnicities and communities but they never share the spoils of the Gender War with them. That's why the White woman lives in a palace and males of every race covet her while the Black woman and the Hispanic woman live in the ghetto. They're seen as less important than White females.

Here's another way in which the would-be Mistresses and Masters of the universe shoot themselves in the foot. They're the ones who practice sterilization the most. Fortunately, they're mostly sterilizing their own kind. White men are one hundred times more likely to get vasectomies than Black men, Asian men, Middle-Eastern men or Hispanic men. That's part of the reason why the future of America and indeed the world rests in the hands of non-Caucasians. We who are called minorities today and are actually the Majority of Tomorrow. So-called minorities have multiplied like wildfire while the numbers of White men and White women have shrunk. Hispanics are leading the way. They're the Super Majority of Tomorrow.

Realizing they're about to become minorities in the world they once ruled like gods and goddesses, White men and White women in America are trying to stop the flow of Hispanic immigration by portraying illegal immigration as a solely Hispanic issue. And most Americans are foolish enough to buy it. Illegal immigrants come from all over. They can be blond-haired and blue-eyed people from Ukraine, Germany, Ireland or France instead of bronze-skinned, dark-haired and brown-eyed Hispanics. The White people want to avoid becoming minorities in America but it's already too late. The future of America is brown, and Black, and dark bronze. Not White. White is going out of style. Unfortunately, some people can't seem to get with the program.

I am twenty four years old. A bisexual Black male with a college degree in criminal justice. And I can't wait to see the world of tomorrow. A world where most college students, senators, governors, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, scientists, architects and power holders will be Black men and Black women, Hispanic men and Hispanic women, Asian men and Asian women, Middle-Eastern men and Middle-Eastern women and Native American men and women. We've all been wronged by the White people. They've enslaved us. They've humiliated us. They've stolen from us. They've manipulated us. They've betrayed us. They've committed Genocide in our homelands. And now, it seems time is running out for the pale-skinned and pale-haired so-called rulers of the planet Earth.

The most powerful country on the planet Earth will soon be ours. Black, Asian, Middle-Eastern or Hispanic, we're all going to be united under one banner. We're through bowing before a bunch of people who think having blue, green or gray eyes and White skin makes them gods and goddesses. The future is ours. Brown is here to stay. The pale-skinned and pale-haired racists and their best efforts have failed. The world is ours. Not just America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We're consolidating power and growing in number. It's what's best for humanity. Since White people are the ones who commit racially based genocide the most, ( Hitler was white ) it's probably best that people of whose races and ethnicities they threaten should grow in number and power. To keep themselves and the planet safe. This is the shape of things to come. If you don't like it, find yourself a pale and cold place to live. I highly recommend the moon. I'm not sure but I really think you'll like the color.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/01/17

You're justifying your own hatreds and insecurities based on a thing that wasn't. Tell you what, bitch: try the moon yourself.

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